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Plants VS Zombies 4.0

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Enjoy defeating all the annoying brainless zombies that attack your home

By Lily P. Evans

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies is the most original tower defense game nowadays, and it has changed the genre to such an extent that thousands of games were released as "whatever vs. zombies". It is quite simple, and as every tower defense game, it consists of defending a certain place or object by placing weapons in the way of the enemies. However, this time the place you have to defend is your own home, the weapons are powerful plants, and the enemies are bloodthirsty zombies that want to eat your brain.

The strongest point of this game (apart from its originality) is the trophies you can win. You can achieve all trophies by completing a series of tasks when playing regular stages. Some of them are quite easy, for instance "Blow up 5 zombies with just one Cherry Bomb", but then you see "Complete a night level without night plants" and it may seem impossible to perform, however, it is possible. These trophies are the reason why you keep playing even if you have completed all levels 3 times. You will play again and again until you get every single trophy, at least if you are as competitive and addict as I am.


  • You can be entertained for hours
  • Lots of zombies to kill
  • You have minigames to play
  • Lots of plants to destroy zombies


  • Some achievements are a bit difficult to obtain
  • It is short, I want to play more
  • You cannot play with your friends
  • Mobile version has not Zen Garden



Plants on my garden and zombies want to eat me, eeek!

By Will Terry

On Thursday, April 3, 2014

Plants vs Zombies was the first mobile game I’ve ever completed. I think it is a great title with a funny gameplay. The diversity of the available plants is great, and the combinations you can make with them make the game even better than at first sight. The game is really simple; you have to plant your defenses in the different tiles of your garden. Each plant costs suns, which are generated automatically or thanks to the sunflowers. The main plants will be the pea shooters, since they can beat down the zombies with enough time to plan your next movement.

The different available levels make the game to be long enough, and the variety such as the funny boss battles and others make Plants vs Zombies a great mobile app. Enjoy the mini-games you have completed from the main menu, lots of puzzles available and try the survival mode to check how long can you survive to the deadly zombies out there. There is an additional mode for creating your own avatar zombie with different elements that you can get from the shop of the game. Many hours of fun from the moment you install the game on your mobile device, completely recommended!


  • Colorful and correct visual aspect
  • Variety of funny zombies and plants


  • Sometimes the game lagged on my smartphone
  • An online mode would be awesome



The Craziest and the Most Entertaining Plants vs. Zombies You Will Ever Experienced

By Ivy Paloma

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am a fan of Plants versus Zombies game, and the first installment of it is one of my favorites. PopCap and Electronic Arts have delivered a better and fantastic shooter game that has better controls. The best thing about Plants versus Zombies is it brings you the same style of the game, same objectives and the same idea. It is a fun challenging game. The modernism applied in the game was effortless and exceeded my expectations.

This installment of the popular game franchise has a fun value that I have never experienced before. I am terrible at defense games, so when I saw this game and they were making a third person shooter, I played it and I’ve never regretted it. Every mission is fun and easy to play. This game is truly worthy of time.

Overall, this is a great development to the Plants versus Zombies franchise. This game will keep you entertained, and will keep your head in the game.


  • Crazy awesome character design: hours of fun!
  • Outstanding visuals, graphics and sound


  • The game is difficult to download




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I would use this program to have a lot of fun and kill the time at home when I'm bored and because I love so much plants vs zombies , enjoy it.

  • For playing. because i think this game is very interesting also it showes me what the name of each plant is. plus i love plants and i would like to know more about them.

  • this game makes me happy,and itsexciting,its challenging me,i like it its a good hobby but i am little bit angry about the endless level because we anymore,haha but thats ok cant get any trophy

  • playing enjoy it is really worderfull this game so that I will to try star this game and choose maybe other games in my real life its very good

  • hello, because I want to download this game for no aburrisme all my afternoons after homework and it does not bother my brothers playing ahh

What similar programs have you used?
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What do you like most about this program?
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  • It is the best version available for free and is my favorite non internet required games.I think every plants vs zombies games should have where you can make your own zombie.

  • if I really liked this program is the agradesco wholeheartedly hope and keep grabbing such programs for people is satisfied as I would like the opportunity to personally thank

  • Sunflower plants zombies game levels sun the moon plantorcha the gisantes launches zombiestime expecting there to be more levels to play because it 's fun

  • I have good confidence to download free software, also from that and started downloading games I look for this product that is reliable , as I find it easier


Plants VS Zombies is an action-strategy tower defense game developed by PopCap. In this adventure, your challenge will be defending your home and yourself from hordes of zombies who want to eat your brain. Imagine you are at home, calm and relaxed. Glancing outside, you find a full army of wacky zombies are after your brains. However, don’t worry just yet! You are not defenseless, you have "special" plants that will fight for you, shoot the zombies, slow down them or even eat them.

