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Mozilla Firefox 39.0

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Mozilla Firefox is a highly customizable open source Internet browser which offers full-featured tools for improving your experience surfing the web. This application update has introduced several new features such as enhanced performance and anti-phishing security in order to protect your personal information against possible menaces. The new user interface is something fresh compared to other browsers, thanks to its new tab-browsing features and the great number of compatible add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox has made some changes from the previous version. It's developers have created a browser compatible with the latest web technologies in order to improve Firefox’s capabilities. HTML5, HD video content and high quality audio now work natively. It's streamlined design tries to display all kind of elements neatly, and also allows personalization using free third-party downloadable add-ons that enhance the functions of Mozilla Firefox.

The pop-up blocker helps users eliminate the constant annoyance of advertisement windows that may appear whilst you visit your favorite webpages. The new way of grouping different tabs into a new window is more visual, just like the general application which has become more intuitive with more popular functions. Because of these improvements in performance and security features, we can say that Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and recommendable option for your computer.

Not only for users but also for developers

The philosophy of Mozilla is clear in this aspect: open source is better for the community. In that sense, they have included some tools that will help developers to create more online content such as WebGL for 3D graphics, new ES6 functions for online applications or support for background-attachment, and local for having more control about scrolling elements. You can develop different kinds of add-ons in case you want to collaborate with Mozilla’s community, thereby increasing the functionality of the software. It also includes Scratchpad for testing Javascript snippets quickly and directly with Mozilla Firefox.

For users, security which features with anti-malware features is a relief regarding external viruses or to protect your own privacy. The navigation in protected websites (HTTPs) has been reinforced, securing your connections to those kinds of servers. The bookmarks section has also been modified, allowing better management of the websites you include on the list. Besides, you can configure Mozilla Firefox to read RSS feeds by selecting this add-on in the Preferences menu. That way, the toolbar will appear to the side. You can also update the application automatically in order to save time looking for new versions in the future.

Mozilla Firefox 39.0 Features

These are the most important characteristics of Mozilla Firefox:

  • High speed browsing for every type of website
  • Advanced tab-browsing management navigation
  • Active protection against malware, spyware, worms and viruses
  • Total integration with external add-ons to download, such as email clients
  • Use of keywords for identifying previously visited sites
  • Integrated search engine in the main toolbar
  • Attractive and customizable interface with themes and online elements to update
  • Native HTML5 and advanced developer’s tools

If you want to know more about Mozilla Firefox feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for this browser:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • CPU: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • HDD: 200MB free space to download and install the software


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What similar programs have you used?
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What do you like most about this program?
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By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This in an application that is basically used for internet browsing which offers fast services and it an update from some of the previous versions. The good thing is that you can bookmark some of the websites that you normally use very often and that helps in saving time a lot because you do not have to keep on entering the url of the page and you just visit it directly. Also they is also a tab for history that is whereby you can view a users web browsing history to be able to know what a particular user was doing on the internet a particular time.


This version of Mozilla Firefox has the following features

Compatible with the latest website technologies

One can open several tabs and view different pages at the same time

It is very fast compared to the previous versions

You can bookmark a certain page


It is fast and compatible with many website versions I just like it.


  • It is very fast compared to its predecessors
  • You can bookmark your favorite pages


  • some versions are not compatible with it.
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Make your surfing experience easy and fast with Mozilla Firefox

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Monday, April 13, 2015


Most of time I spent on internet doing my projects and carrying out research on different topics, sometimes it is hectic and tiresome because you will find that the browser you are using keeps on hanging and crashing every time, I never realized that Mozilla Firefox is the better option for surfing till the day I gave it a trial.

Mozilla Firefox is a browser considered as the 2nd best browser globally. Talk about the impressive speed, simplicity, effectiveness and strong security capabilities it offers. It contains excellent features and thousands customizable options that even novice users will never find it difficult. Features included in Mozilla Firefox are tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, spell checking, live book marking, and incremental find among many others.

Unlike other browser the search engine is integrated in the main toolbar this makes surfing experience easy. It is the only browser that allows you to use the keywords for identifying the sites you visited earlier own this saves you time.


  • Offer easy browsing at a high speed.
  • Protect the system against threats


  • Need a lot of space and memory to download and install
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Enjoy browsing with the best browser in the world by using the Mozilla Firefox

By Jackson Asumbi

On Thursday, March 26, 2015

The internet is the most widely used tool of communication in the world today. It helps connect the world to make it a global village. However using the internet need one to use a browser that will enable one to surf the internet with much easy. Mozilla Firefox has just passed the test for providing wonderful surfing experience. This browser is highly customized and enhanced to make surfing easier. It comes with new setups and features which include enhanced performance and anti-phishing security helping ensure that information is secure.

Another wonderful feature of this browser is its user friendly interface which is very easy to use. Mozilla Firefox is compatible with today web technologies including HTML5, HD video content among others. Users can also download add-ons to make their surfing experience friendlier.

While using this browser one is ensured of high speed browsing speed and a real time protection against computer malwares.


  • • High browsing speed in all websites
  • • Ability to ensure protection from viruses and other malwares
  • • Very easy to use even for beginners


  • • Requires a lot of space to install
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