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By Rock Raymond

On Monday, May 18, 2015

This is a software capable of supporting the Android smartphones and managing them.With this software you can download whatever you needs from your PC to your device which is a very easy task and faster provided you are having good internet.The USB cable is used to connect your smartphone to the computer and this helps you to keep you information more organized since with this connection you can transfer your date from you computer to the mobile phone and the vice versa which will take you no time to do specific kind of the work and this is due to the interface being so intuitive or familiar to most of the users.

You are free to install or even uninstall your application and besides this,there are functions you can perform with this software such has sending the s m s from your computer,import and export the contacts,manage your multimedia,access the calendar,modify the notes and so on.In the interface there is the Pad App directory where you have the freedom to download many things that you wish to and you can even keep your data safe by using the "System Tab" to do the protection of your data.


  • The interface is simple looking hence easy to use.
  • The user can send and receive sms from their pc.
  • There is the possibility of restoring the Backup.


  • It only support the phones which uses the Android OS.
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Synchronization Tool That Suits to Connect Your Android Mobile to Your PC

By Christine Diaz

On Friday, May 9, 2014

Android PC Suite is a free software that supports any Android mobile or smartphone in which you are able to synchronize files from your computer to your mobile devices. This PC suite is pretty useful for some users who want their files well organized. You must have a USB connector for you to be able to connect from your PC or laptop. And what I like the most in this software is that you can send SMS and MMS directly right through your computer.

The interface of Android PC Suite has a very simple design that will attract users in the very first moment they use it. It also has a user friendly interface that you can easily find all the option buttons that you are looking for.

If you need to keep your files safe, you have to access the system tab so that your data will be kept secured and you can back up all your files like movies, videos, images, contacts and even the messages that are important to you.


  • Natural and friendly user interface
  • It has a lot of features


  • It has a limited mobile support
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Manage and control all about your smartphone with Android PC Suite

By Will Terry

On Monday, April 7, 2014

As an Android smartphone user, I find this utility very useful for managing my mobile device. Most of my personal info depends now on this device, which I use regularly for checking my email inbox, to check Twitter and all my personal social network accounts. For this reason, I require a good tool for granting access to all these data in my device, that is why I found Android PC Suite so useful. I think that managing the content in my computer is more comfortable than just using my smartphone. Thanks to this utility I can create backups and save them into my computer in order to keep my data safe from mobile malware or some kind of problem with my device.

Creating my own themes, with ringtones and wallpapers, with this application is much easier and way quicker than in my Android version. I also can use it for sending texts to my contacts using my physical keyboard instead of the one that I have installed on my smartphone. Synchronizing my content and my calendar with the device using this Android PC Suite allows me to have all the events I need to know in my mobile phone just for checking.


  • Advanced management of my mobile phone
  • It allows creating backups and restoring my personal info
  • Download ringtones and wallpapers to my device


  • It could include more features than it actually has
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • connect phones and access applications modify and install. update software manually and automatically with the pc suite. To back up information anad data

  • personal use in my own private home to format my android phone that I forgot my unlock pattern. I have tried everything else nothing has worked

  • are you kidding me? like i want to eat the app? ok i need to install it so i can work wit instagram because getting a new phone now is kinda hard.

  • format my device lots of virus has been occured i have done the factory reset but its not working virus is still their so please allow me the acess

  • im going to use this program to suck many dicks and pleasure tons of men. absolutely cover myself in thier jozz, hair glistening, eyes shut from all the sticky goop on them

What similar programs have you used?
  • wondershare program is only for 5 days, is not enoght. and after installation not found my cell phone GSmart Joy two sims android version. I must uninstall from my computer D system w10l

  • I have used Android PC Suite on my tablet but has gone down and want a new version of it again. i will be very glade if you could help me do just that


  • i am using android tools for connecting internet to view the content of php nuke product of details and anotomy therapy articles and my experiance

  • Nokia PC Suit The latest version of nokia,and i also have used many ither programs like air droid,today i wanna use my android cell on my laptop so i am going to download this software.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is very important to me know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the lockouts page and the other day and I will be a good time

  • backup all file from phone with contact, sms, photo etc. and maby more if i want ;skjdfjioewru this id swy say i need tha above app form mny

  • need to ascertain after downloading and running the suite with my devices id est either PC or laptop or any other suitable device which i may

  • i need dall from pc, otherwise if just file transferable or manage my phone via pc i will uninstall this software and it just trying for me.

  • Recovery data of mobilephone sometime it cannot swich on ofcourse i tried to my best but no success please i need your assistance so that i w

Android PC Suite is a free synchronization software which supports Android smartphones and is able to manage them as well as download content from your PC to your device.

Android PC Suite connects your mobile phone to your computer. This utility is quite useful for those who want to keep ther information organized, its use is pretty simple, and the only thing you will need is a USB connection on your PC.

In addition, the interface is also very intuitive and allows you to easily use any function you are looking for.

Main functions of the software

Android PC Suite is a PC management tool which allows you to manage and organize the files and data on your device.

It provides useful utilities such as being able to send SMS directly from your computer, import and export contacts, manage music and multimedia files, administer your email, access the calendar or add and modify notes, among others. On top of this you can also install and uninstall your applications.

In addition, the interface includes the PandApp directory from where you can download games, eBooks, videos, wallpapers, ringtones or themes. If you want to keep your data safe, you will need to access the “System” tab, in which you can backup calls, messages, contacts, images, music or video files.

Similar software

If you own a mobile phone with another operating system, such as iOS or Windows Mobile, you will have to try other free software. For the iOS, Apple has developed iTunes and for Windows Mobile we recommend you to get Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit.

Android PC Suite Features

The unique features of this Android utility are as follows:

  • PandApp directory to play games and apps (ringtones, themes, wallpapers)
  • Calendar to sync and organize events
  • Restores Backup
  • Sends and receives SMS from your PC
  • Caller location

For further information check the author’s website .


Choose the right synchronization tool depending on your operating system and connect your mobile to your computer in order to keep your data safe and all your information organized.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Free
  • Several tools
  • Light on system resources
  • Low compatibility