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A complex web design application tool that is suitable for novices

By Isay Almenanza

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

At first glance, this web design program is very technical and the novice users might think that it is only for web developers use. But as I go along experimenting, this very technical interface gave me a benefit on quick familiarity on the design portions of this application as a newbie user.

One great feature of this program is a new CSS tools. It includes simplified selectors and starter code for menus. This CSS helped me to create static web pages and dynamic websites.

Another cool feature this software app is the support for Worpress, Joomla and Drupal which are the well known open source content management systems.

Last improvement is the Live View Mode, which provides a preview of the site I rendered. This web design made my life easy by having Split View and Live Code to immediately inspect and debug the page.

In essence, this proprietary software tool will be maximized by Web Designers and Professional Web Developers and will surely give a good motivation for novice users.


  • It comes with a built-in CSS and Html editor
  • Site setup is very easy


  • No more accessibility validator and Photo gallery maker
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By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, June 11, 2015

The modern change and advancement has enabled thing and business to be done more easily and efficiently. Lately websites have become major communication tool of almost all world businesses and organization. Likewise the need for every person or organization to have a website has increased immensely. Interestingly it’s now even easier for anyone who wants to create a personal or business website to create it using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

The Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a web design tool that helps one to design a website with little assistance. This software is both available in the trials version and the full one. It has similar suite applications like the Adobe software style and if you have used the latter previously you will find it easier to use this software.

This application can be used by both beginners and professional web designers. For beginners it comes with tutorials to give them a hand and help them manouvre their way easily while designing their webs. For professional this application comes with advanced features which help to show how your work will look like on completion


  • • Available I both the trial and full version you can try it before acquiring the full version
  • • The tutorials are very useful especially for beginners
  • • Added features to help in designing


  • • The tutorial are limited to explanations
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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: simplification and help for the new users.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, November 27, 2015

First time users encountered an improved and simplified assistants, to save confusion. In addition, instructions on how to efficiently use the default layout of a web page for someone without experience have included a constant help. I also found something really useful is that we can navigate the HTML and PHP using the same links page, and can filter files by format to focus on the construction of PHP or CSS layout.

Something that greatly appreciate the DTP is the new mode called Inspect Mode, If we add the possibility of seeing how the HTML code automatically changes depending on the Javascript event we are running live in the rendered web page, Dreamweaver win many points comfort against its competitors. And for those who like to observe the code of other websites to learn (not to borrow code, hopefully), Dreamweaver is now able to surf the Internet and see live changes in the source code of any page. Dreamweaver CSS5 has full support for Subversion, which can seamlessly manage the development of our websites using the version control system SVN


  • The program starts quickly and has a light and fast performance
  • Improved and streamlined assistants to novice users


  • Not a single improvement over databases
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • health and social care services for kids and widows effected by Tsunami dister in december 2004 in Sri Lanka to rekindle their shattered lives

  • to create my own website where i need database connectivity, so i hired dreamweaver,i dont no whether bootsrap will run in dream weaver or not

  • for developing website and do some home practise likewise i will like to learn from some template that has been developed there and make use

  • I am going to use this software for an assignment purposes not commercial use!!!. The institute I attend is Malta Collage of Art Science and Technology

  • write a websie for my classwork,but i am so poor,therefore, i need to download some free softwear for the sake of my family's wallet.i can sa

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have not used any program similar like this. So please provide me trial version so that i learn web designing and html, java, python,perl.

  • No any other program i trust so please let me download this if you have finished asking such a foolish questions because i am using this for

  • adobe photoshop is very good application which enables to create our own images and the ram needed is high for its efficient use.the latest version is not so popular

  • notpad++ is used in the place of dreamweaver but is is good for us because in this software we can draw atable without coding so i want to doenload it

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5, NetBeans, JavaCreator and Adobe Photsop CS6 this are the aps that i use daily. Designing is my hobby i love desining text.

What do you like most about this program?
  • simple and this help me so much to build some website whatever i want and looks good for begginer like me hope another people can download this

  • easy and flexiable uses by us very much userfriendly no need to go for register directly download all other facilities like javascript j query css option is there

  • TO type and do everything in dreamweaver.It is amazing.It's very cool.Itis similar to the notepad when typing.Only some differents are there

  • That has an explanation for all the details and method of use to be easy and smooth and have well-developed program includes all Alasthaddathat

  • user friendly and it is very easy technique to create full animated and well desigining page easily with use coding and very helpfull for beginerrs

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a web design tool that will make it so much easier for the creation of your own webpages, with a just a little bit of help. You can try the free version or get the full one, depending on your needs.

If you are fond of the Adobe software styl, you will find that, visually, this software is similar to its suite of applications. This is proof of Dreamweaver's philosophy -once you get to know and understand one program, you can easily get used to the rest of them because of the nature of its mechanics.

In this instance, Dreamweaver retains the same way of doing things. Even though you may know nothing about web design, any early difficulties encountered are soon overcome, so it may be difficult to master very quickly, but it is a worthy tool.

In this version, Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to compose your website

In the same way you create images on Adobe Photoshop you can create a webpage with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Its different tools are very convenient and practical for the creation of a website.

The application comes with some tutorials for the novice user in case the process of website creation initially proves to be too difficult. New users or beginners on this subject may want to complete the guides in order to gain more knowledge about web design.

For those who are experienced enough on this issue, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 includes some interesting features, like BrowseLab, which will help you to see how your site will look like when it is finally uploaded to the Internet.

Full visual control

A great feature of this application is that the main purpose, website design, can be done visually without any prior knowledge of programming languages. Select a template, customize it with your own elements, and you will have created your own website. However, if you are fond of coding don’t worry, you can also develop your code with this editor too.

Since it is Adobe software, the inclusion of Flash components has been refined to work more easily with them. This way Dreamweaver becomes a pretty useful application since Flash elements are very often used to make websites visually more attractive.


There are some alternatives to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, like Web Creator 5 Professional, that offers a good range of tools and which produce quality results. There are others like KompoZer which are open source and are kept constantly up to date by its community.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Features

The unique features of this web design tool are the following:

  • PHP CMS (Content Management Systems) support
  • Live View Navigation to watch the design of your website. By enabling “Follow Links Continuously” you can easily move through the page
  • Dynamically Related Files option to update your pages and give easier access to files
  • Inspect Command tool that allows users to identify CSS
  • Enable and Disable CSS properties
  • Adobe Browser Lab integration for testing how your page looks like on different browsers and OS's
  • Improved Subversion support to locally edit your files with the Revert option which corrects them.
  • Repository View to hide files you don’t need to use
  • Improved PHP code hunting
  • Code Hints that suit your website’s structure
  • Updated CSS starter layouts
  • Site Definition box enhanced with more details to add
  • Adobe Business Catalyst extension

For further information about this tool, check the author .


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 offers all kinds of tools for the users who want to start creating webpages. It is valid for all kind of levels so do try it out because it will be ideal for you.

  • Compatible with CS5 Adobe apps
  • Great number of programming languages
  • BrowserLab to preview pages
  • Initial difficulty
  • License’s price