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Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.2

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By Jackson Muoka

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WiFi is becoming a great source of internet connectivity to offices institutions and also homes especially rented areas. Its popularity is brought about by the fact that it does not require wired connections to get connected. This cuts down connections cost. Depending on the signal strength users can be able to access internet from distance. However before one install a WiFi hot spot he should put in to consideration some factors which include the security and how to unlock in case of password loss.

The Wi-Fi Unlocker comes to offer great help to people using WiFi. This software is downloadable to users PC and help audit WiFi security networks and in recovering passwords. Unlike in the password this software makes it very easy to recover forgotten passwords very easily and also know who are subscribed to the network. This software is compatible with many operating systems and it can also be used by users to connect to unlocked networks. It is very easy to download, install and use this app and it comes with a clean and intuitive interface.


  • • It is compatible with a variety of operating systems.
  • • It is very easy to search and use all WiFi networks in the vicinity of a user.
  • • It is compatible with a wide range of internet enabled devices including mobile phones


  • • Encourages crime by people hacking to other people networks
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Unlock access and enjoy free network of any kind safely with WIFI unlocker.

By Eve Naliaka

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WIFI Unlocker

Wifi unlocker is an internet tool that helps you unlocked locked networks’ at fast rate and in a simple way and recovery of lost passwords. It offers the possibility of accessing all WIFI networks around you. Installation process of this application is very simple it takes only some minutes to install, and once you have installed it will immediately such for available networks within your area in one click. The search sometimes takes time because it depend the number of networks available. Available network is displayed in green the rest are in blue. This utility supports different network devices i.e. modems. It’s also compatible with different operating systems.

The interface is simple and has different options to choose from. These options included serve the best for instance WIFI tracker looks for WIFI connections near you and automatically saves its location, WIFI on off gives you the possibility of connecting and disconnecting connection. All is just in one click. It also warns you when your network is safe on not.


  • It’s free and simple to use thanks to its interface
  • Installation process takes few minutes


  • The tool supports only some modems not all.
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Recover Wifi Password And Enjoy And Enjoy Free Internet With Wifi Unlocker

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Enjoy free internet wherever you go with a wifi internet however password protected it is with your android or any wifi enabled device with wifi unlocker. This is an application that allows you to unlock networks. It is also used to audit the security of your wifi network if you had forgotten the password. It is totally free to download and instal then start enjoying the application. It is also very easy to use after installation. To use it click the refresh button at the right-hand corner of your screen and then wait for it to find the available networks in that area. This can either be fast or can take some minutes depending on the number of networks around. When it is through with the search and displays the list you can then choose a network of your choice preferably a familiar network for security purposes. If you are recovering your password in this process it is good if you select your network if it appears on the list then switch it on.

The main purpose of wifi unlocker is to recover your wifi password but people decided to use it to enjoy free internet on other peoples wifi and this may cause a serious crime if detected.


  • Easy to recover forgotten password
  • Free to download, instal and use
  • Able to access other wifi networks


  • Can take sometime to search for network
  • Can be dangerous if spotted using other peoples network whereas there was a password protection
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • only using different place where internet is nececity for my homework. if i find legal wifi with password i dont need this programme. i want

  • i need it to download pictures for my school project and the library costs too much and my other neighbours wont sympathise with me so im looking for a solution.

  • i forgot my password for my laptop windows 7 machine which i cant remember since i stayed for long without using my personal wifi provider here

  • I'm not sure about that yet, but i got the feeling it might come in handy someday. (Here comes a filler for the last few chars needed duuuh)

  • penetration testing of my own networks and ensure that there are no open ports and the others do not connect without my permision and hack

What similar programs have you used?
  • Before i never been used any wifi unlocker software, this is my first time downloading this application for testing purpose, please help me out

  • wifi direct it does not work in the uk so i searched for a different prom and software but no joy hopefully i will get further with this programme

  • Similar programs do not exist because it is the first time that the theory, try the kind of program I should be more satisfactory in the optional thank you for your help


  • i have use so many program but all are not working properly as i wanted. but keystone is an application i used recently which did not give nw

What do you like most about this program?
  • everything actually i would like to use it and get to know it better as i have many wifi routers around me are password encrypted so i want help

  • eradicate difficulty and set your mind free and get you going with a normal working condition.a tools like never before, kudos to u all guyz

  • it required much area near your city. To is to brake the password good commitment in fiture after download this program. So sorry about all thing which I have Written.

  • To get the forgotten my wifi passwords because I am the owner of many internet services so i need it so much and appreciating you how kindly

  • Able to reveal the wifi password wherever and whenever you are. there is hustle just click and enjoy the application for free use of internet.

Wifi Unlocker is a free network utility that you can download to audit the security of WiFi networks as well as to recover passwords.

In the past, it used to be very complicated to recover passwords. However, this software has arrived to simplify this process. This program works for any kind of Operating Systems, windows 7 included.

Benefits for your Windows PC

Wifi Unlocker allows you to connect to locked networks. The installation and use of this application is simple as the process is very fast. Through it's clean and intuitive interface you will have access to all WiFi networks which are available in your area.

The search process doesn’t usually take long, although it depends on the number of networks. The more there are, the longer a search can take. Once you have recognized a network, you can start managing it. For instance, you can check it's security and change the password to make your connection safer.

A bonus of Wifi Unlocker is that it has a great compatibility and supports a wide range of Internet devices.

Similar software

There are some similar applications which offer the same kind of functionality. For example, TCPEye and Who Is On My Wifi. Both can also help you if you think that there is someone using your network, or if you want to keep all your data safe and control your ports.

Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.2 Features

The main features of this utility are listed below:

  • Thomson and DLink routers support
  • Open Source application
  • Eircom, Wlan, Jazztel and Ono support
  • Infostrada Wifi support
  • Sky V1 routers support

For more information, you can visit the .


Wifi Unlocker is a practical utility if you want to manage your Internet connections of your device. However, it is recommended to use this tool only with your own networks.

  • Reliable
  • Useful
  • Free
  • You have to be extremely careful with its use