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PRO Evolution Soccer 2012

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A Fine Football Simulator That Set High Standards on Its Game

By Isay Almenanza

On Monday, May 26, 2014

I am a PES fan for quite some time now. However, previous releases have been annoying for me since the game is not that satisfying. Nonetheless, I think Konami made an outstanding bounce back with the release of PES 2013. In this edition, the gameplay is just polished. Now it has exceptional movement, ball control, shooting and passing.

I like the graphics. It is now more realistic and I can now easily recognize the players. The presentation is also excellent. I love how the new camera display works. In addition, I like the fact that there is a new cursor-switching system that enables gamers like me to select team player from wherever in the pitch.

PES 2012 has immensely set high standard on its game and has turned it around to become more realistic and entertaining experience. If you are seeking for a good football simulator with brilliant gameplay, this game is the right one for you. Simply an amazing game!


  • A more realistic and entertaining game
  • The gameplay is now better


  • Controls might be difficult for newbie gamers



PES 2012 sets a great standard for other 3D football games

By Beatrice Tan

On Thursday, August 7, 2014

I have been playing FIFA for quite a while and it was just lately that I got to try PES 2012. Now, I am just so hooked that I don't even want to go back to playing FIFA any longer. I have never seen any football simulation like PES 2012. The gameplay is smooth and realistic. I admire how they paid attention in putting facial expressions in the player's faces. I love customizing and that is another feature this game has. I get to customize my players even their attire and balls, you just simply have to be updated to be able to follow. The game scenario and atmosphere give so much spirit and feelings. It's amazing how the crowd cheers. I also noticed the dynamic changes in the gameplay in terms of speed, ball control and skills like shooting and passing. It’s never dull because it has different game modes. There are times when I would only want to practice so I play offline mode and whenever I feel the rush to spice it up, I play online mode! Overall, PES 2012 did a great job in setting good standards for football simulations.


  • Enhanced and detailed graphics for the players and gameplay
  • Users can customize their players attires
  • Ball movement and speed are more accurate


  • Still in need of more licenses



Sign in favorite players train them and build a strong team to beat opponents

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Monday, April 13, 2015

PRO Evolution soccer 2012

For soccer fanatics PES game is here for you, it is a free trial version that you can download and play from your personal computer. You can customize your players’ train them with your skills do more research on different players sign your favorite player into your team and beat your opponent. New clubs, new players and new leagues are included in the version this makes it fun and entertaining.

This edition comes with great improvements, graphics, sound and gameplay is awesome. The scenarios are real like cheers from the crowd and game supporters give true march spirit and feelings. Players physical expressions is enhanced with better graphics this make it more realistic you fill like you are playing in real world.

The game appears in three different modes, the main two modes are single player and online multiple. In every mode the game flow is real and modernized.


  • Great improved and modernized features
  • Allowed to customized players and create strong team


  • The version needs more licenses




For what are you going to use the program?
  • am to be playing game at my leisure with my friends and family members all are about twenty people in addition myself making us in all twent

  • to please my self .it will keep me company any time an lonely because am a real football fan and i like to play it on tv or using my mobile phone

  • To enjoy playing the games,be able to download free and available games,get new or latest version of my favourate gaming.And yes form passing time.

  • play a nice match against a professional soccer team to pass time and have fun instead of being bored and probably beat some of my friends ..

  • play a football game for fun and enjoy.i also love Pro Evolution games than FIFA games because they are real in tournamentsment during my free time

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used Pro Evoluton 2010 but it was not really the best as i can say so i think if am able to get that of 2012, then it will be better.

  • hello.My name is Samir.I am from Azerbaijan.Yes similar programs used.Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 from our server Advantages always avaible

  • i use ea fifa 2006 but not complete so am finding it difficult to play the game effectively n i try several download but not working at all

  • pro evolutional soccer 5 but it was gooud for me that is why I want to try the twenty seventeen and see so you peaple should just allow me download

  • I have never tried any kind of software or game. This is my first laptop and I would love to try outthis game as you have posted on your site.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I think the graphics on this programme are absolutely amazing. So much better than FIFA. And the game modes are a lot easier to understand.

  • whtat i like most in pro evolution 2013 is the graphics.It looks very nice and looks real aslo i love this game way back in senior high school.

  • it gives a relaxing effect, i am able to feel the same pressure and experience top/professional players are feeling, with the coach giving instructions

  • this game is real fantastic and fact its awesome.i love to play it every time when ever l am free coz it makes forgot bad things

  • ITS COOL and we have some players who konow what and ahow to play the game.c'est un jeu au fil des ans qui va se revolutinner tres bon jeu.

PRO Evolution Soccer 2012, also known as PES, is a PC game which is used to play as a real club or a self-made one and win different championships.

This free trial version is available to download to allow users to try this soccer game which has improved its gameplay and graphics.

This edition is the logical upgrade of the whole franchise getting an improvement in images, sound and way of playing. There are more clubs and players licensed on this game and the single player experience has been modified in order to get more attention.

PRO Evolution Soccer 2012 offers different leagues such as the Spanish Liga or the French Ligue 1. This way you can play with your favourite team and take it to the highest championships defeating all your opponents.

Single and multiplayer

There are different game modes on this title such as UEFA Champions League or Copa Santander Libertadores. But the two main game modes are Master League for single player and the online multiplayer.

PRO Evolution Soccer 2012’s Master League has been largely improved. You can now work with younger players with your football school and do different researches about other players, to sign all your favourite players if you have enough money and to create a bad team which will smash your opponents with your skills.

In online Multiplayer game mode, there is a ranking available to know which position you belong. With this mode users will try to improve their game mechanisms practicing with training or with friendly matches and enhance their ranking.

Technical aspects of this PC game

The graphics have been improved as well as the AI. Now if you play against the computer you will see how the strategies change along with the match rhythm. You may suffer a lot more if you want to overcome your Master League with a good score.

About the sound section you will hear new songs from the supporters singing different team anthems and shouting player names when they fulfill astonishing actions. The soundtrack has been modernized with themes like Rock It by Sub Focus and Dresinen by Casiokids.


There are other PC games available like FIFA 13 since it has all the licenses and a more realistic gameplay. Other part of the PRO series is the latest version, PRO Evolution Soccer 2013.

PRO Evolution Soccer 2012 Features

This game includes several new features such as:

  • More active AI to improve the gameflow
  • Increased the importance of physical player strength
  • Enhanced players’ facial expression with better graphics
  • Secondary player can be controlled thanks to tis Teammate Control system
  • Choose any player on the field whenever you want with its ‘Off The Ball Control’ system
  • New ‘Catch-up bug’
  • Huge amount of available leagues such as Ligue 1 (France), La Liga (Spain) or J League Division 1 (Japan) among others
  • Available football teams from any continent
  • Choose the stadium you want among the 30 available ones (Santiago Bernabeu, Old Trafford or Estadio do Dragao, among others)
  • Decide from a one-to-five scale how much AI passing support you want

If you are really interested in this game, you can read more information clicking here


This release is a soccer game for those who want to enjoy this kind of experiences with improved graphics and sound.

Some functions are restricted

  • Improved Graphics
  • Better player control
  • Great game modes
  • It doesn’t have all the licenses