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Get into the music world with this audio editor pr PC

By Stephanie Jackson

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cool Edit Pro is a simple way to edit your audio files. You can use this software to record simple audio tracks or even complicated songs thanks to the multi-track system. This was my first audio application I ever used, since I think it is really intuitive and easy to use. Using this Cool Edit Pro application you can learn the basics of audio editing with a powerful yet not resource eager software. Thanks to the tools included by default in Cool Edit you can manage your tracks the way you need up to 64 tracks in the same session.

Although the tools included are really good, some users would require advanced features that the program itself doesn’t provide. In order to solve that, Cool Edit Pro supports external plugins, in order to increase the number of functions. This way you can insert some effects that were not possible in the first time. With the support of DirectX, you can be sure that the quality audio is good enough for your projects. Make the most of your hardware equipment thanks to this software and create the audio tracks you want thanks to the useful tools included or just to be installed after the application.


  • Expandable number of plugin tools
  • Clear interface that help the user in the process
  • Record and modify your own projects


  • There are no new versions
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By Jackson Mbindyo

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I think since I started editing my photos way back, I have never come across such an easy way of doing it since I come across the wonderful Cool Editor Pro 2.this is an easy photo editor that is easily downloadable and installed in computers. By using this tool one is able to create image montages very easily.

This app comes with templates which are very useful in guiding users to arrive at the kind of picture they would like to arrive is very easy to use and what a user needs is just to select a landscape and then put a frame on it and then one is ready to edit. What makes it astonishing even more to work with this app is that it comes with more than 100 frames to choose from to get should be noted that the frames are very important in shaping the images. The kind of frame will determine the final shape of the image.

This app has more than 180 available masks and more than 100 different clip art to help the user get the desired look at their images and photos


  • • It is very easy to use
  • • Has more than enough frames to choose one can make different shapes of images
  • • It can change photo size and position


  • • Can only make simple photos edits
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Cool Edit Pro 2.1 is one good audio recording program

By Joseph Wachira

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Talking of an audio application best for recording and editing samples and creating your own tracks, well Cool Edit Pro 2.1 is the way to go. This program is created in such a way that makes it easy to mix different tracks thanks to its intuitive interface. You can plug in external devices such as midi controller, microphones and external audio cards to enhance it efficiency.

Other alternative software’s are Sound Forge and Adobe Audition which may act as learning kits to using this one. This updated version comes with an improved performance and more additional features like a better use of plugins. Its other features include amplitude of effects, the ability to remove the lyrics from the audio track.

For simple, effective work and good features in your music production, Cool Edit Pro is you preferable choice of program to work with since it is not complicated to work this and has a high speed.


  • You can mix two tracks.
  • You can extract lyrics from a track.
  • It’s not too complicated for starters.


  • This trial version only saves the first ten seconds of your track.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • This program helps me alot for editing, recording and much more. It is very easier, conveinent and well to use. Cool Edit Pro is used world widelt.

  • to editing music for our Christmas Party this coming December 2016 at Dao Pagadian City, for our Company, Metrograpix Digital Solotion and General Merchandise

  • To edit and mix recordings to be used in a radio station. We all ready bought it and just want to install it on an additional computer. Serial 200-00-37YQQQ7L

  • personal use, for practising and mastering some basic editing, aiming to be a pro someday. hopefully in a near future by his mercy. good apps

  • I have a project to finish. Teacher ask me to download cool edit to use, and it will be used on text to speak system. It mainly uses in change the data type of audio.

What similar programs have you used?
  • ableton live lite i guess it was nice but i want this one so i can rock out all night long wkth cool edit pro im sur yall been making hits to

  • i was using cool edit recoding software but now it has been expaire so i want to download new one from your site and hope i hope what am about

  • Fl Studio, Audacity, Reaper, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Itunes, Google Chrome, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Drum Machines Logic, reason, Audition,

  • i usely use adobr audition 1.5 but am interested with cool edit pro 2 version because i rely want to try with this demo first and will soon,

  • i have never produced before so please allow me to use this application to download so that i can make beats and put a song together with my friends

What do you like most about this program?
  • great program for editing audio online that helps us to modify or create a new son as well. do not mis this one... absolutely great software using for a long time

  • i want to learn about editing sounnd and because a i have worked at radio and in team production cause i think i very need thia aplication much

  • very helpful and friendly user. always available. the best speed. file is free of spyware and viruses. my bestfriend and most reliable software ever.

  • its professional sounding quality, much better than audacity as audacity is sloppy comapred to this. aswell as it seemingly being even easier

  • the options are great I'm writing anything cause I have too and I think its stupid to ask me to write a text to download the software l;dkdslg;dfkgd;lgk

Cool Edit Pro is an audio application which allows you to record and edit audio samples and create your own tracks thanks to its tools and possibilities.

This software was designed to provide an easy way of mixing different tracks with easy functions and an intuitive interface. Copy, paste and crop different audio formats and manage them to create your own tracks. You can plug external devices in order to enhance the control and features of the application such as external audio cards, mixers and microphones.

With this program you can connect USB devices without any problem since they are compatible once you get your respective drivers installed.


If you want to try some other similar programs you might get Sound Forge since it is designed for beginner users in order to learn about how to use this kind of software with multiple options and a good quality. Another option would be Adobe Audition, the updated version of this application with an improved performance and more features added such as a better use of software plugins.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Features

The main features of this software are listed below:

  • Multitrack sessions (up to 64 audio tracks)
  • Plug-ins support
  • Amplitude of effects to add to files (3D echo, equalizer, chorus, etc.)
  • Audio recorder
  • Exports in multiple file audio formats (over 25 file formats)
  • Can remove the lyrics of an audio track (audio extractor from Internet radio, live concerts, LPs, TV and DVD)
  • Built-in DirectX support
  • Trial version (only saves the first ten seconds of files)

For more information, you can visit the developer's website .


Cool Edit Pro is a good application to get started into the music world with good features and a simple way of working. Take advantage of the options it provides and create your own personal tracks mixing different samples intuitively.

Note: this software is no longer available; you may try Adobe Audition instead

  • Simple functions
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Not advanced features