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Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2

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Start navigate on Internet with this web browser, Mozilla Firefox

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, May 30, 2014

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser open source and free software. This web browser is improved loading speed of the pages, the perite synchronization with different devices software: Allows Firefox desktop browser to connect mobile devices to access the browsing history and surfing from a mobile with the same tabs open and passwords stored in the desktop application.

Mozilla Firefox has a wide customization: In Manager redesigned to allow discover and install add-ons while using Firefox. Download Manager also allows to view, manage and disable third-party plugins. Large number of themes to change the appearance of the browser. Modified to sort organize, add or remove buttons or fields interface. Navigation bar with autocomplete, including possible matches search history, bookmarked sites and open tabs. Improved Interface: The tabs are at the top of the Navigation Bar. It also includes the Firefox button with items grouped into a single button for easy access menu


  • You can restore the last session
  • Mozilla Firefox has great coverage and blocking Malware


  • If you install many extensions, the browser will slow and may cause some problems
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mozilla firefox is the new trend in the market in this era

By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, September 1, 2014



This is a software that is used as a search engine by millions of users around the world.Its very fast and proides a better browsing experience than other search engines.It also provides a better,detailed and a very wide variety of searches and this makes the user to be able to choose the search that best suites them.It also protects the computer from spyware.


The following are the features for mozilla firefox

Spell checking.Firefox has an inbulit spell checker that enables a user while typing for a search in the tab it also corrects a user.

Improved tabbed browsing.Mozilla firefox enables a user to open very many tabs at once and one can multi task that is do very many things at once to avoid inconviniences.

Seach suggestion.As you type on the search engine various suggestions appear to save you time on typing the whole search.


The following are the minimum system requirements to download mizilla firefox on your pc

operating system windows xp or later

processor pentium 4 or later

memory 512 mb ram

hard drive space 200 mb


fastest seach engine and saves time and also data


  • it is very very fast
  • it is very very reliable


  • when a new version is out it keeps on a user to update a new version.
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surf the internet with mozilla firefox and enjoy protection of scammers

By Benson Mutwiri

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mozilla firefox is a web browser that has been existence for so long and basically all that it does is to help you to surf the internet.The user interface is very organized and the reason that I am saying this is because it has an icon for downloads in which all the files that you have downloaded will be stored here very fast with new and improved download speed of Mozilla firefox.

There are add ons that have been improved not forgetting to mention the history which shows the websites that the user of the computer has been viewing and you can decide to delete all the history.


Features for Mozilla firefox 38.0.1

New and improved user interface.

The user can restore a previous session if it was interrupted.

It prevents you from hackers to hack your private and confidential information.

They have got new and improved tabs.


It is the best internet browser that I have come across so far.


  • it is the best internet browser so far
  • it prevents your information from scammers


  • some times it has too many ad ons
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • im downloading it because my google crome is not proper working. mozila firfox is best i am facing very difficulties during using another program because they are too slow so please help me to download this

  • downloading of movies. music,games,softweres,programmes,videos . searching information about education and available jobs in my country and the other countries

  • i will use it for browsing because really like something latest, i just found out that mozzilla firefox 41.0 is latest one and it many things

  • I will use the program for my studying in English and it is very useful for our working field. We have to use it nevertheless of internet. Thanks

  • for search in internet may help me to get proper i know that now Mozilla Firefox now best search engine in our new technology.

What similar programs have you used?
  • opera mini. and i find out that it was slow on ma PC. but i wanna give mozilla firefox a try. am gabonch a student of ahmadu bello univeristy nigeria. thank You

  • i don't believe on other browser because they are very slow and irritating. mozila fire fox is best browese till the date. i love mozila much

  • English program is always available and the speed is good and free from virus I would like the current version of Mozilla Firefox or any type

  • I used crome browser it is very good and fast . I never have any hanging problem with that. But i also want use firefox lates version 40.0b9

  • mozilla firefox 38.0.1 is theprogram that i used recently, in my computer i have installed opera to, and the internet explorer is the program

What do you like most about this program?
  • it support selenium adds on, which is useful to learn automation testing. its really good to use and flexible. it supports all type of project.

  • That is allowing java ,no like chorme what they disabled because smth happened and i can play my java games on this freeware browser and thats all

  • Speed is excellent and Look is better user friendly in comparision to toher browser so thats why it is also recommended thanky for free download

  • The programme is very effective and fast for accessing other internet programmes. Aside from this, mozilla firefox is much more durable and universal being adaptable to various language world.

  • I like using Mozilla firefox for its user friendly. It has good speed while browsing documents and has no problem of interfaces with other programs. And most type I prefer to use this program than others.


Mozilla Firefox is a highly customizable open source Internet browser which offers full-featured tools for improving your experience surfing the web. This application update has introduced several new features such as enhanced performance and anti-phishing security in order to protect your personal information against possible menaces. The new user interface is something fresh compared to other browsers, thanks to its new tab-browsing features and the great number of compatible add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox has made some changes from the previous version. It's developers have created a browser compatible with the latest web technologies in order to improve Firefox’s capabilities. HTML5, HD video content and high quality audio now work natively. It's streamlined design tries to display all kind of elements neatly, and also allows personalization using free third-party downloadable add-ons that enhance the functions of Mozilla Firefox.

The pop-up blocker helps users eliminate the constant annoyance of advertisement windows that may appear whilst you visit your favorite webpages. The new way of grouping different tabs into a new window is more visual, just like the general application which has become more intuitive with more popular functions. Because of these improvements in performance and security features, we can say that Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and recommendable option for your computer.

Not only for users but also for developers

The philosophy of Mozilla is clear in this aspect: open source is better for the community. In that sense, they have included some tools that will help developers to create more online content such as WebGL for 3D graphics, new ES6 functions for online applications or support for background-attachment, and local for having more control about scrolling elements. You can develop different kinds of add-ons in case you want to collaborate with Mozilla’s community, thereby increasing the functionality of the software. It also includes Scratchpad for testing Javascript snippets quickly and directly with Mozilla Firefox.

For users, security which features with anti-malware features is a relief regarding external viruses or to protect your own privacy. The navigation in protected websites (HTTPs) has been reinforced, securing your connections to those kinds of servers. The bookmarks section has also been modified, allowing better management of the websites you include on the list. Besides, you can configure Mozilla Firefox to read RSS feeds by selecting this add-on in the Preferences menu. That way, the toolbar will appear to the side. You can also update the application automatically in order to save time looking for new versions in the future.

Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2 Features

These are the most important characteristics of Mozilla Firefox:

  • High speed browsing for every type of website
  • Advanced tab-browsing management navigation
  • Active protection against malware, spyware, worms and viruses
  • Total integration with external add-ons to download, such as email clients
  • Use of keywords for identifying previously visited sites
  • Integrated search engine in the main toolbar
  • Attractive and customizable interface with themes and online elements to update
  • Native HTML5 and advanced developer’s tools

If you want to know more about Mozilla Firefox feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for this browser:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • CPU: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • HDD: 200MB free space to download and install the software