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Flight Simulator X is a real-life gaming experience like no other!

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Microsoft has once again proved itself to be one of the best developers by releasing Flight Simulator X. Have you ever dreamed of flying all over the world? Are you a natural born traveler? If yes, then this is the best game for you. FSX enables its users to virtually travel all over the world with live maps and more than 24,000 airports to choose from in the best 3D graphics, giving you a realistic flight experience. The game offers variety of modes, environments, planes and characters to play with, making sure that there will be no dull moments in every flight. You are given the chance to be a pilot, co-pilot and meet celebrity characters. FSX is very interactive since you get to play alone or with other players from random countries using the multiplayer mode. Solve and accomplish over 55 missions with the help of GPS system and weather applications to help you with your tasks. The more skills and knowledge you acquire, the higher the level you will achieve. FSX offers tutorials for beginners and trial versions with limited use.


  • 3D graphics, live maps, GPS system
  • Multiplayer mode: Play with people all over the world
  • Missions and levels depend on one’s skill
  • Variety of planes, missions and environments


  • Game lags and runs slow sometimes



Keep your flying dreams alive with the Flight Simulator X

By Ngunyi Kibui

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The sight of seeing a plane cut across the skies has always intrigued me and i have always wanted to have that experience of a pilot though i knew i couldn’t make it until i came across the Flight Simulator X on PHP NUKE website while going through the reviews. Although this is a trial version,its the most captivating game that has brought me on the verge of reality i have ever played. The game play is quite easy as you get to be a pilot or a co-pilot on a choice of a plane that you choose and you get to select an airport to operate from. Also you can choose to go on a mission if your idea is not flying around the world. The graphics are so real you actually feel you are inside the game. The game can be played by anyone of any age as it has tutorials for novice players. Its multiplayer feature you can play with anyone in the world through online. Although its very large in size, I cant wait to get my hands on the complete version.


  • very impressive 3D graphics on the game
  • has a variety of options to choose
  • it is very realistic in nature


  • it is quite big in size,thus on needs alot of space to install and run



Learn and Experience How to Fly with this Exceptional Flight Simulator

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I think every one of us dreamed that we could fly someday, but now there is a simulation game called Flight Simulator X that will take you in the sky and make you feel that you are flying. This game delivers a very sensible flight simulation experience. If you are a newbie with this game, I suggest you add extra add-ons for weather, aircraft and scenery since this features make this flight simulator more stand out. This game seems so realistic and it also gives you challenges that can improve and sharpen your skills. If you want to make the gameplay even better, I recommend you use a joystick.

Flight Simulator X stands the test of time. In fact, this is an outstanding game that has essentially gotten better and better over the years. For me, FSX has been such a long series and has always been an excellent experience. If you love flying, this awesome flight simulator is a perfect fit for you.


  • The graphic is very realistic
  • It has an exceptional gameplay


  • There are some lagging issues




For what are you going to use the program?
  • gaming and play in my home to be away from the problems. in addition i will play this because i like flaying everywhere especially to make flights

  • had a piolts licenc once and look forward to playing a simuilators with a viiew to buying an off shelf product.I am wondering why you feel the need of having to preform this exervise

  • learning to fly around the world for fun and leisure to relax to pretend I am going somewhere to get over my fear of flying to have a good time.

  • leisure purposes only it has always been an ambition to have time to enjoy the flight simulator programs. i look forward to the experience thank you

  • to play with my friends,teachers,principal,cousins,brother,sisters,parents,grand parents,uncle,aunty,best friend,neighbour,enemy,cr7,,neymar

What similar programs have you used?
  • ive used x plane 10 the demo and infinity flight and aerofly simulator and fi carire landin g simualtor game all of those if used in my life done

  • I have not usedthese programs before.You are about to download Flight Simulator X from our server. Nil tried by this user, not familiar at all/ nil

  • i den't have anything of simulator programs,but i real like to flying,so i well try this programs.thank you very much for give me free down load

  • none so far but will try to find something if i colud't get this one going for me I was recommended to download it by a good friend of who used it

  • I have not used any similar simulation games of the sort. what else am I supposed to say. why is my answer too short. I was going to put'none

What do you like most about this program?
  • it helps me to pass the time and generate more ideas about flying and airoplane also i can visite many places all over the world traying many typs of airoplanes

  • flying experience that comes with it.i like to fly in a real good made simulator. thats why i want too download flight simulatorX from windows

  • realistic scenary and amazing flyzons ,easy takeoff and landing ,,,the planes look real and it is very interesting games to plaly with an feel proud

  • its free andit says that is fast download other pages asks for a money or shoudl i say paying for it and then it might not work anyway so i prefer this one

  • it improves my flying skills as i will be learning new things daily. it has lessons like free flight, missions and many more that an aspiring pilot can gain a lot of experience from

FSX is a simulator game developed by Microsoft with which you can visit virtually visit all the destinations you have always wanted, for free, and without leaving the comfort of your home! Besides, this game is very realistic when compared with other similar downloads.

You will have to accomplish all kinds of missions in huge variety of places. Flight simulator X offers you more than 24,000 airports to choose from, all over the world. For that reason, this computer game will give you an interactive experience full of excitement. Users can enjoy hours of entertainment with just a few clicks.

Infinitude of possibilities in just one game

If having 24,000 airports to choose is not enough for you, all the modes and planes you can select will surely satisfy. You can be the pilot or the co-pilot, play alone or with your friends.

In FSX users will have to solve more than 55 missions, from serious and military actions, to humorous ones in which players will interact with celebrities.

Flight Simulator X incorporates a GPS system and a weather application to ease flights and help users with their tasks.

This game is realistic and appropriate for all audiences

This flight game is appropriate for players of all ages, as it incorporates many levels that will adapt to one’s skills and level of knowledge. Players will reach levels once they make progress in flight and accomplish missions.

Besides all it's game modes, airports and wide amount of options, Flight Simulator X includes 3D graphics in order to make your experience even more realistic. You can really feel the real sensation of being a pilot.

Other alternative games

If you would like to try a similar download, Flight Gear is a game which also includes 3D graphics. However, it's main advantage is that users can help to improve it because it is developed in open code.

However, if you prefer dealing with ships rather than with planes, you can try Virtual Sailor and try to manage boats and even a submarine.

Flight Simulator X Features

The unique features of this simulator are listed below:

  • Active and dynamic environment with live maps
  • Collection of aircrafts to play with: Air Creation, Goose Beaver, single-engine, Airbus 1321, Boeing 747-400, Mooney Bravo, Extra 300S, Robinson R22 Beta 2, etc.
  • Multiplayer Mode: choose an airport and a mission and play with other players from all around the globe
  • Air Traffic Controller mode to give orders to other pilots
  • Missions of different levels of difficulty, depending the player’s skills: rescue missions, land on a truck, and fly up the Amazon or in the Red Bull Race
  • Tutorials for novice players
  • Trial version with limited use: two airports, two missions and three aircrafts available

For further information, you can check the developer’s site .


If you want to get involved in the world of airplanes, Flight Simulator X allows you to recreate that experience by joining pilots in their adventures and becoming one of them.

You can use it for a limited time

  • Very realistic
  • 3D graphics
  • Multiple choices
  • Huge program size