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Micromax pc suite 1.08

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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 15, 2015

Micromax pc Suite 1.08

If you have a Micromax phone or tablet, you can use this excellent software to synchronize your phone or tablet data with your desktop computer. It is quite a useful software in that it enables you to better manage your phone and tablet data in a more efficient manner. It is like having your mobile phone in the computer without necessarily having the actual handset. You will manage your phone contacts, messages and even multimedia contents downloaded from the web.

There are many advantages drawn from the use of this software as follows:

• Maintains a backup of your phone contents in your pc

• Manage your image files or set new wallpaper

• Store and archive messages to create more space in your device

• Adjust your phone settings

This software is simple to use with a very clear and intuitive interface and will suit the needs of any kind of user. It allows you to install and manage the different applications that you download from the internet. It is compatible with the latest windows version such as Windows 7.


  • It provides you a backup of your mobile data
  • It is easy to install and use


  • It is limiting as it is only for micromax devices
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Exclusive File Organizer and App Manager for Micromax Phones Only

By Rose Sincro

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014

For Micromax phone users, the Micromax PC Suite 1.08 is a very useful app. I once had a Micromax phone and here is my take of this handy tool which helped me enjoy my phone more.

The suite helped me to organize my media files. Even my phonebook, I can arrange accordingly in a fast and easy way. To do all this, all I had to do was to connect my Micromax to my PC using a USB cable. While connected to a PC, the suite becomes even more helpful as I am able to download additional apps. At the same time, I can still send SMS to my friends even though my mobile phone is in the process of downloading, installation and synchronization.

The suite also includes a contacts folder where I can customize my handset, deposit files from my PC and move unwanted files into the Trash Can. It also has a message folder where all SMS are kept. However, it also keeps a separate inbox in the phone itself. Sending group messages is easy when using the phone version.

The Micromax PC Suite 1.08 also features many other functions. You can customize your ring tone, setup your wallpaper, send MMS, and many more. What’s more, you can use the suite to back-up your mobile media files.


  • Provides an easy file management system
  • Can be used to back-up files


  • Can be used for Micromax devices only
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Micromax PC Suite: The best PC Suite solution for Micromax handsets!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Friday, August 1, 2014

Micromax is an Indian company who holds the lion’s share of Indian mobile market after Samsung. Their mobile phones are known for lower price and great usability. Also, they have a nice range of MediaTek based Smartphones. But, the only problem that hinders Smart usage is the non-availability of a powerful PC suite. Now, with Micromax PC Suite, that issue also gets solved.

Micromax PC Suite is a great tool for facilitating mobile - PC data sharing. It is a great data management tool for organizing and backing up files. Transferring files to desktop can be carried out without any hassle and organize it quickly. You can manage your messages, memory, contacts and everything in your phone directly from PC. You can even tweak up your phone for better performance using it.

Overall, Micromax PC suite is an all-in-one solution for managing your data in Micromax made handsets. It reduces the distance between your PC and handsets and enables Smart data transferring. If you are looking for a solution to enable PC suite connectivity for your Micromax Phone, you should definitely try this app!


  • Advanced data sharing functions available
  • Can take backups directly from PC
  • Supports all Micromax phones irrespective of OS
  • Lets you customize the phone from PC


  • User interface is very old fashioned
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I WANT TO CONNECT TO TGE INTERNET USING THE Tablet as a modem to rectify certain errors in my device such as acessing my google apps store with which i have been facing some problems for some time now

  • for using canvas express 4g mobile phonewhich i purchased last dayand i want to use it for my 32 bit windows 7 pcmy mobile no is 9916653453 hi

  • mobile to pc files sharing and share network from pc its use full my job chatting the friends from face book, use of emails, videos dowmload

  • actuly my phone micromax bolt a068 was not functing well so i want to upgrade system software of my phone thats why i download this pc suit 1.08

  • transfer files for personnel use. I have tried it directly but failed so I am in search of PC suite software that can help to access pc and android.

What similar programs have you used?
  • no i have not know use this simllar programs in futcher on my pc so i want instal sofwear on my pc for connect my micromax a 311 mobile phone

  • hi this is siddharth trying to get pc suit for micromax a255. this ios very redeculus to write too long a msg. please do somethimg to stop th

  • samsung kies nokia pc siut they wewre good and very useful . contacts, photos, videos and media files could be transferred to computer for pc

  • New Delhi, on the other hand, is a modern city designed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. New Delhi houses many government buildings and embassies, apart from places of historical interest. TheQutub

  • yes i have similar program just like nokia pc suite used i am use to via connect pc and mobile and change a software to my 5300 , 5400mobile

What do you like most about this program?
  • its fine for net connect with pc,so i choose these one.Previously i allready used this on i know about it.its first and quick for downloding.

  • free downloads that you are providing to all of us so we are very thankful to you for this kind personality. please keep there service continue.

  • pc connection to browse web site, streaming video, video calling, movie download, file transfer, modem uses etc. Also for shareing music and data.

  • backup, updates checking out the news about the coming new things in micromax android phone features also its make me feel secure to freez data

  • Free download is available here, that is why I like this program compared to other programs. Do i need to mention anything more now? I don't think so.

Micromax Pc Suite is a free Windows utility for Micromax mobile phones and devices helping users to better manage their contents. This software permits users to take direct control of their phone, and manage the integral features such as the phonebook, messages or even the multimedia contents downloaded from the web.

In addition, users can organize applications, customize and personalize devices. This tool will improve the experience with Micromax’ devices and enable users to explore a whole new world of technology hand by hand with this company. Since Micromax Pc suite is a simple and easy-to-use software, it suits the needs of any kind of user.

Multimedia love

With Micromax Pc Suite you can transfer the required data from your personal computer to your mobile phone or tablet. Make a backup of your files to make sure that you won’t be stuck with accidental data loss. All your files and your contacts will be safe with this tool.

There are different sections which will suit almost any user’s need. For instance, PhoneBook allows you to manage your contacts and edit them in case you need. In the Image section you can manage your image files or set new wallpapers. With Melody you can browse your audio files, transfer them and customize your ringtone.

With this utility you can remotely store your messages and MMS to save space on your device, this way you can manage better the use of your hardware.

Micromax Pc suite allows you to change settings

This suite allows you to change the phone settings. Change the language of your device, choose a connection port in order to configure it for surfing the Internet and view the different options it has to offer.

There is also a great function in this software, that is, the application section. It allows you to install and manage the different apps you download from the Internet, which makes it more customizable and personal.

Alternatives which suit the same needs

Other companies like HTC have also launched their own suite software. In this case, HTC PC Suite gives the user similar options for their device, but only for this particular hardware. Android PC Suite is a good option for managing your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Micromax pc suite 1.08 Features

The unique features of this utility are listed below:

  • Sync your contacts, calendar and events
  • Phonebook with three options: Handset, PC folder and Trashcan to create, edit and delete contacts
  • Message folder to open, view message history and forward messages
  • Customize your settings to create additional options
  • Image option to set wallpapers
  • MIDI audio file selection and audio preview
  • JAVA installation allowed to download phone apps to your PC
  • Creates backups

For further information about this utility visit the author's website .


Choose Micromax Pc Suite if you own one of its hardware devices, and take advantage of all the additional features it has to offer.

  • File management
  • Adjust settings
  • Good transfer of data
  • Compatibility with the latest Windows versions, such as Windows 7
  • Free download
  • Only for Micromax devices