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free kit to unlck your iphone and use it the way you want

By Kevin Kimaita

On Friday, March 4, 2016

iphones are the real headchache that i know when it comes to unlocking them once they have been locked by the original user of the phone this is what happens when an iphone is stolen the user just goes online into icloud and enters their original apple id and then does some little stuff here and there and their iphone is disabled and on the other end the iphone cannot work and it willl be displaying the word disabled on the screen but here is the medicine to that just download the iphone unlock toolkit from here and then set it up and click on unlock iphone and you are good to go no need to be worried up because you can now use your iphone and even access itunes and dont be worried whether you are going to be tracked or not but you cant so live life up to the fullest!You now can access itunes and have access to music that you love and even buy books from there!


  • simple way to have your iphone unlocked
  • free and safe to download the app


  • some iphonefeatures are not enabled
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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

This application is designed to be used on apple phones with the basic function of unlocking your apple mobile phone. It has a very simple appearance that any user can easily execute its functions without a problem. Once downloaded you can use the unlock option then after a while you will get a confirmation that your apple mobile phone has been unlocked. After unlocking it is important for the user to know that they cannot be in a contract with a telephone communications company. Accessibility of features like notes, photos, calendar and camera among others will be possible after unlocking your apple mobile phone with this toolkit. The application does not support all apple mobile phone types so you have to initially know if your mobile device is supported before downloading and installing it on your phone. It is a good product since it helps the user for a specific purpose, even though there are other similar applications available that can do the same task. The simplicity that the interface provides to the user with only two buttons to execute the unlocking process makes it user-friendly.


  • It only has two buttons for the unlocking process.
  • It has a simple and great interface.


  • It is specifically for i phone.
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iPhone Unlock Toolkit; an Application to help you unlock your Apple Phone.

By Princess Purity

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This is free download application software for Smartphone that one can use in unlocking their Apple mobile without having to sign a contract with any of the telephone companies around. After your phone is locked, you find yourself in a dark world whereby you are unable to use it for any function. To resume its functionality, all you need is to download this application software which has a straightforward interface for its simplicity. Just press the unlock option and wait for a response in which the system will confirm that your Smartphone has been successfully unlocked.

After unlocking your device, you can be able to access various functions which are not limited to the camera, music and video players, photos, notes calendar and agenda. With the two available buttons, one can be used start the unlocking procedure and the other can be used to close the application. One of the major challenges is that you cannot use your device as a phone with this application.


  • • It is a simple user interface with only two buttons
  • • It has a clear functionality
  • • It is a user friendly application
  • • It is free to download


  • • It is only applicable for certain phone models
  • • It does not allow you to use your mobile as a real phone
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • unlock a phone, my phone was recently locked from somebody i bought from someone on offer up, and i dont really have much money so im going to try out this program

  • personally i use this application because this app is very important for me through the hall life spant and the way to tech which blister in the lifeprogress

  • sim unlock iphone 5s. it was 2nd hand bought from japan. need to use in india now. will write review if found ok. does it work dont know let me try it.

  • UNLOCK AN IPHONE that was given as a presente but it is locked by t Mobile US Carrier and I can not use. So I hope this will be my final solution.

  • i used this program to unlock iphone 5 carrier sprint that come from united state and i want to use in cambodia country on the carrier smart

What similar programs have you used?
  • cdma workshop and gsm toolkit are both great programs but i cant afford them after the trial period its to expensive to activate for a small business

  • A.i like severalthings. in fact that means everything about. i just like it for all these functions. quite,little, sooft, nice pick and beauty

  • doulci is the similar type software that i have used and i have tried itools alson but none of it seems to work for me or even open the phone

  • tenorshare-iphone-backup-unlocker, iwould like to use this software to increase my performance and my brain on apple. please allow me to tak

  • no one can use yet i am a studant i have loss my i coud and al things than dos not start my iphone asked activation lock than i haeuse this sotware

What do you like most about this program?
  • free unlocking for my iPhone 5c, I bought it recently and it is currently locked to vodafone which is a huge shame, therefore I needed somewhere to unlock:)

  • just like to unlock my iphone 4, hope everything free and keep it at all because I got another iphone 6s from provider, so I goona enjoy this doftware

  • its accuracy is recommendable though i would be using it for the first time and it came on reference. i really do hope it works for me without malware.

  • it saves money and is a freeware for everybody wholikes good stuff even if it is on the internet but its full of fun and educational by far o

  • Unlocking my idevice to use the network and also fix other other devices with the same promlem it will be possible if i got this software tns

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a free smartphone software that you can download for unlocking your Apple mobile without having a contract with a specific telephone company.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is an unlocker that allows you to use your Apple phone. This application can be used by any user as it is easy to manage and its functionality is very clear.

For simplicity its interface is straightforward, as you can easily find the important “Unlock” option. Once you press it, you need to wait for a response in which the system will confirm you that your smartphone has successfully been unlocked.

Access different functions for unlocking your phone

However, it is very important to mention that this app doesn’t enable you to use your device as a phone, with the wide range of features that this fact implies. For that reason, you will not be able to sign a contract with the telephone company you want.

Thanks to iPhone Unlock Toolkit, you can access multiple functions such as the camera, music and video player, photos, notes, agenda or calendar, among others.

Other alternative software to iPhone Unlock Toolkit

There are some programs created for Apple that iPhone users may know. For instance, iTunes, which is the audio software that this smartphone contains and it lets you synchronize all your multimedia files, as well as play music and videos in a High Quality.

Another option could be iTools-iPhone manager, which creates a platform that allows you to manage contents, and save and transfer them from your portable device to your computer.

Both are very similar in terms of functionality, however, some users think that the iTools-iPhone is easier to use and its interface certainly simplifies the job.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit Features

The main features of this mobile utility are listed below:

  • Simple interface with only two buttons
  • Two buttons available in the UI: one used to start the unlocking procedure and the other to close the app
  • Only available for certain phone models
  • iTunes support
  • After the process users will be able to use their phone as a music player and other multiple functions

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iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a tool used to unlock Apple mobile phones with access to its features in a very simple format.

  • User-friendly
  • Fast activation in just a few minutes
  • Free
  • Does not allow you to use your mobile as a real phone