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video call your facebook friends and see then live how amazing!

By Mark Peter

On Monday, November 30, 2015

skype had been very pre dorminant in the video calling area and that is why facebook had to re invent themselves and introduce this feature that i have fell in love with since the time that it was introduced.When you click on chatting with your friends on facebook at the top you will see a feature named video call then as you call them their photo appears on the screen though it will not appear on full screen mode.

The many times that i have called a substancial amount of the face will appear but it is nice because you get to communicate.The voice clarity is very very clear but some times if the network of either is not very strong you will find that at times you sound mechanisms will tend to lag in some way.KIndly download it now to have a real and true taste of what i am talking about.


  • it is free to download
  • you see the people you are calling with face to face
  • a cheaper mode of communication


  • where network is slow it tends to lag
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All in one social media platform that connects people around the world

By Ivy Paloma

On Monday, May 19, 2014

Facebook offers the best way of connecting people all around the world with just one click. Facebook users must be very thankful for the new Video Call feature that Facebook has introduced to its users. This feature will allow you to have a face to face conversation with any of your Facebook friends. This social media platform really knows how to please its users. Keep yourself updated and connected by instant messaging and video calling. The service is free when you are connected to the internet or if not, data charges may apply provided by your mobile operator. Note that the video call feature at the moment cannot make group calls, but then you can always use the Chat option. You can have multiple group chat sessions at a time. You can only do a video call with online friends otherwise you can just leave a message and set a date where both of you can be online. Before you can make use of this feature make sure you had completed the quick and very easy installation set up.


  • Quick and easy installation set up
  • All free unless disconnected in the internet


  • Can only call one friend at a time
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Friday, September 19, 2014

Communicating with friends and family has really become common nowadays because of the various platforms of social media that have been released. For instance google talk, skype instagram and many more. But I’ve used all this application but I found face book video calling more convenient for me. Whether I have a tablet, smartphone or a PC I will be able to communicate with friends and family. This is because I can make free calls and speak with friends at real time. All you need is both of you to be internet enabled and webcam enabled. It has special emoticons that can act as a form of communicating. This application uses Skype technology though you’re connected to face book and so no change occurs in log into it since you’re still connected to face book account. Even if you have webcam it is also advisable to have microphones so as to hear each other clearly. If you contact your friend and find she is not available you can leave a message or a video message and you’re friend will get it later.facebook video calling is easy and fast to download and it is a good form of communication that is much recommendable


  • It is reliable form of communication and you get instant video calls
  • It is easy to download and use


  • You can’t form group or video calls of various friends and you can communicate one at a time.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want usu facebookcalling to see my family from facebook and skype too i hope i can use it succesfully i can try for this programme it is so nice

  • Video calling my boyfriend who lives in gillingham about an hour away. I haven't seen him ina month and this is very useful and makes our relationship easier

  • ideo calling my family and friends keeping in touch with them all making sure we are doing everything ok in life without any problems thats why

  • Private Social Video Calling that is Age Appropriate - Nothing x rated or Adult oriented Strictly to Reach Out and Connect with Friends !!!

  • i am doing so because i waant to maintain good relationship with my neighbours relatives nad also friends and i also i wanty to know that wht is going on in their family

What similar programs have you used?
  • still not use any video call since i remove last time the facebook video calling due to some system update i lost it and now i need to reinstall

  • I have not used any other programs before. this is my first time using this and its cool that you guys made it possible for people to get it

  • skype video chat were used for the chatting with my friends family all others in my contact so i want to dowload face book video call for every day

  • Face Book messanger is used by me now i want to use something batterfor video call to my friends and fimly members and my office coleeges also.

  • real player its best my name is halwkawt ist best way to connection its true i mean we can calling to all world people may haha hsghgah haga

What do you like most about this program?
  • The program is a nice programme. It will allow me to chat with friend on daily basis without stress and be able to see them physically while chating

  • i like mosttly to share through looking post from people of the diffrent ethnic so that we may shat together via f different person as it is

  • I love facebook video call, it makes us enjoy calls with our friends when feeling emotions and to see frends chose and far to know more about them

  • that i can free call whoever i wan,without paying only using wifi.Amazing app ihighlly recomande this app too all my friends and relatives!1

  • I don't know what the problems since I try to download and also it Has Virus and spyware, I think that you will help me to dwonload at all time

Facebook Video Calling is a communication plug-in that sets up a video chat in Facebook.

With this software, you will be able to talk to your Facebook friends and see them at the same time. Equipped with Skype technology, Facebook Video Calling allows you to have video conversations directly from your Facebook account.

Easy installation

Installation is fairly simple; you just need to download the component and this tool will be incorporated into your traditional chat. You will be able to speak with your friends with audio and video in real time. Moreover, Facebook Video Calling gives you the chance to leave a video message if your contact is not available at the time.

In order to make it work, both you and your friend need to have a webcam installed in your computer. Nevertheless, if your friend does not have a webcam, they can still see you and hear your voice but you will only be able to hear them speak.

Once you have downloaded the plug-in, a new icon will appear on the top of the bar of all your chat windows. When you click it, a new window will display and in a few seconds your friend’s face will appear on your screen. Adjust the volume and you will be ready to interact with each other.

Facebook Video Calling Features

The features of this program are the following:

  • Face-to-face video calls
  • Add emoticons to your conversations
  • Video call button at the top of the chat window
  • If your friend doesn't respond, you can leave a video message
  • Use Skype technology

For further information about this service, you can go to the official website .

Other possible options

Nowadays video calling is common and an ideal way of communicating with others through the computer. As we previously mentioned, this program’s technology is provided by Skype, which is a frequently used application for making video calls, free calls and to write instant messages.

Another alternative we recommend is Google Talk, which allows you to see your friends in real time and talk to them on video. It also gives you the opportunity to create groups chats and receive notifications.


This software appears to be the perfect complement to Facebook’s traditional chat, as it offers a more interactive and close communication between you and your friends.

  • Free
  • Instant video calls
  • Simple installation
  • Too simple