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Age of Empires III

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Age of Empires III is a real time strategy game in which you can select different empires, develop them and create a great culture in order to overcome your rivals.

This is a new edition of the classic franchise from Ensemble Studios and distributed by Microsoft. It is set during the colonial age of America, whre you can play as the Spanish, Portuguese or German empire, amongst others, and conquer the western continent to gain power and influence.

Create your own army, achieve the different objectives of your age and become the most powerful country the world has known.


This videogame offers new possibilities of customization. There are new units added, like the Tercio Pikeman for Span or the Prussian Needle Gunner for Germany, plus the classic soldiers of the age. Each nation has their unique units, their weaknesses and their strong points. Build a balanced army and you will be unstoppable.

The process of the game is typical of these games; you require different kinds of resources such as wood or gold to construct new buildings and weapons. You can upgrade the soldier type as well as the edifications.

You can play on your own on the Campaign mode or against your friends online through the Multiplayer mode in order to compete for who is the ultimate force.

Technical aspects

The graphics have been greatly updated since the last edition. Age of Empires III presents detailed effects and graphics that make it more realistic. It runs smoothly with a robust system, but if you don't have a powerful computer don't worry, you can turn your settings down in order to run it better.

The sound section has some new details that gamers will love. The quality of the effects is outstanding; cannonballs, the shots of the musketeers or the different sound of blades shocking are really impressive. The soundtrack also has memorable music that will place you in to the culture.


The RTS genre includes many PC titles and their themes are diverse. You can try Age of Mythology: The Golden Gift if you want something more fantastic and detailed. Stronghold Crusader is also a good alternative and you will be able to know the process of the Crusades to the east of the European continent on the Holy War age.

Age of Empires III Features

This game includes new improvements and new features which are detailed below:

  • New Home City feature which is a quite important support system
  • Different nations to take part in such as France, Russia, Spain or Germany
  • Campaign and Multiplayer modes
  • Availability of upgrading and customizing your Home City
  • Invest in native alliances, cavalry, warships, economy and artillery
  • Full 3-D graphics
  • Tone mapping feature
  • According to the sun position you will see different lights and shadows (High Dynamic Range feature)
  • Improved realism with the presence of cliffs and riverbeds

If you want to read more information about it, you can do it here


Age of Empires III is an outstanding RTS title that will charm all kinds of players - it is easy to learn but hard to master. Different cultures, different units and a great amount of time, this game has it all!

You will be able only to use it during a certain time period.

Some functions are restricted.

  • Good gameplay
  • Great battle effects
  • Very customizable
  • May be repetitive


For what are you going to use the program?
  • For gathering resources, fighting enemies, forging alliances with native people in a region, defend the base against attacking forces, advance through the ages

  • testing for developing my own game. tho i will not steal any code or graphics i will look at them and see how each strain works in corrisponse to the game

  • I am gonna play in my home this game, I will enjoy trying to end it, making me a better gamer dgsdfsdfsdfs sfsdf sfsh fgh id sfiusd dosdidsdssdcff

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used the next similar programs as starcraft, age of empire, supreme commander 1 and 2 and dynastie 5, I like play to strategic games,

  • Age of Empires two is similar to Age of Empire 3 so like yah and stuff can i just download this game or nah because i want to play it please

What do you like most about this program?
  • graphics, and the game itself really makes me feel as though i am a knight denfending a casrtle killing peasants for fun with my firey sword

  • i like this program because it gives me the opportunity to download and enjoy different types of PC games. now i only have 34 characters left

  • Fight enemies, build trading posts, forge alliances with native people, research harvesting capabilities at the market, train and upgrade infantry and advance through the ages

  • it's view sight and the angle is so superb. while playing it looks like 3d.i would give about 100 stars to this game specially. this is written by me Sharan.



By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, June 8, 2015


This is a game published by Microsoft game studios , developed by Microsoft corporations ensemble studios .The setting of the game begins in a constructed town centre . as a player you are expected to explore the map and gather resources in order to build additional units and building to research upgrades . When a player kills the enemies units or construct building they earn some points. when the villagers have been destroyed by the enemy or when the player boats explores the game ends .The play in this game Age of empires 3 is allowed as 8 different civilisations that are as follows ; Spanish ,British ,French,Russian,Dutch ,Otoman and Germ . each of them has their own streangth and weakness.


Player having the access to their own european home city for economic technological and military support

Has quality 3d graphics .


It is a good game that has a lot of creativity in it


  • Good sound track which is improved compared to its predecessor
  • the graphics are just very stunning


  • the game has some very heavy system requirements




By Dann Kamau

On Monday, April 6, 2015

Age of Empires 111

This is a real-time computer/smartphone game in which you have different European Nations fighting for the colonization of Ancient America. The setting will have ancient looks of probably the period between year 1492-1850AD. You can play each of the different European empires like spain, Portugal, Germany, France etc either in single or multiplayer mode as you try to build a strong empire to expand your influence and power.

This new edition comes with improved features, new units added and overall performance of the game is good. New units added are for example the Terco Pikeman for Spain, Prussian Needle Gunner for Germany, the classic soldiers of the age etc. The graphics are more improved than in previous editions, the sound track has new details added and its effects improved etc. The structures look real and the soldier characters are elaborate and interesting to watch. What makes the development genius is the availability of resources to build your structures and your army. The graphics for the environment are also sights to behold with natural like beauty, the rough terrains clearly shown etc.


  • Use of available resources to build your structures and army
  • Improved graphics, soundtrack and overall effects


  • No cross platform multiplayer support provided



Become a better resource manager by playing the Age of Empires III

By Jackson Muoka

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Age of Empires III is a game that will instill players with skills on how to use resources well and overcome challenges. Using this real time strategy game, gamers will be required to select an empire of their choice, develop them and create a unique culture amongst their empire in order to overcome their enemies. Distributed by Microsoft Age of Empires III is developed by Ensemble Studio and is set during the colonial age of America where gamers have the choice to choose to play as the Spanish, Portuguese, German or even any other empire of their choice to conquer the western continent.

The strategy is very simple. One is expected to create their own troop, achieve their different objectives and be crowned the most powerful nation in the world. Gamers can customize the game thanks to the new customization possibilities of the game and this game comes with more added units.

Before choosing ones troop, gamers should study their strengths and weakness and also their abilities and choose the strongest army based on their strengths to overcome rivals.


  • • Gamers can customize this game to suit their playing needs
  • • It is available in different modes to choose from
  • • Comes at relatively a low price


  • • Not compatible with all operating systems but only windows XP and later versions
  • • Still has more improvements to be done on it