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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

EA Black Box is the creator of this game and it has been published by Electronic arts under the Need for speed group of games. It was released in July 2010 and is available in multiplayer mode on Microsoft windows platforms and it is the 15th game among the games on need for speed franchise. It is basically a great racing game with amazing graphics and great gameplay. The game is set up in a fictional Tri-city the city features palmont and Rockport that have been in other need for speed games. The diversity in terms of the map and available cars is great. The game actually has more than one hundred cars from more than thirty different manufacturers. These cars range from expensive exotics way down to cheap tuners. The features introduced on this game are; The Team escape mode which is simply a cop pursuit that incorporates several racers as a team with a maximum of four players at a go. It also has the Treasure hunt which is activated as the racer is on free roam with the main objective being collection of gems which increase your reputation and money. It also has skill customization which has come in place of the prior existing system that was available. I would gladly say that I haven't seen any of the need for speed games that isn't great. Therefore this one is amazing too.


  • The diversity in terms of the map and available cars is great.
  • It also has skill customization which has come in place of the prior existing system that was available.


  • Takes up a lot of RAM.
  • Some races are hard or challenging.



coonet online and race in need for speed ith no limits at all

By Joeli Mut

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016

need for speed world is a multiplayer game mode that can only be played onine and get other gamers to compete against you in ths one.All you have to be is the king of the road and make sure you take the lead by being the first position and always become the first position.There is no limit to where you can go to because there are no restrictions to the localities you are to drive to and that it why it is known as need for speed world.You can decide to jump to the safe house and another thing is that i found there to be some unnecessary information on the screen but there is some useful information regarding the overal time that you have taken to complete the game as wellnas the position you are competing in against the other races in the game.The environments that you drive your car in are so real as well as some sevral powerups for the car are available.


  • a variety of various car models to choose from
  • no restrictions to where you can drive your car to


  • a muilti player game which is online is the only one available



Race Game with Remarkable Visuals, Packed with Action and Stuffed Servers

By Ivy Paloma

On Thursday, May 29, 2014

Need for Speed: World is part of the successful Need for Speed games. It has molded the Most Wanted and Rivals versions into a challenging and fun racing game. I am a fan of this game, and I played all of the series of the Need for Speed franchise from the beginning on my PS3 and on my PC. All I can say is that Need for Speed is one of my favorite games growing up. The game struggles with story lines and they also bring new ideas to the table.

Need for Speed: World is totally good. The visuals and the graphics of the game are good, which I think was the point in releasing this at PlayStation 4 launch. The only problem of this game is the career mode feels a bit short and unexciting. Overall, this is a fun game. I am enjoying it! I will definitely suggest this to my friends.


  • The cars sound great to me
  • More or less open world


  • Everything starts to clutter at high speeds




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will use this program to admire what the world has given and enjoy my time this holidays with need for speed. Also, I want to do something fun

  • To play with friends and enjoy. It seemed really fun and cool. I remember playing games like this at the arcade so it also brings me back!!!

  • for the fun and the life has been a boring one and i thought i would change things by getting this need for speed means alot to me

  • gaming for my own advantage because im interested in the game from years ago and its my own passion so far and i love it to much oksmbelah ya amo mohamed

  • well i am going to use the program during my leisure time for entertainment with my friends an to make some tutorials on how the game is play

What similar programs have you used?
  • Need for speed Most Wanted. I used this because it was made by the same developer. I love this game too, it brings back alot of child hood mems

  • need for speed google chrome opera mini internet download manager internet explorer antivirus avira mozzila firefox condition zero crazy frog

  • I have used CCleaner, Malwarebytes, games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, etc. I am getting this game because I want to play with friends!!

