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Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.0

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Chat with numerous people at the same time by using yahoo multi messenger

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time is one of the most important resources in the rare and scarce that people should spend the least time they can in communication. This is one of the theories that made Yahoo develop the Yahoo multi messenger which is a messaging client which allows users to open multiple instances at the same time. Unlike Yahoo Messenger this utility allow users the ability to communicate to several people at the same time making it one of the best chat plat forms.

Yahoo Multi Messenger was developed because customers of Yahoo Messenger were complaining so much about its incapacitations to handle more than one instance. The new version allows different instances to open at the same time and work independently.

For one to enjoy the service of Yahoo multi messenger they need to have the main client installed in their computers since it is only a patch which is integrated in to the chat service. It is very easy to install Yahoo multi messenger.


  • • This software comes at cost free
  • • It is very easy to install and use


  • • Can only work with version 8 or latter yahoo messenger limiting its compatibility.
  • • One needs to have installed the initial version to use it since it’s a patch
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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, March 9, 2015

Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.0

This is a patch which was built for Yahoo Messaging Client to allow you to run multiple applications simultaneously. A patch is not a full application that can run on its own but a software built to correct deficiencies present in an application. The deficiencies come to light when users report them with the main purpose of making a program’s usability more comfortable. Before this patch was introduced anyone using yahoo messenger would have noticed that it was not possible to open another window while working on this client.

On installation of the patch you will notice that as you work on messages on yahoo messenger you are able to open a number of sessions at the same time. As you work on a message there might arise a need to copy and paste a part of text that was created in MS Word. Without closing Yahoo Messenger window you will go to windows ‘start button’ click to get a list of programs and simply click on MS Word to open it, then open your saved document and highlight the text in question and click ‘copy’. Then go to your message, highlight and paste the text, thanks to the good ability of this patch and the list is endless.



-It is quite easy to install

-Meets all the users demands


-Does not work with the more older versions of yahoo messenger

By Dann Kamau


  • It is quite easy to install
  • Meets all the users demands


  • Does not work with the more older versions of yahoo messenger
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Chat with anyone across the world using this app .

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

Yahoo messenger is an app meant to bring people together by the use of its easy to use messaging techniques. You need to have a yahoo id in order to use it. Once you have successfully logged in you can mail other people in an instant. The app also helps out when you need notification or message alerts on the base of your finger tips.

After the launch of the app yahoo users were given the choice to use their own passwords, unlike before when you were given a machine based password. The reason why people were allowed to use their own passwords, is because machine based password were recalling and one hundred users would be given the same identical password with only the user id being different.

This was met by many hack techniques being introduced, but that is the past and now yahoo messenger is more secure that most messengers. Yahoo messenger also has an online chat room where you can carry conversation with many people in the same time meting many new people and making friends.

Yahoo messenger is also free of charge and doent carry any hidden costs, you can carry conversation from phone to phone, phone to comp, comp to phone, com to comp. This messenger will surely suprice you with all the simple and some complex tools that it has..


if you are looking for a messaging app for you phone or pc you may want to concider going the yahoo way because it has many offers that most dont have and that some charge for.


  • It has a chat room where you can meet many people
  • it is free to use


  • Fully support of cross platform hasnt been introduced
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to talk to my friends stay connected and be online always theres nothing really to write back and i think all i have written should do at the moment thank you

  • The program would be used for conference talks, business transactions and many more. It is to enable us to communicate properly with every member.

  • am downloading it because i want to keep sending important messages to my friend abroad have really missed them seriously i felt it the best

  • i will need it for communication between me and my friends on a safer side which i got inform that is the best way to use it on with an organisation. t

  • i want to be chatting,videoing,talking,i wanyt to make new friends,and be in a good relationship through the yahoo messanger,to meet people.

What similar programs have you used?
  • not sure about what you are asking but this is my first time of using this and i will like to download now and see how it good the applications is

  • none of the above has ever worked for me since the inception of chatting world. though i am looking frward to using a real supportive messenger that will work for me

  • Well its nice of you to have asked me this question, because I can practice my writing skills I have used many free programs including yahoo messenger

  • i have you many similar program such as google chone,yahoo,mozila firefox,google talk and so on,i just want to use mutiply messenger too just like it

  • Skype multi messenger and all necessary messenger that has been used normally. so it is none of your business trying to know what i have use

What do you like most about this program?
  • it's most vital to people of nowadays in business economic and more different aspects that look good for daily bases life ..i my self can't stop popping up to it

  • I love this program and it has helped me improve in my businesses but connecting with my customers and families without switching all windows

  • i love this software because it make me open new friend contact. dont lost any money except internet connection fee. so happy about that. otherwise you can update all information

  • It's very fast. You can chat more than ten people here on multi yahoo messenger. Unlike the single one. I think this is the fastest applicatio

  • it' efficacy and accessibility above all i believe the best will be given me, been able to found lost application here gives me the courage t

Yahoo Multi Messenger is a patch for Yahoo!’s instant messaging client which allows you to run multiple instances at the same time.

Yahoo Multi Messenger enables the multi-session feature. If you are already using Yahoo! Messenger, you have probably noticed that it is not possible to open more than one instance simultaneously. This can be quite annoying if you share your computer with another person.

Useful multi-session mode

This correction was made in response to user’s feedback, which called for the possibility of opening different windows at the same time. This way, these instances work independently and you can open them quickly. The only thing you have to do to start using them is to click on the icon of the window you want to open.

As we mentioned above, it is not a complete messenger platform by itself. On the contrary, it is a patch which you can integrate to your chat service. For that reason, you need to already have the main client installed on your PC.

The installation process is very easy and you won’t have any problem using this utility. The system will ask if you want to run the patch and once you have confirmed the process, you will be able to start using your new functionality.

Besides that, Yahoo Multi Messenger has a excellent compatibility, as it supports all the recent versions of this instant messaging client. However, if you have an old version installed on your computer, this inconvenience can be easily resolved by downloading the latest one. On the contrary, if you want to disable the patch, you can easily do it for free.

Another alternative

Yahoo! Messenger has definitely beaten its competitor, Windows Live Messenger, which has been replaced by its developer to became Skype Ultra. If you are interested in using a similar utility, we recommend you to try this VoIP tool which includes a chat and also integrates calls to its functionalities.

Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.0 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this patch:

  • Allows running multiple Yahoo! accounts at the same time
  • Available to Version 8 and later
  • Enable and disable in one click
  • It is possible to remove advertisements
  • Intuitive UI
  • Yahoo Voice Version support


If you want to be able to use different instances of Yahoo! Messenger without having to open and close each, every time you log in, try Yahoo Multi Messenger and start using time wisely whilst doing everyday things.

  • Free
  • Easy to install and use
  • Time-saving
  • It doesn’t work with the oldest versions of Yahoo! Messenger