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iTools-iPhone Manager 2016.



Get you phone updated and organized easily on a large screen

By Eve Naliaka

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Tools – Iphone Manager 2014.0520

The I Tools – I phone Manager is a reliable file manager that will let you manage and organize easily your phone. It is software that allows you to easily add or update information on your phone. Do not find it difficult when you want to add media contents like music, video, photos or update your calendar or add or transfer applications in your phone, just use this utility it offers the best. It is the kind of software that is specifically designed to help users in file and media management.

The application has played a great role in my phone. I use it to install and uninstall applications, transfer and delete applications and media, create backups for my relevant applications, manage my personal information like mails, calendar and messages among others. I do all this direct from the desktop with the help of this wonderful device. Sometimes I delete applications accidentally but with this tool I recover all the information thanks to its recovery service it offers.

The I tool-Iphone manager support different devices such as Iphone 3 version, Ipad Mini and IOS 5.3. There simply aren’t any program that can supply you with great tools and functions that I tool-Iphone manager. Try this one today and see how great really is.


  • Compatible with different kinds of phones
  • Range of options and functions to choose from
  • Offers a platform to manage and organize files on the phone


  • Only supports some mobile versions
Ease to access guides and manuals:



manage any of your idevicesin a way that best suites you on your personal computer

By John Joe

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

just like the other mobile phones iphone saw a very great need to be able to access the iphone,ipod,ipad from the computer in regard to undertaking someseveral activities here.If you want to move your files that is documents o your music or photos or anythung else all that you have to do is just to connect your idevice with the computer and then all the necessary synchronization will take place.If you also want to update some softwares you can do this thing very easily as long as your idevice is connected to the computer.If you want to check the clander from the iphone you can just do it on your computer very comfortably in short what itools iphone mananger helps a user to do is to move all their files,photos,music,notes from their idevices to their computers.As a user if you download it you will automatically become an organized person and know the easiest way to transer things from one point to the other.


  • a user manages their documents very well
  • it is not hard to use


  • it only works for idevices
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Connecting your iDevice with your desktop made easy and possible

By Kim Kiruma

On Monday, November 30, 2015

Synchronizing your iDevice with your personal computer has been made possible with the new unique all in one utility. This application has been created to make sure that one is able to access and manage all your mobile applications and files from your desktop. This application allows Apple users to conduct all this functions with ease from their computers. Among the superior functions of this application is that it allows one to create backups for all your applications and creates recovery files that can be used to restore applications in case they default or fail to function properly. The application also allows one to install and uninstall applications from your computer. iTools enable the users to conduct media organization with easy. This application is very compatible with very many iPhone versions making it very possible to use it with various devices. The has a advantage in that it does not require any installation in that you are able to enjoy the application without burdening your device.


  • The application does not have plug-in or adverts that can be annoying.
  • The application is a free ware.


  • The application has none at this point.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use the software for personal testing on my phone and ipad to see how the tool work also will provide feed back on my testings

  • iphone 5s manage for data transfer and my phone backup my friend sujess me for use this app so m going to install thiss app in my laptop hop

  • personal use with my iphone 4forgot my lock screen password and I want to back up my files including pic, music, and any other file he is impo

  • i like to use it for the purpose of can connect in each other in able to send and receive different kinds of documents,music,picture or even videos

  • to move all my items to my personal hard or disck top so we can gave space on i pohone as you know we need to enjoy with family pictures and keep using

What similar programs have you used?
  • we are used windows company programs for our computer in kabul afghanistan for 1 year and what shoud we do for you man please do not use my d

  • I have used blue stack, crackme and other information you may need to crack any device weather it is an ios or an android phone what matters it works

  • itunes redsnow and many many other programs that involve restarting the iphone on a daily basis this will be the first time using this progra


  • itunes 11.1.5 for windows 7 use for downloading music to library in mp3 formats, having a good quality of sounds, you can used as saving files.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like the program because it makes things easier for me at the office most especially when I want to transfer application from my personal computer to any other device

  • I love in itools is that is about of his application and filesystem it had good features of installing app through import and export an also of media

  • Easy to use and user friendly. which fits for every type of users and it does about everything that any iPhone owner would love to do to be honest

  • they are the best well known tool an and aslo have a good uptaded easy to use.especialy for iphones i can do all the best by my self with it.

  • easy comfrtabke noy deafcult easy to adapt no longer time needed small size tranfere the information by high speed with high performance that what i kike


iTools-iPhone Manager is a PC utility used to synchronize your iDevice with your computer. With this all-in-one tool, which works for jailbroken and un-jailbroken devices - you can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer and manage your files and apps. With this download, Apple users can instantly do the same activities they complete in their phone, yet on a larger screen.

iTools-iPhone Manager is powerful software and the fact that it works with a wide list of Apple devices. It supports iPhone 3 version, iPad Mini and iOS 5.3, so it there is a range to choose from. This tool is specialized in file management, so don’t expect too much from it, as is just another tool for transferring apps and media from one place to another, and there are many others on the market.

On the other hand, besides being as simple as any other PC/mobile utility such as iTunes or iFunBox, the compatibility of this freeware is enviable compared to other tools in the same category. This software has the main functions you would ask for in a synchronization tool, so as it’s free, it’s more than enough for those who want to have their files available on more than one device.

An efficient utility with many options for managing your files

iTools-iPhone Manager’s main functions are file and media management, although these are not the only things you can do. With this tool you can classify folders and icons named by category, add and delete items with a right-click, install and uninstall apps from your desktop, search music lyrics and albums covers and of course, manage information in mail, calendar, message entries, documents, iBooks and bookmarks.

Furthermore, thanks to its intuitive design, with iTools-iPhone Manager you can easily install or remove the applications, create a backup of every task you carry out as well as restore every program you deleted by accident. You just need to connect your device without installing it nor with previous registrations or plugins.

iTools-iPhone Manager 2016. Features

The main features this software offers are listed below:

  • Docking and Folders management by category
  • Media organization (ringtones, audio, lyrics, covers, library, albums, alarms, etc.)
  • Manage iBooks, podcast and video
  • Create backups for every application and use the recovery service
  • Install and uninstall applications from your desktop
  • Compatible with iPhone 1, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s; iPad 1, 2; iPod Touch 1, 2, 3, 4.2; and iOS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.3
  • It works with jailbroken and un-jailbroken devices
  • No installation required
  • iTools-iPhone Manager has no advertisements or plugins
  • Manage your personal information in mail, calendar and messages

If you want to know more about this free download, check the developer’s website

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to properly download and install iTools-iPhone Manager for free are the following:

  • OS: Windows 98 SE or higher
  • CPU: at least 1GHz
  • Memory: 256MB RAM