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Surf the internet anonymously and safely using Ultrasurf the secure utility

By Reka Gimbi

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ultrasurf is a browser utility that protects you while working online by hiding your IP addresses and also clears browse history and cookies. This means you are always secure since your IP is always safe in that it cannot be reached by anyone only yourself. This is because the cookies and browser history are removed from the servers. It also compresses and stripes down all the pages of third-party content thus loading times won't decrease. Some of its great features are that it protects data transfer, it also accesses censored websites by bypassing firewalls. With Ultrasurf you can surf or browse anonymously which is a major privacy protection. By browsing anonymously means your IP won't be stolen by those who spy peoples' personal data. So, with daily upcoming internet dangers one needs to feel and stay safe while browsing or surfing and that is why Ultra Reach Internet Corp. came up with this security utility.

It is highly recommendable since it is a great way to keep your windows protected. It is also a stable privacy protection utility that is free and fast to download.


  • It automatically deletes history and cookies
  • It disguises IP and location
  • No installation of it is required


  • It does not have enough options
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By Dann Kamau

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Utrasurf 14.05

Some countries censor what you can access or send out from your internet, mainly due to political, religious or restriction on obscene materials. Some of this materials may include multimedia contents, religious and political materials, phonographic materials etc. Traces and annoying firewalls are applied to detect users accessing and sending out this kind of restricted data.

The Utrasurf 14.05 is a free utility that was built for web browsers to make them able to visit any website without a worry of being detected. The utility uses encryption protocols such that whatever you do in the internet is not traceable and bypasses any annoying firewalls. It will allow you to access web pages or multimedia contents that you would be wary to without a utility of this kind.

It is a utility built with a simple interface in which you can select whatever connection you want to. It allows you to change such features such as proxy settings and also clears your browser cookies and history. It is such a utility that is easily compatible with many browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer without additional settings.


  • It is a simple to use facility
  • Is compatible with all kinds of browsers


  • A utility that can allow passage of dangerous materials e.g phonographic
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UltraSurf - A great tool for enjoying full freedom on the web anonymously!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Thursday, August 21, 2014

UltraSurf is great software which helps you visit any website on the web without geographical or governmental barriers. Ultrareach, the developer of UltraSurf claims that the software keeps you perfectly anonymous so that you won’t get caught by any security softwares or trackers.

UltraSurf works as an extension of your browser. It uses a number of proxy servers and security measures. Using this software, you can not only browse all kind of websites, but also creep in to areas secured by passwords and other measures. Even though it lets you access protected areas, your privacy will never get void. Your private information including IP Address is kept hidden from trackers and therefore you won’t have to worry about hacker attacks.

UltraSurf is the best anti-censorship tool available on market today. It lets you enter anywhere on the web without getting noticed. There are no complicated user interface or configuration pop-ups so that even noobs can handle it easily. You can enjoy full freedom safely using it… Try it now!


  • It uses a number of proxy servers
  • Your IP address is always hidden
  • No complicated buttons or settings
  • No more annoying geographical barriers on the web


  • People may use it for bad purposes
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • because i want to have an research about dentist and about teeth but the site is unavailable without proxy. i love ultrasurf prosy beacause it is so good

  • browzing and downloading email,youtube,eztv series, movies, applications, skype, messenger, search blocked sites, chatting to friend on facebook

  • website censorship in Iran is getting on my nerves so i needed an anti-filter program and yours was suggested to me and this is why I am downloading it.

  • for using wekipedia and research purpose, thats why i want to download it because it will be quite helpful for me to access my required topics in my acedemics

  • filtring of internet in iran causes so many troble surfing the web therefore we must use any proxy server to bypass the filtering and the ultrasurf is one of the best.r

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used (and currently usuing) psiphone, but i have many problems downloadings my desired programs or clips etc. of course downloading very ordinary items are also restricted.

  • i have used hotspot vpn version before. it was working fine but my friend suggested me ultra surf said it is very good software and try it ..

  • ultrasurf13.04 and nothing else beacuse i think this free vpn is very usefull an d i can open the site that are filter here so i use to download this

  • need to access my family since that the country from where I am working for , block all the communication sites supposedly it is open to us as expariates

  • I have been using some other programs in order to avoid disturbing advertisement on the web. It is very useful for blocking some malware messages and inappropriate info that is showed on the windows.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it provides me with unlimetted internet surving and privacy of my web search online also security protection of schams and hackers that traces

  • if someone lock the network, any one or more website block, thats why i want to use this software, if it success , my headache will be solved. thanks

  • that helps me a lot in my work, so I can watch videos on youtube tutorials on how to use autocad es muy genial poder contar con una herramienta tan util

  • i want with this smart beautiful programmatic to install allot of videos and movies it is in website it doesn't open in my country so it will be easy

  • Best Proxy Server I ever got you shoul win oscor for this. as i said you are the best program site that usualy gives us to downaload tha option


UltraSurf is a freeware anti-censorship utility for your browsers, developed by Ultrareach, which allows users to visit any kind of website without geographical or political restrictions. UltraSurf uses encryption protocols to ensure your Internet information is kept safe, very useful for not being traceable and to bypass annoying firewalls when navigating through complex proxy servers. UltraSurf is widely acclaimed by the general public, since it makes the global Net free against censorship, fostering worldwide communication.

This utility is based on solid principles, designed to enable end-to-end connections while avoiding intermediaries who can spy on your personal data. This allows you to reach webpages or multimedia content that would be impossible in any other way. As well as this, UltraSurf is compatible with all kind of browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, without additional settings.

In terms of use, UltraSurf is pretty simple since it only includes a couple of options. Its interface is nothing but a simple window in which you can select your preferred connection, and an Options menu that allows users to change some features, such as the proxy settings. It also clears your browser cookies and history successfully.

Simple but powerful

UltraSurf provides more functions than it appears to on the surface. The application is portable, it does not need an installation, and it is perfect for using from an USB device if you want to surf the Web on a public computer. In this way, your IP address will be hidden the moment you run UltraSurf on IE, and that is configurable, so you can do it in your favorite browser. This feature will also prevent the computer from revealing the different users’ locations.

The download of UltraSurf enables your computer to visit secure websites that don’t use HTTPS protocol. In this way, your computer will be safe when you visit non-secure pages, avoiding possible malware. The users of UltraSurf have created a large community since they are looking after a free Internet offering a great support for this anti-censorship application. It also allows users to download anonymously, without any kind of trace left behind them.

Thanks to the end-to-end connection, an industry standard, you can directly and safely access the content that interests you without restrictions. One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that the modification of your system's settings can affect the transfer rate of your computer’s downloads, and additional applications like uTorrent may be affected if they are not configured correctly.

UltraSurf 16.03 Features

These are the main features of this UltraSurf software:

  • UltraSurf enhances your privacy thanks to its anonymous surfing mode
  • Hides your IP address, thus protecting your computer against external attacks
  • Anti-censorship functions that allow you to visit any kind of website
  • Compatible with almost all browsers
  • Different proxy servers to choose from

If you want to learn more about UltraSurf you can check its developers’ website .

System Requirements

These are the necessary system requirements you need to download and run UltraSurf:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or later
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • HDD: 1.85 MB Free space