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European Bus Simulator 2012 1.3.2

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Try This Euro Bus Simulator, An Excellent Way To Practice Your Driving Skills

By Maria Bernabe

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

After playing a few games from the simulation category, my reaction for this game is not that good. Although some of its features make it a little close to real life and real controls, the action glitches are quite unfavorable. As I can see in the video play of the game, some controls of the game work fine, I can even change the driver's seating position and all the mirrors. For a player who is not toward real life buses, the beginner mode can be a somewhat confusing to find your way over. After I get the hang of it, I accelerate, and if I use the steering wheel, the pain began.

The graphics are somewhat reasonable. The sound is quite satisfying. I can drive around the imaginary town of Freyfurt. I have to observe the laws, the rest periods and sell ticket to passengers and be on time. To start the game, I’ll choose my bus and check out the configuration for my controls. There are tutorials that take me through all the shortcuts of the control system.

Well to sum up my side of view in this game, the simulator maybe very addicting because it’s like you are driving a bus. I got told that the game in some country was sold out in just a day, and I know why.


  • You have full control of the game
  • Beginner and expert mode makes the game more realistic


  • Not supported on MAC operating system




By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This game is a product of TML Studio Based in a fictional city of Freyfurt. Basically the gamer in this game is a driver for a bus line where you start your career at the Freyfurt central station bus station. It is a simulation of an actual bus driver there each and every aspect is catered for in this game, thus you must uphold the work ethics of an actual driver. Which means you must drive the bus in a disciplined way and interact with the customers in the same manner. Just like in the real world there are all sort of customers, thus there are the good ones and the bad ones that can be arrogant. The game has great graphics and an amazing gameplay with capabilities to change or customize a lot. Thus you can change the paintwork on your bus, you can also match your bus performance to the presiding weather conditions Thus for instance if it is rainy you can switch features for the bus to have a smooth ride under such a weather condition. There are a lot of simulator games in the market currently like the Euro Truck Simulator, Railroad simulator, Bus simulator among many others. Each of them just like this game offer the gamer specific gameplay. Generally this is a great game for gamers who like driving or simulator games.


  • It has a good gameplay.
  • It is diverse in terms of game environment.


  • it has some little graphics issues.



drive your bus freely with passangers around the streets or europe

By Jayson Kimathi

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016

this is a european bus simulation game such that everything in the game looks like as if it is real.Ok let me start you over you will be taken to a bus park and there are very many buses but you will have to take only one bus and you have the option even to customize it that is by painting it if there is any need whatsover.You will drive the passangers all around the streets of europe and make sure that you treat them very well and also smile to them because this is a simulation game and if you do not do that then the will be very mad at you and that will go bad with you.There are several missions that you have to accomplish and then become a conquerer in the game.The game looked so real till i thought that i was in a real bus and acting as a driver for very many passengers and the fact that i had to be very good to them!


  • there is a lot of simulation about everything
  • the gamer can turn on the bus air conditioner


  • i didnt like the graphics that much




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will be using this game because my son and me both very love the game so we can play together and to expeirience gaming more likley in the

  • i am going to be playing this game as a quest to get rid of boredom because i like driving busses so i guess i should really try out this one

  • playing games after the installation being done , there after i can share it to my friends around me i will also make the game be famous amon

  • improve my driving skill, hoping in the future i may be a better bus driver. its with no dougt that this is a perfect application to help me out.

  • for entertainment purposes becasuse it is a good game and i will be having fun playing it with my young brothers. i want to keep myself busy

What similar programs have you used?
  • eakamdeep is my name studied in 8th standard in bbk dav school nakodar whants to play mountains path driving so kindly help me to provide cur

  • bus simulator 2015 get on board and become a real bus driver and enjoy your time driving buses thought the cite picking up passengers and b

  • eurotruck simulator im very interested with the truck. When im bored i use to drive or to play game in my computer,. actually it make me to feel like real

  • Euro truck simulator2 and it has been one of the most exciting underwater feeling form to keep me always alethic other road all the time's.

  • EuroTruck Simulator2 for only Europe as I missed going East and american version was failed several times once i tried to install.. there after

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is so exellent and the bus pick up the peole and drop at his deatany ,the driver if apply sudden brakes or some peoples may be disiponted

  • its great and provides great programs i think that it could use some work but it is far as well as on kits way thank you for your time have a

  • it gives me good experience of driving as i want to be a bus driver.also that i can to explore driving in different places and cities around the globe

  • who say that this programm is liked by me .me don´t like this pogram.thi program is so poor in every thing and mostly graphic.Thank you bye

  • very good and dependable, also trustworthy and efficient and will be glad ti continue using this program as long as i can.moreover an upgrading is need

European Bus Simulator 2012 is a demo of a free bus simulator game you can download to become a professional driver in an urban environment full of obstacles.

Welcome to Freyfurt city, a fictional place where you will drive. After you download the game you will get started at the central bus station, select your bus and your line and get ready to roll through the city. You must respect the different bus lines and don’t forget you are driving a bus, which has much less mobility than a car, so be careful when you turn in the street!

This software brings real life to your computer. The behaviour of the AI is very realistic and even the pedestrians can have a bad day and get mad at you, so give them a smile to improve your social image.

Great simulation

Choose your game mode; complete full missions or play in the open world. Drive your bus down your own line and be gentle with your passengers; they can react to your behaviour and become hostile.

This software gives you multiple options. You can switch on the air-conditioning, repaint your own bus and adapt your vehicle to the environment circumstances. If there are changes in the weather, you'll have to react differently depending on the kind of meteorological phenomenon. Mist, rain and snow will interfere on your way of driving.

Technical aspects of this simulator

The game is graphically correct. There are some good details, pedestrians are full of small features and textures and bus modelling is quite elaborated. The weather effects are well implemented on the environment showing different kinds of reflections.

There are some issues in the physic aspect like glitches that may interfere on your gaming experience and even make you desperate, but it normally works fine. Once you accept you are driving a bus, it will improve your controls and by ensuring you turn a bit slower than other racing simulators.


Despite the fact that "bus simulation" is not a popular genre, you can find some alternatives to fill that video gaming hole. Bus Simulator is a previous version of this one but it is much loved. BusDriver is also a good simulator, but it may be a bit outdated.

European Bus Simulator 2012 1.3.2 Features

Below you can find the main features of European Bus Simulator 2012 :

  • More than 450 bus stops included
  • 3D effects available
  • Great diversity of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Quite realistic thanks to details such as the possibility of switching on the air-conditioning
  • Finish your missions and play freely
  • Possibility of monitoring the engine’s temperature and oil and gasoline levels among others

If you want to read more information about it, you can do it here


This game is a very complete demo simulator for it's genre, that users may love. It is realistic as very few games could be.

  • Very detailed
  • Great graphics
  • Custom options
  • Poor sound
  • Some graphic failures