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Virtual WiFi Router is a free Internet software with which you will be able to manage your WiFi connections. This download is quite practical and effective since it is able to convert your computer into a WiFi hotspot. Moreover, it supports the latest Windows versions like Vista and XP.

With this download, if you are connected to the Internet through a router but need to share the signal with other nearby devices, you can connect to all of them through a WiFi network by generating a hotspot.

Even though this type of software is designed for experts, it presents an intuitive interface which is suitable for every kind of user, even beginners.

How does it work?

The main feature, Virtual WiFi Router allows you to share your net connection with other devices using a WiFi signal. So as long as your main PC is connected through the router, the other systems will be as well.

The download and configuration is fairly simple; you simply need to run the program and select the router you to share the signal through, and then specify an ID and password to access from the rest of the computers and devices. This way, protection and security are guaranteed as only you will have access to your WiFi connection.

Another similar download

This tool is similar to others you can find for free around the Net, for example Connectify, which works very much alike this one does, turning your PC into a WiFi hotspot. Another possible choice is MyPublicWiFi, which also enables you to create hotspots and give other people the chance to connect to them.

Virtual WiFi Router Features

This software includes the following features:

  • Turns your computer into a WiFi hotspot
  • Friendly UI
  • Keeps everything under control with a password feature
  • Connect any other device such as tablets, laptops or even smartphones
  • Displays a list automatically with connected clients and their IP address

For further information, check developer’s website here


With Virtual WiFi router you will be able to connect different systems to the same network by turning your computer into a WiFi hotspot, which is useful in case you need to work with different devices connected at the same time.

  • Free software
  • Generates WiFi hotspots
  • Low on system resources
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and XP
  • Sometimes the password is not saved


For what are you going to use the program?
  • sharing internet with friends, family everyyone around the house. i would love to try this software big times. thank you in advance. thank you sir

  • would like to use it to act as a hotspot enabling me in having wireless internet on my laptop i would very much be happy when i successfully install it

  • for my phone and laptop in my house and i have a connection wifi without traditional router i trait to use other programs but them don t working so...

  • for making hotspot to conect my laptop to pc so i can paly the multiplayer options of the diffferent games without using any type of network cable.

  • peronsal use, for using my personal ljdjddaptop to connect to ineternet and talk to my family abroad. i have no sim available in this country

What similar programs have you used?
  • i would very mu ch be happy once i successfully download this version of the hotspot because the old version is slow and doesnt respond well

  • I have used no other similar programs and do not have any adittional statements to fill this space with as I am required to write 130 characters

  • r virtual wifi Laptop router being as a single user i would prefer any router which can help to connect my other device with this pc becose

  • i don't have wifi router,please inform if better than this, i used previous vertion but un fortunately it corrupted due some technical problem

  • android hotspot which can work in my pc and other devices. Sharing internet through usb connection. and I enjoy all the possible means to share

What do you like most about this program?
  • share my wifi from my desktop pc to my tablet and cellphone. idon't know what should i say until the download be start. do you understand me

  • Its free and very useful.It is also user friendly always available best link speed and can handle a large crowd of clients within the range.

  • its performance is too good and useful. i recommend this program for user of net who want to connect their devices with their pc and they can enjoy

  • because we want to use wifi on my mobile phone. we need some important work on internet. with this program we get much of please for

  • because we want to use wifi on my mobile phone. we need some important work on internet. with this program we get much of plese guide me.



By Rock Raymond

On Monday, June 1, 2015

This is a software capable of the convertion of your computer into a wifi hotspot and it is a free download from the internet.The developers of this software show that it was important to make it a free download so that the users of the wifi can manage there connections well since this software is capable of managing the latest Windows such has the Vista and XP.The best thing with this download is that if your connected to the internet by the use of a router and you want to share it with your close user mate,you can do it by the use of the generating a hotspot of the Wifi.The designers produced an interface to cater for each and every user even the beginners even though most of the people see to it as if this software was only developed for the experts but am here today proving you wrong since even the beginners are capable of making use of this download once installed in your computer.


  • Easy to use even by the biginners.
  • Capable of turning your computer into a WiFi hotspot.
  • You can put the password to keep everything under control.


  • The password is not saved sometimes and you may even forget it.
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Convert your personal computer into a WIFI point and enjoy the services

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Virtual WIFI Router

Turn your PC into A WIFI access point with virtual WIFI router; it is free software that allows you manage your WIFI connection; it is capable of converting your PC into WIFI hotspot. If you don’t have a WIFI router but the PC is WIFI enabled you can choose to use virtual WIFI router.

Before you have access and enjoy the tool you need to ensure that Microsoft. NET. Framework 3.5 that is well and properly configured. When then main PC is connected through the router you will be able to share the connection with other device in an easy way using WIFI signal.

Downloading and configuration of this tool is very easy and simple, you only need to open virtual router, select your modem from the menu and keep everything under control by specifying an ID or user name and password for you to get started. This software is suitable to any user both novice or experienced, thanks to its simple intuitive interface.


  • Capable of sharing internet without necessary networking using cables
  • It is free and user friendly tool


  • Supports latest window version only like vista and XP
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Connect all your computers in the office by using the Virtual WiFI Router

By Jackson Asumbi

On Thursday, February 5, 2015

Internet is one technological invention that is taking the world by waves. It has made the world look like a global village and made how things are done in the modern techno world change for the better. However what is devastating and making so many people around the world not to enjoy this wonderful product is its unavailability and costly charges to afric it is very costly to access any reliable source of internet.

However people intending to use internet have something to smile about thanks to the new Virtual WiFi Router- free internet software that allows users to turn their PCs to a WiFI hotspot and get access to internet. This software is supports some of the latest windows systems including Vista and XP.

This software allows the users to change one of the computers to becomes hotspots and get connection to other numerous through the WiFI connection technology.

Download and installation of this software is very simple and easy.


  • • Comes relatively at a very low cost
  • • Ability to use internet without networking them through cables
  • • Easy to install and use


  • • Does not support earlier versions of MS systems
  • • Only supports windows OS only
Ease to access guides and manuals: