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Comprehensive Tool That Creates High-Quality Videos without Wasting Any Time

By Isay Almenanza

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If you want video editing software maybe you should try EDIUS Pro 7. This tool is 4k ready which means you can work faster and better. I like that when I edit media files, I have different resolutions in 24x24 to 4000x2000 and real-time conversion of frame rates on a similar timeline. This program now supports the latest file formats form Sony XAVC/XVAC S, Cannon1D C M-JPEG, and Panasonic AVC-Ultra.

I think this software is the fastest AVCHD editing available in the market today. It may run up to 3 plus streams in real-time. The interface of the software is somewhat easy, even if you are a new with this tool, you will not get lost. In addition, this video editor is open to third-party hardware such as Blackmagic Design AJA and Matrox.

Overall, EDIUS Pro 7 is very fast video tool, and it also includes unlimited audio, video, graphic tracks and title. If you want an extremely powerful video editing program, then this one is an exceptional choice for you.


  • It is open to third-party hardware
  • It support latest file formats


  • It is a bit expensive
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Get professional looking videos using this powerful video editing program

By Ivy Paloma

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You may want to consider EDIUS Pro 7 if you prefer professional and top-quality videos. Grass Valley owns this program. They are pioneers when it comes to technical innovation. What I like about this software is that it allows me to edit my videos in real-time. I can rotate, crop and scale images immediately. Its interface is also easy to understand. Even if you are a novice user, you will be able to utilize its features without difficulty. One of the strong points about this program is that it can edit different formats. It can work on F4V files, MPEG-4 AVI files, AVCHD, RED R3D files and many more. This video editing software also provides different effects including a QuickTitler. You can easily animate titles and pictures using this tool and even add filters as well. Editing standard and high definition videos are a breeze with EDIUS Pro 7. Though some may find the software expensive, for me, its features outweigh its price.


  • Stable and easy to manage interface
  • Can be used on various formats


  • May encounter problems with multicam
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Enjoy the High Definition video files the way you want edit them

By Chris Larrage

On Monday, April 21, 2014

This application is video software that will give you the opportunity of editing your self-made clips or even trying your best with other video files. The main utility of this application is that it can handle high resolutions naturally without too many complications. The only requirement for doing that is that your computer must be powerful in order to run the program properly. As you can check in the requirements, the processor that you must have installed on your computer be at least of 3GHz for the Intel Core 2 model, which is something that requires the best of your system processing power.

The interface of the program is really similar to other video editing applications, and that is something that makes it easier when it comes to use it from the beginning once you have some experience with other editors. The different supported formats by default grants a good way of working natively with different definitions without installing additional applications for converting these clips into compatible files. The advanced filters and different effects you can apply to your creations make EDIUS a good option for your own studio. Enjoy the charm of digital video edition thanks to EDIUS.


  • Great advanced and powerful tools
  • Good treatment of high quality videos
  • You can edit in real time


  • It takes long for rendering some videos
  • Difficult for first time users
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • editing videos: I would like to understand whether this movie editor suites my purposes in making a good video. I watched some tutorial on the internet and I think it's woth a try

  • only personal non -commercial use of the software on the PC and finally found no such com or download pages back in weben truth I appreciate very much the program is very good at that and make it so any spectrum

  • to edit video for school´s experiment, to add images and explain ideas of psychologist contains, to make a movie with students and funy people

  • cutting jobs tasks photos videos , exhibitions variety as lettering, questionnaires presentations, new techniques of work, observing perception

  • i have a studio for editting the videography and all are tell me that the best use full softwre id edius so i need to try it first profetional use

What similar programs have you used?
  • i was used the adobe after effects,that was good and performance gave better and always update their daily needed presets.now i will want to use edious for get exper

  • after effects has been the besthellocan you here me I was wondering after all these years youd like to meet its so different between us and a

  • Filmora softwer for the used to editing in weeding video making. this software is very easy to operate the system. and more enjoyment for working

  • i've only used camtasia por studio. i'm in a dire need of more effects and animation elements. also, i would like to use easier software .

