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No more suffocation with the annoying network selection barrier on your iPhone!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, July 21, 2014

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a handy tool for performing jailbreak your iPhone device without much complications. Using this software, you can break all barriers put by AT&T to your device and enjoy maximum freedom.

PQDVD, the developer of iPhone Unlock Toolkit offers you cent percent secure, fast and easy unlocking through this software. The procedure is very simple. Once you have installed and set up the tool, you can get your phone unlocked by simply clicking the “Unlock iPhone” button. Everything will complete within a blink of eye. Now, your device is ready to support any SIM irrespective of the provider, and you can use it anywhere on the globe with no restriction.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a boon to most iPhone fans who were suffocating with the annoying network selection barrier. If you are such a one, go for iPhone Unlock Toolkit without thinking twice. Even though it is not at all a problematic software, you should proceed with caution. A small fatal error may brick the phone forever. But, don’t worry…That happens to one among a thousand only. Trust in iPhone Unlock Toolkit…That’s all!


  • Remove network selection barrier fastly
  • Unlocks phone without any risk
  • One click unlock feature is useful


  • A mistake in process may brick the device
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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

This application is designed to be used on apple phones with the basic function of unlocking your apple mobile phone. It has a very simple appearance that any user can easily execute its functions without a problem. Once downloaded you can use the unlock option then after a while you will get a confirmation that your apple mobile phone has been unlocked. After unlocking it is important for the user to know that they cannot be in a contract with a telephone communications company. Accessibility of features like notes, photos, calendar and camera among others will be possible after unlocking your apple mobile phone with this toolkit. The application does not support all apple mobile phone types so you have to initially know if your mobile device is supported before downloading and installing it on your phone. It is a good product since it helps the user for a specific purpose, even though there are other similar applications available that can do the same task. The simplicity that the interface provides to the user with only two buttons to execute the unlocking process makes it user-friendly.


  • It only has two buttons for the unlocking process.
  • It has a simple and great interface.


  • It is specifically for i phone.
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By Rock Raymond

On Monday, February 9, 2015

There are no worries again for those who lock their phones mostly and forgets their patterns of unlocking their iphones again.What you need now is to download iphone unlock toolkit which enables you to unlock the phone with no contract with a specific telephone company.The good news with this application is that anyone can make use of it since it is easy to use and also manage.It is easy to use since you just sees the special UNLOCK option in your smartphone screen.All you needs to do is press and wait for a while.They will respond confirming that your smartphone is unlocked.

The iphone unlock toolkit has more good news since you can access alot of functions such as notes,photos,camera,music and video player,agenda or calendar etc.This iphone may also know some of the programes created mainly for Apple and some of this programes includes;iTunes,which is the audio software that this smartphone contains and it lets you synchronize all your multimedias files in a high quality.The second one is the iTools-iPhone manager.This offers you a chance to manage contents in the platform created,save and then transfer them from your portable device to your computer.Even though both are similar in there functions,according to me,the iTools-iPhone is easier to use.


  • Any user can use this application due to its easiness to manage.
  • The iPhone unlock Toolkit enables the users to access multiple functions.
  • The program can unlock almost all iPhone series or patterns.


  • This application does not allow you to use your device as a phone.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • educational purposes self awarness learninghow the ios software works and see the benifits of icloud lock also the disadvantages for me im glad iphones have the type of security for a retaler to trust

  • to activate my iphone 5 and i being recomend this program by my friends. they said is the best for people like me that have no money at this m

  • restore ipad from disable mode as disabled from wrong password & itunes cant connect to internet so i found that this is the best program as

  • unlock iphone 6s plus to any network from vodafone to o2 as have a contract sim card and cant get out my contract so need it done asap for f

  • iPhone unlock from tmobil, they will not help me becouse i do not have an account with them so I am looking for alternatives to unlock this phone

What similar programs have you used?
  • i tried use a system that did stuff with and other stuff i also used many tools like iphone unlock but this is the newer version so i need it

  • None. I haven't used any other unlocking programs to attempt to unlock my iPhones. They;ve alkl been factory unlocked from the beginning, unlike this one.

  • noting to say in this situation may be next time will provided the suffer of summer intrection babe camon lets party and enjoy the rest of your life..baii

  • i have not used any programs at all what i need is the toolkit to help me out here because i am bored of carrying a phone without a simcard.

  • I have never used similar programs. This program is first tool for me. I hope unlock of my iphone is successfully done. I don`t feel disappoitoment.

What do you like most about this program?
  • its free for me to unlock my iphone which is great considering filipino shops want to charge me 3,000 peso when i can do it for free supposedly through this site

  • will use the purposed and interessant program for unlock my iphone 6 and use it with a senegalese operator different than the japenese oparator

  • because interestedand want to lern how to unlock phones and im fascinated with smartphones and net gadgets. some might say im a nerd at heart

  • nothing is really beneficial about this program. It is a scam and doesn't work. there is no way anye should be conned by downloading the anyonen.

  • will use it to factory unlock my new i phone 6 so that i can work with any base band sim card globally and improve my reselling opportunity .

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a free smartphone software that you can download for unlocking your Apple mobile without having a contract with a specific telephone company.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is an unlocker that allows you to use your Apple phone. This application can be used by any user as it is easy to manage and its functionality is very clear.

For simplicity its interface is straightforward, as you can easily find the important “Unlock” option. Once you press it, you need to wait for a response in which the system will confirm you that your smartphone has successfully been unlocked.

Access different functions for unlocking your phone

However, it is very important to mention that this app doesn’t enable you to use your device as a phone, with the wide range of features that this fact implies. For that reason, you will not be able to sign a contract with the telephone company you want.

Thanks to iPhone Unlock Toolkit, you can access multiple functions such as the camera, music and video player, photos, notes, agenda or calendar, among others.

Other alternative software to iPhone Unlock Toolkit

There are some programs created for Apple that iPhone users may know. For instance, iTunes, which is the audio software that this smartphone contains and it lets you synchronize all your multimedia files, as well as play music and videos in a High Quality.

Another option could be iTools-iPhone manager, which creates a platform that allows you to manage contents, and save and transfer them from your portable device to your computer.

Both are very similar in terms of functionality, however, some users think that the iTools-iPhone is easier to use and its interface certainly simplifies the job.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit Features

The main features of this mobile utility are listed below:

  • Simple interface with only two buttons
  • Two buttons available in the UI: one used to start the unlocking procedure and the other to close the app
  • Only available for certain phone models
  • iTunes support
  • After the process users will be able to use their phone as a music player and other multiple functions

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iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a tool used to unlock Apple mobile phones with access to its features in a very simple format.

  • User-friendly
  • Fast activation in just a few minutes
  • Free
  • Does not allow you to use your mobile as a real phone