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Keep in touch with your people instantly through video or audio calls

By Eve Naliaka

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tango 1.6. 14117

Tango is a messaging client, an application that alternates other messaging clients like Skype, VoIP stunt among others. It is a basic tool that allows video and audio chat direct from the computer as well as mobile device. If your friends have Tango in their Smartphone with data plans or WI-FI you can make communication instantly without leaving your computer. It offers high quality video and audio calls though it will depend on the type of the mobiles device used.

The great features included let you make free video and audio calls, share important information with your loved ones, search and share music and games just the way you would have done with any other social media platforms, this are among many other features that let you have fun and enjoy your communication. Tango is regarded as the best messenger in the industry, it is the most trusted. This can be evidenced by different awards received and millions user globally who treasure it.

The tool is simple and easy to use, even novice user cannot find it complicated. It’s all about adding your phone number and the number of the friend you want to call as simple as that.



  • Offers high quality audio and video calls
  • Free mobile video communication package


  • Video quality varies in mobiles phones
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Communicate with the people you care about using this mobile communications software

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I just love talking to my family and friends over the phone. Even if we are from different countries, they are just a phone call away. But international calls are very costly. Good thing there are numerous applications that offer free calls including video calls. One of the programs that I use all the time is Tango. This software can be installed on computers and even smartphones which make it very convenient to use. It also has a straightforward and basic interface. Its layout is like that of a mobile phone. Just like a cellular phone, you can easily check the call history and add contacts quickly. You can also choose if you want the usual voice call or video chat. There is also an option to create your profile using your Facebook account. You can even add your email address to give more security to your account. In case it’s your first time to use this program, you will not have any difficulty with it.


  • Can be used on mobile phone or computer
  • Easy to arrange and manage contacts


  • Quality of the call will depend on connection
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A Simple Application for the Phone That Offers a Free Call for Everyone

By Maria Bernabe

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

Before WhatsApp and Skype were introduce on the Internet, this application Tango was the first one used by early computer users to communicate with their friends, relatives and loved ones. It is similar to the other information software that is being used nowadays.

The application is simple to use, with the default themes made to look like the iPhone. I can change this skin in the options menu for my own preferences. Using Tango is easy. I’ll just add my number and the number of my friend that I want to call and from there I’m just one simple click away from chatting.

The audio and video quality of this application is superb, although it might vary depending on the device I'm using or in my data connection. Tango’s control panel is also simple. The option lets me determine how I sort my contacts, let me set up a webcam, change the themes, or look for software updates. However, I can’t do much more over that, by the way, of personalization.


  • A great mobile application package for communicating with others
  • Can work in multiple platforms


  • A stable data connection is needed
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use the program for video call,voice calling,text messaging.send pictures n videos to my friends and family that is out of my region

  • To communicate freely with friends and to be able to videochat from my computer because my cellphones front camera dont work. So thats why bro

Tango is a video and voice communication software used to call people of your contact list.

With Tango you can chat and keep in touch with people you know right from your computer. Tango can connect with other platforms not only with other PCs but also with mobiles.

It is not a complicated application so you won’t need advanced knowledge to start using it. That’s one of the main reasons to use Tango: it is simple enough to use it without any problem and you won’t waste time with its settings.

Tango offers great video and audio quality

Although it is a simple program, Tango is a useful tool thanks to its video and audio quality. It may depend on the different kind of devices you are connecting to, but it will keep a decent quality in case of bad connection.

Its interface shows you a mobile phone in which you can change the model. Tango will make you feel like you are talking through a phone but with better quality.

Tango account

If you want to use Tango’s service you need to create an account. It is totally free and won’t take you more than a minute. Once you are connected to the application, you will be able to recommend the software to your contacts in case they don’t have it. This way your Tango community will grow.

Alternative software

There are some alternatives to this software with different functions. Skype, for example, also allows you to call your friends for free if they are using the same client.

On the other hand,there is Voip Stunt, which is a basic tool that also allows the user to communicate with their contacts for free.

Tango 1.6.14117 Features

Below you can find the unique features of Tango:

  • High quality free video calls
  • All-in-one application which gather the main advantages from all social networks
  • It automatically searches for your contacts, even those who are near you
  • Device compatibility: Smartphones, Pcs and tablets
  • Good quality with each connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G)
  • Tango Surprises: dynamic animations to customize your conversations
  • Mini games included
  • Media content in the central photo gallery
  • Cards send
  • Filters and effects to apply to photos
  • You can create a profile
  • Share media without disconnecting from a call

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Tango is a popular and effective tool, very useful for calling your contacts without any kind of charge.

  • Free
  • Good quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Connect with phones
  • Too basic