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WMP12 Has Been Proven To Be One of the Most Convenient Tools for Managing Media Library

By Rose Sincro

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Many users of Windows are still using this Windows Media Player because they do not need to download this software just to have a player in their PC because it is pre-installed. It is included with your Windows installer and it has good features of an ideal stand alone media player that many users want.

Organizing your collections of digital media or synchronizing media files to a portable device and go online shopping for media content is very simple and easy by Using Windows Media Player 12.

One thing you must know about Windows Media Player 12 is that you can play more types of media compared to the previous version. This media player can support files like DIVX, XVID and AVI files. And it has built-in codecs supporting some common files including AVCHD, AAC, MPEG4, WMV,3GP and WMA. And if you are using Windows7 OS, you can use the mini viewer in the taskbar and the Media Player included the supports for Jump Lists.


  • It is included in your Windows installer
  • Easy to use and has simple navigation system


  • It doesn’t handle any photos
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Windows Media Player 12: An exceptional solution to keep entertained!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Windows Media Player is back with minor facelift and enhanced file format support, to prevent users from migrating to third-party media players like VLC. With its built-in burn feature and automatic media import support, it stands out as an exceptional entertainment solution. Here’s my review…

I mostly use this software for wireless streaming (throw) videos on my smartphone on PC. It delivers high-quality video and audio playback over WiFi without any hassle. I haven’t seen any hanging or error as on some other players. You can utilize this facility by simply checking options under ‘stream’ drop-down list. It’s a plus point of WMP12 as most players encounter lag during such playbacks.

WMP12 handles HD videos pretty well even if video card driver is not set-up on PC. It proves the software’s efficiency. There’s no motion blur issue with this player. You can load videos of almost any resolution if your PC is adequately powerful.

Burn function on WMP12 lets you create media disks without depending on software like Nero Burning ROM. It’s a nice addition. Burning parameters like speed can be adjusted. You’re free to choose disk names.


Most important feature of WMP12 is that it is a part of Windows. It’s integrated with the OS and functions flawlessly without using up lion’s share of system resources. Using HD files is no more a hassle. Also, it supports a wide range of audio and video files. Overall, it’s a great player. I rate it 8.6 out of 10!


  • Handles High Definition videos flawlessly
  • Hassle free streaming over WiFi networks
  • Works well even without video card driver
  • Disk burn function comes built-in


  • Problems with some audio formats still persists
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By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This is an software that I have used since vi think I was like in grade 10 though it was kept on being upgraded and now this is the latest version which is version 12 and all that it is formed to do is to burn music files but now the only limitation is that the music must be in mp3 format and also the software can also be used to view movies and also videos that is if a user has inserted a disk on the dvd rom in the computer so as to watch it so you can use the windows media player or also the vlc media player.


The features of this include

Used for burning up music in its mp3 form

The interface is quite flexible and also very easy to use

No graphics are there

There is a menu tool for users to get to use it easily


I think so far so good they should only upgrade the interface


  • The software is very simple to use
  • One can also burn music


  • the interface is very outdated
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • im going to use the programme for music and listing of folder watching movies and loading it on me i pod to hear it when jogging and diving in

  • play movie and music at homecousin recitals my home made movies kareoke cl and tv shows family entertainment weekend sports jazz watch videos

  • play my music and videos with hopefully better results than i`ve had previously.My video and audio player has not been performing as well as expected

  • create playlist burn disks audio recording to blank cd sync items music section that categorized into artist albums and genres and to play music

  • to play and view movies including DVDs on my laptop computer that has windows 10 installed but did not come with a media player applications

What similar programs have you used?
  • VLC media it does mot support DVD or Bluerays I'm not happy with this app for my PC and i would prefer to download the windows media player 12

  • v l c media player What similar programs have you used? Once the download is complete, double-click the installer to begin the installation process

  • i have never used anything else and wish to download this program so that i can watch fi;ms and play music on my computer at any time without the use of the internet

  • To prepare for this kind of question, brainstrom all of the differently programs you learned how to use during your high school and college education or any programs you may have used in previous jobs. Obvious examples are

  • nonehaveiusedof similarprogramsthis should fill in for the eighty two characters left just to get the 'free' download but who knows it probably

What do you like most about this program?
  • media player 12 does playback .mp4 video, as opposed to many other applications that do not provide the same functionality and I therefore choose to download media player12

  • i dont know yet havent got the download to see if i like it or not is there anything else i can add no just using space to type nothing. s

  • its all around good softwear i enjoy watching movies on it the clarde is awsome you cant get no better then this i love the program its crazy

  • The graphical image is of high quality.The videos do not show with scratches,the program allows you to rewind,forward,play,pause.Its easy to manage.

  • The program has been in my computor for few years, want to updated it as some programs are not working, like songs, and other fetures in the art


Developed by Microsoft, Windows Media Player is multimedia software developed to play media content. With this latest download version, this is a more coordinated platform. It allows for the reproduction and synchronization of pictures, movies and music to mobile devices through its Remote Media Streaming technology. All you have to do is plug your device in to your PC and choose the files from your media libraries to transfer.

Windows Media Player 12 is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8, introducing many Windows 8 innovations. For example, creating playlists is much easier with this application thanks to improvements to its search engine. When you find the lists you are searching for, drag-and-drop them into the Windows program and your music compilation will begin.

More than a video player, it offers these options
More than a video player, it offers these options

Advanced functions

This application offers tools to copy and record audio discs, so you only have to choose the data you want and place it on the CD. Burning your collection on your CD takes just a few moments. You can also extract music from CDs, while with its online connection, Windows Media Player has library updates providing you with new information about albums.

It offers a friendly environment and an improved system for connecting to external devices

Thumbnail taskbar. The latest version has added a simplified Windows player that offers a friendly and intuitive experience. Users can choose between the classic or new setup, where principal menu tools (play, previous and next, and the buttons to access to the library and insert media information) are rearranged, and it offers many themes and skins to customize its appearance.

There are also many add-ons to enhance your audio experience, such as listening to different Internet radio stations. Moreover, video and audio can be customized for decibels levels, brightness, rates, saturation, and contrast, among other options. This program doesn’t include natural codecs, but you need to get special codecs to play a file, you can get them for free online.

Create your playlists
Create your playlists

Windows Media Player 12 Features

New features of Windows Media Player 12 include:

  • Burn, split and reproduce your own CDs
  • It’s a simple program. Effortlessly play your audio or video files
  • It includes options such as reverse, fast-forward or even the option to add bookmarks to a file
  • Shortcuts. It offers the option to control actions through the keyboard
  • Organize your library. Arrange your files based on the singer, style, album or release date
  • Quick Access Panel. The main window includes a button to efficiently search your library
  • Many visualization options, such as Battery, Alchemy, Waves and Bars
  • Supports many video formats, such as MOV, MP4 or 3GP
  • Modify its appearance. Customize the color interface and different skin modes
  • Construct your own ActiveX button on the Internet
  • Option to add additional programs such as effects, masks and views

If you require further information about this software before you download it, feel free to visit the author’s website

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install this program are:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Intel Pentium II 233 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • HDD Space: 200 MB of free space


Windows Media Player, also known by the acronym WMP, is evolving with the market. With this latest version, it offers a friendly, well organized and searchable environment with improved connectivity for external devices.

  • It supports many digital file formats
  • Improved internal search engine
  • Integrates online functions
  • Provides sync options
  • It only works with the latest Windows versions