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Play This Game Like A LEGO Character and Create Your Own World

By Isay Almenanza

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Minecraft is quite an addictive game and if you cannot get enough of this application, then you can have a get sneak preview in this beta version. In this pre-release, the fundamentals of the game did not change at all.

Nonetheless, there are some new additions to this game and also some improvements that I am sure you will like. For instance, now there are lily pads on the water that you can gather. There are also some modifications on the approach on the snow. You can now accumulate it on the top of the ice, and the netherworld has erratically caused strongholds.

If you are a newbie about this game, do not worry, there are many beginner guidelines out on the Internet or you can even look for some videos on YouTube. If you like to experience a game play that is in a pixelated world, Minecraft is a first-rate choice. Play this game as if you are a LEGO fan and build a world that you want.


  • Build a world that you want
  • Has better controls and gameplay


  • No significant changes from the original game



minecraft is all about building some shelters that will prevent you from monsters that come at night to attack you!

By Benson Mutwiri

On Friday, November 20, 2015

Minecraft is a very informative game and what it taught me as a user is what we call survival mechanisms.The graphics of this game are not that good but the fact is that you enjoy a lot as you play this game because you will be working all thorugh out the day for you to build a house that is a shelter in which you are going to hide yourself from some monsters that will come to attack you during the night.

You will have some source of materials to collect your things to use to build your shelter,and this materials include metal,coal,gold and use them to build your house to hide from your enemies at night.If you get attacked then this will be the end of you and you will have to start the game all over again.


The game play is fine.

There are several materials to use in building the shelter for example coal and metal.

No story line.


It is a funny game.


  • many materials like coal are avaibale for building
  • i had mad fun in playing the game


  • the graphics are very poor



Enter the universe of Minecraft and design your own world.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, June 13, 2014

Minecraft. It is an action-strategy game open world. In this game

The game is based on the construction in a three dimensional environment with ramdon cubes. It has three modes of play: creative, classic and survival. Minecraft is based on games like Dwarf Fortress, Infiniminer and Dungeon Keeper.

With a stable and good graphics engine updates over previous versions, it is undeniable that the aesthetic of the game is fantastic and you end up taking her affection for the world around you.

The sound is quite varied, with grunts, steps, stones hitting our peak and little else. This is what the game offers, with a couple of tracks only act as a warning to indicate the times in which we find ourselves, and not save the final result.

The multiplayer aspect of it is great for allowing users to build a team with total freedom, tackle group adventures and even face off against other players in exciting battles between clans


  • You have plenty of things to do in this game
  • One of the best sandbox to date


  • probably not the best graphics you have seen




For what are you going to use the program?
  • im using this program for fun creativty i've always wanted to play games like this one i enjoy how creative u can be by using building blocks

  • I love playing minecraft but then my friend told me he p,aye it on this website and he said it's the best so that's why I wanna give it a try

  • to learne acrchitecture and how product a plan thank you for this programme it is véry intéressent for my boy hi is a student in the scool bayy

  • i will play wiht my friend and my family to have some fun in the group.i don't now something bad .Thank for you preocupation you are great .

  • Humanity survival by designing adequate shelters and comfortable settings which would be stimulating to the architects mind when decisively evaluated

What similar programs have you used?
  • I used the minecraft web officicer at on top of it will be very much faster than another web than I were just near at home or anything.gagagag

  • the building blocks of life include similar lego based brick games like tetris that i find very interesting as it teaches the skill of interactive

  • Minecraft 1.8 sorry about using it with my friend Sarah she was around the corner from me but I don't really think she plays it right anyways I'm dying to play and I can't wait

  • i don't know, worldcraft, my litte pony, minecraft pocket edition alpha 12.1, gta san andreas or las vegas, clash of clans, high school school game and call of duty

  • Nothing because this is the best of all I've sewn hope it download because I really love Minecraft and I heard there a new version for ITT ok

What do you like most about this program?
  • cause its amazing becuase play with multiplayer and build stuff that you could ever imagine and theres also places you can explore with your friends

  • it's easy to download stuff and have fun with the games you installed and tell your friends to use this site to that is what i think about this website

  • I like the fact that mine craft is free and that it is awesome also my brother loves this game cause we could pay it thogether not all alone

  • Minecraft, cause it is about placing and buiding, that you could do whatever you want but requires to survive due to the monster which came out at night time.

  • to survive to make your own houses o do what you want to do without somone say something to be free around the world exploring and killing monsters


Minecraft is a strategy sandbox game developed by Mojang. In Minecraft, your main objective is to build a shelter to survive the monsters that appear during the night. You can build whatever you want, from a regular house, to a castle, a palace or Minas Tirith. Your second objective is to find food if you don't want to die of hunger. For this purpose, you rely on other kinds of materials and creatures that will help you survive. You will have to harvest timber, work rock, or mine the land to get raw materials. You can grow cereals or raise cows, chickens, pigs and sheep. You must take into account that gravity is a force during the game and materials such as water, sand, lava or other non-compact materials will flow if they do not have anything to hold them back.

