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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, January 26, 2015

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

There was a time when programming languages e.g Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# etc were each a separate piece of software working on its own. Times have changed and we now have an integrated development environment (IDE) software that incorporates several different programming languages. Microsoft has Microsoft Visual Studio whose current version is version 2013 that works in computers as well as in smartphones.

This new version comes with considerable improvements and greatly increased performance as compared to versions before it. It comes with new tools to enable you carry out your modeling, analysis for codes and much more. It enables you to program using different languages incorporated in it like visual basic, visual c++, visual #, windows phone etc. You can create applications web site, web applications and even web services in any of the environment that support the platform NET. It enables you to download templates in order to carry out creations e.g windows forms application or web form pages.


  • Enables you to carry out software development in different programming languages
  • It works for both computers and smartphones


  • Requires high speed and powerful PC's
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Create your own applications, web sites, web applications and web services using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is the newest programming software from Microsoft which allows user to program in many languages which include Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# and Windows Phone among other languages. With Visual Studio 2013 one can be able to program applications including websites and other web application for both computers and mobile phones using the Windows OS.

Unlike previous version Microsoft has enhanced the features of this version which include new tools for modeling, analysis for codes and an improved debugger to make programming a wonderful experience. By using this software the user can download templates online to help them in programming.

This version comes with an improved UI which has over 400 modified icons and an increased use of color and a different Start page which helps to program easier .it also has productivity tools to move code lines or for in-line navigation.

This software requires the following to operate well: a windows OS, A 1.6GHz processor, a 1GB RAM and a hard disk with 10GB free space.


  • • Ability to program in several programming languages
  • • Advanced features to make programming easier
  • • Has a Performance and Diagnostics hub


  • • Requires a large amount of space
  • • Only available for windows OS
  • • Very hard to use for starters
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The Best Development Environment for Windows Developers Available in the Market Today

By Christine Diaz

On Thursday, April 24, 2014

Visual Studio enabled our team to develop apps across all devices in Windows - from desktop to tablets, and smartphones. This is pretty easy as Visual Studio integrates with the devices’ underlying platform. It also enables users to apply emerging web design patterns in a ASP.NET solution.

Integrated solutions and shorter cycles are also featured in the Visual Studio. It enables better collaboration in development teams using Team Rooms. It offers a single destination for sharing status, discussing issues, and tracking decisions between team members. It also has the InRelease feature, which makes automated deployments to be repeated and dependable. Stakeholders are ensured to have sufficient communication for business-approval workflows, so that release is done properly.

Visual Studio 2013 provides tools that simplify developing business applications that rely mostly on data entry and visualization. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office and in the cloud, which enables productivity applications and customized collaboration based on the tools already familiar to business users.

Believe me, the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is the best development environment there is today. A high-tech toolset for development teams, it turns dreams into reality. In fact, with it, our team at work was able to develop cloud-powered cross-device apps. It allowed us to use agile and flexible planning tools, so we can use techniques such as incremental development. We were able to ensure that our vision was preserved during the implementation because of the features it included. We were able to improve the quality of our work, but at the same time, reduce time doing so. Finally, it has brought together our development and operations team.


  • It has a simple, yet flexible user-interface
  • It makes coding easier especially with MSDN subscription


  • Some may find its diversity as chaotic
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Develop a new project to create a web page offline through the visual studio 2013 latest version is the best one to program web sites easily

  • developing a web pages required to complete a project. wiht the help of visual and run on server. billing software for eg.

  • I have some experience of using Vba within MsAccess and other MsOffice products and would like to learn how to use Visual studio for writting applications.

  • I will use it as a student in computer since department. I will write code to see the right output and apply what i know to reach my program goal

  • For learning and helping and improving my daily skills to make a good software and to assist the people who really want to do something better

What similar programs have you used?
  • i hear i can use visual studio for my rich web application development. its IDE is awesome and remarkable. so am hoping it gives me what i really want. am working on a personal project

  • application programs used to create student data and store student information's also insert delete update done using this softwares

  • noncommercial used for just practice for trial version of this download the product of microsoft visual studio 2013 they can help for my knowledge

  • i'hve used firstly microsoft visual basic express 2010 to developpe my first application and i want get another capacity in application developpement

  • visual studio is best developing for the web application and present number one IDE in software development Environment more features are provided

What do you like most about this program?
  • Graphical User interface, Databases SQL Servers, All the properties, Combo Boxes, Grids, Tables, Easy access to everything, Build in libraries

  • because i need it for my course im a programmer and its amzing theres so many codes that we need in proggramming grades somethings else to do

  • I love it as it is a best software to enjoy programming on c++. It also provides flexibility with image processing techniques. For example it gives the integration of opencv libararies.

  • Visual Studio 2013 takes you to the endless world of software developing. You can go as much deeper as possible through its great tools. In short, you will never have to bridle your development dreams!

  • the way models are drawn make me like this program.It helps school work go smoothly as required by lecturals. Systems functional models are n


This software is an IDE (integrated development environment), which is used to develop applications in several programming languages for the framework .NET. Microsoft has provided a new version of this complete application with some improvements compared to its previous versions and an increased performance for the different essential functions it possesses. New tools for modeling, analysis for your codes, or an improved debugger are some of the new features.

Microsoft has designed this development environment in order to bring the user a complete application to meet the needs of programmers. This application allows users to program in different languages like Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C#, or for Windows Phone among others. With this software, you will be able to program applications for computers and mobile phones with Windows Phone OS integrated. Create applications, web sites, web applications or even web services in any environment that supports the platform. NET. you’ve always wanted With a bit of patience and with the help provided by Microsoft Visual Studio you can produce all those things you’ve always wanted. Also, you can download templates in order to create, for example, Windows Forms applications or web forms pages that you can customize, as well as programming in Visual Basic or Visual C# for example.

Tools and Code Editor

Among the great number of essentials tools the application provides, you'll find a better code editor, a debugger and new tools that are included in the designer, such as a WPF Designer or Windows Forms. The code editor allows you to highlight the desired lines of the code and a code completion thanks to the IntelliSense feature. On the other hand, the application recognizes the functions and variables that you implement into your code and offers different solutions to continue your work.

Furthermore, the debugger feature is improved and can detect mistakes that are made through the process. The designer feature helps the user with different tools and makes the work more intuitive and efficient since the options are provided in different boxes. Also, you can use external tools like SPY ++ that provide a graphical view of the processes, threads, window system. and GuidGen generates a GUID based on the specified criteria among others. In addition, you can download additional plugins for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Features

Below you can find the essential features included on Microsoft Visual Studio:

  • Improved UI with more than 400 modified icons, increased use of color and a different Start page, among others
  • New Performance and Diagnostics hub
  • Different languages like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# or for Windows Phone
  • Productivity tools to move code lines or for in-line navigation
  • New Team Explorer to navigate easily
  • Possibility of scrolling bars in two modes (bar and map modes)
  • New Peek Definition feature which includes the command called ‘Go To Definition’
  • Work with Code Information Indicators with CodeLens tool
  • New IDE experience
  • Possibility of using a Microsoft account with MSDN, or even with Team Foundation Service subscriptions
  • Includes free support for the development of the application from Windows Store
  • Enhanced with new capabilities thanks to the XAML feature
  • Create services or even websites through its platform such as ASP.NET WebForums, Web API services or ASP.NET MVC among others

For further information, feel free to visit the Microsoft Visual Studio website here

System Requirements

Before you download Microsoft Visual Studio, check the minimum system requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (x86 and x64)
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB free Hard disk space