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Connecting to your phone via your personal computer made possible using Noika PC Suite

By Kim Kiruma

On Thursday, November 26, 2015

The ability to connect and sync your phone and your computer at times may be a strenuous activity. Nokia developers saw the need to make this act a very simple task and thus developed the Nokia PC suite. The developers were able to code the application with various languages that one has a lot to chose from the one that suits his or her language understanding. The application has a very simple setup that requires very little memory to install on. With very clear ep to step wizard the installation after download Is very fast. The application allows one to access all the media files and even the message centre of your phone from your personal computer. The application also has a music cetre that enables one to convert any music that he or she wants to burn to a c.d or even download that will be able to play in both the phone and the computer. The best feature I have encountered with the Nokia PcC Suite is the ability to tether and be able to use the phone as a modem using USB this is a must have application.


  • The application is able to assist you in controlling and managing your battery use
  • The application enables one to create send and read messages from your PC


  • The application is only compatible with Nokia mobile phones
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download nokia pc suite now and access your nokia mobile using your pc

By John Joe

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

nokia pc suite came with a lot of adnatages to the nokia users though not to the msot recent version of nokia mobile phones like the nokia lumia.The advantages of nokia pc suite is that it does the folllowing it is able to connect to the internet that is your nokia mobile phone will be used like a router so that internet can be accessed to your pc if your computer does not have the internet as long as your nokia has some data bundles,nokia pc suite can be used to update some software on your mobile phone using your computer in fact most people prefer to do this because it is very easy to do such a thing.You can as well create some message in the form of multimedia and then send it to your mobile phone but using your desktop.With this you can as well as transfer personal data like documents from your mobile phone to your computer in short nokia pc suite does a whole range of things and it is very advantageous.


  • transfer music files from the phone to the computer
  • it is very free to download


  • it works only for nokia mobile phones
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If you have a Nokia smartphone, then this is the software you must have in your PC

By Vincent Logan Varenberg

On Friday, November 28, 2014

I have a Nokia 5600 Express Music and even though it comes with a USB cable and a memory card, I’m still finding it difficult to interface it smoothly with my laptop. So I searched the Internet for a perfect PC connectivity software for Nokia cellphones. That’s when I found Nokia PC Suite, which is essentially a software designed to allow Nokia phone users to connect their phone seamlessly with their PC’s.

Nokia PC Suite is a great software that I can use with my USB cable or wirelessly via Wifi. On the user interface there is a button that indicates connecting the software with a Nokia phone. There are tools available that will allow users to automatically synchronize contacts, messages, photos and other file formats. On synchronization, audio files can be converted to a format suitable for your Nokia smartphone. This option is available as well for video files. Additionally, users will also be able to compose and send messages straight from their laptops down to their connected Nokia units. One last thing that I found very useful with Nokia PC Suite – I can use my Nokia phone as a modem to connect to the Internet. Of course I needed to have my data connection set to ON for this feature to work.

All in all, this Nokia PC Suite is an excellent Nokia phone connectivity tool perfect for PCs.


  • Compose and send text messages from your laptop
  • Automatically convert music and video files to mobile optimized format


  • Software is limited to Nokia phones only
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Easy to use for nokia and its very important give perfect way to update phone too with new better than the other software

  • to be able to connect with my nokia xl phone on my personal computer today being sunday the twenty-seventh day of june in the year of our lord 2015

  • download nokia c2 applications and tell my friends about it and i would love to enjoy myself getting to know all the new and exicting games;

  • to save my phone messages and take backup all images song there are applications such as games which i like the most videos of movies song and last but very important is cotanct details

  • transfer contacts from a nokia lumia 710 to an ordinator under windows 10 I do no how I can do it safely, after changing of operator S F R .

