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Windows Media Player 12

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Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 7 or subsequent versions.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, November 27, 2015

With this new player we will have the option of separating the playlist of what we now hear and what we have stored in the library, so you play the 2 lists simultaneously with different players called Playing and Library.

Another feature of Windows Media Player 12 is that it supports video formats such as H.264, AAC audio, DivX and Xvid, MPEG2, WMV, MP3, etc ... and when the player does not recognize the file we tried to reproduce tell us where to download the codec you can play it without problem.

As this player invented by Microsoft and be built into their operating systems, this is the player most used by users and the new version as mentioned above supports any format and is aesthetically renovated is an excellent choice in terms of media players.

Unlike what happened in previous versions, Microsoft has decided not to publish the new version of Windows Media Player for other operating systems such as Vista or XP. These last two, therefore, will remain with version 11 without possibilities to enjoy the new features included in the 12th


  • Removing the playback mode embedded in the taskbar
  • Native support for H.264 video files


  • The few innovations offered by the new edition can not be used by users of previous versions of Windows
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Manage and Organize All Your Multi-Media Files in One Place

By Ivy Paloma

On Monday, May 5, 2014

I have several media players installed on my PC that I use for watching movies and playing music and have not really used Windows Media Player for a long time. I was quite surprised with this latest version when I had to use it for a project I had at that time. There is not much of a difference with version 11, except the look and design. Plus, it is actually a multimedia bundle. Aside from listening to my favorite music and watching movies and TV series, I can also view pictures, purchase music online via the Media Guide, burn CDs, rip movies, sync devices, etc. The list of available stores, when you buy music online, depends on your country. Also, if you are into Podcasts, Windows Media Player 12 has that too.

When you launch the player, not all of the options are visible on the menu at the top which makes it look cleaner, unlike other media players. There’s a Library and Playlists at the top left. Play, Burn and Sync options on the right and on the left pane, you will find the program’s other functions arranged in categories. Files can also be dragged and dropped into the library.

To date, I have all my music organized in Windows Media Player 12’s library.


  • It has an intuitive and simple interface
  • You can easily manage all your media files
  • Lot of integrated tools for organizing media files


  • Availability of stores in Media Guide dependent on country
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Drive various Trains and Travel from one Place to Another

By Daren Garius

On Friday, August 22, 2014

It is safe to say that Train Simulator 2014 is one of the best simulations in its franchise or maybe in its category. I find its graphics very realistic as well as the sound of the train engine. Plus, the scenery is just beautiful. If you are a newbie to this game, no need to worry. The game provides a tutorial at the beginning that will help you learn and understand and the different aspects of this driving game. Also, I find its interface simple and straightforward. In addition, there are lots of different trains that you can choose. Moreover, I like that they enhanced the Career mode. It is more challenging and you can also pick extended scenarios. On the other hand, I think the only flaw of this game is that there are only three routes available. Nonetheless, this game is very entertaining and exciting especially for train enthusiasts. All in all, Train Simulator 2014 is a remarkable simulation game that provides a realistic and exhilarating gaming experience.


  • It has a realistic gameplay
  • Lot of trains to choose from


  • Only three routes are available
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • going to use it to play videos for fun, games and excitement what would one possibly do with a fookin media player anyway you dumbshits geez

  • music play at home. for leisure purposes during no work. hpe i get the desired program with no viruses and enjoy my night listening to th e mi

  • watching and listening and viewing all supported media for desired entertainment as current media player isn't playing a format i currently have

  • replace existing win media player that is not working correctly. it will not open or play any music or video from any program on the computer

  • I love windows media player so thats why I am using to download this. It has various variety and enhancements settings. By which we can control over our headphones

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used VLC media player for my pc ,what more do want to know, ask i am waiting and why are you making me write many things just to down

  • i like thid program's converter property and also this is helphy sofware for me because i need always track sound file and media player prove that

  • i don't know i have problem watching video it is alway stopping and started so i need something better to watch my movies and have problems

  • yesdfkjdsfjo[almcod iwant to play vdo for my teacher because my window media player is too noob now and i want new version ok understand? go to

  • the similar program that i used is microsoft office word excel power point and design is autocad 3dsmax revit and photoshop and illustrator.

What do you like most about this program?
  • my new car is equipped with mp3 and sd card input. it has no cd capability so i need an up to date version of wndows media in order to do it

  • excellent program with plenty of features simple to load and understand. top drawer, is able to do everything i want it too. thanks a lot!ssimple

  • Listening to music and putting it on my andrioid smartphone motorola moto e, and editing the artworks of the albums is good too, yeap that's

  • Upgrading to latest version to be able me to play my music on all devices, usb galaxy phone home stereo and computer give me more freedom to enjoy

  • hopefully it plays .mov files as the older versions do not play them on windows 10. Why? that is the question. Why could we have compatibility across theplatforms?


Developed by Microsoft, Windows Media Player is multimedia software developed to play media content. With this latest download version, this is a more coordinated platform. It allows for the reproduction and synchronization of pictures, movies and music to mobile devices through its Remote Media Streaming technology. All you have to do is plug your device in to your PC and choose the files from your media libraries to transfer.

Windows Media Player 12 is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8, introducing many Windows 8 innovations. For example, creating playlists is much easier with this application thanks to improvements to its search engine. When you find the lists you are searching for, drag-and-drop them into the Windows program and your music compilation will begin.

More than a video player, it offers these options
More than a video player, it offers these options

Advanced functions

This application offers tools to copy and record audio discs, so you only have to choose the data you want and place it on the CD. Burning your collection on your CD takes just a few moments. You can also extract music from CDs, while with its online connection, Windows Media Player has library updates providing you with new information about albums.

It offers a friendly environment and an improved system for connecting to external devices

Thumbnail taskbar. The latest version has added a simplified Windows player that offers a friendly and intuitive experience. Users can choose between the classic or new setup, where principal menu tools (play, previous and next, and the buttons to access to the library and insert media information) are rearranged, and it offers many themes and skins to customize its appearance.

There are also many add-ons to enhance your audio experience, such as listening to different Internet radio stations. Moreover, video and audio can be customized for decibels levels, brightness, rates, saturation, and contrast, among other options. This program doesn’t include natural codecs, but you need to get special codecs to play a file, you can get them for free online.

Create your playlists
Create your playlists

Windows Media Player 12 Features

New features of Windows Media Player 12 include:

  • Burn, split and reproduce your own CDs
  • It’s a simple program. Effortlessly play your audio or video files
  • It includes options such as reverse, fast-forward or even the option to add bookmarks to a file
  • Shortcuts. It offers the option to control actions through the keyboard
  • Organize your library. Arrange your files based on the singer, style, album or release date
  • Quick Access Panel. The main window includes a button to efficiently search your library
  • Many visualization options, such as Battery, Alchemy, Waves and Bars
  • Supports many video formats, such as MOV, MP4 or 3GP
  • Modify its appearance. Customize the color interface and different skin modes
  • Construct your own ActiveX button on the Internet
  • Option to add additional programs such as effects, masks and views

If you require further information about this software before you download it, feel free to visit the author’s website

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install this program are:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Intel Pentium II 233 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • HDD Space: 200 MB of free space


Windows Media Player, also known by the acronym WMP, is evolving with the market. With this latest version, it offers a friendly, well organized and searchable environment with improved connectivity for external devices.

  • It supports many digital file formats
  • Improved internal search engine
  • Integrates online functions
  • Provides sync options
  • It only works with the latest Windows versions