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MINECRAFT 1.8.6 is a good game to play and you enjoy yourself a lot

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, September 7, 2015

This is a game developed by Mojang. Once you download this game and begin to play you will realize that it is an easy game to play because all you are expected as the main objective is to build a castle or a regular house or a palace etc provided that it will act as a shelter to survive the monsters that will appear during the night.

Your other objective in this game is to find food to avoid dying of hunger in order for his purpose you will have to rely on other creatures and other kind of raw materials that will help you survive. The most amazing feature in this game is that new worlds are created every time you start a new game and secondly light s a factor that is important because the more light you have in your shelter the less the hostile creatures will appear to attack you.


Various materials are available

You can upgrade your armour

Different kind of hostile mobs to fight


It is a good game that one enjoys to play however it is important to note that you can be addicted to this game


  • it is very easy to play
  • it has a very simple game play


  • it can make you an addict




By Hande Njr

On Monday, April 6, 2015

This is a product of Mojang AB which is basically a game where you have to strategically use your brain to build protective structures that will protect you from monsters that come at night. This is a trial version of the game therefore you can enjoy it before the getting it. The structures that you can build range from a normal house, minas Tirith or a castle. We all know that besides a shelter for anybody to survive they also need food which is quite essential; hence you have to find food. You can do agriculture in the game by planting cereal or raising animals such as cows, chicken and sheep among others that will provide you with food. In this game you have to be industrious and clever in order to survive. In this game I can simply say it is you against nature and survival mostly in a precautionary manner rather than a defensive manner. That is why you have to do this in order to sustain you livelihood failure to which you will succumb to the numerous threat that are in the game especially during the night life cycle. Generally it is a good simple game that people should try.


  • It has a good theme.
  • It is easy to play.


  • The graphics in the game are wanting



This game makes us live and feel that we are in a unique universe our disposal.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Minecraft is based on the logic of the sandbox, thus having complete freedom to interact with the environment around us. For this freedom is more palpable, it was decided to introduce a generator seeds based on infinite worlds, where the player will never find two identical, and offering countless geographical constructs. In addition, the constant updates have allowed not only create realities where meadows, earth and rocks are predominant, but also mountainous desert environments, snowy or, among others, which may be chosen by us at the beginning of each new world, giving the environment the look you want. These worlds have not only a spectacular surface, but also a full basement of huge and deep underground caves, which can be as high as infinity in the creative mode. Moreover, in another example of the variety of existing environments, we have other worlds as Nether, which you can access through portals, which will be very useful for a number of extremely difficult elements found on the surface of our world, although it is noted that here there are new and more aggressive enemies that will hinder our passage through these lands.

The survival mode is designed for those seeking just that, to survive in a very unfriendly environment with limited resources. This leaves us in a huge totally devoid of any utensil world, being our only goal survival. From the moment we look for life, through our ingenuity and persistence, in order to quickly find elements of the environment that can help us survive, as though the day is very quiet night is very different, as it is when terrible enemies trying to kill us appear. At this moment of darkness it will be necessary to have some sort of refuge or weapon to fight them.

In this style of game, your character will have a limited life, which will lose stroke, seizures, choking or multiple hazards. In addition, we will have a system of food


  • The huge and varied mapping.
  • Libertad absoluta para dejar suelta nuestra imaginación.


  • More variety and quantity of melodies would be fine.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to expand my mind so i can become a even more creative person later on n the future maybe in a few years time also it will be fun for kids s

  • Leisure i will play often and i hope to use a lot of redstone. i enjoy making creations and expirementing with new techniques to build. I love minecraft

  • i am going to use minecraft for designing houses and properties, and also to have some fun with the different materials and blocks so i can make great structures

  • I will use folder or other useful folders to download this program. Other than that,minecraft is a very good game for me.I hope I can play th

  • play mods and play with all of my friends from school because they have the awesome game minecraft also thats what im gonna use this program for

What similar programs have you used?
  • survival craft is a similar program i used before and it was very fun to play with family and friends gets your blood going with real life animals in graphic form

  • I havnt used any other program similar, so this is the first program that i install in mi pc of a game, and i want to download now please omg

  • i have no games here in my laptop my na is zyril hanz d battaring myhouse is in 75 RTC CMPD KARUHATAN VALENZUELA CITY i am 9 years old i want to play him

  • these is a child friendly game anyone can play these kids or adults people have been playing these app allows u to be creative and do math when building

  • Chorme Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Opera My computer Windows Media Player Bit Torrent Paint Microsoft Office Execel 2007 Windows Media

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like building houses farm and playing with my friends.in toturial they tell us how to use things.in creative we can use anything like weapon

  • its fast and reliable also wonderfulicated with its contents that both adults and children will like and enjoy please im tired of typing ple

  • That I can play alene or with friends anda it's fantastic because you can use your imagination and make it fly with all the fantastics things

  • Love making cool things in minecraft and playing with my friends online. Great thing to do when you are home and have nothing else to do Yeah.

  • It is very fun and I like it so much. It can help think about life and what would happen if we didn't hav any technological advances in our society.


