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The Most Suitable Sound-Editor for Making Your Own Soundtracks in Windows

By Maria Bernabe

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I’ve continued using this cool software in one form, or another since 2000. The current and earlier version 2.1 is the completion of years of development and is reliable. Simple to manage the platform, essentially if the users recognize how to run a mixer and recorder, the there would no difficulty working with the Cool Edit Pro mixer and recorder. If I intend to clean up different tracks or record and mix a song, Cool Edit does the job right.

This software is rather small. It runs pretty smoothly on any computers. I've only had a problem on a couple of times, which I doubt is more due to Windows problems. I operate Cool Edit Pro 2.1 on a Pentium 3 Windows XP Service Pack 2. Also, it is easy for me to record 10 tracks at a time with my M-Audio Delta 1010 LT sound card.

The only thing I need to have this software is that it would be better if there is a MIDI support and framework for saving to MIDI Time Code (MTC). I also wish the video assimilation would be better on this program, but I think that’s more a restriction from when the time this software was made.

It can clean up audio tracks. It’s very simple to discard hiss, and with the noise reduction features, it easily detects problem sound that was already recorded as quiet and erase those frequencies.


  • Can record more than 20 file formats
  • Can achieve 5.1 surround mixes


  • Some effects could sound much better
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Experience this Most Popular and Dependable Audio Editing Software Today

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cool Edit Pro is a reliable audio editing tool used by professionals and amateur music fanatics. In my opinion, this program is the finest audio tool out there. It has high quality audio processing settings that include all services necessary in music composition. Cool Edit Pro is very straightforward to use and very intuitive. I get a professional level outcome without mastering this software.

The functionalities of this tool are very impressive, especially the noise, clicks and pops reduction and post production. These features are very simple to apply to your audio without any troubles. Moreover, I can also transfer tapes, Internet radio, live performances, TV, DVD and other audio sources on my drive.

In addition, this tool supports looping and DirectX plug-ins. It also has more than 45 DPS effects in real-time and 128 audio tracks. You can also utilize it as a multi-track recording device or stereo editor if you want just to record authentic musical instrument. Overall, Cool Edit Pro is a fine tool to have. For the entire music aficionado out there, go and try this one!


  • It has 128 audio tracks
  • It supports looping and direct plug-ins


  • Some effects needs some improvements
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Get to experience one of the best sound editing software today

By Christine Diaz

On Thursday, May 29, 2014

I love listening to music. I enjoy retro, rap, jazz and even pop. Good thing I was introduced to Cool Edit Pro. It is one of the mostly used sound editing programs today. It allows you to edit and create songs depending on your liking. There are also different sound effects that you can work on. You can process audio files and add equalizations, distortions and many more. What makes it stand out among the rest is its multi-track capability. It can run 64 tracks simultaneously. It also offers sound filters using Digital Signal Processing Effect and even accepts plug-ins which gives it additional functions. Once you are done with your music, you can convert it to various formats depending on your preference. Cool Edit Pro is like having your own recording studio with the use of your PC. Even though I’m just a beginner, I did not have any problems when I started using it. It is straightforward and simple to use.


  • Simultaneous tracks are possible with this program
  • Provides Digital Signal Processing Effect (DSPE)


  • Functions are limited on demo version
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • editing I am studing media so need to edit some of my recordings i don't knw what else you want me to say i use to use before put just had lap

  • to make beats and record hits to be productive to any situation that is trowed my directions but i need this program so my time can be spent making music

  • audio editing recording and eperiment with new sounds i would like to tray it to see what is like and then have a better idea about cool edit program.

  • for church sermon and childrem music.short presentations poeamsand to edit my audios,and create some beats for demos whi shall be used to to

  • Video editing as hobby and learn how to edit video in professional edit may be much helf to get proper knowledge about vodio edithg

What similar programs have you used?
  • i usely use adobr audition 1.5 but am interested with cool edit pro 2 version because i rely want to try with this demo first and will soon,

  • I haven't used any other programs so far. This is my first time of using a software to record songs. Hope it turns out to be okay. Cheers...

  • I have used goldwave program which is similar to this program but it had some limitations in extracting MR from the original audio source file

  • I have used programs such as audacity, soundforge, audition, and protools. The text says I have 45 characters left, so I'll keep writing until


What do you like most about this program?
  • its a good program an easy to makes my musik sound great and clear i wouldnt use another program after ueing cool edit pro..thank you guys

  • I want a self mind control to live a better life and enjoy being here in this world without the aid of drugs and or narcotics. I hope to have

  • creating and recording music all day. its easy to use and has nice sound effects to help enhance your voice which i think is real good. thanks

  • everything nice to work with and it a lot of fun too i can teach people how to use the progam and they seem to like as well so i will keep u

  • this program is very helpful for recording the karaoke songs with our voice and it will help us to develop our music sense by daily recording

Cool Edit Pro is an audio application which allows you to record and edit audio samples and create your own tracks thanks to its tools and possibilities.

This software was designed to provide an easy way of mixing different tracks with easy functions and an intuitive interface. Copy, paste and crop different audio formats and manage them to create your own tracks. You can plug external devices in order to enhance the control and features of the application such as external audio cards, mixers and microphones.

With this program you can connect USB devices without any problem since they are compatible once you get your respective drivers installed.


If you want to try some other similar programs you might get Sound Forge since it is designed for beginner users in order to learn about how to use this kind of software with multiple options and a good quality. Another option would be Adobe Audition, the updated version of this application with an improved performance and more features added such as a better use of software plugins.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Features

The main features of this software are listed below:

  • Multitrack sessions (up to 64 audio tracks)
  • Plug-ins support
  • Amplitude of effects to add to files (3D echo, equalizer, chorus, etc.)
  • Audio recorder
  • Exports in multiple file audio formats (over 25 file formats)
  • Can remove the lyrics of an audio track (audio extractor from Internet radio, live concerts, LPs, TV and DVD)
  • Built-in DirectX support
  • Trial version (only saves the first ten seconds of files)

For more information, you can visit the developer's website .


Cool Edit Pro is a good application to get started into the music world with good features and a simple way of working. Take advantage of the options it provides and create your own personal tracks mixing different samples intuitively.

Note: this software is no longer available; you may try Adobe Audition instead

  • Simple functions
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Not advanced features