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A Powerful Software with Better Workflow and Enhanced Overall Functionalities

By Isay Almenanza

On Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I am not a web developer or what so ever, but I have noticed that this web revolution, where everything is now going mobile, and websites are created using HTML5. Adobe Flash has also transformed to an app development tool. Moreover, Adobe Flash Professional CS6 takes this change one step forward since it focuses on Android mobile development.

I am interested in game development, so the sprite sheet feature gets my attention right away. This feature allows me to take all frames in any animation, and store it on a single image. It also holds all the frame of my animation so I can apply it in my games.

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is clearly meant to improve the workflow when making Android app. If you are an Android applications developer, then Flash Professional CS6 is outstanding software that you might need. However, if you are focusing in more conventional Flash applications such as web design, you might think twice because it has limited features for that.


  • It is suitable for game developers
  • It has improved Adobe AIR integration


  • Remote debugging iOS still uncomfortable
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By Rock Raymond

On Monday, June 15, 2015

This is a flash design tool which you can download to create the animations and even the applications you may be needing for your smartphone and even the digital platforms which are not always available in these devices.When you buy your smartphone for instance,it does not have the animated features but with this design tool,you can go on and create your animated features which will always make it look good to you and the other viewers of the phone or even in the web.Since this application has been simplified,it is easy to use for both the beginners and the professional users and the space it takes to display is never a disadvantage to the user.This tool can integrate with other tool to perform harder tasks for the benefit of the user that is it can integrate with multiple S D Ks for the games and the development of the application which are use full especially in the business.

This new version works the same as the the older version only that it has more improved features and functions and when now you wants to insert an image,you just have to drag and drop and you are done with the insertion.The good thing with this tool is that you can go on and change the 2D objects to the 3D ones and all this is due to the great work done by the developers of this design tool.


  • The tool is easy to use for both the beginners and experienced users.
  • The file size and resolution for displaying is never a problem since it is simplified.
  • The tool is capable of turning the 2D objects to 3D.


  • The tool requires atleast 4GB ram memory.
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An Old but Still Powerful Web Authoring Machine for Pros

By Ivy Paloma

On Friday, June 20, 2014

Although much older than today’s highly connected Adobe Flash CC 2014, Flash Pro CS6 is still a powerful web authoring application. The environment it provides for creating multimedia content and animation can result in designs where browsers can immerse in an interactive experience. Such interactive content are consistently presented not only on desktops, but across multiple devices as well.

Flash Pro CS6 can quickly generate sprite sheets to help improve gaming experience, performance, and workflow, by exporting animation sequences and symbols. Targeting the latest AIR runtimes and Flash Player can enable your designs to reach various devices based on Android or iOS. Its prepackaged AIR captive runtime can create and provide applications. As the first end user to my designs, I can run to test my content without further downloads through streamline application testing. Included my testing routine is simulating common mobile interactions such as screen orientation, accelerometer, and touch gestures.


  • Can easily integrate with other products from Adobe CS6 Creative Suite
  • Updated and professional user interface


  • Requires huge hard disk space
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to make amusing animation and because I want to learn earlier versions of the software and action script 2 that is no longer available on the market

  • i need to complete my assignment. please let me allow me to download this software..i have submit my project. in laptop window has

  • i will use this program for personnal project; i like learning every thing, i do live make videos with music, thank you a lot for your help,

  • im making stuff like characters on synced so i can be the new cool kid maybe for onc e i'll have friends and that'd be pretty rad because im alone :(

  • I am gonna use it to learn how to make some very advanced animations. Eg Ones that might be good to upload to youtube or some of my other social medias as skits

What similar programs have you used?
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4, Windows Movie Maker, Notepad, Microsoft Paint, Adobe Flash Plugin, Mozilla Firefox, Photoscape, Opera, Internet Explorer

  • I am previously using adobe photoshop but i am not satisfied with its tool and its services that is why i want to use this software as it is

  • the similar program I have used is photoshop and the proffessional Flash Cs6 in my technology communication class. It was very fun too use!!

