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Command and Conquer: Generals

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The game that will trigger your adrenaline and leaves addicted Command and conquer Generals

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Command and conquer Generals

Command and conquer Generals is PC game that involves fights between enemies, you as a player you can choose to play USA army, china army or militant. It is a game that requires you to use tactics and skills to conquer because it is very challenging.

It is action game that brings the realism and makes you feel like you are fighting in the real world. The secret behind the win is to use skill, combine your strategies and tactics and be a bit faster than your enemies. There are several different missions you need to accomplish to be successful.

The scenarios are real, realistic modern warfare and complete 3D graphics, when you play as one of the armies you are provided with new vehicles, weaponry and updates to improve your units and gain access to advanced weapon and transport.

You strategies and tactics should be the most powerful so that you are outdo your enemies. The game comes in two different modes that are single player mode and multiplayer. In all modes you are provided with essential and game styles you need to win the war.


  • 3D graphics make the scenarios appear real
  • Two different modes to play


  • Very addictive game to play



War enters Saudi Arabia and kill all the enemies who cross your path even terrorism

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Generals is based in the near future, in which players must take part in one of the three factions throws for the win. In US Generals and China are the two superpowers, and are in the spotlight of GLA (Armed Liberation Group), a large and well organized fanatical Arab terrorist cell with dyes. In the plot the US. UU. and China frequently cooperate with each other as allies against the GLA. Actually, GLA, which in English would be Global Liberation Army, would translate into Spanish as Global Liberation Army.

The player can play with any of the three factions in any order, each side contains seven missions in the campaign. China campaign starts with the devastation of Beijing by the GLA with a nuclear attack along this player China would use nuclear power to raze GLA cells scattered throughout the Pacific. The GLA will attempt its own campaign to recover part of their newly hands now lost bases in China, the US and abetting. UU. While the US side will take action against major locations based on actual GLA in places like Baghdad and the Caspian Sea, before trying to defeat the Chinese enemy, expelling up their base of operations in Akmola, Kazakhstan, ending scenarios supporting the GLA terrorists.

Generals historical continuous line called Zero Hour expansion, which will lead the US. UU. to recover the lost city of Baikonur in Generals, attacking GLA lead the West Coast of the United States causing the withdrawal of troops stationed in Europe and this will command the firepower Chinese in their struggle against the GLA expand and settle in the picture world as a superpower.


  • variety of game depending on whether you choose one side or another
  • much realism unlike other games of the same saga


  • perhaps too political content on terrorism in Saudi Arabia



Great game and enjoy remarkable finish to remember for a long time

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, July 13, 2015

the game is based in the near future, in which players must take part in one of the three factions throws for the win. In Generals USA and China are the two superpowers, and are in the crosshairs of GLA (Group of Armed Liberation), a large and well organized fanatical Arab terrorist cell with dyes. At frame the USA and China as allies frequently cooperate with each other against the GLA. Actually, GLA, which in English would be Global Liberation Army, would translate into Spanish as Global Liberation Army.

Command and Conquer: Generals is similar to any other strategy game in real time, like Warcraft III, Starcraft, Age of Empires ... The player must construct buildings and make improvements, like interface can build such buildings from different units to fight the enemy which in some cases also contain special abilities. Like any strategy game in real time, the various units have advantages and disadvantages against other units and buildings. The player must combine these benefits with others in order to become tactically superior to the enemy to fight for victory.


  • The game has great graphics engine
  • Very good variety of units


  • the sides are somewhat unbalanced




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to see the adventure of latest version more fun of command and conquer do my est to play weel and how to create good tactics for our victories

  • gaming,unwind,relaxation,strategy,creativity,brain storming,planning,preparation,passion,team work,strength, and agility,trust,confidence,patience

  • I plan on using this for recreationtional purposes. Because those things are needed from time to time/ wouldn't you be in agreement with that statement?

  • have fun and have a great experience and see the american crimes on us Muslims thats all but i can't stop because your option of the 8 chars left tanks.

  • I am a big big fan of all command and conquer games and havnt ever played generals and have been told its an amazing game to play in a strategy situation

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have not installed previously similar programmes. I have tried through other websites and found it difficult to have these install on my computer and this is why am trying yours

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) Memory 4GB / Hard Disk Drive 500 GB Intel Core 15-2410M Processor 2.30 GHz with turbo Boost up to 2.90 GHz done

  • Command and conquer generals zero hour is the best game I've ever played and I've downloaded similar apps like this so I will download thiss

  • The game called world of warcraft. For some reason this answer isnt long enough program wont let me download until i use up at least 150 characters

  • hej there my name is martin and i havent used any similar progrms for downloading before therefore i would like to download this game okay :D

What do you like most about this program?
  • The defensive mechanism and the offensive available with the extra load of money on hand enabling you to make fresh installations to improve your strategic positions

  • its easy to use thank you for ding this program keep going all wishes but the games did not install all there is shortage in files that is all

  • U get free downloads and Command And Conquer Generals is my favourite game beacuse i love strategy games like this andso far this is the best one i played

  • realistic and easy tp control the actiome. Have my original disc with password but it no longer works. how else would you like me to state it

  • what i like in this program is the way they created a website that can download a paid game into free and after downloading they helped the user

Command Conquer: Generals is a PC strategy game in real time in which you can play the part of the Chinese, the United States, or an Islamic terrorist organization.

As with other similar games, it offers action and adventure and provides you with a great dose of realism. Command and Conquer: Generals confronts three powerful armies which will create strategic, but unstable, alliances to beat their rivals. If you want to achieve final victory, you will have to combine different strategies and tactics and always be faster than your enemy.

This great game also supports both single and multiplayer modes and different gaming styles.

Different forces in Command & Conquer: Generals

As we already said, Command and Conquer: Generals is a real-time strategy game. It allows you to choose between three different armies: the Chinese forces, the Global Liberation Army - which is the Islamic organization - or the United States military.

You have to take the side of one of them in order to achieve victory and every army has to successfully complete seven missions.

For example, the tensions between China and the Islamic group start after a nuclear attack on Beijing. As a result, the Chinese carry out several assaults on the different GLA bases in the Pacific Ocean.

However, the United States will begin to attack important locations of the GLA in different and real life scenarios such as Baghdad or the Caspian Sea. However, the final objective of the US forces is to defeat China, who will eventually end up supporting the Islamic terrorists.

Similar games

As with any other real-time strategy game, Command and Conquer offers the same features as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or Age of Empires III. All three games consist of expanding empires, beating enemies to achieve victory while allowing the player to use real-life strategies.

Command and Conquer: Generals Features

The unique features of this RTS game are listed below:

  • Realistic modern warfare with a wide collection of weaponry and strategies, including aircraft and Chinook helicopters
  • Complete 3D graphics with zoom and rotation camera
  • New tactics to apply: hit-and-run, suicide, use modern war machines with Aurora Strike Bombers, steal enemies’ supplies and vehicles
  • Three factions to play as: People’s Republic of China, Global Liberation Army (GLA) and United States of America
  • Each faction has updates to improve their units and gain access to high technology weapons and transport
  • Players can get Battle Honors to defeat their enemies
  • Multiplayer gameplay with improved matching, video replays, observer mode, New Communication and online Buddy List, plus true statistics to rank your games

For further information about C&C Generals visit the developer’s website .


Make the right decision when you choose the army you are fighting with and be careful of all the strategies that your enemies carry out because they are really powerful, so making one false move can cost you the whole war.

Some functions are restricted

  • Well detailed locations
  • Supports multiplayer
  • Different gaming styles
  • Short attack timer