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Candy Crush Saga 1.84

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The Divine, Tasty, Delicious, and Sweet Game That you will Experience

By Maria Bernabe

On Thursday, May 29, 2014

Candy Crush Saga is a very addictive, but frustrating game I have ever played. The game starts a bit easily, but soon the game gets very difficult and more challenging. If you do not have sufficient time, do not start playing it. I am telling you that this game is an addictive one. Also, Candy Crush Saga is now available in Kindle. However, I have no idea how long this game has been available there I just found it through an ad on another game. All I can say is, it is better playing it on the Kindle and not on your mobile phone.

Overall, Candy Crush Saga is an awesome game, it is fun and it blows our mind. I find this game exciting and frustrating especially when a player gets stuck on a level, but yet again they do not want it to be easier. What a great game! You better try playing it now.


  • Excellent graphics that will leave you hungry for more
  • Easy and enjoyable to play


  • This game is so addictive
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Colourful, addictive, and pretty puzzle adventure video game candy crush saga!

By Eve Naliaka

On Friday, May 22, 2015

Candy Crush Saga 1.48.0

This is puzzle game published by; it is a game that is not restricted to any age simple and easy to play. It is has 25 episodes to play with different 480 levels. You can play the game on your PC or your mobile phone since the game is now available on mobile platforms. You need to have a face book to play this game because some levels will require your friends to help you unlock.

Candy Crush Saga is social, fun, addictive, competitive, fun and adventurous game. In the game you are required to different candles and eliminate them. The game is quite challenging at some levels, but you are provided with charms and boosters to compete the most difficult levels so don’t be scared. You should work hard to eliminate candles because when you fail you lose a life.

The game contains nice colorful graphics with excellent game play you will never stop playing this game on your pc or phone the day you will discover it.


  • Free accessible tutorials for newbie’s
  • Can be played on PC or mobiles phone


  • The game can be addictive
  • The higher you go the levels becomes challenging.
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Candy Crush Saga - It is fun coated with sugar and chocolate

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Candy Crush Saga is a sweet, very addictive puzzle game for PC, consoles and mobile devices. The game looks very simple and cute, with a bunch of delicious candies. You can mix them, match them and even pop them. Don’t get fooled by the sweet appearance of Candy Crush Saga, as the levels are little bit harder to solve. The game is one of the most chosen titles on facebook today.

Gameplay is very simple. You start your journey from candy town, situated in the first world to the gummy gardens in seventh world. Each place will have its own set of levels which you should complete to continue the journey. Each level will have some objectives to complete, for example, scoring a threshold point within time limit or breaking jellies. All what you should do is to swap candies to make three or more similar candies come together, and thus crush them. When you mix more than three candies together, a powerful candy like wrapped candy or stripped candy will be formed. You can use their powers to pop more candies together.

It’s all about lives. As you run out of time or moves, you will lose one life. Don’t worry if all your lives finished. They will get regenerated after a particular waiting time. Or you can get lives from your friends.

The developer, King, has wonderfully blended amazing graphics, tempting music and tasty puzzles to create this sugar crush. The game is a very fantastic one to spend hours without boredom. No doubt, it is a must play game!


  • Amazing sound effects makes it delicious
  • Increasing difficulty to test your brain
  • Colorful and bright graphics makes it fun
  • Wide range of colorful candies and powerups


  • Some levels are as harder as you cannot solve
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for use at home desktop with my family and friends to keep us busy aand entertained,it will also help in teaching kids how to solve mystery puzzles

  • for playing and enjoying and get to improve our mind shearpness and one more things i love this game because in every stage in candy the level is hard


  • yes i am going to use the program to time paas please dowanloads game is candy crush saga thank you sir and very intresting game cyandy cru

  • A.I like the quick downloads & browser. Opera Mini has been a great link for me. I can access Facebook quicker, download news, weather and other information.