Minecraft is a strategy sandbox game developed by Mojang. In Minecraft, your main objective is to build a shelter to survive the monsters that appear during the night. You can build whatever you want, from a regular house, to a castle, a palace or Minas Tirith. Your second objective is to find food if you don't want to die of hunger. For this purpose, you rely on other kinds of materials and creatures that will help you survive. You will have to harvest timber, work rock, or mine the land to get raw materials. You can grow cereals or raise cows, chickens, pigs and sheep. You must take into account that gravity is a force during the game and materials such as water, sand, lava or other non-compact materials will flow if they do not have anything to hold them back.

Your main objective is to build a shelter to survive the monsters that appear during the night

Light is another important element in Minecraft. The more your shelter and it's surroundings are lit, the less hostile creatures will appear and attack you. Maps are randomly generated and this way, new worlds are created every time you start a new game. In addition, they are infinite and not initially created as a whole. Scenarios are created in blocks of 16 x 16, which are generated as you travel through the map. Every generated block is saved in the game memory and you can go back the same way you travelled.

Each Minecraft map has a day-night cycle that is equal to 20 minutes. They also have their own weather since it can rain, snow, or be sunny. Different ecosystems are generated, and you can find a forest, a jungle, tundra, seas, oceans, deserts, mountains, lakes and so on. Apart from this, you will encounter Mods, which are created by players in Minecraft. You can download and play Mods that are usually packs with textures or creatures (Creepers with different colors and powers, or even clay-made stickmen that fight amongst themselves). In addition, Mods may bring different scenarios from popular movies or books (Rivendell, Asgard, The Death Star, etc.) and different game modes, such as the famous Hunger Games mod, in which you have to fight for your life until you are the last person alive.

Mobs and game modes

Within Minecraft you have two main game modes, Survival (the classic one) and Creative. Both can be played in Multiplayer mode, which means you can play online with different friends or with people from around the world. In Survival, you have ten lives (displayed as little red hearts) and you have to feed yourself to survive. For this, you are free to eat bread made from the cereals, fish or pork, or even zombie meat. You will have to build your house (or mansion, or cave or whatever you want) to shelter from monsters that will persistently stalk you by night. However, instead of hiding, you can fight them by crafting your own bow and arrows, swords and armor. To do this, you must create a crafting table and mix materials such as sand, rock, coal, diamonds, emeralds, wood, etc.

In the creative mode, you have unlimited lives, so you cannot suffer any harm. Eating for survival is not necessary, and you will have at your disposal limitless amount of material without working to get them. Thanks to this endless supply of blocks, you can build whatever you want. In addition, you will have all kinds of items such as armor and swords, or you can even generate creatures (either hostile or neutral) from their eggs.

Watch out, there are Minecraft Mobs - creatures that can swarm the world and can be divided into Passive, Neutral, Useful and Hostile. Passive Mobs will not attack you; even if you attack them they will not respond. Among these ones you can find chickens, cows, ocelots, pigs, and so on. Usually, you will be able to take advantage of these creatures since they provide food (pigs, chickens), some kinds of materials (wool from sheep, leather from cows...), transport (horses) or protection (ocelots scare Creepers).

Neutral Mobs are creatures that will not attack you unless you attack them. Here you can find the Enderman, which will attack you if you look directly into their eyes, Zombie Pigmen, or wolves. Useful Mobs are those which serve you as defenders or provide transport. Within this group, it is worth mentioning Golems (iron and snow ones) which will attack hostile Mobs that get close to you or your house. In this case, the Snow Golem will distract enemies while you flee, and the Iron Golem will defeat enemies as it has a very powerful attack. Both must be crafted by the player.

Finally, let’s talk about your beloved Minecraft friends, the Hostile Mobs. They will attack you because it is in their genes, without any provocation. We are talking about the amazing Creepers! They are the most annoying creatures in the game, since they can blow up your house in the blink of an eye. You can also find Zombies, Skeletons or Spiders...even combinations of two creatures, such as the Spider-riding Skeletons. However, they are not the worst ones (though they are the most annoying!). If you manage to open the Nether Door, and you enter this creepy world, you will find awful creatures. The Ghast, the Lepisma or the Flame will appear and defeat you if you do not take care. Finally, you can face the two final bosses found in Minecraft: the Ender Dragon, which is generated at the End and which, if you defeat it, the game is completed; and the Whiter, which must be invoked.

Minecraft 1.9 Features

Here you can see the outstanding features of Minecraft:

  • All kinds of materials are available, such as grass or stone, with different textures
  • Two unbreakable blocks: Mother Rock and the End blocks
  • You can discover minerals such as coal, Redstone, gold, diamonds, emeralds or iron
  • Melt metals and craft materials to create tools and blocks, or transform materials
  • The Elaboration Table will allow you to create potions with different ingredients and textures
  • Upgrade your armor, weaponry and tools with spells
  • All kinds of hostile Mobs to fight: Zombies, Skeletons, Spider Jockeys and so on
  • Ability to customize you characters from the profile page
  • New dimensions: The Nether and the End
  • Grow and farm your own food in order to survive
  • Two game modes: Survival and Creative, both with an online multiplayer option
  • Mods at your disposal to add hours of fun

If you are interested in Minecraft and you want more information about this adventure before you download it, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and play Minecraft on your PC are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or equivalent AMD
  • RAM Memory : 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Intel GMA 950 or equivalent AMD compatible with OpenGL 2.1
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 100 MB free
  • Internet connection is required for the online multiplayer option