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The software that will change how you use your Nokia mobile phone

By Jackson Muoka

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015

With this free computer connectivity software this will change how you enjoy your Nokia phone. Nokia PC suite will help users to synchronize their data and files in their phones with a computer. It has a Nokia Music Manager where users will be able to download multimedia contents from the internet. Nokia PC Suite is compatible with some of the latest version of window including XP and 7

This suite is very easy to download install and use and it gives users more power to explore more possibilities of Nokia. With Nokia PC suite one can add music, images and video through a USB cable and organize in the best preference users wish.

With this package, users are able to rip music CDs and automatically transfer the same files in to their mobile devices. This suite can connect to a personal computer through USB or a wireless connection. The good thing about Nokia PC suite comes for free and it allows users compose and send sms from their computer to their contacts.


  • • It can do more than one functions
  • • It is free to download and use
  • • One can use the mobile phone as modem and surf the web


  • • Only supported by Nokia phones
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Manage your nokia phone from your computer and synchronize your data easily

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

For those people with the Nokia mobile phone, Nokia PC Suite is a very good application for them. Produced by Nokia, Nokia PC Suite is used to manage the Nokia phone from the PC to synchronize data and multimedia contents. Its compatibility is guaranteed since its compatible with the latest windows versions. Due to its simplicity to use, the app is suitable for all users, and if you are a beginner and feel you are not confident enough to use it, there is a wizard for process guidance. The best use of this app that makes people to love it more is the ability to add videos, images and music through USB cable. You can transfer your files to your Nokia phone automatically, thanks to the inclusive of Nokia Music Manager in the package. With it you are assured of the safety of your data since you can make backups of them. With its simple interface the software also allows you to compose and send sms direct from the computer. You can also access the OVI store and download the things you want. The best part is that your mobile can act as a modem to access the net. But it sometimes annoys since its transfer rate is low and so it is time consuming.

To enjoy the features of your Nokia mobile phone through the PC, Nokia PC Suite is advisable due to its provision of the necessary tools of a PC giving you the ability to manage you phone without adding another software.


  • It notifies you of the updates.
  • Ability to turn mobile phone into modem.
  • It has a Nokia Music Manager.


  • Can only be used by Nokia phones.
  • Its time consuming due to low transfer rate.
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Easiest Way to Transfer Your Important Files from a Mobile Device to a Computer

By Rose Sincro

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nokia PC Suite is designed for Nokia Phone owners, so they can transfer their important files and data from a mobile phone to a computer. This software has new functions, including editing, backup and synchronizing files. I like this PC suite because it’s easy to use and it is a pleasant software.

All functions of this software can be accessed from the main interface when your Nokia Phone is connected to the computer. There are three connectivity options available. These are the Infrared, USB Cable and Bluetooth.

The backup & synchronization features allow users to keep important content stored on their Nokia phone safe and ready for a fast backup or restore. Using this software you can now sync notes, contacts and calendar and keep them up to date on both mobile device and computer.

Overall, Nokia PC Suite offers a satisfying experience. It allows users to manage and control the content on their mobile phone.


  • You can transfer you file easily
  • It is easy to use and to understand


  • This software is only available for Nokia devices
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Add mt Pc Download Images Ring Tone Mp3 Songs mp4 movie for usb Driver is Abale able then connecting Pc orvlabtop Blouetooth inface connecting

  • personal cellphone restart to factory settings because i have never use this phone for 4 years so i already forgotten the password now i need

  • updating my nokia cell phone so that it becomes new and be able to perform much better. It should operate as a new version especially ashers

  • to connet my phone network with pc so i wish to use the software to access it and to be free from uneccesary disappointment on my window 7 system


What similar programs have you used?
  • nothing at present. Ihave used other Nokia versions but I dont remember their names. I have deleted them. My PC was blocked. I need new one.