What similar programs have you used?
  • android and windows because love to play all the games which i like most i need to play this game immidiatly for sake of my mind to develope

  • yes, i used similar programs in the past, so you know this and give me a previlage to this software. for your cooperative thank you verry much

  • criminal case, pearls peril, agricola, eclipse, ticket to ride, scrabble, tichu, dominion, stone age, spell tower, wooords, asphalt 6, infiniti blade

  • Alberto Martinez loves playing Candy Crush spending time with family and friends witching you all have a blessed Sunday God Bless you all Amen

  • i have not used any program which similar with candy crush saga 1.84. Thank you for being allowed to download it for free of charge. regards

What do you like most about this program?
  • It entertains me whenever i am bored. What i love most is when five candys come together to form a big candy which will in turn smash any colour of candys.

  • came to know from my friends still not yet started it.Let me start playing then I can be able to submit my feedback onthe game without fail

  • Keeps my brain going, its interesting and very nice too.i enjoy while playing this game very much,it grabs all my attention and it inspires alot when you willing to win than losing.


  • its fast and safe and free.very easy to use.i just hope and pray that your website works and downloads the rite game! What more do you guys still want me to say here?O.M.G!! I am at a loss for words right now


Candy Crush Saga is a very addictive match-3 puzzle game centered on switching and matching candy in combinations of three or more. Developed by, the authors of such games as Pet Rescue Saga, in this adventure you must travel through 25 episodes and more than 480 levels in a world replete with sweet candy. This addictive application is very simple and easy to play. If you are persistent, you can dominate just by playing in your spare time.

In this adventure you must travel through 25 episodes and more than 480 levels in a world replete with sweet candy

Released for Facebook in 2012, Candy Crush Saga became so popular that it was launched for mobile platforms a few short months later. Connection with your Facebook account is important, as you need Facebook friends to help you unlock certain levels but from level 35 onwards, Facebook is no longer necessary. The application is social by nature, which makes it quite competitive and fun when you share your scores on the leaderboard and with your Facebook friends.

Complete all levels!
Complete all levels!

How to enjoy this puzzle

As already mentioned, Candy Crush Saga is very simple and easy to play. The gameplay is similar to the famous Bejeweled game. Your main goal is to combine three or more candies in order to eliminate them. As you travel through the game eliminating candies, some levels are more challenging than others. For example, some levels must be completed in a limited amount of moves or time. You also have a limited number of lives, and oftentimes you will need a life or two to complete a level. If you fail a level, a life is lost. Lives are regenerated every 30 minutes, or you can also ask your Facebook friends for help or to purchase new lives.

If you create a combination of more than 3 identical candies, special new candies will appear. These new candies provide special effects when combined with certain moves. If you combine two or more special candies, powerful effects are unleashed. There are obstacles to deal with in certain levels, but the game also provides boosters and charms which can provide special help to solve these stages. The game avoids repetition, as the combinations of candies and special candies you create are limitless.

A huge world at your feet
A huge world at your feet

Candy Crush Saga 1.84 Features

Below you will find all the awesome features of Candy Crush Saga:

  • Mix and match candies in combinations of three or more
  • In-app purchases to get lives or boosters
  • More than 480 levels to play and enjoy
  • Connect with Facebook to access more levels
  • Colorful and attractive graphics
  • Unlock items by completing levels
  • Rate a mention on the leaderboard with your highest scores
  • Charms and boosters are available to help you complete the most difficult levels
  • Tutorial at the beginning of the game to learn how to get started
  • Very stable on your device
  • Different combinations to “crush” each level’s candy
  • Low system requirements to avoid lags and flaws
  • Multiplatform: this app is available for Android and iOS

If you are interested in Candy Crush Saga and you want more information about this match-3 puzzle before you download it, visit the official website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play this app on your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2n FroYo or higher
  • Free Space: 31.56 MB

If you want to download it to your iOS device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or newer
  • Free Space: 37.1 MB


Candy Crush Saga stands out for it's multiple levels, attractive and colorful graphics and for the possibility of unlocking items when you complete stages. Interaction with Facebook makes this application a very popular one.