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Live football in your PC with Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 edition

By Will Terry

On Friday, April 4, 2014

As a fan of this football game franchise, I think this year’s edition has been completely changed. At first, the faces weren’t too realistic and correct, but with recent updates they have been fixed. In any way, the players look too plasticized, and it may be due to the new graphics FOX engine that Konami has used for developing this title. I expect more for the next edition in this aspect.

About the teams included, there are new teams from more leagues, but the main teams are always those from the Champions League, especially Bayern Munich, PSG, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The gameplay is more complicated than in previous versions, which also makes it deeper. The whole free kick system has changed. Now you can count with some help for establishing visually where the ball will go, something that has increased the goal rate for these actions.

Master League mode keeps being one of the main attractive points of the game, and the online multiplayer mode with its ranking will put you to play against the best players around the world, and that is very difficult sometimes. Although the Heart System looks good I always play with this feature disabled. PES 2014 can be improved and I hope this for the next installment.


  • More teams available to choose
  • The online mode keeps the game alive
  • Master League is impressive too


  • Gameplay can be severely improved
  • Graphics are not so realistic



Play Soccer Like it’s the Real Thing with the 2014 Edition of PES

By Christine Diaz

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Soccer game lovers like me are sure to love this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer. It is returning this year with a grand entrance of focusing its gameplay to improved user experience. It features improved animations, a new graphics engine, and a great landscape atmosphere to highlight the 2014 edition. What’s more, it offers tournaments, cups, and leagues – all can be played via online in multiplayer mode.

While I played, PES allowed me to take part in single games by challenging other players and vice versa. I also got a chance to get included in the Master League, which I play either in online or offline mode. I can create my own team, buy or sell players, manage contracts, and best of all, lead my team to glory. With all these features, I can even become the manager of a country’s soccer team.

I can also take one player and watch as his career progress. He can be entered into competitions, especially playing in the much coveted championship mode – something that was not present in the 2013 edition. To enter the championships, training options are packed with a wide range of tutorial levels. They are all easily understandable to start with. I even got starter tips all throughout the game.

I have to admit, the developers have improved this year’s PES version. It is a very fun and rewarding game that has allowed me to immerse myself in a stadium like no other. They surely took the right direction to enhance simulation, graphics, controls, and most importantly, gameplay – all to the joy of the lovers of this game genre.


  • Improved animations with better simulation
  • Detailed graphics that shows almost real atmosphere


  • Sometimes the game pace becomes too slow



Get to experience an intense and realistic kind of football match

By Isay Almenanza

On Monday, May 19, 2014

If you are a soccer fan like me, then I guess you are familiar with this game. PES 2014 is an excellent game with new updates made by Konami. It has a remarkable gameplay and realistic animation that make this one of the best football simulator today.

However, dropping the stadium editor and rain is a bit frustrating for me, but I feel that there is so much potential with this game. I also like that you get a chance to move your team in the Master league and play it either online or offline. PES 14 also has all three major continental tournaments. You can select Europe, America or Asia which is a huge factor for me because I certainly like to know about the new teams and the different players. It will truly increase my knowledge in this sport.

If you want to create your own player and develop various skills, it is also possible. If you like football and you want to play on different game modes, this game is worth checking.


  • It has a great gameplay
  • It has more realistic animation


  • You may experience lagging issues




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for fill my activity every day if i always boored about my life like than ever begining this program into the real way from my choice this now

  • To enjoy myself and have fun with my friends, especially schoolmates and classmates. It is also an avenue for relasation. I want to say a big thanks to the company.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is very beautifull program and i advice all pepole to use it and because from this parogarm you can download any think and knowing information

  • because it of its amaxing graphics quality sound userfrndly controls hels me to play na enjoy this game. even the players r look alike s if we r playing with real players

  • very entertaining and intresting. mainly for us who love watching and playing soccer not only on noational level but also internationally. so i wish to have the game

  • taking trophies which encourages me to play any time and i like this game so much but fortunetly i get now so let me download at this moment

  • Because, it is very sweet for me and well understand. And the program help me alot about my future. By God grace i will still continue it, thanks



PES 2014 is a football game for PC, part of the Pro Evolution Soccer saga. Developed and published by Konami, this sports videogame is licensed to provide competitions such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Europa League. Besides this, PES 2014 also owns the exclusive license for the AFC Champions League. As a new addition, the software now includes even more licensed soccer clubs to improve the realistic feeling during a match.

This new version is a step in the evolution of the saga thanks to its modified version of the Fox Engine. This is the first step towards the easier development of multiplatform games. Along with other new features such as Team Play, TrueBall Tech or Motion Animation Stability System, the download of this videogame heralds a new beginning for the popular series.

A videogame constantly upgraded

PES 2014 is a soccer game for PC that will delight Pro Evolution Soccer fans, since it really represents the evolution of this popular saga. Thanks to all the new features, playing PES 2014 delivers a revitalizing experience. Its enhanced graphics system will make you feel that you're watching your favorite football stars playing, and its improvement in motion animation will show how the players really play.

In addition, another good thing about this videogame is that it allows you to take advantage of all the features that its developer periodically upgrades with free releases. Since all of these upgrades come more frequently than they did in previous versions, your game will be constantly improved via simple downloads. These upgrades include new player transfers, the natural improvement during the season, and general fixes of the whole software. Nevertheless, if you like football games, we also recommend to you its main competitor, the well-known FIFA saga, especially its 2014 edition , which includes famous football players such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

PES 2014 Features

Below you will find some interesting new features about PES 2014:

  • The evolution of the Fox Engine has produced a better development of the soccer videogame
  • TrueBall Tech, which provides a more realistic behavior of the ball in the field
  • The Core: the videogame has undergone an evolution in its visual aspects
  • Improvement of PES ID, which imitates the movements of the football stars and also the team's style
  • Motion Animation Stability System (MASS) improves the realism of the contact between players
  • Heart: enables realistic behavior of the players according to their mood, the support of the fans, etc.
  • Combination Plan in Team Play, which improves the use of the game tactics
  • Free movements without the ball

You can find more information about this PES 2014 download in the developer website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to play PES 2014 on your PC are:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or above
  • GPU: AMD Radeon HD 5450 512 MB or Nvidia GeForce 510
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disk: 8.5 GB of free space


PES 2014 is a good-quality soccer videogame that stands out due to a couple of new features that considerably improve its realism and gameplay. This time it comes with the license to provide more competitions and teams, and also brings a modified, inprovedmversion of its Fox Engine.

  • New competitions
  • New teams
  • Fox Engine development
  • Team play
  • TrueBall Tech
  • Motion Animation Stability System
  • It still lacks some licenses