  • U torrent kat ph Kickass torrents my self need for speed world facebook speedboost in game cash 1 million Clean my pc Norton utilities android

  • its really cool this game am was playing now 2 years ago but then after my coputer sucks he dosent work now a want to play again because to remember my face happy

What do you like most about this program?
  • it has lots of games havent downloaded any but we will see how well it works once i download this one imhoping it workd good if it dose ill gi alot its pretty cool i find that the program is top notch it really brings out my gamer potential i like it too much to stop downloading games

  • i like this program becuase it gave me a legit free download and i would be able to play a game i havent played since i was fifteen years old

  • Open world in which you can drive without restrictions, A great amount and variety of events, Power Ups system to alter the race in your favor


  • i love this game and i downloaded from many sites but is not working therefore i want to download the game and play it as i had played all parts now upto recent

Developed by EA Black Box and EA Singapur, Need for Speed: World is the first MMOG of the NFS series. Here we find a completely online and free-driving videogame, based on illegal races around a lively city. Tuning and police are present again and our mission will consist of becoming well-known in the streets for our driving skills as well as with our car style. Thoroughly thought-out as an online game, NFS: World divides the competition into several individual or team events. 64 cars are waiting for us in order to drive through Rockport (NFS Most Wanted) and Palmont (NFS Carbono) cities. The rest of the game depends on us.

The online community is very active; it offers us the possibility of creating our own game strategy by forming teams and communicating via chat. Our score will allow us to improve our cars, taking an advantage and increasing notoriety amongst other users.

The king of the road is back and available in the online mode. Connect to this free-to-play and drive all over this endless world.

Need For Speed World Features

The features of this new version of the EA videogame are:

  • Free online game
  • Open world in which you can drive without restrictions
  • A great amount and variety of events
  • Power Ups system to alter the race in your favor
  • Constant updates through the web and “special offers” to your email
  • Free download


In a time when the online game is growing in popularity and business models of this kind tend to fail in the vast majority, the free online videogame has become the only possible option for many developers. A lot of strategy games have had to adopt these measures in order not to succeed and now, EA joins the free-to-play mode with one of its best licenses: Need for Speed. With a quite similar look and feel to installments such as NFS Most Wanted or NFS Carbon, EA presents us a product with excellent finishing touches and many game possibilities.

Once the download has been completed and installed on our computer, Need For Speed World provides us with the option of creating a profile and buying one of the cars that we can afford with the 200,000 credits we have. This car will be one of the most used, so we should choose it carefully. We have to win the first few races with it in order to get the necessary credit to improve it or exchange it for better one.

When we have created our profile and with our hands on the steering wheel, we begin the action in the starting grid of our first illegal race. We should win it since a victory will encourage us, and besides that, it will be the easiest race we will face. Thanks to this first flurry of action we will become familiar with the game control mode that, as we will see, is exactly the same as any Need for Speed.

Once we have finished the race we will find ourselves in the middle of a totally open world in which we can drive freely. It is a city with alleys and narrow streets full of traffic and surprises to discover. One of the first game modes in NFS: World will be “exploration”. Discovering the layout of the city, the main routes, with its possible shortcuts and surprises will be an important part of our strategy when we decide to drive. From the first minute on Need for Speed’s streets we will meet thousands of online players that are trying it out. Our interaction with them can be via on-screen chat or voice chat thanks to the microphone. We can find friends or challenge them directly in some of the competitions we find around the city.

The videogame is divided into two game modes. The main one will be the exploration mode that will have several aspects: to become familiar with the city and to find the starting grids of the rest of the events, as well as the challenge “Treasure Hunt”. The last one is only made during the free driving and consists of collecting fifteen gemstones which are placed all over the game map. The treasure changes its position every day, making the search different and more interesting. Those who complete the event in a directly will be rewarded with social standing and ‘cash’ rewards.

