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World Unlock Codes Calculator: The ultimate tool for network unlocking!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Friday, August 1, 2014

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is great software for network unlocking your phone. It lets you unlock the phone without any complexities. That means you can get your phone unlocked within few clicks without a risk of bricking it.

Most network providers force mobile phone manufacturers to set network locks on their GSM phones for enforcing its domestic usage and prevent user from switching networks. This can cause trouble when you are shipping the phones to somewhere else in the world. Unless you have proper knowledge about the unlock codes of each model, you will have to spend a few bucks to get the phone unlocked. With WorldUnlock Codes Calculator, you can find the right unlocks code for your device by providing your phone’s basic details. Enter the code on your device and safely unlock it!

WorldUnlock Codes calculator is a great tool for unlocking your phone and thus enjoying unlimited freedom on any network. The only frustration about the tool is that it supports only devices released before 2006. Else, it is a great tool!


  • Supports a number of devices
  • It is an unlock code predictor
  • No need to plug your phone to PC
  • Less hard disk space usage


  • Supports only devices released before 2006
  • All phone models before 2006 are not supported
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The Ultimate Phone Unlocking Software that Works with Multiple Phone Service Providers

By Ivy Paloma

On Monday, May 19, 2014

World Unlock Codes Calculator is a powerfulsoftware that can unlock several phone models. I know many people who have benefited using this program including myself. Some phone service providers will only work in certain phones and require a specific access code to be able to connect to their network. This program eliminates this limitation by providing the access codes you need to unlock a range of phone models. It works by simply looking up if your mobile device is on the list and enter the specific IMEI code (International Model Equipment Identity), your country and your network provider, then press “Calculate”. Note that IMEI code is usually found at the back of your phone, just below your mobile battery or imprinted on it. In some cases, you can find it by entering this code (“*#06#”) in your mobile phone. The program World Unlock Codes Calculator will then generate a code that can unlock your device. The application is compatible with several devices such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Siemens, Panasonic and many more. Since it works well with some of the most commonly used mobile phone brands, it allows you to switch SIM cards (or network providers) anytime you want to.


  • It is very simple to use
  • This software is for free


  • Supports a number of mobile devices only
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WorldUnlock Codes Calculator – Easiest Way to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

By Rose Sincro

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014

World Unlock Codes Calculator is a free tool for Vitel, Nokia, Maxel, Siemens, AEG, Samsung, Sony and Motorola. This software requires its users to own access codes in order to join numerous network providers. The procedure is called “Remote Unlocking.” WorldUnlock is a perfect solution to unlock a variety of mobile phone allowing us to use several SIM cards that we like with any supplier we prefer. What I like about the World Unclock tool is that it provides a solution for multiple service providers. I can now easily use any brand of SIM card in my phone without any hassle.

Overall, this tool is used to unlock any mobile phone by putting its country and the provider. WorldUnlock Codes also brings back your security PIN code if you have misplaced it. I am telling you that this software is very accurate and useful, so you must have it on your mobile phone.


  • It is simple and very easy to use
  • This software is easy to install


  • Supports only a few models
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Unlock htc desire 816 dual sim to be use any where in the world with different carrier i may be coming across which will i think save times.

  • to unlock my nokia phone that is x2 but i wan to use also for others like samsung iphon blackbery and any other phone brands coause i am a technician

  • I am going to use this program to unlock my cell phone for me and several people in my family as well as some of my closest friends It sure will be nice

  • I have blocked my sony xperia z3 which i purchased on a 24 months contract and the screen is locked and gives men 10 options and start again

  • personally unlock a modem which i bought an currently where i am theur network coverage is very very poor here. i want to use different simm

What similar programs have you used?

  • best program ever but 145 character review is way too long to write something esxpecailly if i did not try it but i like you, love you all!

  • ive used almost every secret mobile code there is to use on any mobile device i have experience with alot of codes pertaining to cell phones

  • i used galaxy unlocker to unlock my phone but during installation it shows error and doesnot doenload ,however my friend told me that worldunlockcodes4.4 is a goodn website to unlock my phones.

  • i have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P. I haven't used any type of sim unlock software until now. I'm hoping this will work. Thank You

What do you like most about this program?
  • i found it very helpful, worked great. would definitely recommend to others considering unlocking their phone. so pleased with this thankyou

  • very good something i have been looking for hope it works well. tried lots of things and nothing else works we will see what happens when it i

  • unlocking the samsung models makes it easy and you will provide codes only using this tools is a hassle free tool and very friendly to novce

  • THe unlocking methods are very good and its for free, thats awesome !! googs guys , well done. this cap-tcha su-cks !! everybody hates it. thanky

  • unlock is just natural way to use. I have no idea why they want money. I love this generator is free. thank you for making this software without any need

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a utility used to unlock mobile phones such as Nokia, LG or Samsung. The process is simple; users simply have to select their phone model, type a code and in a few easy steps their device will be unlocked.

This tool also includes a code to restore the security code for users who tend to forget their PIN code. This free software allows users to maintain security on their devices and to use other mobile phones without restrictions.

How to do it

The installation process is easy and it does not occupy much disk space. To use the program WorldUnlock Codes Calculator works to unlock devices users have to select the brand and specific phone model from a list. Then, users enter a code, select the country, the provider a click on “Calculate”.

The program will display some codes to try until you find the right one for your phone. You may restart your phone when the process is complete, and your device will be unlocked.

If you have blocked your mobile, and you cannot remember your Nokia PIN code, you can now restore your security number with this utility by calculating the Mastercode.

Other alternatives

Besides unlocking mobile phones, there are other programs which provide other ways to get the most out of your device. If you would like to clean your mobile memory because you tend to have multiple files that disorganize your phone, try Disk Cleaner

If you want to replicate the same task on your computer, you can try CCleaner to remove all the unnecessary files on your hard disk.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator 4.4 Features

Below you can find the features of this utility:

  • Many formats supported such as Samsung, Siemens, LG and Sony
  • Wide compatibility, especially with Nokia phones
  • Quick installation without any complication
  • Intuitive UI without hidden menus
  • You have to introduce your IMEI code (International Model Equipment Identity), phone model, provider and country
  • Press ‘Calculate’ button to get multiple possible unlock codes

If you are interested in reading more information, you can do it here


WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a mobile utility which is used to unlock your mobile phone by typing it´s country and provider. It also restores your security PIN code if you have lost it.

  • Simple to use
  • Free
  • Small file size
  • A little outdated
  • Only works for certain models