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LOTR The Battle for Middle Earth II

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an intresting game where you have to protect the middle earth it is fun

By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Wow here is the game to play for this gamers and for those who haven’t played it what are you waiting for download it now and play it.The main objective for this game according to my understanding is to protect the middle earth.The player must control the characters from the lord of the rings.This game also includes some materials from other novels which makes it more fun to play along.When one goes to the battle field in this game one has the option of selecting their favorite heroes for example Aragon and also witch king.This game is very adventurous because it enables a player to go to the middle earth and protect it.


The following are the features for lotr the battle for the middle earth 2

New uni5ts for the factions

Multiplayer mode

There is also some new period so as to explore the history of the middle earth.


Has fantastic storyline and new characters enjoy playing the game.


  • has a fantastic storyline so makes it fun to play
  • the game has stunning graphics
  • the game is very adventorous and makes one be creative


  • becomes monotonous when one is plying the game



"Battle for Middle Earth II" explores the North waged wars, known as the southern wars that give

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The single player mode, although somewhat short, consists of two distinct campaigns: we are in a commanding troops well and the other will try to bring hordes of evil to victory. This is appreciated, as the way forward in both armies, despite based on the usual principles of strategy-games, quite different in both cases. Eight are in each case the missions that we will emerge triumphant to finish the basic campaign, and where the difficulty will be increasing, seeing the difficulty curve somewhat softened by the mini-tutorials that will guide us to the beginning of missions containing new management.

The heroes that we generate on our strengths and we accompany each mission will be a great incentive when carrying out our tasks, as each has different skills and powers the rest. These are the only troops that we select individually, and with them access to a menu with unique characteristics.

The achievements (apart from the usual achievements awarded by the end of campaigns) will be achieved by completing each and every one of the side missions that we are raised in each chapter of the game


  • Possibility to enjoy an assortment of game modes
  • Good work in the sound effect


  • There deficient textures, but not all




By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 15, 2015

LOTR: The Battle for the Middle Earth

This game is an adaptation from the movies and books of the Lord of the Rings. This game takes up some scenes from both the movie and the book. Its storyline is very good and interesting as it gives the real picture behind the plot. Tolkien created a world known as the Middle Earth with the main intention of making it a peaceful and prosperous world. There follows evil invaders who have bad intentions of taking over the Middle Earth and rule the whole world with their dark magic. At this point the game presents us two factions i.e the good and the bad side. On the good side you plays as Gandolf, Glorfield or even the forces of Aragon, Gimli and Galadriel to fight against the evil side. You can also play as Sauron and his minions like Saruman, Wormtongue or Nazugul to glorify the wicked side.

The graphics, special effects like visuals and sound are very good. The environment makes you really feel as if you are in the world Tolkien created, Check and enjoy as you play the sites like the Mines of Moria, Rividel and the Siege of Dol Guilder to see the kind of magic world Tolkien created.


  • The graphics and special effects are quite good
  • The adaptation from the original work is quite good


  • The game can be very addictive




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I just wanna play it, see how fun it would be, that's it!, Im very bored at the time, a need something to do today, this is an awesome idea for me

  • It was an old time favorite game of mine and it would be cool if i can play it again . Other than that im not sure wgat els to say , thanks for the link.

  • for be enjoy and happy because i am beutiful an very stron g men good at tennis and ping pong and i love the football viv la fra,ncia beautiful

  • I'm going to use this program for playing and for spend my free time having fun with some "Lord of The Ring" adventure because they are realy funny

  • to further my inteligence on becoming a true genius in the feild of lord of the rings. because i do belive it holds a wisdom far beyond that on

This game is a real time strategy game in which you will control the classic characters from The Lord of the Rings in order to keep the Middle Earth safe.

The game includes the scenes from the movies and books in order to make it a good adaptation of the original work. The environment will make you feel like if you were really in the world that Tolkien created. Select between good and evil campaigns and learn about the events in the fight for the ring.

Plot and characters

The game narrates the history of the War in the North. It includes characters from the books such as Tom Bombadil who did not appear in the movies. It also includes some other characters from The Hobbit which increase the diversity of the gameplay.

The Good faction presents characters like Gandalf and elven heroes like Glorfindel who has to fight against the threats of the wicked Sauron. Join the forces of Aragorn, Gimli and Galadriel to ensure the good faction is victorious. The Evil forces are commanded by Sauron and his minions. Play as Saruman, Wormtongue or the Nazgûl to take over the Middle Earth and rule the whole world with their dark magic.

Gameplay and technical aspects

This game provides an unique way to play with a great diversity of units and mechanics. The heroes are the main forces of your army, Galadriel for the Good and Sauron for the Evil. You will be able to build new constructions and create units like melee or ranged soldiers. Create a balanced army and learn about your strongest and weakest points to take advantage of. Propel your faction to win over your opponents.

The graphics are detailed enough to make you feel as you were inside Tolkien's world. The Mines of Moria, Rivendel or the siege of Dol Guldur are among the stages included in the game, and quite similar to the scenes from the movies.


If you like the genre, you can try Empire Earth III with different civilizations to develop. In case you want another LOTR game you can try Lord of the Rings On Line.

LOTR The Battle for Middle Earth II Features

Here you can find the unique features that this game provides:

  • Single player campaign
  • Multiplayer mode
  • New campaign missions: King of the Hill, Control Point, etc.
  • New units for the factions
  • New period to explore in the Middle-Earth history
  • Improved War of the Ring mode
  • New Hero Creation Tool

If you want to know more information, you can visit the


LOTR The Battle for Middle Earth II is a good strategy game for those fans of Tolkien's novels. Enjoy playing the characters of the movies and experiencing Middle Earth.

Some features are restricted

  • Good graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Excellent adaptation
  • Not as good as it's competitors