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Facebook Chat Instant Messenger 1.1

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Chat With Friends Using Facebook Chat Instant Messenger For PC

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, August 4, 2014

This is an application that is free and instant for message communication.

It is a downloadable application and can be used for even the PC. With instant messenger you can freely chat with your fellow friends while anywhere. It is very easy to manage and like many others for this you do not have to log in to chat.

Once you need to chat to someone all you need do is enter with your facebook email and password then you can select your chat partner and begin the chat after clicking on the name.

When chatting do not worry of loosing the incoming because it has sound alert to notify you on the incoming and the outgoing messages. You can chat at the comfort of your desktop in the office as you work, in your house at home and anywhere else as long as you have downloaded the application and installed to your devise.

If you have not yet tried it, give it a try and you will enjoy


  • Very easy to use and manage
  • Free and downloadable application to the PC
  • Can be used while you are anywhere


  • I have never heard of it being updated
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Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones Using This Simple Application

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There are so many ways to get in touch with your loved ones and instant messaging (IM) is one of the easiest ways to do so, not to mention modern. What’s more, instant messaging applications are easy to use. Now that I always use and check my Facebook account all the time, I saw this instant messaging application called Facebook Chat Instant Messenger, I tried it and now I am enjoying it.

Facebook’s IM is very simple and yet reliable. I can chat at home, at work and almost everywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. What I like about their instant messenger is that I can stay connected even though I am surfing on the Internet or even watching videos. It also allows me to use the Facebook chat even if my Facebook account is offline. I can make a status update or comment instantly to the posts of my family and friends.

I tried many instant messenger before, but Facebook Chat Instant Messenger is one of the easiest and user friendly. Surely, I will never miss my family and friends again because of this app.


  • Simple and yet very reliable
  • Allows chatting even behind a firewall


  • Nothing impressive with the features
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chat on face book with your smart phone without having to open your time line!

By Faith Mwari

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

facebook chat instant messanger 1.1


this is just another great product from facebook and what it enables you to is to chat from your mobile device without having to go to your computer and the great thing is that you will be having all the features that you find on your computer you are going to find them here.You can get features such as attachments of photos and also if you are emoji person like me you can also get to send to your friends some of the emotions that you will be having at that particular time.It is just like a message application because you will not have to open the whole timeline so as to chat with someone but you can do this without even having to open your timeline so you can just get to chat with some of your friends or just anyone whome you want to chat with.

facebook chat instant messanger 1.1 features

the following are the features for facebook chat instant messanger

you can chat without opening your timeline

you can send emojis and also photos

you can create group chat and chat commonly with your friends.


it gives you freedom to chat using facebook wherever you are


  • there are improvements from previous versions
  • it is very easy to use


  • the interface is a bit outdated
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • messenging tonask people how therenfay id going and to see what they are doing nday is and watch some videos check notfications and that all

  • for chatting communication with friends, family and love ones, on information gathering, to reach out to people on the gospel of truth, comedy

  • messaging nd chating with my friend all over the world to know how they re doing in their various places nd area's nd also a means of communications with my school friends

  • to chat with friends on facebook when ever i dont want to look at pics and check my statues, and i also like it because its quicker and faster

  • I want to chat with other I mean friedns family and relatives specially nearest and dearest. No body will miss my communication., I can do that by using facebook apps.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I also used Facebook but not on this number,by then i was using M.T.N and now tham using airtel that when i have thought of downloading massager.

  • i am interested in finding out about instant message. so that i may chat with my daughter while she is online. can you instruct me on the procedure or direct me to where is need to be. please

  • the similar programs I've used is Facebook lite but I prefer to use this program cus it's fun and also very interesting and maturely modernised

  • ebuddy messenger skype 2go opremini nibuzz its lovely u knw bt u cnt compare it to facebook chat so dats y i nid to dowlond it dont ask me y jst allow me or am gonna leave it

  • I have never use any similar programme apart from normal fb apps I have been using which is very slow and it cant process some applications in my device unlike fb messanger.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is quick, simple , easy,full time and lovely.more so I enjoy it because it's fun interesting kind lively flexible accessible and fine to deal with on phone.

  • easy communication and dont need to open FB, so you can write directly as messenger system which allows you to save time and space of the screen

  • You are about to download Facebook Chat Instant Messenger 1.1 from our server Advantages nvslkvnlasvj n vsknm,svn n slkncas,cvn n xkcvnxz, vnoi

  • it is fast in chating.it makes you chat with friends without loging into facebook.it can also be able to bring notifications if all massages instantly.

  • the reason why i like messenger is because it's the easiest way to chat.And you can comunicate with some friends so fast and one can send photos and voice notese


Facebook Chat Instant Messenger is a free instant messaging application that will help you keep in touch with your friends and co-workers though its communication system.

With this manager that you can quickly download, you will be able to communicate with the ones you genuinely want to. Don’t miss out on the chance to chat, no matter where you are, whether at home, work or on your way to somewhere.

This is a free and open source application that gives users the opportunity to chat from their desktop, with no technical requirements and just a handy interface. However, it is only compatible with Facebook chat, leaving behind other messengers protocols such as ICQ, MSN, Twitter or Skype.

Neat and easy to open chat

The main advantage of this chat manager is that it will allow people to use the Facebook chat without having to open the page and be logged on to the sute. Users will have the chance to chat directly from their desktops thanks to it.

Furthermore, Facebook Chat Instant Messenger includes the same characteristics as the regular Facebook chat function, while users will be able to configure their privacy settings from this app and enjoy the benefits of having sound alerts for incoming and outgoing messages.

The uncluttered interface will ease its use, making it simple to use, even for beginners. You will only have to enter your email and your FB password and it will open a list with your contacts, after which you just have to click on one of them in order to start chatting.

Alternatives to this chat manager

Chit Chat for Facebook is another application that will let you chat with your friends without having to enter the webpage details and log in, and it will also let you post comments on the walls of your contacts.

However if you are not a user of Facebook social network but you want to chat anyway, another option is Nimbuzz, that will let you keep in touch with your friends in an easy way.

Facebook Chat Instant Messenger 1.1 Features

Here you can see the features that this software provides:

  • Easy and clear interface for any kind of device, from BlackBerry to general smartphones
  • Chat history
  • Emoticons
  • Status Updates
  • Possibility to control your Facebook privacy
  • Sound alerts

If you want to know more about this software, please visit the official website


It will give you the chance to talk to your FB contacts without the need to being logged in or be on the main page of Facebook. In addition it will provide users with all the features they have in their normal FBIM.

  • No need to be logged in to FB
  • Easy use
  • Emoticons and other features included
  • No new features