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Micromax pc suite 1.08

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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 15, 2015

Micromax pc Suite 1.08

If you have a Micromax phone or tablet, you can use this excellent software to synchronize your phone or tablet data with your desktop computer. It is quite a useful software in that it enables you to better manage your phone and tablet data in a more efficient manner. It is like having your mobile phone in the computer without necessarily having the actual handset. You will manage your phone contacts, messages and even multimedia contents downloaded from the web.

There are many advantages drawn from the use of this software as follows:

• Maintains a backup of your phone contents in your pc

• Manage your image files or set new wallpaper

• Store and archive messages to create more space in your device

• Adjust your phone settings

This software is simple to use with a very clear and intuitive interface and will suit the needs of any kind of user. It allows you to install and manage the different applications that you download from the internet. It is compatible with the latest windows version such as Windows 7.


  • It provides you a backup of your mobile data
  • It is easy to install and use


  • It is limiting as it is only for micromax devices
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Simplest Phone Management and Backup System between Mobile and PC

By Reinalei Jamir

On Monday, May 19, 2014

Micromax Phone Suite is a helpful tool that every mobile user must have to ensure proper management of files such as documents, photos, videos and audios from mobile devices to PC. It is quite easy to manipulate this application and use it to transfer your files, arrange or move them into folders. It works with a range of mobile phone devices and almost compatible with all PC models and it comes with a plethora of options that give you much room for customization of your files and settings according to your preference.

Micromax Phone Suite has all the standard features such as Phonebook, Message, Images, Melody, MMS, File Manager. You can manage your contacts from the Phonebook. Use Message feature to create, open, reply, delete or download messages from your mobile to PC. Image allows you to set your wallpapers and Melody lets you select ringtones or find audio files and play them.

I personally use this application to organize all my files and manage them effectively. It helps me to read, edit and send messages directly from my PC. It even allows me to connect my mobile phone to the internet by making this device as a modem. I find it Micromax Phone Suite a suitable management software system between my mobile devices and PC.


  • Compatibility with Windows version, like Windows 7
  • You can manage your file or data easily


  • This software is only for Max devices
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Manage your mobile device from your computer as you never imagined

By Jane Middleburg

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nowadays almost everyone has a smart device at home, a smartphone or a tablet. Micromax PC Suite has been designed for managing these devices much better than with just the physical device only. With this application, you can manage your text messages, images and melodies you have stored in the device as simple as if it were part of your computer. For doing this, connect your mobile device to your system via USB. This software may not be the best on the world, but it does job when you ask for it.

There are many devices that have memory problems due to the internal size and to the size of the applications that are bigger each update they receive. For this reason, it is recommendable to use a device manager, in this case Micromax PC Suite, for managing properly the files you have stored. The program allows creating a backup of all your information in your device, this way you can be sure that no file will be lost. Managing your mobile device from your computer has many advantages, for this reason this Micromax PC Suite is so good.


  • You can manage all your device’s files from your PC
  • SMS and MMS easy management


  • It lacks of advanced features
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • basically i like that and file sharing and browsing much more than usage. simply have an graet moment also a pc suite then so i want the app

  • i think it was the best website to download all software and drivers as well as hardware i hv micromax canvas mobile so want to downlaoad suite

  • load music into tablet,pictures, videosinto my tablet.and see works well and come to the clarity level i expected. dunno this software download

  • Contacts backup, and other backups having personal information as it si very important to have and also showing problem of unfortunately measure has stopped

  • use secure connection on computer avoid unwanted issues ad using for root latest version and increase internal use portable mobile soft ware

What similar programs have you used?
  • blackberry desktop and would like to use micromax canvas doodle 3 pc suite on my windows vista computer so pls need pc suite of for micomax doo

  • i have used many programs alike which differentiats whats type of phones i used had a xolo phone but that supprted nicely not this one which

  • nothing other than this Here is the similar method to connect your PC with your phone. Most, people are searching over the internet for How to use Chrome Remote Desktop

  • yes i have similar program just like nokia pc suite used i am use to via connect pc and mobile and change a software to my 5300 , 5400mobile

  • B.save the data to my pc which can use for my reference i hope this software will help this request and also to know any special driver need ot

What do you like most about this program?
  • free downloads that you are providing to all of us so we are very thankful to you for this kind personality. please keep there service continue.

  • this is reallya good programme, we would like to be patient till it gets downloaded,now i feel like sleeping, you keep it up, thoug thy shallwe go by.

  • logic part of programming to implement in all case which should work fine at every case without failure and program complexity should be less

  • it is very use to connect cellphone to pc.and show the details of of cell phone. it's feature is essential for micromax android mobile. so i

  • so excellence working.its too fast ..so i like. low budjet phone is micromax and mainly its now indian brand, good looking physically canvas magnus

Micromax Pc Suite is a free Windows utility for Micromax mobile phones and devices helping users to better manage their contents. This software permits users to take direct control of their phone, and manage the integral features such as the phonebook, messages or even the multimedia contents downloaded from the web.

In addition, users can organize applications, customize and personalize devices. This tool will improve the experience with Micromax’ devices and enable users to explore a whole new world of technology hand by hand with this company. Since Micromax Pc suite is a simple and easy-to-use software, it suits the needs of any kind of user.

Multimedia love

With Micromax Pc Suite you can transfer the required data from your personal computer to your mobile phone or tablet. Make a backup of your files to make sure that you won’t be stuck with accidental data loss. All your files and your contacts will be safe with this tool.

There are different sections which will suit almost any user’s need. For instance, PhoneBook allows you to manage your contacts and edit them in case you need. In the Image section you can manage your image files or set new wallpapers. With Melody you can browse your audio files, transfer them and customize your ringtone.

With this utility you can remotely store your messages and MMS to save space on your device, this way you can manage better the use of your hardware.

Micromax Pc suite allows you to change settings

This suite allows you to change the phone settings. Change the language of your device, choose a connection port in order to configure it for surfing the Internet and view the different options it has to offer.

There is also a great function in this software, that is, the application section. It allows you to install and manage the different apps you download from the Internet, which makes it more customizable and personal.

Alternatives which suit the same needs

Other companies like HTC have also launched their own suite software. In this case, HTC PC Suite gives the user similar options for their device, but only for this particular hardware. Android PC Suite is a good option for managing your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Micromax pc suite 1.08 Features

The unique features of this utility are listed below:

  • Sync your contacts, calendar and events
  • Phonebook with three options: Handset, PC folder and Trashcan to create, edit and delete contacts
  • Message folder to open, view message history and forward messages
  • Customize your settings to create additional options
  • Image option to set wallpapers
  • MIDI audio file selection and audio preview
  • JAVA installation allowed to download phone apps to your PC
  • Creates backups

For further information about this utility visit the author's website .


Choose Micromax Pc Suite if you own one of its hardware devices, and take advantage of all the additional features it has to offer.

  • File management
  • Adjust settings
  • Good transfer of data
  • Compatibility with the latest Windows versions, such as Windows 7
  • Free download
  • Only for Micromax devices