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Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack Service Pack 3

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Strengthened Office Suite Security despite Discontinued Tech Support from Developer

By Ivy Paloma

On Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Although support for Office 2003 has been discontinued since 8th of April this year, I would be glad to discuss with you its 3rd installment of its Service Pack (SP). MS Office 2003 SP 3 makes available the most recent updates to MS Office 2003.

You see, MS Office 2003 SP 3 corresponds to a major development in Office 2003 with regards to its security. It advances and consolidates the Office suite against impending security threats and other attacks. More importantly, it also includes fixes whereas with previous service packs, separate updates were released for Office 2003.

Service Pack 3 includes strength improvements that have been developed due to the result of inputs from users through the Crash Analysis of Microsoft Online in Office 2003. User inputs were also taken from feedbacks in Microsoft Product Support.

Office 2003 behavior has been modified as the result of changes in SP 3. These include the change that disabled certain default features and it also increased computer administrator controls.


  • It has strengthened the Office Suite security
  • Released updates as a whole instead of separate ones


  • Technical support has been discontinued
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By Dann Kamau

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The way office operations are carried out greatly evolutionised from way back in 1988 when Microsoft first developed the Microsoft office suite of applications. Most of office operations or rather desktop tasks before that were being carried out manually e.g documents write-ups, letters, financial calculations, presentation materials etc.

Microsoft office is an office suite of desktop applications. The first set of applications included Microsoft Word for words processing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets which soon outsold the Lotus 123 program and Microsoft Powerpoint for presentation materials. Special features were included in the suite to help the user carry out tasks such as spellchecks, computation formulas, underlines etc.

Over the years Microsoft office has been modified to newer versions with other added applications. Microsoft has also modified existing features and created newer ones. Other applications added includes- Microsoft Access- a data management system, Microsoft Outlook-a personal information management application, Microsoft One Note- a freeware note taking program, Microsoft Publisher-for designing brochures, labels, cards etc, Microsoft Project-for project management and track of events, Microsoft Visio-for diagrams and flow charts and Microsoft SharePoint-for share point sites.

The current versions are Version 2013 for windows and Version 2011 for OS X.


  • Reduction of manual human labour
  • More organized and neater offices


  • Reduction of human numbers in offices thus less jobs
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A Nice Upgrade Version and Added Some Useful Feature for Making Your Work at Ease

By Maria Bernabe

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

Considering I use MS Office for many things such as writing books and article, grading online assignments, etc., I realized that I want it to have more online capability. The development in the new version of Microsoft Office 2003 were added which made it now more simple to use. Perhaps it’s the new look of the toolbars. The graphics are better and easy to recognize without having to place my mouse cursor on any menu item to figure out what it is, or that darned paperclip guy (the office assistant) automatically no longer appears. Instructions for all programs are much easier to understand especially Access 2003 in which I could have never resolved before.

MS Office 2003 is the ideal program for small business, self employed or someone who use a full service suite of the programs. The Publisher program was one great feature for this MS office 2003 because I can create my flyers, invoices, promotional print and other business card. I also use this to create my own web pages. I have to accept I have a soft spot for Publisher. It’s a neat program that I can use to easily create and publish just about everything I can imagine.


  • It has many templates for print and online designs
  • Synchronizes, captures and publishes slides, audio, video, and images


  • Steeper learning curve from previous version
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for vb6 training because vb 6 version only accept the oldest versions of ms access so i am going to downlaod it . then i will create my on database

  • I am going to use this program for learning purposes to enhance my understanding & better use of the various packages been offered under office suite

  • i am goingto use this progeamme for the sake of official use in my college as well as departmental also and the typing work which should be

  • we will use this microsoftware for teaching and education reason in our university ,the cousre is visual basic 6 and we need to make connection with database access

  • School project and activity using microsoft access connecting to visual basic. Thanks for uploading it into your site. This will help me a lot.

What similar programs have you used?
  • office 2003 but didn't complete am expecting this download to work through if I am able to sit at computer long enough to get it adequately setup

  • I have used SP2 Operating System via free download and now trying to download Service Pack 3 for Microsoft Office 2003, please check the compatibility.

  • windows sps 3 we that is ver bset for using in the detail i like we want service pak three in this regards we sussgted to use they used thi

  • MS Powerpoint and many other programs that are needed in this era to use a vomputer for nice and creative use which helps person learn from computer

  • previously i am used MS Excel on my another lapto for the study.But now i have not MS word for typing purpose so i am going to install it very quivkly by using this site.

What do you like most about this program?
  • because since i have an old desktop i am using windows XP and it's my favourite office program i know very well and you can't imagine how i was inneed

  • useful, hopefully i can use to my study and get better with my grades, in my country everything is expensive, make it free please abd everybody happy

  • yes it is a good software windows are the most impotent part of the life of every industries and company home offices and many other thing it long

  • office word 2003 the most popular software. very easy to use thank you very much developer for making such of this awesome application for pc

  • friendly user easy to handle though i really like this office 2003 setup its settings were really awesome and anyone can easily operate this one

Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 is a package that includes some improvements related to security, performance and stability to the whole set of ms office utilities developed at the same name. Those who download it will be able to enjoy it in their Windows OS, such as on XP ones.

This software fixes some errors from the programs of the complete MS Office suite: Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as Outlook and Access. These corrections were made after collecting the user’s feedback in order to fix the most common and annoying errors.

This is a free trial of the third service pack released by Microsoft. As it incorporates all the previous updates, you won’t have to install the old versions on your computer.

Remarkable improvements

This program includes security improvements to avoid threats like viruses or phishing attacks. This is specfically related to the email client platform Outlook. With this improvement, it will be much more difficult for fraudsters to steal confidential information such as passwords or bank details.

Besides that, other enhancements are related to the spelling and the mistakes that occurred when writing in some languages. In addition, you will notice a higher level of stability and performance whilst carrying out different tasks.

For example, this service pack has also fixed the problems caused when working with cells in Excel and the errors whist inserting text within tables in Word.

Previous update

This is the latest edition available, so we recommend you to take advantage of all it's improvements. However, you can also get the Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2, which was previously released, though it is not as complete as the third pack.

Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack Service Pack 3 Features

It has several features which are detailed below:

  • You can configure it to allow or deny the COM component you want
  • Increased security related to macros in Excel files
  • Improved security when you open a maliciously modified file
  • Solves typing errors in other languages
  • High level of stability and performance
  • Extra security with bank operations and passwords

If you want to read more information about this MS Office utility, you can do it here


As a user, you can still find problems using this utility suite. It has made many improvements and it is a good choice to update your system to protect it against security risks.

  • Security fixes concerns about phishing attacks
  • Improvements related to different programs
  • User feedback
  • Despite the improvements, errors can still occur