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By Rock Raymond

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

WorldUnlock Codes Calculators is the new device which has been developed to unlock mobile phones and the good news with this device is that it requires very little steps to set your phone free again.First you have to select your phone model and then type its codes and follow the few and easy steps to unlock your phone.The phone which have benefited from this system are Nokia,LG and also Samsung.THe software also has the option to restore the security settings and this has helped people who seems to forget their pincodes.You have just to restore the settings of the security using this new device once you forgets you pin.

Once you have followed the process provided,you will get to the step where there are many codes,do not panic my friend,all you have to do is to try these codes and you will finaly get yours.Oce you enter it,you can afterwards open you phone when the process is through and your device will unlock.

There is another device in this called Disk Cleaner which helps you to clean your mobile memory when you want to have multiple files which seems to disorganise your phone.In conclusion,I would like to inform you that WorldUnlock Codes Calculators helps you to unlock your phone and also to restore your security pin if you loss it.


  • The istallation of this process is so easy.
  • The device does not much of the disk space.
  • To my view it is also easy to use.


  • The problem with it is that it only works with specific phone models.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




By Angel Angeles

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Have you ever been in a situation where by you have the smartest phone in town but you can not change the sim card and be on air with a different network as a result of your phone being blocked by the seller company to only accommodate the Sim they provide? Worry no more for I am right here to help you out. If that blocked phone is a Siemens, Samsung, alcatel, Nokia or LG all you need to do is find its IMEI; international mobile equipment identity code and with this code this software will calculate the code you require to unlock your phone and be able to use it with any sim card of your choice. This is a good solution to those people who travel much and end up wasting so much buying a new phone everywhere they go simply because they do not know they can save those cents for something better by unlocking their phones with World unlock code calculator.


  • It doesnt require large memory disk space.
  • It is very easy to use even for those who have never used it.


  • Only unblocks the old models.
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Don’t worry about your locked phone use World unlock code calculator to unlock and enjoy other simcards.

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Worldunlock codes calculator 4.4

This is one of the most helpful utility developed by wicking network with the aim of helping users unlock phones from various different phone brands it also restore pin code. It supports different phones brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola,vitel, maxel Panasonic and AEG among others.

It offers easy and faster way of unlocking you locked phone, the procedure is very clear such that even new user get along with. You it is very annoying and uncomfortable that your mobile phone doesn’t allow you to access or use another sim card apart from that from the phone manufacturer, don’t panic over this worldunlock codes calculator can do this perfectly.

The installation of this tools is easy what you need to do is; select the phone model of the phone, inter international mobile equipment identity code (IMEI), the program will use it to calculate the code you will have to enter to your phone for it to be unlocked, the IMEI code is found at the back of your battery, enter your country and mobile provider then hit on calculator button you phone will be unlocked.

This program offers the best way and better solution than having to pay for multiple mobile phones services providers, it proves efficiency by allowing you switch cards wherever you want.


  • Allows the user to use any simcard
  • Supports various mobile devices from different companies
  • Does not require much disk spaces


  • Only made compatible to specific phone models
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to unock my lg l5 because i cant change sim operator. Non comercial use of course. This will help and be usefull in my life so i want it really

  • for my personal use and i need this for try unlocked my samsung galaxy 2 has the my mon send to me on shes travel in united state of america

  • unlock my nokia lumia model 635 mobile that i bought from usa and i want to use it in egypt but i cant use my SIM card because its locked for

  • sim unlock an vodafone nokia 1800 to use it with another network. the mobile is fully paid but vodafone does not unlockit witch is wrong. they showld do itfor free

  • unlock mobile phone test it help peolple in need in africa senegal my country do bussness and make money and many others things to unlock phones

What similar programs have you used?
  • dc unlocker i have used to unlock my alcatel usb modem or ap kya use krte h ise download krne k liye mere pass 3 g network h to jo app kaam ka

  • i havent used any other ones i just want my phone unlocked for christs sakes it's 2016 i blame donald trump for goodness sake how can this not be enoguh

  • flashtool and int dosent work. i try so toweroot, lg pc suite but nothing at all give me the right answers, i just want to unlock my phone ps

  • I have only used World unlock Codes Calculator Version 1 years ago ans was not o happy about because it did not work on any of my phones. So lets see what you got now.

  • I have not used any others, but I hope this one will work. I need it for a phone from Canada that is locked to Virgin Mobile. Thank you so much for your service.

What do you like most about this program?
  • last ditch attempt to unlock a seemingly unlockable Samsung have tried other paid options ranging from 4.00-49.99 with no it unlockable?

  • i just like this worldunlock code calculator the fact that it can unlock more than one phone type and the memory it occupies is not that big as compared to others.

  • THe unlocking methods are very good and its for free, thats awesome !! googs guys , well done. this cap-tcha su-cks !! everybody hates it. thanky

  • it will help me with my new cell phone store that i am opening up i have a numrous amount of things and this is one that is always in need of

  • That it can unlock mobile phones and with out paying a penny. Mosto other are fackes ones and they dont work at all, or ask money for the process

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a utility used to unlock mobile phones such as Nokia, LG or Samsung. The process is simple; users simply have to select their phone model, type a code and in a few easy steps their device will be unlocked.

This tool also includes a code to restore the security code for users who tend to forget their PIN code. This free software allows users to maintain security on their devices and to use other mobile phones without restrictions.

How to do it

The installation process is easy and it does not occupy much disk space. To use the program WorldUnlock Codes Calculator works to unlock devices users have to select the brand and specific phone model from a list. Then, users enter a code, select the country, the provider a click on “Calculate”.

The program will display some codes to try until you find the right one for your phone. You may restart your phone when the process is complete, and your device will be unlocked.

If you have blocked your mobile, and you cannot remember your Nokia PIN code, you can now restore your security number with this utility by calculating the Mastercode.

Other alternatives

Besides unlocking mobile phones, there are other programs which provide other ways to get the most out of your device. If you would like to clean your mobile memory because you tend to have multiple files that disorganize your phone, try Disk Cleaner

If you want to replicate the same task on your computer, you can try CCleaner to remove all the unnecessary files on your hard disk.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator 4.4 Features

Below you can find the features of this utility:

  • Many formats supported such as Samsung, Siemens, LG and Sony
  • Wide compatibility, especially with Nokia phones
  • Quick installation without any complication
  • Intuitive UI without hidden menus
  • You have to introduce your IMEI code (International Model Equipment Identity), phone model, provider and country
  • Press ‘Calculate’ button to get multiple possible unlock codes

If you are interested in reading more information, you can do it here


WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a mobile utility which is used to unlock your mobile phone by typing it´s country and provider. It also restores your security PIN code if you have lost it.

  • Simple to use
  • Free
  • Small file size
  • A little outdated
  • Only works for certain models