Your challenge will be defending your home and yourself from hordes of zombies who want to eat your brain

You will have a lot of levels to play in Plants VS Zombies. You will have to face lots of different zombies, each with its own special ability, and zombie bosses who will be difficult to defeat. If you manage to finish the whole Adventure mode, you will be free to enjoy the mini-games that the developer has included within the game. If you play the PC version, you will have a Zen Garden where you can grow plants, feed them, take care of them and earn money to buy new items that will help you in your adventure.

Once you download Plants VS Zombies, you'll notice that the graphics of Plants VS Zombies are cartoon style, which lends a humorous aspect to the charming plants and the undead zombies. The sound effects are addictive; you will find yourself repeating zombie quotes even before they open their zombie mouths! The soundtrack follows the rhythm of the gameplay. When you finish the main campaign, you will enjoy an amazing performance by the plants that will make you love Plants VS Zombies.

Plants, zombies and gameplay

The Adventure mode of Plants VS Zombies is divided into different places outside your home, different hours of the day and varying weather. First, you will have to face a zombie horde in your front yard. This is just a plain yard where the zombies will try to enter your house. Then, you will have to stop them in your backyard. Here you have a swimming pool, but this is not an obstacle for your enemy - on the contrary, they will use the pool for sending zombies in rubber ring, underwater zombies or even dolphin zombies. However, you will have powerful plants to stop them, like the Cattails, which can shoot in any direction. Remember, before planting water plants, you have to plant a Lily Pad.

The Adventure mode of Plants VS Zombies is divided into different places outside your home, different hours of the day and varying weather

Finally, you will have to face zombies on your roof (how did they manage to get there?). The main drawback of this stage is that you must place a Flower Pot before you put down a plant. Of course, this supposes spending more sun and taking more time to complete the lane. All these stages can be played during day (the easiest ones), or by night, with special night plants such as the Puff-shroom and Sun-shroom. By night, you can play with different thicknesses of fog. The fog hampers your vision to see from which lane the zombies are comming, or which kind of zombie they are. You will have a Plantern to make the fog disappear, but it has a long recharging time and it also occupies the place that an attacking plant could take.

Regarding plants, the most important plants in Plants VS Zombies are the Sunflower; as they provide you with the necessary suns to get the rest of the plants. Suns also come from the sky, but they are not enough to create your plants’ army. Then, you will have fighting plants that will hurt zombies in different ways, for example, by shooting peas with the PeaShooter, or corn and butter with the Kernel-Pult.

Another class is the Stopping Plants. They will weaken and slow down zombies while attacking plants defeat them. The main one is the Wall-Nuts, which you place in a certain lane and the zombies eat it very slowly. Also, you will have the Tall-Nuts, larger but more expensive ones, or the Pumpkin, which you place on a plant for protection until it is eaten.

You will also have "Just-in-case" plants, mainly explosive ones that serve to quickly finish off an enemy, in case the rest of your plants fail. Usually, they are expensive and the time they take to recharge is long. The more zombies they are able to defeat, the more useful they are. For instance, you will have the Cherry Bomb, which explodes all zombies closeby, the Jalapeno explodes an entire lane or the Squash, which smashes the zombies in front of it. All of these disappear once they are used.

Finally, there are special plants which do not harm zombies but which can help you in your battle. The Grave Buster eats the graves which appear in your yard and from which zombies usually appear. The Magnet-shroom removes metal items from zombies, such as helmets. The Blover removes the fog temporarily and the Marigold gives you money from time to time.

Regarding zombies, we cannot divide zombies in types or difficulties, because each one has its own abilities and methods of resistance. We can say that you wouldn’t want some zombies to appear, like the Buckethead Zombie, which is very difficult to defeat since you have to remove his bucket by shooting. The Pole-Vaulters will jump over your plants, avoiding the first line of defense. Also, the Football Zombie, which wears an entire breastplate and, he runs! The Dancing Zombie carries an entourage of frenetic dancers which arrive overland or the Dolphin Rider jumps over your plants. However, the one which you don't really want to appear is Gargantuar, a gigantic zombie very difficult to defeat, which carries a huge post to destroy all plants on his way. Watch out, he launches his companion Imp to the first line of plants!

Plants VS Zombies 4.0 Features

Here you can see the features of Plants VS Zombies:

  • 26 different zombies to defeat (Football zombie, Snorkelers, Gargantuar…)
  • More than 40 types of perennials and temporal plants to defend your home (Sunflowers, Peashooters, Chomper…)
  • Different modes to play (night, day, roof, swimming pool, etc.)
  • 50 levels to enjoy
  • The possibility of creating your Zen Garden to feed your own plants in the PC version
  • An Almanac is available with all the information about zombies and plants
  • Survival mode in the PC version
  • Ad-free
  • Mini-games included at the end of each stage and available once you finish the Adventure mode

If you want to know more information about Plants VS Zombies before you download it, feel free to take a peek at the developer’s website.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and use Plants VS Zombies are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: @ 1.2 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: 128 RAM 16Bit or 32Bit
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 8 or later
  • Hard Drive Space: more than 65 MB of free space available