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European Bus Simulator 2012 1.3.2

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European Bus Simulator Game review for PHPNuke by James Meyette.

By James Meyette

On Thursday, November 27, 2014

European bus simulator is an interesting type of simulator where you control a bus around a number of obstacles in various cities in Europe, all though bus simulators aren’t much of a popular genre that is currently available to simulator fans, this is one of the few that have managed to make it out there.

Overall the game has some decent graphics in it and it is great to play if you have some free time and just like to experience different things that you can do in different simulator type games then this is worth a try. Personally it is not the type of simulator that I would recommend to anyone just because it is a lot of fun(Unfortunately, this is not the case). If someone happened to be looking for a bus simulator specifically I would surely recommend this one over any others that I have seen out there.

In conclusion the game was made fairly well and there are no issues with it that I noticed from spending some time on it. Other than the fact that you really have to be into buses in order to really get into this one, the types of people who will play and enjoy something like this are far and few between.


  • Game is built well i didnt notice any bugs during play
  • This could be someting great if more people were into this kind of thing


  • There is not that big of a commuity that really usese simulators like this.



A Fine Simulator Game with Realistic Graphics and Good Quality Gameplay

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If you like to be an expert bus driver then you should try this bus simulator. It will help you drive in a surrounding that has lots of obstacles. Once you start this simulator game, you need to pick a bus and get ready to drive in the city. You must remember that you are driving a big vehicle, so it has less mobility and be very cautious when you are turning on the street.

I like that this bus simulator has tutorials for controls and shortcuts. I can also select game modes. First is the complete full mission and the second is play in the open world. When playing this game, you should remember that you should just drive on your line and be extra gentle to your passengers because they react on your behavior while driving and turn out to be hostile if you are not doing very well.

Overall, European Bus Simulator is an addicting game especially if you are into driving and the graphic is quite realistic. This simulator game is an excellent way of exercising your expertise in driving big vehicles.


  • The graphic is quite realistic
  • It has lots of functionalities


  • The installation is quite slow




By Jackson Mbindyo

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This is a game that is specially meant for all those who have the zeal and desire to be able to drive and control buses well on cities. The whole action takes place in a fictional city named Freyfurt city. Anyone who would like to enjoy the free ride will have to download the game from the website and then get started.

The main aim of this game is to train one to become a more professional driver, a driver who should use roads safely and ensure the safety of all other road users. The game involves riding in a city with literally all modern city elements ranging from multiple road lanes to zebra crossings and pedestrians who will misuse the zebra crossings. The weather of the city will keep on changing so the driver should adopt to cope up with the same changes.

The game comes in two modes for the user to choose from. One can play either the complete full mission or the open world mode. By playing this game the driver will have unlimited ability to change his bus ranging from repainting to switching to the air conditioner.


  • • One can change and customize the bus
  • • Wonderful graphics and sound effects
  • Different modes and buses to choose from


  • • Requires large amount of space to install.
  • • Tends to slow down performance of the operating system.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play it all day every day until my free time runs out so i metter start playing now because i can not wait .then i am going to tell my friend about this

  • I will play this game on my acer Aspire laptop and It might be able to entertain me as well because I like simulation and bus driving as well

  • i nee have some time for playing when i got break time what ever i think the bus simulator is good, thats why i download this game from my phone

  • Im interested in buses, like playing simulators and has been recommended for me to play as some of my friends have this game - Simply for the fun

  • i am going to be playing this game as a quest to get rid of boredom because i like driving busses so i guess i should really try out this one

What similar programs have you used?
  • EuroTruck Simulator2 for only Europe as I missed going East and american version was failed several times once i tried to install.. there after

  • in the past i have used bus simulator and bus driver but i think that i would prefer this software as it is very realistic and looks like a good game

  • the programs i used so far is softonic and its a good app but sometimes all the apps doesnt work and this isnt right which ypu should dp olkdkdkekdkdkdkkd;lsmmnv

  • eurotruck simulator im very interested with the truck. When im bored i use to drive or to play game in my computer,. actually it make me to feel like real

  • bus simulator 2015 get on board and become a real bus driver and enjoy your time driving buses thought the cite picking up passengers and b

What do you like most about this program?
  • the simulation on this game is really good and i think it will perform at its very best with my g25 steering wheel i own, i want it to improve

  • the graphic was awesome an d i very excited and glad to try this game for release my stress from the hustle and bustle of city life. this can make me feel good

  • who say that this programm is liked by me .me don´t like this pogram.thi program is so poor in every thing and mostly graphic.Thank you bye

  • it gives me good experience of driving as i want to be a bus driver.also that i can to explore driving in different places and cities around the globe

  • the program makes me fill at home when playing the game so i will just say you should try and put the complete version for free which will make it exercellent

European Bus Simulator 2012 is a demo of a free bus simulator game you can download to become a professional driver in an urban environment full of obstacles.

Welcome to Freyfurt city, a fictional place where you will drive. After you download the game you will get started at the central bus station, select your bus and your line and get ready to roll through the city. You must respect the different bus lines and don’t forget you are driving a bus, which has much less mobility than a car, so be careful when you turn in the street!

This software brings real life to your computer. The behaviour of the AI is very realistic and even the pedestrians can have a bad day and get mad at you, so give them a smile to improve your social image.

Great simulation

Choose your game mode; complete full missions or play in the open world. Drive your bus down your own line and be gentle with your passengers; they can react to your behaviour and become hostile.

This software gives you multiple options. You can switch on the air-conditioning, repaint your own bus and adapt your vehicle to the environment circumstances. If there are changes in the weather, you'll have to react differently depending on the kind of meteorological phenomenon. Mist, rain and snow will interfere on your way of driving.

Technical aspects of this simulator

The game is graphically correct. There are some good details, pedestrians are full of small features and textures and bus modelling is quite elaborated. The weather effects are well implemented on the environment showing different kinds of reflections.

There are some issues in the physic aspect like glitches that may interfere on your gaming experience and even make you desperate, but it normally works fine. Once you accept you are driving a bus, it will improve your controls and by ensuring you turn a bit slower than other racing simulators.


Despite the fact that "bus simulation" is not a popular genre, you can find some alternatives to fill that video gaming hole. Bus Simulator is a previous version of this one but it is much loved. BusDriver is also a good simulator, but it may be a bit outdated.

European Bus Simulator 2012 1.3.2 Features

Below you can find the main features of European Bus Simulator 2012 :

  • More than 450 bus stops included
  • 3D effects available
  • Great diversity of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Quite realistic thanks to details such as the possibility of switching on the air-conditioning
  • Finish your missions and play freely
  • Possibility of monitoring the engine’s temperature and oil and gasoline levels among others

If you want to read more information about it, you can do it


This game is a very complete demo simulator for it's genre, that users may love. It is realistic as very few games could be.

  • Very detailed
  • Great graphics
  • Custom options
  • Poor sound
  • Some graphic failures