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Adobe Flash CS3



A Professional and Convenient Vector Tool Software for Designing Web Pages

By Isay Almenanza

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flash is one of the most significant media formats that have ever been developed. I think it is the best animation standard on the web. However, Flash has been acquired by Adobe years ago and finally it is now livelier and fully operational under its new company banner. Unlike its prior releases, Flash now offers you numerous enhancements, but also has some meaningless upgrades.

Once I got this program, I immediately explored it, and I found out that the interface of this software is now more customizable. I can now select where to dock my timeline and other panels. However, I do not find its interface intuitive at all particularly if you are new with this program. In this release, I like how Adobe incorporates both Photoshop and Illustrator files.

All in all, Adobe Flash CS3 is the title holder of specialized vector software for web, but making interactive games, videos and web pages in this software is not that easy. However, once you master this program I am sure it will be all worth it.


  • It has a modified user interface
  • Ability to import Photoshop and Illustrator files


  • The interface is not very intuitive
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Create outstanding web content, graphics, animations and presentations with Adobe Flash CS3

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, June 1, 2015


Do you want to design or create impressive web content, graphics as well as animations or presentations; Adobe Flash CS3 has a long lasting solution for you. It is a product from Adobe creative suite that will make you work easy and of high quality. It adds a high quality touch to your website by incorporating different elements. The tool is greatly integrated with other adobe suite such as Photoshop this make your work more interesting.

The upgraded tool includes many advanced features that make the software outstanding. It contains various elements that allow you add figures, text, color and button among others in your project. The software supports graphics, sound and video. The presence of filters, effects and layers tools allows you add multiple elements to your work. Besides that you can also visualize you project once you are done with your creation.

This product from Adobe is simple to work with; it’s very easy especially if you have ever worked with adobe software’s.


  • High integration with adobe products
  • Different improved tools that bring out high quality work


  • Quite complicated for beginners to use
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Faster Work and More Creativity Options with Integration to Adobe’s Creativity Suite

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, June 13, 2014

Old-time Flash users will appreciate CS3 and how they can save time using it while they work. Because of its integration that has been improved, it can now seamlessly work alongside other products from Adobe. Layers from Illustrator and Photoshop files can now be imported. Converting and naming a layer each at a time is now a thing of the past. What I find more interesting is that I can now customize the interface in which I work on. It suits my preferences, in short.

Flash now has added tools including the Pen based on the Illustrator tool of the same name, and Shape Primitives which is used to alter shapes. New and added creative options are also featured. The best thing though is that CS3 is way faster compared to its predecessor CS2.

Not everything is smooth sailing though. There are still a few setbacks. I find it hard to zoom in the stage center and control brush strokes.


  • Makes work faster with its integration with other products from Adobe
  • New and added tools provides more options for creativity


  • Too complex to understand for beginners
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • So I am gonna use Adobe Flash Player CS3 CS3 fo ediciunal reasons,for programing,for animating little movies...This is pretty good Program..

  • im a student in secondary school who learning how to do animations for my class that's why i need this programe please why we have to write so much

  • we have this software in our 7th grade clas and we are very much eagar to learn this beautiful application for creation of animation, games cartoon text etc.

  • I want the program to do simple animations and well done plus entertainment and fun but also want to start a project that will be a caricature

  • i am downloading this app adobe flash cs3 for trial,pc and for my test which is going to be held at twenty nine , twenty first 2015 september

What similar programs have you used?
  • I havent yet installed similar apps but i have downloaded a bit of programs like Bluestacks and my most used website is softonic and if this Abode isn't fake one then I will surely try downloading on this site too.Thankyou,

  • not really any. I have used Pencil which is a free and easy to use animation program but it was just too simple. Not that i am a pro or anything though.

  • i haven't used any similar program so far and this flash player version CS 3 is mentioned for my school examination practicals later in february 2016

  • not yet used any thing this is very good but i want to chek all the option of this software how it is working i hope i will be happy after d

  • i used many programs but one of the best was microsoft excel and mirosoft power point so, i wanted to download this also but only by heart

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like all the programm developed by flash for use in developpement of web site and all other aplictation that need to be peformed in data show

  • it is must for our course practicals and examination purpose as well. it is very interesting and creative software program to learn to every body

  • I like the most in this program that it is amazing ,creating animations and lots of things . it helps us to increase our knowladge and mind

  • It is very interactive and easily executable for beginners, should be used as a learning tool for the programming language in the school level.

  • i liked about adobe flash cs3 professional because it helps to create excellent projects and is very helpful in doing my assignments thanks .

Adobe Flash CS3 is design software which improves the performance of graphics and web content.

Adobe Flash CS3 is used to create interactive content for websites as well as enrich games whether they are destined for PC, mobile phones or portable devices. The application will help you create your own Flash projects, such as animations, presentations or questionnaires. Besides that, it will enable you to add a high quality touch to your websites and incorporate elements like interactive menus.

This software is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a package which includes different tools focused on web content. For that reason, you can integrate any application of this family into your Flash project.

What it offers

It has a complete editor which lets the user fully customize projects. For instance, it includes a huge variety of components which you can add to your work, such as text, buttons, figures or lines as well as choose any color in the palette.

Besides that, it comes with filters, effects and layers with which you can add multiple elements to your creation, and place them in order.

This application supports vector graphics, video and sound. Adobe Flash CS3 is based on ActionScript 3.0 language, which lends a high flexibility to developing Flash content.

In addition, this tool comes with the Adobe Flash Video Encoder, a player which allows you to visualize your project once you have finished it.

Other compatible programs

If you are interested in creating interactive content for either a website or any application, we can also recommend some other options. For example, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 is a web design and programming software which is used to create websites and is integrated with JavaScript.

You can also try Adobe Fireworks CS3, a utility specialized in the creation of vector graphics and offers integration with the rest of Adobe’s products.

Adobe Flash CS3 Features

This program includes the following features:

  • Impressive integration with other Adobe programs, especially Photoshop and Illustrator
  • New Paste dialog box
  • Convert any animation created into ActionScript 3.0 with an advanced debugger
  • Quite intuitive user interface following Adobe’s signature style
  • Possibility of importing native Fireworks CS3 files
  • Create content for mobile devices thanks to Adobe Device Central
  • New drawing tools which stand out are the Pen Tool, Convert Anchor Point Tool, Delete Anchor Point Tool and Add Anchor Point Tool
  • New components for ActionScript 3.0
  • Advanced QuickTime export system
  • New video encoding options

If you want to read more information about this program, you can do it here


If you are interested in adding interactive content and making the most of your Internet experience, download Adobe Flash CS3 and start creating your own projects.

30-day trial

  • Professional results
  • Integration with Adobe’s suite
  • Multiple options
  • A bit difficult for less experienced users