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Visit different destinations and accomplish your mission in flight simulator

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, June 8, 2015


FSX is a computer game developed by Microsoft that enables the player to visit all destinations they ever wished to travel. You are provided with different airports where you can start you missions and accomplish. The scenarios in whole play are real and bring the true feelings that make you think you are piloting in the real world.

You can play as a pilot or co-pilot, and also play as single player or multiplayer. In multiplayer mode you are allowed to choose an airport and a mission to play with your friends anywhere. Missions are tactic to accomplish it will depend own your skills, ability and knowledge. You will only reach levels when you make progress in flights and accomplish missions. The missions included in the game range from serious and military to humorous.

Unlike in previous editions, this game offers a platform for you to enjoy and entertain yourself because it satisfies. It is simple and easy to play, 3D graphics that are real this make you feel the real sensation of being a pilot.


  • It offers tutorials for novice users.
  • Graphics are digital making it real


  • Need lot of space to download



Get A Real Life Flying Experience With The New Flight Simulator x

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Monday, June 15, 2015

Your wildest dreams come true in this Microsoft developed simulation. Flight Simulator X is a gaming system developed by Microsoft that enables you to visit any destination of your choice through your computer.

The experience is different and very realistic. With twenty four thousand airports and twenty eight cities from all over the world to choose from FSX will ensure that you enjoy the same feeling of flying a jet with unique and superior graphics and a 3D high def display. With a simple and easy to use program you will have a large variety of planes and modes to choose from giving you the experience of a life time.

The game has some of the most creative features which give real situations that occur in and around an airport and while the plane is in the air. There are over fifty missions to complete where you will have to tackle some very challenging situations. There is also a working GPS system and a Weather monitoring application that will ease the flight and help the user to successfully complete the missions, which rang from seriously tough situations military action if you fly over unauthorized air space and some where you meet with celebrities on transit to some event.

The game uses real places and real events to make the experience as realistic as possible. You can fly either as the pilot or the co-pilot depending on your liking.


  • It boasts of a superior display in 3D.
  • A wide range of planes and modes to choose from.


  • It requires a very large storage space.



Monumental Flight Simulation Game to Tickle Your Fancy for Flying

By Maria Bernabe

On Friday, May 23, 2014

Compared to flight simulation games available today, the Flight Simulator X is not that much of a looker. Don’t get disgruntled. This flight sim is monumental in its own right. During its release back in 2006, Microsoft marketed the game as the most significant technological milestone in its series. If you have a fancy for flying, this is the best game to try out your skills. I was keen to do so, myself.

What made the version so popular was its ability to render images in high detail, which at that time, was an almost non-existent technology. When connected to the Internet, the game renders more efficiently in detail as weather forecast is monitored and fed into the game. Based on these conditions, the environment of the game changes and adapts accordingly. Not only that, roads, flora, and basically everything in the surrounding area are rendered in high detail.

How the game renders images is not its most significant improvement that I discovered. It can now process direct content into the flight sim with 50 missions available. There is also a required tutorial that a gamer must undergo to familiarize them in the cockpit, especially how to react in a blown-engine situations.

With its multiplayer features, I was able to play along with a friend. Air traffic chat is now more enjoyable! It may be old, but the Flight Simulator X is still one of the best flight sim games anyone will get to play.


  • Features content directed flight simulation
  • Enables flight simulation in multiplayer mode


  • Multiplayer mode doesn’t include content-directed simulation




For what are you going to use the program?
  • learning and gaming,teaching,sharing,supplments to the pilot handbook,also knowing about aircraft structure,taking off,landing,power plant,.

