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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

Most people who use a computer can easily delete a file accidentally. It could be troublesome especially if what you accidentally deleted was an important work related or personal document. Thanks to recover my files you can get back what you initially lost. Most people will wonder if something they even deleted from the recycle bin can be recovered, well this is absolutely true. Even files that were previously in a formatted disk can still be recovered using recover my files. With a few simple clicks the software scans the computer as per your instructions; you can simultaneously do several searches at once in order to get conclusive results. The gracious service this software offers is not only limited to the personal computers but you can also recover lost files from flash disks, floppy disks, memory cards among others, even though they have been formatted. In conclusion I would like to emphasize that this is a great tool that anyone can use because in most cases you will find that you have accidentally deleted something. It is very simple and basic hence user friendly and accomplishes its tasks fast. I like it and would recommend people to try it.


  • You can simultaneously do several searches at once in order to get conclusive results.
  • You can also recover lost files from flash disks, floppy disks, memory cards among others.


  • It doesn't recover everything sometimes.
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Powerful Tool That Helps You Restore Your Deleted Or Lost Files In Your Computer

By Christine Diaz

On Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This software is an excellent example of data recovery software that can recover some deleted files in your emptied Recycle Bin. These files were lost due to reformatting your hard drive, or removed by some kind of virus or sometimes when you experience unexpected shutdown of your personal computer.

When I accidentally delete my files and emptied my Recycle Bin, this tool has been able to recover my lost files in my laptop. I’m glad I tried to use this application. It actually saves my money and time from recovering my precious data.

This recovery application offers a good safety net in case you accidentally delete some important data or files. In using this software, you will have choices between the two options in retrieving data. First is simply recovering data, and the other one is recovering your entire drive. It can also detect some external devices that you will have in your computer, and you can use this application to recover the lost data in your external drive.


  • It can restore more than 200 types of files
  • It can detect external drive


  • Doesn't have an option in retrieving files over the network
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A Program That Will Manage All of Your Files You Deleted Long Time Ago

By Maria Bernabe

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Recover My Files is a helpful data recovery program that helps me to get those files and data that I thought I could no longer retrieve and rescue. If you lost very important file or you deleted all your files for no apparent reason, I think, this program is your solution. With this software, you will be able to recover your important files, including those that have been deleted in your Recycle Bin. Also, Recover My Files has a very reliable mechanism which lets you view the entire search process while the program runs. Moreover, it carries out a whole storage analysis, which takes several hours, but is all worthwhile. With this program, you do not need technical knowledge to find any data even if your disk has been formatted. Finally, with Recover My Files you can now retrieve any files and any folders or data that has been removed on your computer.


  • Recovers all types of files and data
  • This program is fast and offers precise analysis


  • Limited time use and restricted features
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I plan to use to recovering my data on flashdisc it may accure by virus sreensaver n all my .doc .xls turn into .scr extension file, thankyou

  • You are about to do wnloadYour download is always availableThe best download speed Recover My Files from our server Advantages:

  • To repair a damaged usb disk looking for its partition and to recover lost files in it. I need some documents, images, movies and one application

  • my usb disk cannot be accessed due to virus attacked, i would like to try this program to recover my personnel office documents, hoping it will worked well

  • recover my files but i deleted my hard disc accidently and i am to install windows seven home premium in my laptop hewlet packard

What similar programs have you used?
  • NO i never tried to use any other files in such same type, but now am trying to have this and let me see how it workout for my further usages

  • this software is very exquisite to recover. i found it too fruitful and helping. i hope i could regain my images and videos which i lost . best wishes

What do you like most about this program?
  • yes i like it very much its too forward and so easy we should agree to use this software for our real emancipation . i will thanked full my data is back.

  • fiability and speed and also I want to try it again because I tried a lot of other programs but I am still looking for an accurate one perhaps It ll be yours.

  • it's the most practicle program i've used it's good and speed recupere aii files deleted or lost and free use, better than the other programs


Recover My Files is a recovery application used to get the files you have deleted on your computer. If you have lost important information of your PC and you want to get it back, this software can scan your folders and drives in a few easy steps.

Recover My Files helps you to recover all types of files and not only documents that you have on your computer, but external drives.

Get back your accidentally deleted documents

This useful tool lets you scan all your discs in a simple process. You can select all your files with all kind of extensions and instruct the software only to look in certain folders. To accelerate the process you can make specific searches.

Recover My Files makes searches of documents and also of a complete drive. You can view a thorough analysis of what this recovery tool can do in order to get back your files.

The interface lets users suit their needs, even for beginners who have lost their documents by accident or who formatted their computer recently.

Similar programs

There are other programs with the same performance that you can try with equally accurate results. Recuva is a type of file recovery software with a powerful engine to analyze your computer in order to get back your lost documents.

Another software with the same process is Glary Undelete which also offers the possibility of recovering your files by adding filters by name, size or type.

Recover My Files Features

Below you can find its main features:

  • Regain your documents, even if you have eliminated them from the Recycle Bin
  • Recover your files with an accidental format
  • Recover your disk after suffering a hard disk crash
  • Get everything you want even from RAW hard drives
  • It works with camera cards, USB, floppy disk or even iPod among others
  • Regain files even from different file systems such as File Allocation Table (FAT), New Technology File System (NTFS) or Hierarchical File System (HFS)

For further information, we recommend you to check the developer’s website here


This is a useful tool with an easy interface that analyzes your PC to get back the files you desire from any device, specific folder or complete drives. With this program you can also search for documents on USBs and memory sticks.

Some features are restricted

Limited time use

  • Powerful analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Search in external drives
  • Stability issues
  • Doesn’t have filters on results