What similar programs have you used?
  • nothing at present. Ihave used other Nokia versions but I dont remember their names. I have deleted them. My PC was blocked, so Ihave to start new

  • ovi sute i used similar program for transfering ndata from my phone to computer and archiveing my data's for protcting to long time which i need

  • vlc media player adobe reader microsoft office internet downloade manager utorrent picasa mozilla firefox chrome opera adobe photoshop sony e

  • Samsung flash tool to flash all kind of andriod phone. But it is more easy the nokia that was soo diffical for use. so we steel try to learn about this software.

  • pc suite for phones required for daily transfer of photos and videos are done thorugh this downloaded from other websites Nokia and apple blackberry

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like most about this program is that I can connect to the internet where ever I go for sending mails, downloading pictures, videos, files etc through the Nokia mobile phone..

  • yes its awesome with these nokia phones become much better and easy to use similar to android phones the features of this phone is great nice

  • fantastic program to help organise and manage my phone and creatre backup when and where i need them a seriously creative tool by one of the smartestes phones in the world

  • To use audio chat with my friends as much as to have a better communication. But i was searching a lot lastly i found it easly thank you for the provider of this program.

  • for nokia mobile phone n79 series new pc suite software download to access fast internet, fast communication and fast other data accessing ok


Nokia PC Suite is a free PC connectivity solution to manage your Nokia phone from your computer and synchronize your data with the mobile device, as well as the multimedia contents you download from the Web, thanks to tools like Nokia Music Manager. It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, such as XP or 7, so the compatibility of this PC suite is guaranteed.

Nokia PC Suite is an application which stands out for its simplicity and easy to use setup. In other words, it has been developed to suit the needs of any kind of user. If you are the owner of this make of mobile phone, you need this utility for exploring all the features of your device. With this suite, you can add music, images, or videos via a USB cable and organize them the way you like.

The application also converts the files you want to transfer into your device into a valid format in order to be reproduced it. Nokia Music Manager, included in this package, rips your music CDs and automatically transfers the files into your Nokia phone.

Select the bitrate of your converted audio files
Select the bitrate of your converted audio files

This Nokia Suite offers easy connectivity

This Nokia suite of applications connects via USB or wireless connection. Once you’ve connected the device you will be able to synchronize your contacts list, your agenda and the meetings you have pending. Easily copy the data you want to your phone through the transfer menu and make backups of your device's data. This is a useful tool to prevent possible information loss by making sure your data is safe.

If you don’t feel confident enough with this kind of utility, this software includes a wizard for less experienced users to guide them through the process and make it even easier to use. This PC connectivity solution is recommended for your mobile device since it provides all the necessary tools that any PC suite should have, and even new ones like Nokia maps. This way, you can manage your mobile device properly without the need for additional software.

Nokia style

Remember this is a free PC connectivity solution produced by Nokia in order to improve the user’s experience with these devices. With this software you will be able to compose and send SMS's right from your computer thanks to its simple interface. In addition, the mobile device can work as a modem if you can’t get access to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network. This utility allows you to download other contents, like apps or music, by accessing to the OVI store.

There are other kinds of software for your device that can meet your needs depending on the device you own. For instance, Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia PC Suite Cleaner. However, this Nokia Suite has more functions than the others, like ripping music or making backups of your phone's data.

Main interface of the application
Main interface of the application

Nokia PC Suite Features

Here you can read the features included in this application:

  • Nokia Communication Center which allows you to organize contacts, contact groups and messages among other possibilities with this PC connectivity solution
  • Control and manage the battery of your own mobile device (low-battery alert)
  • Notify incoming calls and messages
  • Nokia Content Copier
  • Nokia Maps
  • Nokia File Manager to transfer different files
  • Nokia Image Store
  • Notifications when updates are available
  • Nokia Messages feature
  • Nokia Music Manager to control and manage your music and CD ripping

If you want to read more information about this app, you can do it here


If you have a Nokia mobile device you need this PC connectivity solution on your computer to manage your data properly and to maximize the potential of all the features Nokia PC Suite has to offer you.

  • Great functionality
  • Can turn your phone into a modem
  • Compatible with latest Windows versions, including Windows 7
  • File manager
  • Low transfer rate