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Microsoft Office System 2007 14.0.6029.1000

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A Good Upgrade to Make Sleeker Presentations and Reports to Share with Others

By Maria Bernabe

On Friday, June 20, 2014

MS Office System 2007 is a set of powerful office tools that allow me to work more efficiently and effectively. The suite also includes Outlook, Publisher, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. These tools allow me to create, analyze, manage and share information more efficiently and smoothly. The new MS Office user interface makes it clear to use and straightforward, giving new graphic efficiency and options, such as shadow, 3-D effect, glow, reflection and surface texture tools, which allow me to add professional charts and diagrams to my work. Thanks to its tight assimilation with MS Collaboration and IT infrastructure technologies, this software makes sharing information and working together accessible and more productive than ever before.

I noticed that in Excel, the Ribbon interface improves the usefulness of the application for working with complicated spreadsheets. I can easily access all the formulas in scroll down menus. I can make more data array and work with millions of rows. It's easier for me now to find the conditional format for making drawing heat maps or adding icons in order to demonstrate data patterns.


  • Hard to find features now easier to explain
  • Improved integration throughout the applications


  • Tabs and style galleries can be distracting
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Newly Introduced Ribbon Interface Provides Quick Access to Mostly Used Features

By Christine Diaz

On Friday, June 20, 2014

Collectively, Microsoft incorporated and introduced the ribbon interface in the 2007 version of MS Office. The office suite, which houses some of the most popular Microsoft software, is perfect for daily tasks involving documents, spreadsheets, and presentations or slideshows.

In this version, the ribbon interface was designed as a dock for functions, features, and app tabs, so users can easily access them. It is highly customizable. You can add and remove features depending on the ones that you are likely to use the most. Along with the new interface is the Quick Access Toolbar, which acts the same way as the ribbon interface. You can add and remove menus as you like.

MS Office 2007 supports files from older versions, so it is easy to edit them although you now have a more updated version. You can also use Office 2007 together with Office Server 2007, so you can access MS Office Online. Through this service, you will be able to get new templates and more content.


  • Can make functions easily accessible
  • Unnecessary menus can be disabled


  • Old time users may become disappointed with the new interface
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Customizable Menus and Ribbon Interface Enables Users to Work Faster

By Daren Garius

On Friday, June 27, 2014

Microsoft’s Office product, Server 2007, has provided numerous added features to the already jam-packed productivity suite. It’s the ultimate office machine enabling its users to create not only documents, but presentations, spreadsheets, and slideshows.

Its enabled access with MS Office Online provides its users with more templates and pre-set content to choose from. More popular however, is the introduction of the new ribbon interface in its included apps. Its design is avant-garde, which makes users work faster as commonly used tools are made easily available and accessible. Along with it, a Quick Access Toolbar has been introduced as well. Through the two new additions, users can remove and add tools and menus that are mostly used. In a nutshell, they are both customizable.

Not to disgruntle MS Office users who still have the older versions, the new interface may cause confusion at first. Like with any other new discovery, it takes a while to learn and get to know the new interface.


  • Tools are made easily available and accessible
  • Menus can be customized to include mostly used ones


  • Requires MS Office Online service to get updated templates and content
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to make resume and all things in this like office work , question answers , mark list of each persons , details of the members who were studied in the school

  • for study-education purpose , research work. learning about nations ,cultures,developments,tourist places,health care , child development programs.

  • iam student and i want to use microsoft office for my studies and other purpose which includes letter drafting,entering datas and excel sheets

  • i m a student for making my assighments i need this but unfortunately i cant download this when downloading process complete it cant be open kindly help me

  • private use. I have got a new computer and it cant install my microsoft office from my cd. I therefore want to try this online version tol nake it possible to make my work

What similar programs have you used?
  • nothing i didnt use any program till now so iam dowloding this rogram to in install 2007 as my system is asking me to instal this progrgram

  • i want to type a c.v application and save documents. therefore, i want to install microsoft office system 2007 i accept your all detial thanks

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is easy top use and fast to install to my compter very user friendly htis product is good for studen and even the proofisional people out ther g

  • I have been using micro soft office system for a long time and it worked perfect for me but recently it encountered some problems so I want to

  • for looking a pdf file and my computre is not compatible on microsoft office 2016.Then i like this application because it is good to modified a word file


  • I can open all documents I receive from web, the childrens schools, friends and family. It has many different features and there is a lot I can play with

Microsoft Office System 2007 is a productivity suite which includes many office tools in the one package. With this trial version, you are free to enjoy the possibilities that this all-in-one application can offer without having to download the full MS package.

It’s completely new interface might shock you at first, but once you get used to it, you will discover that the change is not only a matter of graphics. First of all, Microsoft has invigorated its main functions by giving the possibility of accessing them directly via the interface through quick buttons.

This office utility is the tool you need both at home and in your professional environment. It will help you with every aspect relating to documents, from texts to worksheets and presentations. If you struggle or find some problems with using it, you can access the different free templates that this MS package places at your disposal.

Important components of this Windows software

This suite is mainly composed by four applications that have become reference points in the world of file and document management. All of these include the latest devices and tools and will create flawless files.

Word is a processor for texts that will let users handle every aspect, from the body type of texts and words to their structure, footnotes, and of course their size, color, and design.

Excel is the creator of charts and tables that are simple to use and will allow users to make spreadsheets without much effort. If you want to present them in a eye-catching way you can use PowerPoint to create presentations in different formats and with effects. Finally, Outlook is an email client that will let you to organize your contacts.

About the new version

With the new version that includes MOS 2007 you will be able to modify your calendar by dragging items directly from the email. Microsoft Office System 2007 is not difficult to understand for newbies. Instead, it will be harder for seasoned users to get used to it’s new interface and design as they will have to change some of their habits.

Other alternatives

These four tools lack integration between them and users will only be able to synchronize the full MS suite with another alternative download. Microsoft’s Groove provides online integration, but users will not find this easy to synchronize functions without making a few clicks.

In addition, computers that don’t install it will need a converter (as All Office Converter Platinum) to permit older versions open some documents of this new system.

Microsoft Office System 2007 14.0.6029.1000 Features

The main features of this Office tool are listed below:

  • Ribbon interface with multiple tabs and commands to easily access the main functions of each program
  • Microsoft Office Server 2007 integration
  • Format preview
  • Customize the appearance with Quick Access Toolbar
  • New file formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .accdb), shortcuts and Microsoft Office Button
  • Microsoft Office Online to access to additional content, which can be added (templates, etc.)
  • Extensible Markup Language format for increasing security, reducing corruption and making files smaller
  • Compatibility with saved files from previous versions

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It is worth to have such a complete suite as Microsoft Office System 2007, although it will take a long time to install.

  • Complete
  • Quite intuitive
  • New features that are difficult to get used to