Competition mode will begin each time we find a starting point of an event. Five signs with different shapes and colors will appear, along our exploration of the city, and when we wait underneath, we will be able to gain access to the different speed events and driving. Here, we find:

  • Race: a legendary speed competition against a maximum of EIGHT cars. It can be done individually, vs. the machine, vs. friends or vs. all those users who are ready at that moment and looking for online competitors.
  • Pursuit mode: a whole gang chases you. We will need to accelerate, resist their onslaught and drive as long as we can without being caught. The challenge will consist of losing sight of the police.
  • Acceleration: as we saw in many NFS, this kind of race consists on reaching the maximum speed on short and relatively straight tracks. The start of the race and the perfect gear shift will be essential in order to get the best score. We can find the possibility of playing with or without traffic.
  • Team escape: you and your team should run away from the police, smashing all the blocks and patrol cars you find in a limited time. The police will use their Rhinos patrol jeep to try to push us off the road or render our car useless. Each time a teammate escapes and passes through a checkpoint, the team will be awarded. In case we are the ones who outrun the police, we will win individual bonus points. If, unfortunately, we fall into the police’s traps and they detain us, the game won’t be over. The teams have at their disposal a number of limited “seizures” that, after 10 seconds of penalization without the possibility to play, it will regenerate our car in order to try to continue the escape and finish the race. In case we use up all the seizures, the escape will be over for us, although if our team managed to outrun the police, we will receive the bonus anyway.

Tuning mode will be done in our garage. Our car can be improved with several engine components; induction, transmission, and suspension pieces, brakes and tyres. Each updated part causes an effect in the performance of the car, and we will be able to observe it in the bars placed at the bottom left corner of the screen, which correspond to the maximum speed grades, acceleration and handing.

The pieces are unique and have some specific features. We are responsible for choosing them depending on their levels:

  • Urban: with almost no impact in the performance of our car
  • Race: be prepared for illegal races
  • Professional: with a great performance impact
  • Ultra: perfect to tip the scales in our favor in any race

We can buy pieces with in-game cash or we can win them in competition raffles. In case we have at our disposal several pieces we do not use, or if they are out-of-date for the level of our vehicle, we will be able to sell them and recover the money. As with previous games in the NFS series, we can also change our car’s appearance with bodywork parts, colors and vinyl…because this is not only a matter of driving! The vehicles will be divided into six categories and rise in scale at the same time we make necessary modifications.

During the race, we also can utilize a “little” additional help thanks to Power Ups. These are small “powers” that allow us to go faster, attract traffic in order to crash with the leader, add a lap or even add a defense around our car to make our enemies’ Power Ups insignificant.

We will obtain this “help” after the races we run. When we finish the race (for the position we have reached does not matter) five stars will be displayed in front of us. We should choose one and turn it in order to discover our reward. Depending on our position in the race, the awards and the colors of the cards will vary. The Power Ups can also be bought in our garage and can be accumulated and organized as we want.

The more time and success we achieve in Need for Speed Online, the better capacity we have to raise our ranking. We might have Power Ups and a lot of pieces for tuning, but they might not be enough to overcome some events or to defeat some higher level users, who are always overtaking us. To achieve that, EA has created a in which we can use real money to get new and powerful sports car, as well as all kind of improvements to prepare a specific car.

Regarding graphics issues, we find see a product adapted to it’s gameplay. It is clear that, being an online game, the graphics cannot be as realistic as the graphics we find in other programs. However, we still have quality in this edition of NFS. The details of the cars and the city are quite similar to the ones in Underground 2, and although the mapping is really big and have a lot of “run over” objects, we have not found any problem when making a fluid and fast game. As with the rest of the titles in the saga, we will not have to worry about the hits, since our cars’ bodywork will always stay intact.

The soundtrack is a little bit disappointing compared with the previous versions. We still find the same lively “disco” rhythms, but we will not hear any good current hits. Nevertheless, they the soundtrack is fine and suited perfectly the action, reinforcing the gameplay and encouraging you when stepping on the gas. We see here an excellent proposal of online and free game for all those lovers of speed and arcade driving. Thousands of users are going through the virtual city’s streets looking for drivers to challenge. Will you be one of them?

PHP Nuke’s opinion about the NFS Download

Electronic Arts introduces Need for Speed World, newly free-to-play after a poor attempt to make users pay. With the backing of a million of registered users, EA has opened the level restriction, allowing speed fans to challenge and drive in a permanent online world.

