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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3



Design very impressive websites and different application for your Smartphone

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Monday, April 13, 2015

ADOBE Dream weaver CS3

Adobe dream weaver CS3 is one of the most perfect and powerful tool when it comes to web Creation and designing websites. It provides a comprehensive task based information to help design and develop a websites.

The tool does not only perform the above functions but also very useful when it comes to creation and designing of different sorts of application for Smartphone, portable devices and Pcs. it is the only app that allows you to perform your work easy, fast and perfectly than ever.

Working with this version is very easy as compared to previous ones because it is compatible and integrates with Adobe suites this makes it possible to add Photoshop images, flash contents or any other content that you would like to add to make you creation appealing.

The most outstanding feature included in this version is its full use of Java, HTML and other scripts; this makes it an excellent tool for web designing.


  • Intuitive and intelligent interface that make you work easy
  • Integrates with other adobe Cs3 software


  • Quite challenging to new users
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Easily Design, Develop and Maintain Web Pages with Dreamweaver CS3

By Isay Almenanza

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dreamweaver is the finest web design software out there. I have been a huge fan of this software and this release is remarkable. I bought CS3 five months ago and all I can say is that this software is good for designers and web developers who like to edit visuals and websites as well as going into the code. I like this software to develop my own website. It makes things easier and smooth. At first, the interfacing was threatening, but then I change the view and got right down to business.

Dreamweaver CS3 offers amazing design potential. It has many upgrades and features. I appreciate the excellent deal I received on this software. I love working with it, it is a truly remarkable web design program.

Overall, Dreamweaver CS3 is very accurate software and I usually had what I needed to get my job done. You better try this software now!


  • Has built in HTML and CSS validators
  • You can make websites with this software


  • Very complicated, can be intimidating for beginners
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By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, June 11, 2015

Website is becoming a world class way of marketing to both individuals and organizations. It’s a tool that makes and institution reach a wide scope of people and clients. However it is a bit tricky to get a website that is efficient. Adobe Dream Weaver comes in to the market to make the art of web designing more easy and speedy.

The Adobe Dream Weaver ha intuitive and intelligence interface which is specially made to facilitate the designers work and include the visual feature sand option .Adobe Dream Weaver is also important in the creation and design of all computer and other devices including smartphones application. All Adobe Dream weaver creations are compatible and it offers complete integration with all Adobe CS3 software and this allows users to add flash content like Photoshop images.

The intelligent integration used by Adobe makes it very easy to use. On top of being a wonderful website creator due to its range of templates this program also manages HTLM codes.


  • • It can perfectly be integrated with Photoshop CS3 making it easy to use
  • • Wide range of templates to help in designing
  • • Very effective and fast in designing


  • • It’s not easy to use especially for beginners •
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • practise making websites without using HTML.It will really help me in improving my skill when teachers ask me to show them.I can help my other friends too

  • This program want to use for website building & updating. Thank you for your free trial. Just for my increasing learning capability & knowledge

  • I am a beginner and like to learn how to make my own webpage using html tags through the support of of this application software dreamweaver

  • i want to learn how to create web pages for that dreamweaver is a perfect software apart from this my teacher also recommended me this as it is fast.

  • learning purpose and practical training, school project, what else you want me to write? Looks like you will need to just make the browser fill details

What similar programs have you used?
  • to present my production and sold it in webpage my teacher tell me you should do it i don't know why. finally I need this program thanks for

  • Macromedia dream weaver 8 I think its good bud now I want an Improve version of this because I want to develop my skills in web designing web

  • i love creting web design in differnet programs now in school we use adobe dreamweaver so i want to practice more and get will perperd to the exam

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  • all progrmas like html,css,java script,jquery,photoshop all types in adobe dreamweaver cs3 and use also with our facilities and make our web

What do you like most about this program?
  • working on dream viewer is simple and very fast. it always suitable for website developing use and best result. I always like this type software.

  • Web makes out to be beautiful. Decorate as desired Creative works well This application is very useful in the creation of web-earning occupations.

  • easy to use and help to design ver88y888 we8ll our websites. this features include insert image, pictures. on other and can be also used to cr

  • i like this program very much i would like to make a website for my school project until next semester but sadly im only using a trial version

  • Yes i like this program because it is very nice software for the improve your web designing & development features and you can design your page

This program is powerful web designing software that will allow you to create and manage your own websites and manage HTML codes.

With the free trial version available to download here, you can create and customize web pages and set up all the options as you prefer. This version will give users the chance to perform actions in an easier and faster way than before.

This software will not only be useful in terms of websites, but also in creating and designing all sorts of applications for PCs, smartphones and portable devices.

With this program users will not face problems when wanting to work with standards-based webpages. This program allows your creations to be compatible with others. In addition, this utility has an intuitive and intelligent interface that will facilitate your work, including very visual features and options. You can create your items in a visual way or by directly coding them.

Complete and effective full integration

Adobe Dreamweaver offers complete integration with all Adobe CS3 software making it possible for users to add Flash content, Photoshop images and any other items that are required. These actions will make it easy for users, thanks to the intelligent integration the program offers.

In addition to excellent integration and compatibility, you will also notice it´s inclusion and full use of Java, HTML and other scripts. This characteristic is one of the strongest points of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, making it a program with which you can can capably create and manage websites.

Similar software

If you want your web pages to look exactly the way you like, and you want to select every detail, CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer may be more suited your needs as you can select any combinations of colors you like for your webpage.

If what you want is to manage graphics for your site, Adobe Fireworks CS5 is a good option. This program allows users to create the graphics to later incorporate into all kinds of software.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Features

It includes the following features:

  • Spry framework for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)
  • Use Spry widgets which are pre-built and common components used for websites
  • Perfect integration with Photoshop CS3
  • Detailed information about compatibility with Browser Compatibility Check
  • Solutions and tips with Adobe CSS Advisor
  • CSS layouts
  • Adobe Device Central to simplify the creation of content destined for mobiles
  • Adobe Bridge CS3

If you want to read more information about this program, you can do it here


Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 will facilitate the management of websites thanks to an intelligent interface and integration with related software.

30 day-trial

  • Integration for designing and coding
  • Multilanguage options
  • Runs smoothly with other Adobe tools
  • Difficult use for newbies