Your main objective is to build a shelter to survive the monsters that appear during the night

Light is another important element in Minecraft. The more your shelter and it's surroundings are lit, the less hostile creatures will appear and attack you. Maps are randomly generated and this way, new worlds are created every time you start a new game. In addition, they are infinite and not initially created as a whole. Scenarios are created in blocks of 16 x 16, which are generated as you travel through the map. Every generated block is saved in the game memory and you can go back the same way you travelled.

Each Minecraft map has a day-night cycle that is equal to 20 minutes. They also have their own weather since it can rain, snow, or be sunny. Different ecosystems are generated, and you can find a forest, a jungle, tundra, seas, oceans, deserts, mountains, lakes and so on. Apart from this, you will encounter Mods, which are created by players in Minecraft. You can download and play Mods that are usually packs with textures or creatures (Creepers with different colors and powers, or even clay-made stickmen that fight amongst themselves). In addition, Mods may bring different scenarios from popular movies or books (Rivendell, Asgard, The Death Star, etc.) and different game modes, such as the famous Hunger Games mod, in which you have to fight for your life until you are the last person alive.

Mobs and game modes

Within Minecraft you have two main game modes, Survival (the classic one) and Creative. Both can be played in Multiplayer mode, which means you can play online with different friends or with people from around the world. In Survival, you have ten lives (displayed as little red hearts) and you have to feed yourself to survive. For this, you are free to eat bread made from the cereals, fish or pork, or even zombie meat. You will have to build your house (or mansion, or cave or whatever you want) to shelter from monsters that will persistently stalk you by night. However, instead of hiding, you can fight them by crafting your own bow and arrows, swords and armor. To do this, you must create a crafting table and mix materials such as sand, rock, coal, diamonds, emeralds, wood, etc.

In the creative mode, you have unlimited lives, so you cannot suffer any harm. Eating for survival is not necessary, and you will have at your disposal limitless amount of material without working to get them. Thanks to this endless supply of blocks, you can build whatever you want. In addition, you will have all kinds of items such as armor and swords, or you can even generate creatures (either hostile or neutral) from their eggs.

Watch out, there are Minecraft Mobs - creatures that can swarm the world and can be divided into Passive, Neutral, Useful and Hostile. Passive Mobs will not attack you; even if you attack them they will not respond. Among these ones you can find chickens, cows, ocelots, pigs, and so on. Usually, you will be able to take advantage of these creatures since they provide food (pigs, chickens), some kinds of materials (wool from sheep, leather from cows...), transport (horses) or protection (ocelots scare Creepers).

Neutral Mobs are creatures that will not attack you unless you attack them. Here you can find the Enderman, which will attack you if you look directly into their eyes, Zombie Pigmen, or wolves. Useful Mobs are those which serve you as defenders or provide transport. Within this group, it is worth mentioning Golems (iron and snow ones) which will attack hostile Mobs that get close to you or your house. In this case, the Snow Golem will distract enemies while you flee, and the Iron Golem will defeat enemies as it has a very powerful attack. Both must be crafted by the player.

Finally, let’s talk about your beloved Minecraft friends, the Hostile Mobs. They will attack you because it is in their genes, without any provocation. We are talking about the amazing Creepers! They are the most annoying creatures in the game, since they can blow up your house in the blink of an eye. You can also find Zombies, Skeletons or Spiders...even combinations of two creatures, such as the Spider-riding Skeletons. However, they are not the worst ones (though they are the most annoying!). If you manage to open the Nether Door, and you enter this creepy world, you will find awful creatures. The Ghast, the Lepisma or the Flame will appear and defeat you if you do not take care. Finally, you can face the two final bosses found in Minecraft: the Ender Dragon, which is generated at the End and which, if you defeat it, the game is completed; and the Whiter, which must be invoked.

Minecraft 1.9 Features

Here you can see the outstanding features of Minecraft:

  • All kinds of materials are available, such as grass or stone, with different textures
  • Two unbreakable blocks: Mother Rock and the End blocks
  • You can discover minerals such as coal, Redstone, gold, diamonds, emeralds or iron
  • Melt metals and craft materials to create tools and blocks, or transform materials
  • The Elaboration Table will allow you to create potions with different ingredients and textures
  • Upgrade your armor, weaponry and tools with spells
  • All kinds of hostile Mobs to fight: Zombies, Skeletons, Spider Jockeys and so on
  • Ability to customize you characters from the profile page
  • New dimensions: The Nether and the End
  • Grow and farm your own food in order to survive
  • Two game modes: Survival and Creative, both with an online multiplayer option
  • Mods at your disposal to add hours of fun

If you are interested in Minecraft and you want more information about this adventure before you download it, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and play Minecraft on your PC are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or equivalent AMD
  • RAM Memory : 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Intel GMA 950 or equivalent AMD compatible with OpenGL 2.1
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 100 MB free
  • Internet connection is required for the online multiplayer option