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The Most Popular Digital Audio Editor That You Must Have

By Isay Almenanza

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cool Edit Pro is a digital audio recorder and workstation from Adobe System. It is widely used in the broadcasting industry. This program became the most popular digital audio editor in the Windows community maybe because it has a nice interface that is easy to handle and also it has many audio effects that you can use for editing your music tracks.

Cool Edit Pro also became a multi track recorder, which some users need. The only downside of this program is you cannot mix in stereo and 5.1 surround formats. Version 2.1, however, offers 45 DSP effects and it can read and write more than 20 file formats, including MP3 decode and encode.

Overall, this program is a nice stereo editor and multi track recording tool. It is also good for recording real instruments by overdubbing. I think, it is the digital audio software that you have been waiting for.


  • It has many audio effects
  • Compatible with a lot of formats


  • No support for control surfaces
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The Most Advanced Audio Editing Platform Made For Windows Operating Systems

By Rose Sincro

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cool Edit Pro is an excellent and advanced audio editing software for Windows to be used by either a newbie or professionals. Manipulation of sound waves comes in an easy process without needing excellence skills in editing. This audio editing software can create, edit and mix songs of your choice. It can export audio files in many formats. Cool Edit Pro 2.1 has adjustable parameters that can configure the frequency. Cool Edit Pro has a sound filter feature that is very useful in omitting unnecessary background noise. The software also allows you to get the sound data from any video files and convert it to MP3 format. Cool Edit Pro offers a range of sound effects that can be used to enhance your audio recording further. It has a batch process file feature that can double up the speed of importing and exporting. It also has the capability to support multiple plug-ins. Have a full control over the waves and edit it the way you want it.


  • Supports many audio formats when exporting
  • Has useful Sound Filter feature via DSPE


  • Mainly used for Windows OS only
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Get to experience one of the best sound editing software today

By Christine Diaz

On Thursday, May 29, 2014

I love listening to music. I enjoy retro, rap, jazz and even pop. Good thing I was introduced to Cool Edit Pro. It is one of the mostly used sound editing programs today. It allows you to edit and create songs depending on your liking. There are also different sound effects that you can work on. You can process audio files and add equalizations, distortions and many more. What makes it stand out among the rest is its multi-track capability. It can run 64 tracks simultaneously. It also offers sound filters using Digital Signal Processing Effect and even accepts plug-ins which gives it additional functions. Once you are done with your music, you can convert it to various formats depending on your preference. Cool Edit Pro is like having your own recording studio with the use of your PC. Even though I’m just a beginner, I did not have any problems when I started using it. It is straightforward and simple to use.


  • Simultaneous tracks are possible with this program
  • Provides Digital Signal Processing Effect (DSPE)


  • Functions are limited on demo version
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • privet use to show friends at work a message about the new role in the company . I want to create funny dubbing on movies to reflect those messages

  • to record some music and produce some hiphop rocl pop jazz rap beats instrumental pianp drum dj mc aka singer singing violin record voice fit

  • i enjoy doing music , it has always been a passion of mine looking for a good home studio to start up also, i heard about this and would like to try it

  • to produce my own music independently make my own beats edit my own songs gain money fourtune fame yeah thats what i wnat just like everyone

  • edit music so i can enhance my listening to each individual track allmixed in together which i think will be really cool and that it really ok

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used programs such as audacity, soundforge, audition, and protools. The text says I have 45 characters left, so I'll keep writing until

  • I have used Radiomation, Burli, RCS and loads of other programmes too numerous to mention but what kind of informtatioon are you looking for


  • Musical Sketch Pad,Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, AudacitAdobe Audition CC,Nero EXPStudio Audio Editor,GoldWaveWavePad Audio Editing Software,

  • I have not used any other programs up til now. This is the first one I will be trying. i need to learn video editing muself. on my pc. regards

What do you like most about this program?
  • ease of editing and the various resources offered . It offers everything necessary for an excellent edition. It is the best audio editor known

  • I'm very please with it i like that you can hear me more than this loudness in the background and i can put down some nice music for everyone

  • vocal editing,audio mixing and other's making some jingles for commercial for political campaign and also im just practicing for my knowledge

  • this program lets me feel that its hassle free and safe for my laptop. I would probably recommend this to my friends who also love to mix music.

  • it benefits academic service. it helps enhancing the voice file into various types. all sounds can be adjusted for profoundably analysis. it

Cool Edit Pro is an audio application which allows you to record and edit audio samples and create your own tracks thanks to its tools and possibilities.

This software was designed to provide an easy way of mixing different tracks with easy functions and an intuitive interface. Copy, paste and crop different audio formats and manage them to create your own tracks. You can plug external devices in order to enhance the control and features of the application such as external audio cards, mixers and microphones.

With this program you can connect USB devices without any problem since they are compatible once you get your respective drivers installed.


If you want to try some other similar programs you might get Sound Forge since it is designed for beginner users in order to learn about how to use this kind of software with multiple options and a good quality. Another option would be Adobe Audition, the updated version of this application with an improved performance and more features added such as a better use of software plugins.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Features

The main features of this software are listed below:

  • Multitrack sessions (up to 64 audio tracks)
  • Plug-ins support
  • Amplitude of effects to add to files (3D echo, equalizer, chorus, etc.)
  • Audio recorder
  • Exports in multiple file audio formats (over 25 file formats)
  • Can remove the lyrics of an audio track (audio extractor from Internet radio, live concerts, LPs, TV and DVD)
  • Built-in DirectX support
  • Trial version (only saves the first ten seconds of files)

For more information, you can visit the developer's website .


Cool Edit Pro is a good application to get started into the music world with good features and a simple way of working. Take advantage of the options it provides and create your own personal tracks mixing different samples intuitively.

Note: this software is no longer available; you may try Adobe Audition instead

  • Simple functions
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Not advanced features