NFS: World follows the pattern of the saga, with an arcade driving and with tuning signs. Once we have created the driver’s profile we will find ourselves in the middle of a city full of challenges and opponents. Our aim is to update our car and beat records in order to become the most famous drivers of the digital world. Our results can be seen in-game and through social networks, so our fame can become known worldwide.

We will obtain awards and enhancements to convert our car into a unique vehicle with illegal races, police chases and team escapes. However, the main problem EA is having with the game comes directly from this point. The possibility to use tricks is starting to bother many users that see how their efforts and time dedicated to convert their cars in legendary ones end with no results. The main annoyance is for those who have spent real money, since they think that the company has not taken care of them.

Despite this fact, if you want fair play competition and you play just to spend a good time driving, you could convince a group of friends and download and install this free videogame. It offers many hours of group fun as well as a great number of possibilities as an individual game.

Need for Speed online is basically one more clever stroke of the most famous and long-lived car saga, but with the advantage of allowing users to play with an permanent and robust online community, always ready for a challenge. The problem is that, perhaps because of this lack of story or context, the title losses a little of strength and personality.

It is more than probable that after some months playing this game, we’ll finally get bored. The system of the videogame will not allow us to progress and we have to repeat the same procedures constantly. What EA wants us to do is invest in some new cars with real money. NFS: World website offers continuous sales, improvements and ways to change or optimize our car, as well as gifts (once in a while) to increase our cash for the week, for example.

The level of difficulty varies depending on whether we play against human drivers or vs. AI. Races against other users are not even and, more than once, we will find ourselves competing against some players which have a higher or lower level. As it is an online game, the experience will vary depending on our amount of time and motivation when facing the title. NFS Online is a highly recommendable game for those race and speed fans wondering how good they really are.

System requirements

In order to download and install NFS World online, we will need the following technical requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installed
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV a 2.4 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 1GB
  • Hard disk space: 2GB available
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800, ATI Radeon X1300 or Intel GMA 950 graphic card. In case you find some problems, you can visit Need for Speed World’s
  • Compatible soundcard with DirectX 8.1
  • DirectX version 9.0c installed
  • Network connection: cable connection/ADSL of 128 Kbps
  • Online multiplayer: cable connection/ADSL of 512 Kbps; 2-8 players
  • Peripherals: keyboard, mouse, compatible controls with the game


  • The portable versions of these chipsets might work, but they are not compatible.
  • It may be necessary to update the sound card and graphic card drivers
  • It is necessary to have a microphone (or headphones with microphone) to use the chat via VoIP Dolby Axon. Any standard microphone of 3,5mm or USB connector should work.

For further information about the game, after the download, you can visit the .

Conclusion about the free download of Need For Speed World

To sum up, we find an online gaming experience that is well done, but which depends on our use of our time. Having said this, we have to confess that this open world doesn’t quite make enough sense in the continuous and repetitive competition, lacks little incentives other than updating our car or buying another one in order to repeat the whole process, so finally ends up being slightly impersonal and unattractive as a game.

We suggest forming a group of friends to have the best experience of the game and be prepared to spend some real money if you want to progress and compete in a higher level.

Even so, Need for Speed ensures a lot of hours of intense and fun gaming. Totally recommended for the Need for Speed saga fans.

We would suggest Electronic Arts take more care in order to the reduce problems with players who use cheats to skip competition time and effort. We hope that they will solve these problems and that users can enjoy this videogame without any problem.

  • Free online multiplayer
  • Follows the guidelines of Most Wanted and Carbon, with a very simple arcade game
  • Quite good graphics and physics for an online game
  • Great map, full of competitions and opponents
  • Possibility to play alone in order to update the car
  • Constant enhancements and updates
  • Web with many improvements and advances
  • The soundtrack is weaker than other installments
  • Races against other users are not an even match