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HTC PC Suite 3.3.63

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Manage and Share All Files Properly with This PC Suite

By Daren Garius

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

If you are an HTC mobile user, then HTC PC Suite is a must for you. This tool lets you synchronize your contacts, bookmarks and calendars to your Window-based computer. You can also transfer all your media contents like music and videos. It can share your files with a very good transfer rate. This tool also lets you create a back-up protection for security purposes. While you are utilizing this tool, your mobile phone can serve as a modem with the use of its cellular data network so your computer can have an internet connection. In addition, you can install some applications and games to your HTC phone using your computer. Also, it can make a phone update from your desktop, so you do not have to use the Over the Air (OTA). All in all, HTC PC Suite is a remarkable tool which will help you to handle and manage your HTC phone from your computer with ease.


  • It manages files with ease
  • It allows creating back-up security


  • It does not support all HTC phones
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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 15, 2015

HTC PC Suite 3.3.63

Even with the latest smartphones models, it will be several times slower to modify a document using your phone than you would doing it in a computer. HTC PC Suite 3.3.63 is the latest version of the HTC PC Suite series and comes with considerable improvements in its features. With this software you will be able to transfer all your mobile documents and applications into your computer for modification purposes. In addition it allows you to save or archive important mobile data like phonebook entries, important messages etc which can act as a good backup incase you loose/destroy your handset and simcard. With this suite you will be able to manage your multimedia contents, contacts and events to installing and removing applications from your phone.

This suite comes with a pretty easy interface that will guide you to anything you want to do with your mobile data. It is quite easy to install it, only requiring a USB connection and the process takes you about a minute or so. This program is supported in more than one popular operating systems from Windows 7 downwards. It is a pretty useful software as far as synchronization between any mobile phone and your computer is concerned.


  • It works with more than one phone models
  • It is easy and fast to install and use


  • Alternative software can be more advanced
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The best way to share your media and file from your mobile phones using HTC PC Suite 3.3.63

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If you are using a HTC mobile phone and would like to have a better experience with the features it comes with I would recommend that you try the wonderful HTC PC Suite. This suite is specially designed to allow users of HTC mobile devices synchronize all their mobile documents from their computers after downloading them. It ensures that users have access to all kind of files even those that are not accessible by just a mere mobile phones. By synchronizing their mobile phones with their computers this suite allows the users to alter the content of all inaccessible files and make them accessible.

With HTC PC Suite users will be able to manage all their media content including sharing photos and music files as well as managing the email accounts. It is also very easy to create events as well as installing any new2 app in the mobile is one of the most easy to use and simple most suites of the moment world and it comes with a very intuitive user interface.


  • - Its simplicity make it very easy to use
  • - It can be connected with a number of windows programs including outlook
  • - It is cheap to download and use


  • - Only supported by HTC Smartphones making its use limited to a few devices
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • updating my htc device whenever there is a new firmware version available. It will also help me to transfer files from my phone to my pc well

  • i want to activate my htc windows phone and upload some music files and also enhance the installations of new apps been generated since it does

  • am going to use it as a modem on the computer to search my work and Facebook also watching movies and downloading games and up dating applications

  • software installation on my htc wild fire i always use internet too and i want to install whtsapp messenger to my mobile through my laptop.

  • the reason why am downloading this suit is to improve the performence of my htc device,toconnect with many people with best divice and to attract athers to use it

What similar programs have you used?
  • my htc phone816h not reboot to system and when i connect to charging just showing like hung i hope it will be so i want to update sowftwere

  • allready i downloaded nokia pc suite software for connecting the nokia mobile to windows xp pc. and then it get connected after installing..

  • nokia pc suite i have used earlier,now i want to use htc pc suit for access net via bluetoth at desktop.please download it as early as possible.

  • samsung,nokiaand other type of question is to working want pc suite that like usb or bluetooth io work in any device or any mode type recently ,,so i m searching these suites continuously

  •,nokiaand other type of question is to working want pc suite that like usb or bluetooth io work in any device or any mode type recently ,,so i m searching these suites continuously

What do you like most about this program?

  • its making it easier to use with good dealing with all of my beautiful pictures and songs and other extra files in my mobile which i love too

  • helps me manage my phone and all it's activities by altering different sorts of things and i can be able to control my device so as to do staff

  • I have not yet tried it out, but since it is free I'll go with whatever it is offering. Hopefully I shall be able to do things normally available in other similar apps.

  • upgrade mobile with this program which is stunning other then sync manager only use foe data transfering betwwen mobie and computer thanx aot

HTC PC Suite is a synchronization software that will allow you to modify all your mobile documents from your PC once you download it for free. Moreover, this program is supported in more than one popular OS like Windows 7 or Windows XP.

One software to connect your phone with Windows 7 or previous systems

The edition of any kind of files in our mobile phone is not easy, and sometimes we are not even allowed to do so. It allows you to synchronize the data of your mobile phone with those of your computer enabling you to alter all their content.

Media contents, managing the general features of your device and controlling the mail and synchronizing the agenda is pretty useful for anyone nowadays. This application will help you with all of that.

Main Functions

HTC PC Suite can manage your media, contacts and events, from editing them and changing their name to installing and removing applications from your phone.

Some of the things you can do are to synchronize your calendar with your Windows’ Microsoft Outlook events, program included in Microsoft Office 2010 suite, or with your PC calendar app. You can just line up your contacts with their information, as well as to go through your email with your mobile phone; and you can also arrange certain licenses for maps.

One point that makes this tool useful is that you can choose to adjust the whole content of your device or just some sections and items, so that you can keep the documents you want intact.

Easy to use

HTC PC Suite is easy to use and install; the installation process will only take you around a minute. You will only need a USB connection, and when the PC recognizes the mobile phone, a help section will appear for those who are using this tool for the first time.

The main window of this software is also created to facilitate the process. Here you will find the key sections you will need and all the information about the phone you have connected, including the space available or the already occupied.


There are other free useful file managers such as iTunes, which, although started just as a music player, has become an advantageous manager of equips; or i-FunBox, also easy to use and with big capacity.

HTC PC Suite 3.3.63 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this mobile utility:

  • Calendar, documents, contacts and media sync
  • Connected to Outlook
  • Phone updates and backup
  • Photos and videos edition
  • It creates playlists and import playlists from iTunes and Windows Media Player
  • iPhone contacts, media and calendar to your new HTC
  • Built-in player included
  • USB connection

For further information, visit the developer's website .


If you want to save time and to edit your data in a simple but effective way, HTC PC Suite is one software that will provide you the tools to do it with a simple method to download, install and use it.

  • Simplicity and effortless
  • Outlook connection
  • Quick use
  • No many advanced options