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DirectX 11: A breakthrough in graphics technology tochange the way you game!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, March 9, 2015

As we know, DirectX 10 was a total failure due to the resource eating algorithm and lack of significant tweak in graphics quality. This made Microsoft rethink about their existing graphics technology, and develop a hassle free environment which supports both Vista and 7. Thus, we got DirectX 11, which is absolutely a breakthrough in gaming technology. Here, I’m dissecting DX11 in this review… Keep reading!


• Hardware tessellation: Tessellation simply means the basic shapes out of which each 3D shape is made. It is mostly triangles. DX11 can divide each triangle into smaller one without consuming too much system resource, and thus provide smoother and crispier graphics.

• DX11 supports multithread, and thereby utilizing a multi-core CPU at its best. A desirable change for notebook and laptop users

• DirectCompute for optimum performance and added efficiency. It’s a technology just like the CUDA tech of NVIDIA


• Still, workload isn’t well divided within the cores


DirectX 11 is a tremendous breakthrough in gaming, which facilitates top notch graphics from limited resources. It is definitely a boon for mobile CPU devices like laptops and notebooks. With improved tessellation handling and better multi-core usage, it is born to be a hit! I give it 8.6 out of 10!


  • Direct Compute technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Tessellation tweaks for crispy textures
  • Better multi-core usage compared to DirectX 10


  • Still, workload isn't well divided within the cores
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Improve your Graphic Skills and Gaming using this new Version of Direct X

By Princess Purity

On Monday, August 24, 2015

Graphic and Design has become the most popular creativity enhancement activity for most people especially the young people who have a lot of free time to advance their skills. With DirectX, a free download Application Programming Interface, one can increase the performance of graphics sharply in any windows based computers. This software comes with extra new features mainly due to its updated multi-thread processors and powerful graphic cards. One can run many processes simultaneously without any big challenges because it has multiple instructions.

Creativity is highly enhanced because you can add many graphics and develop them to suite your personal needs. Users are highly recommended to update their earlier versions with this latest version of DirectX since most of features of the earlier versions have been removed or incorporated into one element. It therefore offers better results than other software of the same class and it is actually very efficient to use since it saves on resources with these many new techniques.


  • It has multiple instructions to guide the user
  • It has low end graphic processors
  • It saves on resources with the new techniques


  • It can slow your computer sped especially if it has a slow processor
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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, September 11, 2014

There are many cases where a gamer downloads a game and when they try installing it on the pc it gives an error that states that they ought to have Direct X some games automatically come with Direct X hence when you are installing the game in your personal computer it gives you an option of installing Direct X in the process. Direct X is a product of Microsoft thus an application programming interface commonly abbreviated as API whose objective is to ensure the user has high quality multimedia. Direct X 11 comes after Direct X 10 under the Direct X releases. It has general purpose computing on graphics processing unit GPGPU which simply handles computer graphics. It also has tessellation included which is a tool that improves graphics rendering. Its multi-threading capacity on this edition has been made better. This edition has all the components that Direct X 10 had but its new features have been coded to function on a “need to “capacity which simply means in layman’s terms that under this edition up and coming scenarios have been prepared for. I would say that this software is sometimes hard to be notice because it might be installed with another application, and once it has been installed other applications mostly games needing it will automatically sync with it.


  • It is very simple and basic.
  • Its new features have been coded to function on a “need to “capacity which is smart.


  • It is only for windows seven operating system or higher.
  • This software is sometimes hard to be notice because it might be installed with another application,
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For what are you going to use the program?
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What similar programs have you used?
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  • I never used such thing before this is for the first time as I was about to install Ps2 emulator to play DBZ budokai teckenchi 3 and it says that it requires directX

  • directx 9.0 windows 7 ultimate The updated tools provide a proper hardware acceleration for low-end compatible graphic cards for good gaming

What do you like most about this program?
  • quality it provides for the users to enjoy great video experiences while using the computer and playing some gamey stuff we really enjoy this


  • to be able to ensure great graphics indeed if is so much fun and I think that is absolutely great as I love playing video games all of the time

  • Some times when i open game it gives the error. So i think with this sftware the problem will solve soon. That is my reason to download this direct x software

  • it give great graphics, by which gaming experience become pleasurable, and it is latest version so games will run smoothly. video quality also become sharp


DirectX is a free API (application programming interface) collection developed by Microsoft. Designed to enable the highest quality for multimedia content using Windows systems, it is targeted for games use. Testing has shown that the latest version,DirectX 11 sharply increases graphics performance, reproducing high-quality graphics on Windows-based computers.

In order to take advantage of the new updated multi-thread processors and powerful graphic cards, there are new features included in this software. DirectX utilizes advanced graphical techniques such as bump-mapping and tessellation, which take models made with triangles and divide them into small parts. This way, 3D models are made more complex, assisted by the processor, without wasting resources in the process. This tessellation technique can be applied to all elements within a graphic environment, thus realizing the claims of the main graphic card manufacturers.

DirectX includes advanced graphical techniques such as tessellation and bump-mapping

Thanks to the new multi-threaded CPU, the multiple instructions of APIs are optimized for running many processes simultaneously without a bottleneck, though this depends on your hardware´s capacity. DirectX 11 has the high quality jump that DirectX 9 and 10 could not achieve due to hardware and operating system limitations. According to the latest tests, hardware usage has been optimized, with performance increased by 20% .

Several APIs in one package

Besides adding new graphical effects such as bump and displacement mapping, DirectX includes many APIs such as DirectSound, DirectDraw or Direct3D in different editions. Each component fulfills a different function in order to bring a complete multimedia experience to Windows environments and even multi-player features through an Internet connection. For example, DirectSound is one of the main components of DirectX that uses your hardware in order to offer advanced audio and video quality.

Some characteristics from previous editions have been removed or incorporated in to one element. For this reason, the update to the last version of DirectX is highly recommendable. The updated tools provide a proper hardware acceleration for low-end compatible graphic cards that enhance the operations with multimedia editors and players. This feature is enabled by the creation of DirectCompute, which enhances GPU processes.

An example of tessellation in a racing game
An example of tessellation in a racing game

DirectX 11.0 Features

Check out the main features of DirectX before downloading:

  • DirectCompute takes advantage of the low-end graphic processors, offering better results than similar software
  • Enhanced functionalities with multi-threaded processors allow developers to increase the performance of games and visual applications
  • New advanced graphic techniques like tessellation help producers save resources, driving operations to the computer’s multi-core CPU and enabling improved rendering
  • Especially designed for supporting advanced video and audio applications, with high quality results
  • Includes many different APIs like DirectX Media which accelerates content from web browsers or video player applications

For more information about DirectX before downloading, feel free to check the

Enhanced character modelling
Enhanced character modelling

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for downloading this essential component to your computer:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 for recent versions or later
  • Processor: 1GHz CPU or faster
  • Memory: 1GB RAM for 32-bit version or 2GB for 64-bit
  • HDD: 1 MB free space
  • GPU compatible