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Facebook Chat Instant Messenger 1.1

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chat on face book with your smart phone without having to open your time line!

By Faith Mwari

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

facebook chat instant messanger 1.1


this is just another great product from facebook and what it enables you to is to chat from your mobile device without having to go to your computer and the great thing is that you will be having all the features that you find on your computer you are going to find them here.You can get features such as attachments of photos and also if you are emoji person like me you can also get to send to your friends some of the emotions that you will be having at that particular time.It is just like a message application because you will not have to open the whole timeline so as to chat with someone but you can do this without even having to open your timeline so you can just get to chat with some of your friends or just anyone whome you want to chat with.

facebook chat instant messanger 1.1 features

the following are the features for facebook chat instant messanger

you can chat without opening your timeline

you can send emojis and also photos

you can create group chat and chat commonly with your friends.


it gives you freedom to chat using facebook wherever you are


  • there are improvements from previous versions
  • it is very easy to use


  • the interface is a bit outdated
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FACEBOOK CHAT INSTANT MESSENGER 1.1 a very easy application to use

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, September 7, 2015

Once you download this application you will notice it is easy to use and it is very neat and also fun to use it and chat. When you are using this application you don’t have to open up in facebook first but you can use it directly from the desktop.

All you need to use this application is your email and your facebook password and you will be good to go. When you log in you will have to choose a contact to chat with and the settings are also in this application also you are alerted by a tone when you send a message or when you send a message.


History of chats

The alert tones

Updates of status

The emoticons

Clear interface


It is a very good application and fun to use even for the first timers f using this application they can barely have problems using it

i recommend so many users to use it is a god application to spend your time with


  • it is a very fun application to use
  • it is an easy application to use


  • it is an addictive applicationto use
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connect with friends and family without having to open the facebook website

By Mark Peter

On Monday, November 30, 2015

facebook chat instant messanger came to save all those people who were tired of eacha nd everytime that they want to get to facebook they have to log in from the official website.Well i came to know about this because i love chatting a lot and i was directed here on this website to download it and i realized that it is very simple to download and install and set it up i must tell you this for sure that you need no extra knowledge you can just install it the way you are.Once you set it up and install it your chats will aligne themselves in regard to the most recent and depending on whom you wan to chat with you will just click on their name and then begin a chat with them.You can adjust the settings and make it to be having sound alerts when you get a message from someone.It has a very easy to use interface which is very basic


  • facebook chat instant messanger is so simple to use
  • i love it because it free to download


  • it is very basic and does not have new features
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i need to downloading messenger onto my phone for facebook use like chating with my friends and some people that are concern important to me.

  • Chatting with relatives and friends on my face book and encouraging this platform for general public. Further boosting up social media available on net

  • my name is abdallah ahmed mohamed i am from somalia i want to use this program to chat my famliy freind and other people that knows me thanks

  • Chatin with friends and families those who are far and facebook mesenger is good becouse it is free people dnt have to recharge any talk time

  • networking, united states, and business, friends, family members, relatives, contacting clients in hong kong, maylasia, singapore, taiwan, saudi arabia

What similar programs have you used?
  • Regularly chat with my frnds on fb allover da world&enjoy instant textingwhenever i want 2 reach somebody. I wl also enjoy sendng&receivng photos B. talk to my family when I or th

  • yuo are about to download facebook chat instant messenger from our server advantages and injoy my program using all the time and what every

  • whatsapp messenger..it quite interesting tho..so as a result i wan to try the facebook messanger. i hear my friends say that it very intere

  • none you are the first except yahoo messenger which was done many years ago. This computer was given to us and I need this program for my wife so she can maintain communications with me when I go back to work.

  • i have use messenger for androide virsion 4.4.2 and icq chat plus i used every single other methode of communication in the ii dont have any

What do you like most about this program?
  • connects me to my friends everywhere. like my loved ones in other provinces of the philippines and my relatives outside the country all time

  • its plain and simple and is much more convenient then chatting on your facebook page because you can excess it very easily. Another great idea by the creators of facebook

  • u love this because it allows me to be in touch with my friends and family members, it is a very good program that i love and Will always use as long as am on eatth

  • i would like chatting in this app very easy and understand in a way that can mostly very one whants to use it so my friends are prefering this

  • easy to use reliable easy communication I would like to communicate with new friends outside nd get access to fast receiving and sending of text messages


Facebook Chat Instant Messenger is a free instant messaging application that will help you keep in touch with your friends and co-workers though its communication system.

With this manager that you can quickly download, you will be able to communicate with the ones you genuinely want to. Don’t miss out on the chance to chat, no matter where you are, whether at home, work or on your way to somewhere.

This is a free and open source application that gives users the opportunity to chat from their desktop, with no technical requirements and just a handy interface. However, it is only compatible with Facebook chat, leaving behind other messengers protocols such as ICQ, MSN, Twitter or Skype.

Neat and easy to open chat

The main advantage of this chat manager is that it will allow people to use the Facebook chat without having to open the page and be logged on to the sute. Users will have the chance to chat directly from their desktops thanks to it.

Furthermore, Facebook Chat Instant Messenger includes the same characteristics as the regular Facebook chat function, while users will be able to configure their privacy settings from this app and enjoy the benefits of having sound alerts for incoming and outgoing messages.

The uncluttered interface will ease its use, making it simple to use, even for beginners. You will only have to enter your email and your FB password and it will open a list with your contacts, after which you just have to click on one of them in order to start chatting.

Alternatives to this chat manager

Chit Chat for Facebook is another application that will let you chat with your friends without having to enter the webpage details and log in, and it will also let you post comments on the walls of your contacts.

However if you are not a user of Facebook social network but you want to chat anyway, another option is Nimbuzz, that will let you keep in touch with your friends in an easy way.

Facebook Chat Instant Messenger 1.1 Features

Here you can see the features that this software provides:

  • Easy and clear interface for any kind of device, from BlackBerry to general smartphones
  • Chat history
  • Emoticons
  • Status Updates
  • Possibility to control your Facebook privacy
  • Sound alerts

If you want to know more about this software, please visit the official website


It will give you the chance to talk to your FB contacts without the need to being logged in or be on the main page of Facebook. In addition it will provide users with all the features they have in their normal FBIM.

  • No need to be logged in to FB
  • Easy use
  • Emoticons and other features included
  • No new features