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Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.0

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Stay online with a more than a single yahoo Messenger

By Eve Naliaka

On Friday, May 22, 2015

Yahoo multi messenger 8.0

You can now chat online using more than a single ID with Yahoo Multi Messenger. This is an application from yahoo that allows users to run multiple instances of yahoo messenger. With this application never worry about someone you share computer with since you can open at the same time on different windows.

The patch is simple and easy to use too. It consists of tiny executable setup that takes only few seconds to set up. It is a simple tool with a plain interface that can be used for professional or personal use. It is simple but very useful indeed.

Installation process of this version is very simple, it is one time operation, but before installation process is done you need to ensure that the main client is installed in your personal computer since yahoo multi messenger is not a complete platform by itself.

The interface is nothing but a small screen that allows you to enable and disable the functionality of the utility. It is compatible with latest windows only.


  • Installation process is simple, easy and free
  • Opening different windows at the same time saves time


  • Must have the main version installed fir you to run it
  • Compatible with the latest version only.
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Chatting using the Yahoo Multi Messenger is the new and trending thing on the internet

By Kim Kiruma

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015

For a long time it has been very hard to try and open two Yahoo accounts on a single machine but with th Yahoo Multi Messenger ia a patch that allows for this operation to work. Opening of different windows is made possible now at the same time these windows are able to work independently without having to affect the operation of the other. This patch is not really a messenger but rather a platform that works well. The only thing that is a must is that the setup must be installed in the client machine fast. The installation process is made very simple and easy. The developers made the setup very simple and thus they had a installation wizard that makes the installation very simple. With the various upgrades that come with any application the Yahoo Multi Messenger is very compatible with a number versions of instant messaging with the developer making sure that the updates are made available at any one point.


  • The application is a free download
  • The application set up is very easy


  • The application only supports the yahoo platform
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Open Your Multiple Accounts in Just One Program and Get Connected With Family and Friends

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

Today’s world is innovative with the help of technology, giving lots of comfort to humankind. It’s undeniable that people do benefit from these which makes life more easy and most of the time, things become instant with just a snap of a finger. For instance, there’s a lot of ways on getting connected with friends and relatives all over the globe with the help of the social media websites which are accessed by the netizens nowadays.

The comfort that Y! Multi provides me is just so amazing, making it suitable for both personal and professional use. First, installation is so easy. I just had to confirm the pop up question by the system if I would like to run the patch then voila! I got to enjoy the new, fast, easy, and useful features of YM. What’s really great about Yahoo Multi is that it allows users to run multiple yahoo accounts at the same time and in just one click, users can choose what account to enable and to disable. This is such a blessing to users like me who has multiple accounts.

I highly recommend this to people who have more than one messenger ID. It is so simple to operate and a very useful program.


  • It is free and helpful
  • It helps users save time


  • Program doesn’t work with old version of YM.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will use it on my computer and basically to be chatting with friends and customers. i have heard about the applications and i know its very needed for my job online

  • I want to use this messenger to chat with family and friend and share good thing on this application so it can relief the call in which i wis

  • i want to use it for communicating and chatting with friends and other relatives that are living far away from me and also business partners

  • to connect with loved ones and long time peeps that has yahoo messenger on there computer or phone so has to be closer to them while we are far apart

  • chat and meet new people all over the world and for a better conversation, that wjich is private for my use only, and i would like to download it now

What similar programs have you used?
  • I don't really understand but I use the Laptop with my sister and we both run a Yahoo messenger ID and I dont want any of us to sign out before another will use

  • i never use any programme before or why do i answer tha question,tell me more about it,i m just here to download yahoo multi messanger on my desktop.

  • the old version which is 2.0 and i try to download another version that looks like it but did not work well with my system because is no mat

  • i have you many similar program such as google chone,yahoo,mozila firefox,google talk and so on,i just want to use mutiply messenger too just like it

  • I've use alots of social media application such as skype facebook and i discovered yahoo messenger is the most faster and easily to use in iterm of

What do you like most about this program?
  • the multiple messenger because i can sign in with two yahoo messenger at a time and my brother or friend can use it too without signing me out.thanks

  • its very fast.easy to operate and you can communicate with everybody in the world friend relationship and family meet new people and make new

  • its nice to use and very comfortable. it gives you the ability to multiple chat if you have two different yahoo is automatical.

  • multiple messenger is what i like about it cos it allows u to use two yahoo at thesame time simulteneously without disturbing the other application

  • i like everything abouth the fucntionging it's one of the best app for reaching to friends and families all over the world any time and evry wh

Yahoo Multi Messenger is a patch for Yahoo!’s instant messaging client which allows you to run multiple instances at the same time.

Yahoo Multi Messenger enables the multi-session feature. If you are already using Yahoo! Messenger, you have probably noticed that it is not possible to open more than one instance simultaneously. This can be quite annoying if you share your computer with another person.

Useful multi-session mode

This correction was made in response to user’s feedback, which called for the possibility of opening different windows at the same time. This way, these instances work independently and you can open them quickly. The only thing you have to do to start using them is to click on the icon of the window you want to open.

As we mentioned above, it is not a complete messenger platform by itself. On the contrary, it is a patch which you can integrate to your chat service. For that reason, you need to already have the main client installed on your PC.

The installation process is very easy and you won’t have any problem using this utility. The system will ask if you want to run the patch and once you have confirmed the process, you will be able to start using your new functionality.

Besides that, Yahoo Multi Messenger has a excellent compatibility, as it supports all the recent versions of this instant messaging client. However, if you have an old version installed on your computer, this inconvenience can be easily resolved by downloading the latest one. On the contrary, if you want to disable the patch, you can easily do it for free.

Another alternative

Yahoo! Messenger has definitely beaten its competitor, Windows Live Messenger, which has been replaced by its developer to became Skype Ultra. If you are interested in using a similar utility, we recommend you to try this VoIP tool which includes a chat and also integrates calls to its functionalities.

Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.0 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this patch:

  • Allows running multiple Yahoo! accounts at the same time
  • Available to Version 8 and later
  • Enable and disable in one click
  • It is possible to remove advertisements
  • Intuitive UI
  • Yahoo Voice Version support


If you want to be able to use different instances of Yahoo! Messenger without having to open and close each, every time you log in, try Yahoo Multi Messenger and start using time wisely whilst doing everyday things.

  • Free
  • Easy to install and use
  • Time-saving
  • It doesn’t work with the oldest versions of Yahoo! Messenger