  • adobe flash cs5 but i dont like the format then my sister told me that do animate is better in adobe flash cs6 so i try to download it right noe

  • no one use the new comer for flash.i am trying to learn flash.thw reason is i have to handle some animation,edit and create role in my job

What do you like most about this program?
  • This is vey interactive interactive software i have ever seen on the web. It does not only allow users create amazing project but also ensure orgianality

  • Helps me develop proyects i created in Adobe Photoshop and it helps make other posters more interesting for the audience intended to see them.

  • i love this adobe flash professional cs6 with easy and effective tools give animaters a fast and simple plateform to use. gives that little extra edge

  • this program helps students and furuture animators someday to create beyond their limits in editing aand making presentations and animations

  • i can animate what i want with this programe but overall it's very usefull i totally recommend this software,but the only thing that i dont like is its not free


Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is a flash design tool which you can download to create animations and applications. This free trial will enable you to produce content for web, smartphones and digital platforms.

Filesize and resolution of the device where they will be displayed won't present a limitation to taking full advantage of these software functionalities. The program has been simplified in appearance and menu organization to make it suitable for both novice and experienced users.

It will integrate with other Adobe programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver for design purposes and multiple SDKs for games and app development. This allows for performing complementary tasks, making the experience richer.

How to use

The new Adobe Flash Professional works as practically as the previous CS5 version. Nevertheless, CS6 comes with great and powerful features.

The new Flash provides improved HTML 5 support as well as greater stability in 64-bit systems. This program works with the drag and drop technique for image insertion and now, the pasteboard is unlimited; you can extend your working area as much as you want. Similarly, you will be able to preview you designs instantly whilst you are drawing them.

With the Text Layout Framework you can use several templates of professional typographies keeping the layout untouched when importing content. Thanks to the motion editor you can play with the parameters of the frames to change it's size, rotation, position, etc.

In the Effects category you can find the Deco tool, used to add motion to natural objects such as clouds or trees. Moreover, there is the possibility of turning 2D objects into 3D ones.

Feel free to look for Flash CS6 on Adobe’s website to find tons of free tutorials, plugins and animation examples.

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Features

Below you can find the unique features that this software provides:

  • Toolkit for CreateJS 1.2 support which exports the content that can be previewed in the browser directly
  • Mobile content simulator for Hardware keys, Multi-touch, Geo-location and accelerometer
  • You can select which device interface you want to view for remote debugging
  • Text Layout Framework
  • You can create sprite sheets and export them
  • New compression algorithm available (LZMA)
  • Direct mode available with Stage3D incorporated which accelerates content
  • AIR plugins support Direct mode
  • Users can add native extensions in AIR apps
  • Export PNG Sequence option

For further information you can visit the developer's site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to install and run this program are listed below:

Operating System: Windows 7 (updated with Service Pack 1) or later

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent

At least 4GB ram Memory

2.5 GB of free space

1024x768 display

QuickTime 10 is optional, even though it must be installed for multimedia purposed

Internet broadband connection required to activate, validate and access the Cloud service. Adobe also offers constant updates and support

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is only available through Adobe Air application. For further information, after the download, check the developer’s website .


With Adobe Flash Professional CS6 users will be able to create multimedia animated images and video sequences with high quality outputs, compatible with any device be it digital, web or mobile.

In this new version, Flash has been improved in regards to the animation and programming libraries. Now it’s easier to design and produce interactive apps and upload them on the most important software markets (like Android).

The program to download offers a free trial version, with few days to test it.

  • Suite's tools integration
  • Highly versatile
  • Professional user interface
  • Perfect to work on AIR’s platform
  • Enhanced SWF compression
  • As with the rest of the Adobe’s products, it consumes a lot of hard disk space
  • Only for virtual purchase