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Unlock Your iPhone in One Click with This Free Toolkit

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a free to download app that every computer user with an iPhone should have. What I love about this free application is that it essentially removes the mobile carrier limitations that prevent me from selecting to the network company that I want to subscribe to. You must remember that the program use relies only on your accountability. It can damage your phone if not handled correctly, so you must be very careful.

This tool works very fine and it is easy to use. It also has a very simple interface. There are only two buttons on hand; one for starting the unlocking process and the other one is for closing the app. There are no other configurations to be performed and everything should be as uncomplicated as one click can be.

To bring it all up, iPhone Unlock Toolkit has a potential. At this stage, it is only a matter of possibility if it will truly work for your gadget. It may be very simple and easy to use with its one click procedure, but just to be secure, you should make a backup of your files before proceeding.


  • It is absolutely free of charge
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Only a matter of chance if it will actually work
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No more worries about those locked iphone devices now you can unlock them to use any service provider

By Frank Kanyua

On Thursday, November 27, 2014

I phone unlock kit is an essential tool when it comes to blocked iphones. This program enables you to default all the setting or even change the unlock sequence of any i phone phone. Most i phones come with an unlock pattern which should be letter X, The user once they receive their phone can choose to edit the unlock patter by going to the security settings.

The program comes in play when you forget the code you entered, you can either get the phone unblocked or you can have it flashed. Unblocking is cheaper but it only displays the codes you entered, while flashing will delete the phones whole firmware and input a new one. Flashing is necessary when the phone is always hanging or has a stubborn trojan virus.

The unlock kit will only show you your codes if not will ask you to enter new ones.. I dont know if the program detects whether or not the phone you want to unlock is yours.

Some of the iphones also come customised and cant use more than sim card, the kit will show you the code to unlock the phone and make it universal.


This kit is very useful for home use especially when you have too many codes to remember, once you forget the iphones unlock code you can just connect it to the computer, click on scan then choose the option you want to run, your iphone will be unlocked in some minutes...


  • The program can unlock most iphone series
  • it is very easy to use


  • only meant for iphone devices
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By Rock Raymond

On Monday, February 9, 2015

There are no worries again for those who lock their phones mostly and forgets their patterns of unlocking their iphones again.What you need now is to download iphone unlock toolkit which enables you to unlock the phone with no contract with a specific telephone company.The good news with this application is that anyone can make use of it since it is easy to use and also manage.It is easy to use since you just sees the special UNLOCK option in your smartphone screen.All you needs to do is press and wait for a while.They will respond confirming that your smartphone is unlocked.

The iphone unlock toolkit has more good news since you can access alot of functions such as notes,photos,camera,music and video player,agenda or calendar etc.This iphone may also know some of the programes created mainly for Apple and some of this programes includes;iTunes,which is the audio software that this smartphone contains and it lets you synchronize all your multimedias files in a high quality.The second one is the iTools-iPhone manager.This offers you a chance to manage contents in the platform created,save and then transfer them from your portable device to your computer.Even though both are similar in there functions,according to me,the iTools-iPhone is easier to use.


  • Any user can use this application due to its easiness to manage.
  • The iPhone unlock Toolkit enables the users to access multiple functions.
  • The program can unlock almost all iPhone series or patterns.


  • This application does not allow you to use your device as a phone.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to will activate my iphone 6s plus screen that lock, because im forget the icloud account and password that take an link with the apple server

  • unlock iphone from atnt to be used in italy with a vodaphone sim. the phone is old and used not stolen or under contract. can i use the so

  • For unlocking my iPhone 4 as I need to use it while I travel abroad and can't do that right now due to it being locked to one network in Ireland.

  • for the firat time ever witout braking the phone and be able to call text and use data with itI just want to unlock iphone6 from t-mobile carrier

  • to unlock my iphone and remove the factory password. i have tried other programs but has work successful. i hope with this program my problem is solved

What similar programs have you used?
  • haven't use any program similar to this one to unlock my phone and not be mugged by these corporations that doesn't unlock the phones of people

  • i tried iphone 6 hackivate tool but not successful, i want to try another one hope can be solved my problem i find this softwear online and highly recommended by other users

  • i have used the following programs on windows xp icloud hactivate, data recoverysuite none of them have worked. I've even contacted apple for help.

  • ive used a few different ones but they just wont download or wont load and i dont know what else to do or try my phone is unlocked to others

  • use the software to unlock my phone as ther is privae daa and photos that i o not have a copy of anywhere else i have tried other applications but none helped

What do you like most about this program?
  • This application is designed to be used on apple phones with the basic function of unlocking your apple mobile phone. It has a very simple appearance that any user can easily execute its functions without a problem


  • it helps unlock phones and has been helping people get their phone unlocked when theyforgt their asswords u guys really need to improve on the downloading cause its presently givikng me problem to some extent

  • unlock is fast and thought the best way is to unfold my pride and except that i have to pay but not untill i came across this program every one should know.

  • unlocking capacity is what i am looking for. if this app can unlock iphon 4s, then i will be glad because i have tried so many means but to no avail

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a free smartphone software that you can download for unlocking your Apple mobile without having a contract with a specific telephone company.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is an unlocker that allows you to use your Apple phone. This application can be used by any user as it is easy to manage and its functionality is very clear.

For simplicity its interface is straightforward, as you can easily find the important “Unlock” option. Once you press it, you need to wait for a response in which the system will confirm you that your smartphone has successfully been unlocked.

Access different functions for unlocking your phone

However, it is very important to mention that this app doesn’t enable you to use your device as a phone, with the wide range of features that this fact implies. For that reason, you will not be able to sign a contract with the telephone company you want.

Thanks to iPhone Unlock Toolkit, you can access multiple functions such as the camera, music and video player, photos, notes, agenda or calendar, among others.

Other alternative software to iPhone Unlock Toolkit

There are some programs created for Apple that iPhone users may know. For instance, iTunes, which is the audio software that this smartphone contains and it lets you synchronize all your multimedia files, as well as play music and videos in a High Quality.

Another option could be iTools-iPhone manager, which creates a platform that allows you to manage contents, and save and transfer them from your portable device to your computer.

Both are very similar in terms of functionality, however, some users think that the iTools-iPhone is easier to use and its interface certainly simplifies the job.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit Features

The main features of this mobile utility are listed below:

  • Simple interface with only two buttons
  • Two buttons available in the UI: one used to start the unlocking procedure and the other to close the app
  • Only available for certain phone models
  • iTunes support
  • After the process users will be able to use their phone as a music player and other multiple functions

For more information, click .


iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a tool used to unlock Apple mobile phones with access to its features in a very simple format.

  • User-friendly
  • Fast activation in just a few minutes
  • Free
  • Does not allow you to use your mobile as a real phone