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Nokia Theme Creator: A great software for creating custom Nokia themes!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Friday, August 1, 2014

Nokia Theme Creator is a great tool specially developed to help the creative minds who hate their Nokia phone’s default theme. The tool lets you create more personalized themes for any Nokia device.

Nokia Theme Creator comes with an intuitive user interface and a wide range of tools to let you take out your creativity. Using this software, you can set your favorite wallpaper, color schemes, template and layouts, home screen widgets etc. It is a great way to wipe out boredom and pass hours easily. Creating customized themes is not at all a complicated task here. Just select your device from the long list and make changes to the appearing template. You can preview the theme at any stage of development through its preview option.

Once you created a theme, you can save it and test on your device. If it is great, let the world use it. Upload it to zedge or other similar sites. Overall, this software is lets you make your phone completely yours!


  • Lots of theme customization options
  • Tons of tools for unleashing your creativity
  • Supports a wide range of devices


  • Does not support latest Lumia devices
Ease to access guides and manuals:




By Hande Njr

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

Besides the main features of a phone which are calling sending text messages and using the internet, there is the appearance factor that says a lot. Actually how your phone looks like defines little aspects of your personality or character. Nokia have been able to provide their users with a tool that they can personalize their phones themes to their Liking. A user can simply download the application to their Nokia devices. Image and sound profiles that are on your Nokia smartphone can be edited using this application. Imagine the theme addition allows the user to dictate the sounds they want to hear when they receive a call or a text message. The main things that can be tweaked relate to appearance thus the shape and color of the interface of the phone. On the application a user have an option of choosing their Nokia phone models after which they can get a pre-designed template that they can edit to their specifications. The application comes complete with a user guide and tutorials hence achieving the goal of being user friendly. You can always share what you created with others. It is a great tool which will identify when new updates are available hence more in terms of theme creation. Though it is for Nokia users only.


  • It is easily downloadable to nokia devices.
  • It has a simple and basic interface.


  • It is only for nokia users.
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Create and Design Your Own Themes Using Nokia Theme Creator

By Ivy Paloma

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nokia Theme Creator is one of my favorite software application right now. This application is a theme generator that allow users like me to create themes for Nokia mobile devices. In this way, you can fill your mobile phone with every kind of fun elements that you create.

Thanks to Nokia Theme Creator I can now edit different image and sounds I have available in my Nokia Phone. This software offers me a lot of possibilities for creating the interface I want on my Nokia phone. If you want to learn more about in this application, tutorials are very useful. It will allow you to understand all the mechanisms and the workflow of Nokia Theme Creator in order to make Nokia wallpaper images.

Overall, Nokia Theme Creator is a good quality software for customizing your Nokia mobile phone in case you like to play with the different options it offers. You must have this software application on your mobile phone.


  • A lot of customization tools
  • You can create and design your own themes


  • This software is only available for Nokia Devices
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To make themes and create beautiful love themes for my patner and myself, it will be in good use because nowerdays its hard to get a theme of yo choice

  • i want to create my own theme using your application program by so doing we will patronise your organisation in future and also promote unity

  • for mobile phone themes modifity please sen me software and my beauty women and she sexy legs in stocking and highn heels also uber manymany

  • to create a great theme for my nokia n86 8MP device.I want to try this app because other online services didn't pleased all my expectations.

  • for making my computer knowledge awsome and to create awearness to people so they can make a better use of there pictures and also saving money and time to download themes and wallpappers

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have never encountered any app or programs of this kind, am just trying it for the first time,well nothing to say again,,bt am hopefully expecting better

  • I have used a program called Photodex Proshow Producer. It was very useful for me. It's vey good for making presentations, birthday videos, etc

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like the program based on the theme creating/editing so that people will see&use me as theme in their various phones which make me more popular

  • heh,never thought that i can modify my old nokia thank you for this nice im guessing im not gonna change my phone.thanks,again.

  • making themes for myself that will best suit what i want, also to have the option of being creative on these old phones besides who wants to always use boring stuff

  • creation is very fantastic tool fot creating the new themes and display outcome on the mobile telephone screen that can change and personalize your phone

  • It good because i want use it to create my own themes and so many things but am still look for another application on this that i will noj just leave here when i download this one first

This software is a free mobile utility that you can download to your Nokia device, to personalise the default themes by converting them to your preferences.

This kind of application can be the difference between standard mobiles and astonishing ones. Thanks to this software you will be able to edit the different sound and image profiles you have available in your Nokia device. This software offers you lots of possibilities for creating the interface you want on your phone. Users have multiple options such as changing the windows colour or the shape.

Users need to select their mobile model, add a template for starting an edition and finally customize the different elements within. Users don’t need to have previous knowledge about this kind of application, as it contains tutorials and a User Guide in case there is any doubt.

Tutorials are quite useful. They allow you to learn and undestand all the mechanisms and workflow of this application in order to create Nokia wallpaper images. You can even share them with other users thanks to the Forum Nokia access.

Transfer your themes and follow the examples

This program provides you with some templates to assist and inspire you. Themes like Frost or Green Day can serve to start some ideas, which you can apply to your own creations.

Something interesting about the application is the fact that you can also select the sounds for your messages and calls. This opens up new ways of customization for whole mobile. You might like to create a theme of your favourite band or make a sport-based interface.

Alternative software

There are alternatives to this software, for example, Nokia PC Suite which doesn’t offer the same customization elements, but it allows the user to completely control the Nokia device´s music, pictures and included applications.

For Android users there is a program called Android PC Suite which allows the features control of your device.

Nokia Theme Creator 6. 0 Features

The main features of this mobile utility are listed below:

  • Improved wizard for creating themes
  • Automatically identifies when there is a new update
  • Export option for PDF previews of themes
  • New manager which warns when there is a new plug-in update
  • Theme creator classified in phone models
  • Flash editor support
  • Content preview which gathers all your themes in the same place (Gallery View)

For further information, visit the developer's site .


Nokia Theme Creator is a good application for customizing your own Nokia mobile phone in case you want to play with the different options it offers..

  • Lots of customizing options
  • Audio settings
  • User guides
  • Limited to Nokia devices