  • i am not using any other programs i used this fresh hand .and i want to know about that video editing after i will continue that professionally

What do you like most about this program?
  • Quality of pictures ,free download edius grass valley edius pro 7 nonlinear video editing software.help me to work more easyerthan any other

  • what I like about this program is that you can edit videos in a professional and creative manner with multiple uses and with greater efficiency

  • i,m a photographer and love editing pictures and videos, so i want to know much about any of this soft wares.i have learn some the soft ware tutorials on youtub

  • EDIUS Professional 7.2 will be the most efficient which is the most dynamic .adding video and saving option .HD Floral corners png Collection freeWelcome to my Website I'm going to share my stuff with you

  • what i likeis that multiple functions and is impressive use also can make your videos are very quality as you have always wanted and is super cool


EDIUS is video editing software that will give your movies a professional look. The free version allows you to take advantage of this powerful program for free before you purchase the full version. Although it is mainly used by professionals, EDIUS also includes lots of basic features for newbies, and these will give your videos a polished and expert look, as if they were made by skillful and experienced personnel.

EDIUS is one of most comprehensive and flexible video editors around. With EDIUS, you will be able to edit videos in high definition as well as in standard definition. Furthermore, it enables you to edit 10-bit videos instead of the traditional 8-bit ones, an advantage that will lend your movies significantly higher quality.

Real-time video edition

With EDIUS, you can edit your videos in real time. In fact, the rendering process will only take you as long as the movie lasts. Don’t waste your time focusing on details, and let your imagination flow instead. EDIUS automatically recognizes the format of the video uploaded, and it even changes the format of the clip if needed. You will only have to configure the program at the start to enable this automatic function.

the rendering process will only take you as long as the movie lasts

Simultaneous editing process. On the top of that, we should highlight one more important feature: users can perform synchronized actions. With EDIUS, you can edit one video from up to 16 different cameras, taking several actions from its sources, all at the same time. In addition to all those characteristics, EDIUS has a handy and clean interface that will make video editing so much easier for you.

Its advantages don’t end there, because it also incorporates a media player, so that you can reproduce your final result instantaneously. In addition, EDIUS also includes video effects, video filters, an image stabilizer, and a large number of tools that would be prohibitively expensive if they had to be brought separately. On the developer’s official website, you can find more effects, free plugins, and some .

Stabilize sports images
Stabilize sports images

EDIUS Pro 7 Features

These are some of the features of EDIUS 7:

  • Advanced mixing abilities. Mix formats, resolutions and frame-rates in the same timeline and the same project in real time
  • Ability to mix HD/SD editing formats, including DV, HDV, QuickTime and AVCHD
  • Advanced multi-track processing. EDIUS uses three tracks for the animated title, but offers unlimited video, title, audio and graphics tracks. You can add any number of tracks of each type, according to your needs.
  • Unlimited 4k and 3D video tracks. EDIUS will not impose constraints, nor tie you to a specific kind of video.
  • EDIUS is a multi-editor par excellence. Within the range of formats it supports are HD PAL and NTSC projects, and 1080p50/60 projects
  • This software is impressively fast. It imports, edits in real time, and exports quickly due the engine and codecs developed by Grassvalley.
  • Real time editing and conversion of HD/SD, different frame rates and different resolutions.
  • EDIUS supports a number of editing hardware programs. It offers AVCHD support for exporting to SD card/camera HDD/ Memory Stick
  • EDIUS includes a QuickTitler built-in. With this tool, you will be able to design and animate your titles, but it also supports numerous third-party titling applications.
  • Edit DSLR movie files, HDV, DV and AVCHD (among others) in real time
  • Filters and effects. EDIUS includes a range of filters and effects, even for the animation of images and titles

If you want know more about this software before you download it, check the

Steoroscopyc Adjuster to 3D videos
Steoroscopyc Adjuster to 3D videos

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for the correct download and installation of EDIUS are:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 64 bits
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 with 3 GHz or above
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphic Card: Graphics Card compatible with Direct3D 9.0c
  • HDD Space: 6 GB
  • Other: a sound card and Internet connection


EDIUS is a comprehensive download if you are interested in the editing and creation of high-quality videos, easily and efficiently, without wasting time. If you want to explore the possibilities of this program, see the developer’s website, which offers free tutorials.

  • Real time editing
  • EDIUS allows unlimited tracks to work within
  • Automatic recognition of formats
  • Media player included
  • Full of great effects
  • Some tools can be difficult for beginners