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All in one social media platform that connects people around the world

By Ivy Paloma

On Monday, May 19, 2014

Facebook offers the best way of connecting people all around the world with just one click. Facebook users must be very thankful for the new Video Call feature that Facebook has introduced to its users. This feature will allow you to have a face to face conversation with any of your Facebook friends. This social media platform really knows how to please its users. Keep yourself updated and connected by instant messaging and video calling. The service is free when you are connected to the internet or if not, data charges may apply provided by your mobile operator. Note that the video call feature at the moment cannot make group calls, but then you can always use the Chat option. You can have multiple group chat sessions at a time. You can only do a video call with online friends otherwise you can just leave a message and set a date where both of you can be online. Before you can make use of this feature make sure you had completed the quick and very easy installation set up.


  • Quick and easy installation set up
  • All free unless disconnected in the internet


  • Can only call one friend at a time
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By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This I can say is a very great improvement of face book thanks to mark who is the major founder of this great application that is now being used around the world. Now great news to all those people who have face book accounts and if you don’t have one you better open right now and this because you can be able to chat with your face book friends using this great features of video calling and it works very closely with Skype in that you can be able to see the user on the face as you are chatting them live it does not matter which side of the world they are in. Just like Skype you can also leave messages so that your friends can get them when they come live. There are also emojis that you can send to your friends as you are chatting with them.


The features of face book video calling are

Be able to chat with your face book friends

Leave messages to them if they are not online.


A great way to chat with friends and also family.


  • Finally you can be able to see your friends face to face
  • You can also leave a voice message if the other user is not online


  • it lags alot some times
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By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, December 15, 2014

Make face to face video calling on your facebook account. Yes it is very possible with facebook video calling. It is just a click and your video call starts. You can chat and if you click the call button and no answer you can leave a video message. All this is possible since this utility has the Skype technology. This means both parties must have a web-cam installed in their computers. All in all it will still work if your friends doesn't have a web-cam only that your friends will see and hear you while in your side you will only hear them but not see them. To start the video chat, just check on the icon that appears on the top bar of the chat window after installing the plug-in, click on it and a new window will appear and within seconds you start seeing the face of your friend on the screen, then set the volume as you desire. It has great features which may also be termed a Pros which are use of Skype technology, leaving a voice message if no response, make face to face calls among many.

It is a great software to facebook users since unlike the instant messaging clients this one is video inclusive.


  • Very simple to instal and easy to use
  • It uses Skype technology meaning it is more improved
  • Able to make face to face video calls


  • Cannot work well under slow network connections
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to communicate with friends and family here and abroad without any fee or internet charges and save money for loading and calling loveones..

  • i keep in contact with my girlfriend on messenger and i use my mobile phone and she uses her laptop. we are both 60 years old consenting adults

  • facebook chatting & video with my friends tobe close as communication and i will be thankfull to a lll then you for realsing this software

  • am going to use this program for easy connection with my friends and family that are on facebook so that i will be able to see their face everytime i want.

  • to share video with friends, and to advites facebook great job they are doing, to make our family so happy when ever you left them to work our side the coutry

What similar programs have you used?
  • im not using to make a video call at all.i did not ever use any ap.so iwant use ps or any thing jbndskbvfsjbfvs kj hfbdkfndkjgfb hgkfbdfgb hfkjbdnki

  • i am using skype from last 1year nut i am not satisfy with that because it hang up not working correctly.there for i want to use face book video clling.

  • we use ksdkfjaskjdfkasjf sadkj sdjasdkffas Free Download You are about to download Facebook Video Calling from our server Advantages:

  • for chating when im done to work ill used this to communicated my lovers you know hahahha but it is important to me can you give the innstaller

  • i have not used any similar program for this purpose but i used only the face book video itself but it has a problem on sound and some times

What do you like most about this program?
  • Possibility of getting in touch online with beloved ones, through video communication, which is the Best Means of Online Connections on Facebook Messenger

  • talking on vidio to my friendswho are love seeing whom i get to know how life is treating themand tell them all my good and bad timeson hoiday

  • facebook video calling and chatting in internet with my friends and family all over the world. not for students just for fun and having a good time

  • downoading apps and looking what i can download on this site but some is not working now i downloaded facebook video calling so bye

  • its fast and reliable.Again individuals get oppportunity to converses with family and friends alll over the world.The most interesting is cheap

Facebook Video Calling is a communication plug-in that sets up a video chat in Facebook.

With this software, you will be able to talk to your Facebook friends and see them at the same time. Equipped with Skype technology, Facebook Video Calling allows you to have video conversations directly from your Facebook account.

Easy installation

Installation is fairly simple; you just need to download the component and this tool will be incorporated into your traditional chat. You will be able to speak with your friends with audio and video in real time. Moreover, Facebook Video Calling gives you the chance to leave a video message if your contact is not available at the time.

In order to make it work, both you and your friend need to have a webcam installed in your computer. Nevertheless, if your friend does not have a webcam, they can still see you and hear your voice but you will only be able to hear them speak.

Once you have downloaded the plug-in, a new icon will appear on the top of the bar of all your chat windows. When you click it, a new window will display and in a few seconds your friend’s face will appear on your screen. Adjust the volume and you will be ready to interact with each other.

Facebook Video Calling Features

The features of this program are the following:

  • Face-to-face video calls
  • Add emoticons to your conversations
  • Video call button at the top of the chat window
  • If your friend doesn't respond, you can leave a video message
  • Use Skype technology

For further information about this service, you can go to the official website .

Other possible options

Nowadays video calling is common and an ideal way of communicating with others through the computer. As we previously mentioned, this program’s technology is provided by Skype, which is a frequently used application for making video calls, free calls and to write instant messages.

Another alternative we recommend is Google Talk, which allows you to see your friends in real time and talk to them on video. It also gives you the opportunity to create groups chats and receive notifications.


This software appears to be the perfect complement to Facebook’s traditional chat, as it offers a more interactive and close communication between you and your friends.

  • Free
  • Instant video calls
  • Simple installation
  • Too simple