  • Nokia pc suit main subject internet connectivity with whole lile enjoyment full speech programme science and technology in near future for gain knowledge

  • Samsung flash tool to flash all kind of andriod phone. But it is more easy the nokia that was soo diffical for use. so we steel try to learn about this software.

  • pc suite for phones required for daily transfer of photos and videos are done thorugh this downloaded from other websites Nokia and apple blackberry

  • ovi sute i used similar program for transfering ndata from my phone to computer and archiveing my data's for protcting to long time which i need

What do you like most about this program?
  • i want to sync my entire contacts nokia are one of the best phone esspecialy the durability and baterry life thats so beter than android or ios

  • suffering internet by makin use of nokia pc suit. it also allowed operating phone function while conneected to system which make both work possible.

  • i am having nokia phone and is interested in pc suite for the purpose of sharing photos, data and recordings. hope i could download and use.

  • yes it is very use ful to me and this programme useful to connect to the desk top to access skyupe and other programms like brousing internet

  • FIRMware and manything that i'fe gonna things to do re instal my phone and manymore,, like reset password, and factory default setting can be done


Nokia PC Suite is a free PC connectivity solution to manage your Nokia phone from your computer and synchronize your data with the mobile device, as well as the multimedia contents you download from the Web, thanks to tools like Nokia Music Manager. It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, such as XP or 7, so the compatibility of this PC suite is guaranteed.

Nokia PC Suite is an application which stands out for its simplicity and easy to use setup. In other words, it has been developed to suit the needs of any kind of user. If you are the owner of this make of mobile phone, you need this utility for exploring all the features of your device. With this suite, you can add music, images, or videos via a USB cable and organize them the way you like.

The application also converts the files you want to transfer into your device into a valid format in order to be reproduced it. Nokia Music Manager, included in this package, rips your music CDs and automatically transfers the files into your Nokia phone.

Select the bitrate of your converted audio files
Select the bitrate of your converted audio files

This Nokia Suite offers easy connectivity

This Nokia suite of applications connects via USB or wireless connection. Once you’ve connected the device you will be able to synchronize your contacts list, your agenda and the meetings you have pending. Easily copy the data you want to your phone through the transfer menu and make backups of your device's data. This is a useful tool to prevent possible information loss by making sure your data is safe.

If you don’t feel confident enough with this kind of utility, this software includes a wizard for less experienced users to guide them through the process and make it even easier to use. This PC connectivity solution is recommended for your mobile device since it provides all the necessary tools that any PC suite should have, and even new ones like Nokia maps. This way, you can manage your mobile device properly without the need for additional software.

Nokia style

Remember this is a free PC connectivity solution produced by Nokia in order to improve the user’s experience with these devices. With this software you will be able to compose and send SMS's right from your computer thanks to its simple interface. In addition, the mobile device can work as a modem if you can’t get access to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network. This utility allows you to download other contents, like apps or music, by accessing to the OVI store.

There are other kinds of software for your device that can meet your needs depending on the device you own. For instance, Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia PC Suite Cleaner. However, this Nokia Suite has more functions than the others, like ripping music or making backups of your phone's data.

Main interface of the application
Main interface of the application

Nokia PC Suite Features

Here you can read the features included in this application:

  • Nokia Communication Center which allows you to organize contacts, contact groups and messages among other possibilities with this PC connectivity solution
  • Control and manage the battery of your own mobile device (low-battery alert)
  • Notify incoming calls and messages
  • Nokia Content Copier
  • Nokia Maps
  • Nokia File Manager to transfer different files
  • Nokia Image Store
  • Notifications when updates are available
  • Nokia Messages feature
  • Nokia Music Manager to control and manage your music and CD ripping

If you want to read more information about this app, you can do it here


If you have a Nokia mobile device you need this PC connectivity solution on your computer to manage your data properly and to maximize the potential of all the features Nokia PC Suite has to offer you.

  • Great functionality
  • Can turn your phone into a modem
  • Compatible with latest Windows versions, including Windows 7
  • File manager
  • Low transfer rate