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Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.2

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A Useful Application That Helps Users to Access Networks Secured With Passwords

By Daren Garius

On Monday, November 24, 2014

There’s a situation I dug out my old router, and unfortunately I can’t recall the default password I had earlier. With this Wi-Fi unlocker is a significant help for like me having this kind of problem. The application tries to search out the default password from my router. Also, the application can reveal passwords of some networks. A certain number of WEP security relationships can only be unlocked. Security links for WPA/WPA2 aren’t accessible through this form. WiFi unlocked can list connections around its user. From the settings, I can set up the auto WiFi on. It could imply that each modem works different from other models. The application works only with router models that supported. The interface on this application is simple and easy to work around. At 499k, the file size of this software is not large enough to change the system performance of my device either. Over 3G connections, the downloaded installation could practically take more than a minute.


  • Gives decent results for the routers it supports
  • Small file size data, can be easily downloaded


  • Does not support Linksys router model
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Unlock access and enjoy free network of any kind safely with WIFI unlocker.

By Eve Naliaka

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WIFI Unlocker

Wifi unlocker is an internet tool that helps you unlocked locked networks’ at fast rate and in a simple way and recovery of lost passwords. It offers the possibility of accessing all WIFI networks around you. Installation process of this application is very simple it takes only some minutes to install, and once you have installed it will immediately such for available networks within your area in one click. The search sometimes takes time because it depend the number of networks available. Available network is displayed in green the rest are in blue. This utility supports different network devices i.e. modems. It’s also compatible with different operating systems.

The interface is simple and has different options to choose from. These options included serve the best for instance WIFI tracker looks for WIFI connections near you and automatically saves its location, WIFI on off gives you the possibility of connecting and disconnecting connection. All is just in one click. It also warns you when your network is safe on not.


  • It’s free and simple to use thanks to its interface
  • Installation process takes few minutes


  • The tool supports only some modems not all.
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A Helpful App for Recovering Passwords and Unlocking Locked Network Connection

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If you want to unlock locked network connection or if you do not remember your default password you had, maybe WiFi Unlocker could be a big help in your problem. This app can check the safety of Wi-Fi networks and also retrieve passwords. This application is very straightforward to use and easy to understand. I like that this utility supports an extensive choice of modem models and installation procedure is much uncomplicated.

To utilize this application, you just have to scan all available Wi-Fi connections. Once the Wi-Fi hotspot lists are displayed, you will see a color green Wi-Fi display that means it knows the password of that specific router and just click it to see the default password. If it is color blue, it means it does not know the password of that router.

All in all, Wi-Fi Unlocker gives reliable results for the routers it supports and it is a sensible utility if you wish to maintain your Internet connections of your gadget. Do not think twice to download this excellent application.


  • It is a free application
  • It is very simple to use


  • Lack of support for Linksys router
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • trail and error,pc tech neeeding new programs fixing networks for customers that require better wireless performance for their laptops and keeping track of speeds ,dns etc

  • im going to use this program for chatting rooms to connect with a lot of peopel near by the world, my country of either.so pls take this mess

  • testing my wireless in order to be strongly protected checking also much more passwords to check what's the better password for my router...

  • to improve my knowledge through internet, my sorrounding so many wifi connections are available i would like to unlock these all devices than

  • I intend to use this program only in the event that I should forget my home Wi-Fi password should my PC disconnect from my network for whatever reason

What similar programs have you used?
  • Wi-Fi password unlocker software provides an opportunity of using Internet for free ... having WPA/WPA2/WEP encryption key and causes no harm to your PC

  • I really haven't used any of similar programs like this, this is the first one I've had ever tried before. Hope it can unlock every wifi that are locked

  • i have used a rather old program called wifi radar, this was about ten years ago or something like that. I hope yours is just as usefull. Thanks.

  • because it is very bad and business value but good video by on Monday morning and business needs more information has joined keep looking let cool zone

  • yes i used many programs for hacking wifi password but it could'nt install nd no running softwares all softwares are fake and i don;t trust any software

What do you like most about this program?
  • File is free of spyware and viruses and it has the wifi unlocking features relevant to make me have exclusive access to most wifis in the vicinity

  • everything actually i would like to use it and get to know it better as i have many wifi routers around me are password encrypted so i want help

  • accuracy in availability to response to network activation and its user friendly the interface seems to presentable to the public for more likes

  • I want this software For learning proces only becaus I am a computer science student in one private collage of our country , I must get such a type of soft ware.

  • wifi free most convenient for my personal use. Always i want to have a software like that. To recover password and take bennefits for wifi networks

Wifi Unlocker is a free network utility that you can download to audit the security of WiFi networks as well as to recover passwords.

In the past, it used to be very complicated to recover passwords. However, this software has arrived to simplify this process. This program works for any kind of Operating Systems, windows 7 included.

Benefits for your Windows PC

Wifi Unlocker allows you to connect to locked networks. The installation and use of this application is simple as the process is very fast. Through it's clean and intuitive interface you will have access to all WiFi networks which are available in your area.

The search process doesn’t usually take long, although it depends on the number of networks. The more there are, the longer a search can take. Once you have recognized a network, you can start managing it. For instance, you can check it's security and change the password to make your connection safer.

A bonus of Wifi Unlocker is that it has a great compatibility and supports a wide range of Internet devices.

Similar software

There are some similar applications which offer the same kind of functionality. For example, TCPEye and Who Is On My Wifi. Both can also help you if you think that there is someone using your network, or if you want to keep all your data safe and control your ports.

Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.2 Features

The main features of this utility are listed below:

  • Thomson and DLink routers support
  • Open Source application
  • Eircom, Wlan, Jazztel and Ono support
  • Infostrada Wifi support
  • Sky V1 routers support

For more information, you can visit the author's site .


Wifi Unlocker is a practical utility if you want to manage your Internet connections of your device. However, it is recommended to use this tool only with your own networks.

  • Reliable
  • Useful
  • Free
  • You have to be extremely careful with its use