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Making your imaginations come true thanks to Magic photo editor

By Joseph Wachira

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is an easy to use photo editor you can use to edit and create image montage in a simple and quick manner. You don’t need extra training in knowledge to use this free trial software since it is reasonably simple to use and it also comes with templates to assist the user with ideas. It comes with a wide variety of clipart’s, different flowers and speech bubbles to add text to creating a story line for your picture. There are a number of alternatives for this software. Amongst the new features and improvements are the 180 masks to change your photos shape and look. Over 100different clipart’s, 180 cartoon pictures 100 frames, the ability to change the size and the position of the image and blend several images to create special effects.

To all persons of simplicity in their working but want a more excellent final product, then here is your choice of application.


  • It’s a user friendly application.
  • Has a variety of tools to work with
  • You can easily and quickly archive extra ordinal effects.


  • The trial version has a limit number of time to be used
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Magic Photo Editor; the Magic Brain in Photo Creation and Editing

By Princess Purity

On Thursday, February 19, 2015

Magic Photo Editor is a free to download application which is used in the creation and editing of images in a more simpler, efficient and faster manner. It gives users of ideas of what kind of picture they want through its various templates which include things like clipart with various flowers and speech bubbles to add text. From this, you can create storylines to the pictures, making it more fun and entertaining. Your imagination will create more possibilities. For instance, you can have a family photo album edited according to your imaginations.

The user can add a frame to shape images with this application software. With as elected frame, the form of your picture can change. For example, with a bowl frame, your photo will adapt to the shape of a bowl. Other alternatives to this application include Photo College max which is an easy application to play with, as it offers a great number of possibilities.


  • It has many different clipart to give a different look to your photos
  • One can change the size and position of photos
  • It is extremely easy to use


  • It has no advanced features
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Express your imagination in a simply way and impress them.

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Magic Photo Editor 6.8

You don’t need to undergo training for you to be an expert in using this application, small skills you have works for you. It is the software that allows you to photo edit your images and make them appear according to your imagination.

It is the most powerful and outstanding tool when it comes to photo editing. With it you can change photos shape, retouch it, change size and position or general performance of your photos.

It includes different templates and functions that will make your work simple and fun. Different clipart’s and speech bubbles are not left out. They allow you add text or any other information to your photo. The app gives you freedom to add frames of your choice, pictures, landscape or portrait your photo among others depending on your idea or imaginations.

It is a user friendly tool that is not complicated like other tools.


  • Easy and simple tool to use
  • Allows users to work on photos according to imagination.


  • Cannot edit photos that requires advanced tools.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • For photo edition pourpuse to create ordainry effect which make the pictures more beautifuul and also for other purpose which that programe contain

  • i am very interesting in editing my pictures it is my dream to do something specily with my picture and i want to earn some money with the help of this software

  • I am using this for photo editing, designing, remaking, collage and other stuffs. I would lioke to use the programe especially for picture editng

  • making birthday invitation for my cousing that going to celebrate her 7th birthday this coming may 22, 2016 and it is urgently needed right now.

  • for photo editing with many options like brightness cropping etc ... I don't like any simple one this easy to use and it is a speed download.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Photo Edit with Magic Effect and use into Organization Annual Report website blg and social media for Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh

  • i use to download windows microsoft office that i use everyday, including making powerpoint presentations for my reporting in my studies and personal use

  • yes about few days before i have used some similar programs which were not good, and now i'm downloading this software to check that how will be it

What do you like most about this program?
  • Reading Islamic, baba General Knowledge, Educational Books, Doing Social Services and keeping abreast with national and international affairs.

  • i like the different types of applications for computers and mobile phones, we can use it for everyday purposes,very helpful and convenient.

  • its adventurous,exiting and very modernize its magic when comes to editing image i love the blur the colors an also the way it makes your pic looks foreingh

  • it is user friendly and prefered by most people dealing with photo editing globally. Furthermore the quality of the photos produced are nice

  • its cool and beautiful i can edit any pictures of my choice and it as all the whole features i was expectin to see and i hope magic editor will add more

Magic Photo Editor is an easy photo editor that you can download in order to edit and create image montages in a simple and quick manner.

Users don't need to have advanced knowledge about photo editing to use this free trial software, since it’s main feature is the simplicity of usability.

It comes with templates to help the user with ideas of what kind of picture you want. Select a landscape, put some frames on it and everything is ready to go.

Variety of elements to edit your creations

Magic Photo Editor includes a great diversity of cliparts including different kinds of flowers, and speech bubbles to add text to. This way you are able to add storylines to your pictures, making it much more fun.

The theme of your images is up to you. You can add some pictures of your family and do a Christmas postcard, or even a funny scene with babies talking to each other. The possibilities depend only on your imagination.

Select a frame

One of the nice features about this application are the frames. With Magic Photo Editor you can add a frame to shape your images. That is, with a selected frame the form of your picture can change. If you select a cup shape, the photo will adapt to that shape.

Alternatives to this software

There are a great amount of alternatives for this popular kind of application. Photo Collage Max is an easy application to play with, it also offers a great number of possibilities. Adobe Photoshop is a commonly used software to learn more functions and professional uses of editing.

Magic Photo Editor 6.8 Features

This photo editor includes several new features and improvements:

  • Change your photos’ shape and look with its 180 available masks
  • More than 100 different clipart to give a different look to your photo
  • Add any of its 180 cartoon pictures
  • Retouch it and enhance your images with outlines (more than 60 available)
  • Include comments or titles to create a more personal result
  • Add any of its 100 frames included in this editor
  • Change the size and even the position of your photos
  • Blend several images to create a special effect

If you want to read more information about this program, you can do it here


Magic Photo Editor is a simple application for those who don't want to get in to complicated with photo editing. User friendliness is it’s main advantage.

  • User friendly
  • Lots of masks and clipart
  • Content variety
  • Too simple for advanced use
  • Can only be used 30 times