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Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2013

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themes and diagrams here are much more clearer thanks to microsoft office visio 2013

By Benson Mutwiri

On Friday, November 20, 2015

This latest version of the Microsoft office Visio professional has some 3d diagrams and tools thus making your work to look as though it is real and all this you will be getting to present to people. It is free to download and it comes with a tutorial to show all the intended users on how to go about in this project so that you can achieve maximum use with it. Very many tools are available for use with lots of diagrams to add on to make your project very presentable before you present it to your colleagues at work.

Visio is kind of hard to use for the first time users but as you get used to it you will just be having fun using it.


A tutorials is at the beginning to help the first time users

More tools have been added from its predecessors.


You can do a lot with this program.


  • tools have been added compared to its predecessors
  • it has a tutorial to help the beginners


  • not all the features are included here
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get a proffesional way of presenting your projects as the diagrams have been improved

By John Joe

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This is the latest Microsoft office visio professional 2013 and it has some new and improved features. It is mainly used to doing projects and has an interface just exactly for that but In a more enhanced manner that even simplifies the whole diagrams being presented to the spectatators.There is a tutorial that is at the beginning of the program that will help the first users to know how well to use the program it is simple to use when you are already used to it but it can get challenging for you as a first time user because it is a little bit complicated. Comparing it to it predecessors that is version of 2010 this one is more detailed in terms of diagrams and themes also as they look very real.


Has a simple interface for easy understanding

Develop diagrams for easy comprehensions

Has a tutorial to help the first time users wherever they are stuck.


Aseome office visio professional.


  • they have improved the diagrams a lot
  • the themes have been improved tremendously


  • the interface has not changed much
Ease to access guides and manuals:



The Best Solution to Simplify Complex Professional Diagrams and Charts

By Rose Sincro

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I find the Visio Professional 2013 as the best solution to simplifying diagrams and charts. For professionals, it is the most convenient way to prepare diagrams and charts for sales and management presentations, IT networking, organizational charting, and team collaboration tasks. It provides ways to make all these work quickly, easily, and comprehensively.

Aside from the usual shapes and styles, Visio Professional 2013 includes updated templates and quick wizards to help you create your diagrams. Add vibrant colors, icons, and different styles to your charts and diagrams with more than 60 templates it has. Most importantly however, you diagrams are more interactive because you can link data in them to their sources. Now it is easier to track your references for valid information.

The best part about Visio Professional is its collaboration tools. Now it provides little room for error as you share diagrams with other team members at work. You will be able to work with them simultaneously at a single diagram, so you see each other’s changes, contributions, comments, and suggestions.


  • Apply quick fixes using template wizards
  • Link diagram data to its sources


  • Requires technical know-how of certain Microsoft apps
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Trying out visio for a network process chart and security management program for the it department at work this is too many characters this is d

  • study for graduate program at Mahidol University and may it is useful on my thesis and class project as about management such as pharmacy unit

  • to make flowchart of different process or organizational chart that are necessary in different business operation. Visio is an easy solution

  • educational activities for all complex uni work where a lot of planning is required and time managment across every unit this software will also

  • Testing and research work for out product. also to check compatibility with other versions and test numerous methods of rendering the exported files

What similar programs have you used?
  • solid edge is one of the other programs i have use for engineering purposes and computer aided drawing in general for academic purposes uses

  • visio microsoft used always. for making line diagram, making blind list or some modification jobs that is suitable. its easy to use and simple in nature

  • i have never used another similar program before. am new in the matters of IT and therefore there is my first experience. im hoping i will get the best of the experince

  • i have used basic MS word documents, Excel, paint, Indesign and Photoshop. Would like to learn basic functions and skill in the software visio

  • I have used excel as a crude alternative. I haven't used any other types of programs like visio in the past. This is the program people at me work use

What do you like most about this program?
  • a very handy way to create ER diagrams without drawing them yourself. Very easy to use and manageable. Good for an office job or a database design student

  • It´s easier when i want to make something about offices, industries, layouts and i like because you can put the size of the things that your areputing in the layout

  • This program is very beneficial to work efficiently allowing us to draw flowcharts and other activities that facilitate our works ot home or in the office.

  • Visio can be used to create 3D map diagrams, though the built-in tools for this are limited. It works well for simple maps that you might print on a brochure or campus directory.

  • the best way to draw diagrams for use case, activity diagram, sequences, i try something similar but it is very bad, this way is better than other

Microsoft Office Visio Professional is an office tool which is specialised on making diagrams easily for your projects.

If you are used to download the tools included in it, this free trial of the ms software won’t be a problem. But just in case the Help section will be very useful for you since it includes complete information about the program. Besides, the first time you open it you’ll find a fine tutorial.

Microsoft Office Visio Professional offers powerful solutions for diagrams. Use it for your own personal projects or for professional reasons, it will be useful for explaining your thoughts and ideas.

This Office utility offers a wide range of templates for you

If you don’t know how you should start a diagram, it offers different templates which would serve as a guideline. Then it is all yours, feel free to display your own ideas into your scheme.

The vector drawing allows you to keep an accurate sketch on your sections. It includes a feature which you can drag & drop each component to organise it the way you need tidily.

Interface and tools

The interface is very similar to other MS software, something that is not strange for usual computer users. In case you are new to this kind of programs, the visual style hides nothing, making it very intuitive in order to keep increase the program’s performance.

This software checks your diagrams to correct some possible mistakes on your projects. This Diagram Check is very useful in case there would be discordances on your drawings.

You can include hyperlinks to your flowcharts to make them more interactive with external information. Select the way you route the main ideas and add macros or include your own projects made on Microsoft Visual Basic Express.


There are more basic alternatives like Gantt Chart that possesses the same finalities as this software. It is similar on its functions but not in its functionality, which makes Microsoft’s one more complete.

Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2013 Features

These are the unique features of this diagramming tool:

  • Access faster to most used tools
  • Updated shapes and themes
  • Improved standards support (Unified Modeling Language 2.4)
  • SharePoint 2010 and 2013 support
  • Improved performance for touchscreen devices, something that, for example, Microsoft Office 2010 Suite did not include
  • Linking options to dynamic data
  • Improved teamwork: users from the same company have the possibility of adding comments at the same time in the same flowchart
  • Office 365 or SharePoint support to share your projects to others even if they don’t have the program installed

For further information, visit the developer's site .


It is a diagram designer powered by CAD features and full of useful tools to make your flowcharts more attractive for your audience.

Some functions are restricted.

  • Variety of uses
  • Macros integration
  • Complete chart edition
  • Sometimes it is tricky to use