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ESET NOD32 AntiVirus 9.0.380.0

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Powerful protection in your system with ESET NOD 32 Antivirus

By Jane Middleburg

On Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Always looking for some new antivirus software for protecting my computer I have finally found this one, ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Its simple and elegant interface make this application really useful since I won’t waste my time looking for how I should configure my scans or how the tools it includes should be used. In this sense, this antivirus gets the simple way or working and takes it to a point in which you almost have nothing more to do than to install it and leave it working. Once you get this software enabled you can be protected completely thanks to its active security principles with which not even threats and malware from CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives will make into your system, blocking any try of infecting your computer.

If you want additional protection from ESET NOD32 Antivirus gives more security thanks to the firewall included preventing malware from the Internet to get your System compromised. This way you can fight actively against phishing or any form of data theft easily. To summarize this review, I think this ESET antivirus edition is really good for any system since it will avoid any kind of threat for your computer without compromising other aspects in the process.


  • Enabled firewall against online malware
  • Fast speed for scanning the system


  • It would be better with advanced security options
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With Its New Advanced Technology Features That Protect Our PC against Virus Threats

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is one of the stress-free antivirus programs to use. It has an easy navigating system so that its users do not have problems using it. For new users, you can set the configuration by default so you can easily manage the program because the advanced mode has functionalities that are not set to standard for home users.

This program gives a comprehensive antivirus protection for our PC systems against all malware threats without affecting the resources of our computer. Some experts find it easy to manage the software by using its simple interface and user friendly buttons. ESET NOD32 protects our PC from having malware by matching suspicious files to its list of threats.

NOD32 Antivirus has some different types of scans and Smart scan is one of these. It is an automatic procedure that checks all the data files on your drives without making any configuration. Upon detecting a threat, these threats are deleted directly.


  • Good antivirus protection for your computer
  • It doesn’t use high resources of your computer


  • It is hard to configure for first time users
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It Provides All Users with a Safe and Virus Free System

By Rose Sincro

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is one of the good antivirus I have already used. This antivirus is the ideal tool for detecting all known malicious threats in the fastest way. It blocks all threats compared to the usual antivirus that is out there today. It is almost a year now when the first time I used this software. This software is an amazing tool in preventing our system from running slower. It keeps my system safe from all the threats and that's the only reason my system still runs in a much better condition now.

This software is more advanced and it has more awards in some other lab tests other than any other antivirus software. In having a highest rank, the product must have excellent detection rates before it gets in the top position. Having this antivirus in your computer system is one of good the decision for having a full security protection of your system, from preventing from all known viruses online.


  • It can remove viruses quickly
  • Has a high detection rate


  • This software in not a freeware
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • personal use for may all document and very important files, specially to protect the my computer to all anti malwares and viruses thru internet

  • protect my own laptop cause of many virus and internet programms, so i choose eset cause i have a fiend who advice me to use eset nod32 because is simple

  • I need it for educational purposes. Improved performance when copying files. Firewall troubleshooting wizard allowing for a quick resolution of issues caused by firewall blocking certain communication.

  • scan virus and protect my computer.I will get protection against malware and other deadly spyware programs by installing nod 32 antivirus...

  • I will use this program to protect my laptop about virus or malware or any problems i can found while i'm surfing on internet or when i plug in a pen drive

What similar programs have you used?
  • kaspersky anti virus protection software I have used it this for protecting my home computer which was on windows xp and windows 7 and I hope to use eset also

  • antivirus program and application software all the necessary things used to run the computer in its running time and also hardware safe that avoid damaging

  • i had used previously avast and avira antiviruses, in which i found (for me) too weak in handling various computer viruses or issues related to it.

  • I used the ESET NOD32 Antivirus (English, 32bit) - in my whole lifr and iam so satisfied but sad to say it was not updated and forgot password

What do you like most about this program?
  • It is a strong antivirus for computers, i want to download a protection for my pc so that it cannot be harmed by the viruses in the internet

  • it proetect my computer from viruses fro damaging my laptop and it is the best antvirus ever compared to these other antiviruse.surely it cleans

  • Nod32 is tremoudsly nown; the best thing is his efficacity, and it's very suitable and useful, allot of my freinds use it to protect their computer

  • the best anti virus ive ever had keeps my laptop and pc clean and away from internet threats that could harm my devices easy and very fun to use



ESET NOD32 AntiVirus is an antivirus developed by ESET which will protect your computer and increase its security thanks to its different features. It stands out for being an antispyware tool, detecting rootkits, having a gamer mode, anti-phishing capabilities, Internet tools such as social media scanner and a cloud-powered scanning. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t update itself automatically, which is a quite common process in any current firewall.

Firstly, it is specially destined to keep intact your security and your cybersecurity when you are surfing the Internet with its Safe Online mode. It will mainly protect you against criminals -in terms of phishing and spyware- which want to steal your personal data monitoring your computer. This online protection is supported with a file reputation database called ‘Cloud-powered Scanning’ which will also ensure you a faster scanning process. In fact, it has received more awards related to AV-Comparatives than any other similar antivirus.

Besides, you can block USBs, DVDs, CDs or any other media that it’s unknown. In that way, it will prevent them making any unauthorised copy of your personal files. Apart from the physical aspect, you will have a quite strong firewall represented in the Host-based Intrusion Prevention System option which will allow you to block any unauthorised change. However, users tend to dislike its interface as it can be a bit complicated for beginners, especially for surface or touch-based devices. Although it doesn’t provide anything completely new or different, ESET NOD32 AntiVirus is a quite interesting antivirus which has the basic protection most users need in their computer and a strong firewall for those who usually surf on the Internet.

What’s new in this version?

ESET NOD32 AntiVirus has included several new features along its versions, but this one stands out for having three main new ones: Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner and an improved Cleaning Function. Exploit Blocker works exploiting vulnerable applications that finally infect your computer. It doesn’t mind if they’re free or not, if an app is vulnerable it will detect it and notify it to you.

The Advanced Memory Scanner sets the malware that other technologies haven’t already detected. It will mainly protect you against active malware. Finally, its improved Cleaning Function has been especially enhanced when it comes to detect rootkits. This is a revolutionary option due to the fact that even if your system has been infected with persistent malware it will be automatically restored; a brand new function in security software.

ESET NOD32 AntiVirus 9.0.380.0 Features

Below you can find the unique features of ESET NOD32 AntiVirus:

  • Exploit Blocker
  • Advanced Memory Scanner
  • Improved cleaning, especially of rootkits
  • Anti-Phishing module which automatically identifies websites which want to take your personal info
  • Antispyware scans (even offline threats)
  • Cloud Scans
  • It analyses downloading files
  • Gamer Mode
  • Media Control which blocks CDs, DVDs, USBs, etc.
  • HIPS function (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System) which stops changes on programs you have not agreed
  • Battery-saving mode
  • Advanced users can customize the settings
  • Several options after the analysis (reboot, sleep, shutdown)

If you want to read more information about this download, feel free to do it at the author's website.

System Requirements for the download and setup

If you want to download this antivirus, we recommend you to check its system requirements firstly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 400MHZ
  • RAM: 128MB
  • HDD: 320 free MB in the disk space
  • Super VGA (800x600)