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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.10

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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, January 26, 2015

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.09

Adobe by developing this update must have thought of how a human acrobat performs many theatrical feats. It is a popular and widely used application that performs multiple tasks on PDF documents. The update comes with improved features plus new additions to make it a tool in its own class.

With the application you will be able to edit and convert documents into PDF formats. It has a well designed options menu from where you choose any function you want to perform. You are able to modify the style, change PDF documents as well as create new PDF documents. You can pick up documents from other programs like Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint and generate them into PDF documents. You can also pickup scanned documents or documents from HTML pages and create PDF documents out of them.

It has an interesting aspect in that it has an interactive mode where you add audio or video factor to your documents making accessibility wider including even users with disabilities.


  • A perfect editor and creator of PDF documents
  • You can add audio or video aspect to your documents


  • It is a trial version hence its availability limitations after trial period
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By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

While creating files and organizing ones work everybody puts in to consideration security about their documents.PDF is one format which allows documents to be very safe from alteration because it’s hard to edit or even change their format. However it would also be hard for the creator to edit the same files when need arises but not anymore with the new Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. This is one of the most used PDF editor and converter which have been created by Adobe systems.

The Adobe Acrobat XI Pro brings new possibilities in PDF files management. It allows users not only to edit PDF but also change their formats. It also allows users to change files in other formats like word to PDF files without changing the content. It can also change documents in scanned or HTML formats to PDF files. Their unique feature allows it to be able to combine many PDF documents to a single document. With this tool one can also change PDF files to Word format, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents all which can be edited.


  • • It’s very easy to use
  • • It can change files in to PDF forms without altering their arrangement
  • • It can merge several documents in to one PDF file


  • • It’s quite costly to install the full version
  • • It take a very long time and space to install
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Manage and Edit your PDF files with the use of this Competent Software

By Rose Sincro

On Friday, May 23, 2014

In my opinion, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is a must have program to a person who uses their PC to conduct business. I have been using Acrobat since 2009. In this update, I like how the editing competence has improved so much. These new editing tools are much enhanced and save me so much time. It is now much simpler to utilize and it integrates many distinctive word processor controls like font and justification, and the text can now be a multi-line paragraph.

What impresses me the most with this software is that it enables me to deliver refined content to my clients and turn their focus toward my communication objective. It also gives me numerous different views to read my PDF documents including various degrees of zooming.

Overall, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is an excellent program that is easy to use and make your work a lot faster. Maybe this software is a bit expensive, but for me it is all worth it, especially in the long run.


  • Make work a lot faster
  • More features for PDF files


  • The price is quite high
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i would like to create my own PDF format as this will help improve the company process and procedures which should bee followed by the staff in one format.

  • I would very much like to be able to vary the text size when I print a pdf document for my own purposes at home and I dont know why you're asking me all this

  • For Executive Secretarial Office Work. To be able to convert documents from PDF to Work format and other conversions. Hope this helps me good

  • Going to evaluate whether this will be suitable for my requirement or not also to know about the advanced feature that are included in Acrobat 11

  • im using the program for combining pdf files togrther for making architectural portfolio of my final year of architecture.please i want to do

What similar programs have you used?
  • Adobe Acrobat DC was downloaded and is terrbile. I would not recommend it to anyone. Very hard to use and open files, nothing like the older f

  • first i was using adobe acrobate profession 6.0 version but it is not useable in windows 8. now i am about to download Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.10 from our server

  • i used some similar program like primavera,Excel,Word and adobe acrobat pro to insert pdf files to collect one sheet for reporting my huge work

  • i m using adobe acrobate to open file. but now i want to convert print into pdf form, so that why i m downloading this software for convience

  • For many years have been using successfully Adobe Acrobat Reader. Requirements are now more demanding and the professional version of Acrobat is the solution.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Easy to use anyone who dont know about pdf.This can be more helpful when i compare two pdfs at a same can check both spelling as well as puctuations...

  • This programme is very good for editing, typing, formating and adding & deleting pdf documents, which is not possible with the non professional version.

  • I like this program because it have all the latest features available in major website editing programs like adobe dreamweaver and other online tools

  • Your download is always availableThe best download speedFile is free of spyware and virusesIt can change files in to PDF forms without altering their arrangement

  • Its free and not bundled with all of the other Adobe software for some ridiculous monthly cost. Bundling all their programs was the most miserable decision they ever made.


Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is a popular PDF editor and converter developed by Adobe. With this software, not only will you be able to modify the style or change the format of PDFs, but create new PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro can generate a PDF from any document created in a program with the ability to print, such as Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), simply by selecting Acrobat as your printer. Similarly, it can create a PDF from scanned documents or from HTML pages. What makes the creation capabilities interesting is the possibility to create interactive PDFs by adding audio or video,; and ensuring documents meet accessibility standards for users with disabilities.

You will not only be able to modify the style or change the format of PDFs, but create new ones

The editing function of this software will allow you to modify PDF documents containing text or images, even if it is not the original file. This way you can add a sentence, change fonts, fix typographic errors, and replace, resize or adjust an image. Regarding conversion, you can turn PDFs into editable Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations or vice versa, saving its formatting and style.

You can create customized fillable forms
You can create customized fillable forms

What are its advanced functionalities?

Apart from the already well-known, common uses of PDF utilities, this editor and converter has additional professional and advanced tools. For instance, you will be able to merge several PDFs into one file or create a complete portfolio with a click of the mouse. This option might be useful when you have to merge several chapters or units from different projects into a single archive.

Additionally, you and other document users can digitally sign the PDF using Place Signature or e-sign services. When than one user is updating the document, you can interact with them by posting comments as to what additional work has been done, or suggesting ideas or enhancements. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro enables users to export all those comments into a .doc file. When finished, you can compare the two versions of the document, to have a clear idea of what has been changed. Moreover, you can create PDF and web forms thanks to the FormsCentral local and online functionality. You can use existing professional templates or build your own one from scratch, plus convert the forms already created into usable PDFs.

You can export your PDF as a Word document
You can export your PDF as a Word document

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.10 Features

The unique features of this editor and converter are as follows:

  • Edit PDFs with text or images, even if it is not the original document
  • Conversion of PDF files into editable Microsoft Office documents, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Create PDF files from Microsoft Office documents or HTML pages and make them interactive by adding audio or video
  • Print or Scan to PDF
  • Create PDF and web forms by using the provided professional templates, build your own from scratch or convert existing templates into usable PDFs
  • Merge several PDFs into one file or convert them into a single portfolio
  • Allow others to digitally sign the document with the EchoSign online feature or add your own with Place Signature
  • Export the comments added to PDFs into a Word document
  • Compare two versions of a file to see what has changed with Compare Documents
  • Protect PDFs with passwords and permissions
  • Create PDFs that meet accesibility standards for people with disabilities
  • Integrated SharePoint services

If you want to read more information about this software before you download it, feel free to check the developer's site.

System Requirements for the download and setup

The minimum system requirements for the download and installation of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1.3 Ghz or faster
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • HDD: 1.85 GB of free space available
  • 1024x768 screen resolution