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Transfer Your Data with This Easy To Understand Free Application

By Rose Sincro

On Friday, May 23, 2014

If you want to obtain the utmost usability of your Nokia mobile device, then Nokia Ovi Suite is what you need. This app is uncomplicated to install with the help of its step by step installation wizard. The interface of this tool gives you a trouble-free access to your information as all the functionalities are open in one window.

With this app, I can create and share media files between my Nokia mobile phone and my computer. It also has helpful functions for enhancing my phone experience. I can update my Nokia phone through my desktop, and download music, games and any mobile applications. In addition, I also like the Nokia suite maps functionality, it is very helpful.

If you are Nokia phone users like me, this app is a must. It has a variety of features that sync your Nokia mobile device with your PC, so you can transfer all you important data that you need which also runs very fast and without any trouble.


  • Easy to install and to use
  • Share files without any trouble


  • For Nokia mobile use only
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The Simplest Way You Can Access Your Mobile Phone with a Snap of a Button

By Maria Bernabe

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For a Nokia Phones user like me, it's important to have this software that is very useful and very manageable to use. With the Nokia Ovi Suite 3.8.30, I can safely transfer files from my mobile device to my desktop computer. It is easy to manage and all my applications on my phone are easy to install or uninstall. With this software, I can download music, games, application and even synchronize my calendars, contacts and email. Also, I can make backups of my important files without worrying data loss in my mobile handset.

The interface is simple. Therefore, you won’t have any difficulty navigating through some menus. One thing that make this software a must need program for my device is that with this Nokia Ovi Suite, I can get connected to Nokia website where I can upgrade my software on my particular phone. It's a big help because if there’s a bug on the operating system in my phone, I can easily upgrade my software to its latest version. One more thing with their innovation you can now synchronize you phone via Bluetooth. But the downside of this Nokia Ovi Suite software is that it cannot recognize old model devices of Nokia phones.


  • Easily synchronizes Nokia phones to your computer
  • Can update your latest software


  • Exclusively runs Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later
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Easily Share Files with Other Nokia Mobile Phones or Computers

By Christine Diaz

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Nokia Ovi Suite helps you to manage all your mobile phone files and increase its competences with all the new apps that you can download through Nokia Ovi store. Some of the downloadable apps are games, different mail managers and some of the music application for your Nokia mobile phones from your own PC. You can actually sync both devices by using cable or through Bluetooth.

The process of this application comes with a step-by-step wizard that helps us in the process securing our Nokia phones up. Backup, restore and file transfer are probably the most useful functions that this application has.

If you are using Old Nokia phone which is not already supported by the Nokia Suite, you should have this program installed at your computer. This program allows you to update the firmware, transfer files both from PC and phones, manage your contacts and synchronize all the data of your phone.


  • Synchronize and back up your data
  • You can manage photos and create albums


  • Always blocked by the Firewall
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for updating my phone software to update it to the newest symbian operating system and making calls using this nokia ovi suit and texting for

  • transfer data and documents to my phone, because no lost the information and photograps, perhaps I will need very soon or in the future of my life

  • checking latest news on Nokia product and some java games etc and i want to used for apps in other to manage my phone and i think there is nothing much more yea

  • for my nokia asha 306, to enable whatsapp installation becuase it is failing to download. and also to install other apps using the ovii store suite

  • To upgrade my phone because it nolong works very well as of now. and i would also love to use the latest upgraded version of its operating system.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used iTunes, PC-Suite, that software from Alcatel and other type of softs. I don't understand why my answer must be that long so I am filling with bullshit

  • i have used windows 7 64 bits i have letest version download ovi suite for my pc to connect to network and hi speed internet to surfing brijesh sharma

  • Whatsapp,facesbook and other application programms that are available in ovi store... Am also using glo network to search for it, to crow it all the similar programm am ever use

  • Microsoft office word excel power point coral draw adobe and much more soft were i am using for my hobes and probational life that's soft were

  • previously was using nokia ovi suite and I wish to upgrade to an improved version which can give me better functionality and performance to en

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy connectivity to any nokia phone whether by cable or bluetooth media fiiles eg music and movies are easily accesible also massage are ok

  • I like to download from nokia store because nokia applications always reliable and they are always virus free that will not affect my phones

  • not too much hectik handling it unlike the privious versions especially the Nokia Siute for all one release in Green color icon with, it is

  • consistency of activities, provision of safe and reliable soft wares and programs for mobile users around the world. i really appreciates your kind gesture

  • its very good.. i like the way a persom cam decide to do what ever he or she wamts at a particular poimt im time without the usage amd wastage of several resources


Nokia Ovi Suite is a mobile utility with which you can manage all your mobile phone content as well as increase it´s capabilities with new applications you can download from the Nokia Ovi store. You can download games, music apps or different mail clients for your Nokia phone from your computer with the synchronization of both devices over Bluetooth or cable.

This software will grant you the opportunity to better manage your Nokia system thanks to the tools it includes by default. There is a contact manager, maps, even a music section with different options such as downloading new songs or creating playlists directly from Nokia Ovi Suite.

This mobile utility allows you to explore the device and find more information about it. The history of your purchases on the Ovi store will be saved on your own Nokia account, as well as all the apps that you have installed on your mobile phone. From this application, you can update your device with new firmware safely with a free and simple download to get the latest version for your mobile device.

Main window to access to your mobile content
Main window to access to your mobile content

Additional functions

The application allows you to better manage your multimedia content with its tools, than by only exploring the default Operating System options. For simple files, you can convert your songs into other formats to save space on your phone or manage your pictures by creating new albums easily. The interface of this mobile utility is intuitive so you won’t have any problem navigating through the menus.

The interface is intuitive so you won’t have any problem navigating through the menus

You can check the Nokia Ovi store directly from this program, since it is synced with your user account. You can access different games, utilities or mail apps without rather than getting them directly from your device, to manage your space. Another good function it includes is the possibility of creating backups of your mobile in order to avoid losing your personal information due to data loss.

Nokia Ovi Suite Features

These are the main features of Nokia Ovi Suite:

  • Advanced management of the information on your mobile device by synchronizing it with the application
  • Access to Ovi to install free games or apps to your mobile device from your computer
  • Multimedia files manager that allows you to convert their formats into the ones that fit your Nokia mobile
  • Manage your mail account, messages, maps, contacts and general content easily with the guided functions the program includes
  • Different ways for connecting to your mobile device through cable or Bluetooth depending on your computer hardware
  • Create and manage backups of your system for recovering your personal information
  • Compatible with most of Symbian systems and S40 devices

If you want to learn some more about this program, you can check its official website through this

Manage your multimedia files
Manage your multimedia files

System Requirements

Here you can find the requirements for Nokia Ovi Suite:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or faster
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • HDD: 134 MB Free space on disk
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 previously installed