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Magic Photo Editor 6.8

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Express your imagination in a simply way and impress them.

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Magic Photo Editor 6.8

You don’t need to undergo training for you to be an expert in using this application, small skills you have works for you. It is the software that allows you to photo edit your images and make them appear according to your imagination.

It is the most powerful and outstanding tool when it comes to photo editing. With it you can change photos shape, retouch it, change size and position or general performance of your photos.

It includes different templates and functions that will make your work simple and fun. Different clipart’s and speech bubbles are not left out. They allow you add text or any other information to your photo. The app gives you freedom to add frames of your choice, pictures, landscape or portrait your photo among others depending on your idea or imaginations.

It is a user friendly tool that is not complicated like other tools.


  • Easy and simple tool to use
  • Allows users to work on photos according to imagination.


  • Cannot edit photos that requires advanced tools.
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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

Most people take photos using cameras for various purposes for instance professional, personal or as a hobby. Photo editing is the aspect of tweaking already taken photos to achieve desired appearances for whichever purpose. Magic Photo Editor is an application that is designed to enable users to edit photos by placing them on backgrounds. The software ensures that the images and the backgrounds blend very well that they appear real. The application bears provisions for text box in form of balloons that you can add words that go hand in hand with your edited image. Therefore you can make beautiful creations that can be used as gift or greetings cards. You can always add more than one picture on the background and it allows you to preview the picture that you are looking for to add to the background just to make sure that you have the right photo. The application has a basic interface that will allow any user to work on it with simplicity. There are many other applications that perform the same work but the magic photo editor is generally a good software for the work.


  • It has simple and basic interface.
  • It has provisions for text box in form of balloons.


  • It has limited times of use.
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I ended up with totally cool and attractive photos for keeps

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I can say that Magic Photo Editor 6.1 is one of the easiest software to use for editing photos. This program makes it possible to put together two digital images into one. Another good thing about it is that I can also include special effects on the images if necessary. It will give a personalized touch to my photos. Creating albums, scrapbooks and slide-shows is fast and uncomplicated with the use of this program. The masks and clip art features allow me to choose from more than 100 options available and play with my creativity by integrating the background images with other photos. It also aids in enhancing the overall look of my images. Other nice features include frames and texts wherein I can customize the images by adding texts to describe the photos or simply add labels to it. One twist I can do with Magic Photo Editor 6.1 is add cartoons on the images to make it look cool and unique. There are also various outlines to get you started. Just play around with the different features of Magic Photo Editor 6.1 to come up with creative images that will make you appreciate and treasure the unforgettable memories captured by the photos you’ve taken.


  • Comes with very basic features
  • Has a simple and straightforward interface


  • Trial version can be used 30 times only
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • learning photoshop and make some photo designs for myself. this will let me expand my mind in making good photo edits that i can use for my reports

  • to edit family photos in to diffent shape and sizez this better be long enof now why do you have to write so meany letters for dumb download

  • for editing my personal pictures on my own test and personalize my graphics to be able to share online and reach out other peoples interest.

  • for displaying photos captured during oil 7 Natural Gas conservation fortnight 2016 in presentation form to show all events to audience for their knowledge

  • i am very interesting in editing my pictures it is my dream to do something specily with my picture and i want to earn some money with the help of this software

What similar programs have you used?
  • i use to download windows microsoft office that i use everyday, including making powerpoint presentations for my reporting in my studies and personal use

  • NO i havn't use any app first time downloading this app from your site sorry i can't type more plz limmit yout text if u want better answer

  • yes about few days before i have used some similar programs which were not good, and now i'm downloading this software to check that how will be it

  • Photo Edit with Magic Effect and use into Organization Annual Report website blg and social media for Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh

What do you like most about this program?
  • By using this program photo can be edited as my wish and there have different attractive feature that i like. so i want to use it in my personal computer.

  • to make different types of photo images and other wild and domestic animals picture or photographs change create beauty shape visualization

  • Reading Islamic, baba General Knowledge, Educational Books, Doing Social Services and keeping abreast with national and international affairs.

  • am already used a video editing software, that is premier pro. its very useful to work and also good interface, some times it will be stoped

  • Not sure no,lets see whats in store for us.Looking for a programme that's friendly,useful and at the same time accessible from anywhere as my wish.

Magic Photo Editor is an easy photo editor that you can download in order to edit and create image montages in a simple and quick manner.

Users don't need to have advanced knowledge about photo editing to use this free trial software, since it’s main feature is the simplicity of usability.

It comes with templates to help the user with ideas of what kind of picture you want. Select a landscape, put some frames on it and everything is ready to go.

Variety of elements to edit your creations

Magic Photo Editor includes a great diversity of cliparts including different kinds of flowers, and speech bubbles to add text to. This way you are able to add storylines to your pictures, making it much more fun.

The theme of your images is up to you. You can add some pictures of your family and do a Christmas postcard, or even a funny scene with babies talking to each other. The possibilities depend only on your imagination.

Select a frame

One of the nice features about this application are the frames. With Magic Photo Editor you can add a frame to shape your images. That is, with a selected frame the form of your picture can change. If you select a cup shape, the photo will adapt to that shape.

Alternatives to this software

There are a great amount of alternatives for this popular kind of application. Photo Collage Max is an easy application to play with, it also offers a great number of possibilities. Adobe Photoshop is a commonly used software to learn more functions and professional uses of editing.

Magic Photo Editor 6.8 Features

This photo editor includes several new features and improvements:

  • Change your photos’ shape and look with its 180 available masks
  • More than 100 different clipart to give a different look to your photo
  • Add any of its 180 cartoon pictures
  • Retouch it and enhance your images with outlines (more than 60 available)
  • Include comments or titles to create a more personal result
  • Add any of its 100 frames included in this editor
  • Change the size and even the position of your photos
  • Blend several images to create a special effect

If you want to read more information about this program, you can do it


Magic Photo Editor is a simple application for those who don't want to get in to complicated with photo editing. User friendliness is it’s main advantage.

  • User friendly
  • Lots of masks and clipart
  • Content variety
  • Too simple for advanced use
  • Can only be used 30 times