  • its a good game for future pilots it will help keep my dreams of being an air line pilot and am sure this game is fun for those people who l

  • just for play and having some fun cause i love flights and simulator so i want to play to get more information about how the plane could fly

  • gaming and play in my home to be away from the problems. in addition i will play this because i like flaying everywhere especially to make flights

  • had a piolts licenc once and look forward to playing a simuilators with a viiew to buying an off shelf product.I am wondering why you feel the need of having to preform this exervise

What similar programs have you used?
  • simulated motor cycles in city automobiles suberbubs and city drivin combate for air craft all on my laptop i also have iphone 6I need more contol information

  • no this is my first personal opertunity. i have never use any flight simuletor in my pc so let me try after that i will defenetaly respond you

  • Xplane and many others I like to use the simulation aspect of the game for a really great experience and to practice my flying so that I can fly soon

  • the sims 4 i have purchased and played and now i am looking to play other types of simulation games that i may possibly enjoy,, i would like to try flight simualation

  • years ago i tried a program and it was reallt \y good so i thought i would give this a try before buying it ooflight simulator 2000 microsoft

What do you like most about this program?
  • Game and Stories are the perfect samples available here and I enjoy a lot over here due to authentic and excellent games on this website love ya

  • good and very nice it has a lot of programs and dogs in the pictures that would intrest me and many other people but I HATE CLICKBAIT! just kidding :)

  • what i like about this program is that it is easy to use and have a awesome graphics that will not make your eyes hurt. the process is every quick

  • the simulation is almost real that it helps live the experience of controling an aircraft, the audio visual effects are just realistic and inspiring.

  • good game more realistic and very close to the world of real flight it's also gives practice how fly with several model of aircraft so i like

FSX is a simulator game developed by Microsoft with which you can visit virtually visit all the destinations you have always wanted, for free, and without leaving the comfort of your home! Besides, this game is very realistic when compared with other similar downloads.

You will have to accomplish all kinds of missions in huge variety of places. Flight simulator X offers you more than 24,000 airports to choose from, all over the world. For that reason, this computer game will give you an interactive experience full of excitement. Users can enjoy hours of entertainment with just a few clicks.

Infinitude of possibilities in just one game

If having 24,000 airports to choose is not enough for you, all the modes and planes you can select will surely satisfy. You can be the pilot or the co-pilot, play alone or with your friends.

In FSX users will have to solve more than 55 missions, from serious and military actions, to humorous ones in which players will interact with celebrities.

Flight Simulator X incorporates a GPS system and a weather application to ease flights and help users with their tasks.

This game is realistic and appropriate for all audiences

This flight game is appropriate for players of all ages, as it incorporates many levels that will adapt to one’s skills and level of knowledge. Players will reach levels once they make progress in flight and accomplish missions.

Besides all it's game modes, airports and wide amount of options, Flight Simulator X includes 3D graphics in order to make your experience even more realistic. You can really feel the real sensation of being a pilot.

Other alternative games

If you would like to try a similar download, Flight Gear is a game which also includes 3D graphics. However, it's main advantage is that users can help to improve it because it is developed in open code.

However, if you prefer dealing with ships rather than with planes, you can try Virtual Sailor and try to manage boats and even a submarine.

Flight Simulator X Features

The unique features of this simulator are listed below:

  • Active and dynamic environment with live maps
  • Collection of aircrafts to play with: Air Creation, Goose Beaver, single-engine, Airbus 1321, Boeing 747-400, Mooney Bravo, Extra 300S, Robinson R22 Beta 2, etc.
  • Multiplayer Mode: choose an airport and a mission and play with other players from all around the globe
  • Air Traffic Controller mode to give orders to other pilots
  • Missions of different levels of difficulty, depending the player’s skills: rescue missions, land on a truck, and fly up the Amazon or in the Red Bull Race
  • Tutorials for novice players
  • Trial version with limited use: two airports, two missions and three aircrafts available

For further information, you can check the developer’s site .


If you want to get involved in the world of airplanes, Flight Simulator X allows you to recreate that experience by joining pilots in their adventures and becoming one of them.

You can use it for a limited time

  • Very realistic
  • 3D graphics
  • Multiple choices
  • Huge program size