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Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2013

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The easy way to Create and Share Professional Versatile Diagrams

By Ivy Paloma

On Thursday, April 10, 2014

For many years, I have been using Microsoft Office Visio for work related projects. I can say that it is one of the great tools to make amazing diagrams. One of the key features that I find beneficial is being able to readily use the tools that I access all the time. Other enhancements that were added include new stencils, improved effects, themes and additional shapes.

When working as a team, you can easily manage the task at hand because of the tools incorporated in this new version. I can immediately give and receive feedback from any members of the group through the reviewer comments. Each of the team can provide information needed for the progress of the project. It will make the work done in the least amount of time.

I also recently found this tool called SharePoint that helped me share my work with people who do not have Visio installed in their PC. They can just view the diagrams through the web browser. My diagrams look professionally done when created with Microsoft Office Visio. If you want to check out this program, make sure that you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 as your operating system.


  • It has a complete chart edition
  • Provides an impressive platform for custom drawing solutions


  • Lots of tools to learn
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Create and share professional-looking diagrams and flowcharts in an instant

By Isay Almenanza

On Monday, May 19, 2014

Thanks to Microsoft for making this software. Now I can easily share and create professional, multipurpose diagrams that simplify complicated data. And with this release some functions are updated including the shapes, styles and templates. It also added some features like engineering diagrams and stencils for business.

Visio Professional 2013 is the ideal tool for IT and business professionals that are always confronted with problems with their diagrams. This program is a very powerful tool that can create handy and very professional-looking diagrams that allow sharing of information via SharePoint quickly and with a large number of spectators.

By using some options like themes, effects, formatting and designing options, you can now easily enhance the output of your diagrams. And if you want to improve the visual impact of your data you can use some tools which are included with this application such as colors, graphs, symbols and Icons. Now you can easily create and share informative diagrams and flowcharts in an instant.


  • Easily make diagrams and flowcharts
  • Allows sharing of output data


  • Some tools are quite confusing
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Microsoft Office Visio Professional makes your flowcharts even better than the competence

By Chris Larrage

On Monday, April 7, 2014

Flowcharts are useful documents for business and management of ideas and general content. With Microsoft Office Visio Professional, you can create these kinds of documents in an easy and fast way. The tools included making the creation process simpler, with quick connections between the different elements you create. The software really helps to simplify organization charts with the wizard function. This wizard tool helps you to create the flowcharts and diagrams in a proper way following simple steps guided by the application. This way you can create custom flowcharts quickly without any complication.

The program’s use is very simple, thanks to the ribbon interface that shares with the rest members of the Office package. The numerous templates that are included show the great variety of flowcharts you can create with the application once you learn how to use it. In case of having any doubt, the help menu will clarify any function of Microsoft Office Visio Professional. Manage your diagrams the way you feel and customize each one of the created documents to adapt them to your needs and your style. Enjoy the useful tools and functions of Microsoft Office Visio Professional and discover the proper use of flowcharts for your personal and professional projects.


  • Easy flowcharts and diagrams creations
  • High number of templates available
  • Ribbon Interface fits it better than before


  • The usefulness of flowcharts are limited
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am a student in university and I have to finish lots of homework which usually requires many schematic charts and diagrams.I hear that VISIO is a good helper to do this

  • to do my research of studying a PHD and doing a paper first one i need to plot my figure then flow charts in professional way as visio do it

  • draw the network diagram personally, I need present a personal solution for interview in slides but topology was not looking as professional.

  • to drawing my figures of paper and thesis, in the past i used paint and publisher but their figure is not soft also many details can not don

  • to draw orgonograms .this will make me present departmental office structures and eventually assist in analysing the office positions in each department

What similar programs have you used?
  • Microsoft office professional 2010. I enjoy using it and would be grateful if i cant successfully download visio so i can start drawing process diagrams

  • i used c sharp that means visual studio and eclips for java programming and other necessary things and now i am gonna need to down load visio 2013

  • I dunno about that, why u asked? it's simple, I just wanna download this microsoft office profesional 2013 to get used for the other similar

  • Learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 and the different suites and subscription plans available. Compare products. Try or buy now.

  • i have not used any similar programs, this one is the most powerful one for drawing flowing chart and any other science-related pictures. Great!

What do you like most about this program?
  • network graphs and grahps for electrical installations. i have not tried out all of its features yet as i am still new to use microsoft visio

  • drawing and doing save our time. this software very useful to those who involved in designing. Also assist postgraduate student who are doing research.

  • Presentation is of a very high standard. I intend to use this for putting together a process flow diagram to present to colleagues for feedback.

  • i like most the social network diagram in MS VISIO because useful in my research work and studies for getting quick view of results to get clear picture

  • It enables you to produce drawings with limited experience and still gives you something professional looking to show clients to present what they need

Microsoft Office Visio Professional is an office tool which is specialised on making diagrams easily for your projects.

If you are used to download the tools included in it, this free trial of the ms software won’t be a problem. But just in case the Help section will be very useful for you since it includes complete information about the program. Besides, the first time you open it you’ll find a fine tutorial.

Microsoft Office Visio Professional offers powerful solutions for diagrams. Use it for your own personal projects or for professional reasons, it will be useful for explaining your thoughts and ideas.

This Office utility offers a wide range of templates for you

If you don’t know how you should start a diagram, it offers different templates which would serve as a guideline. Then it is all yours, feel free to display your own ideas into your scheme.

The vector drawing allows you to keep an accurate sketch on your sections. It includes a feature which you can drag & drop each component to organise it the way you need tidily.

Interface and tools

The interface is very similar to other MS software, something that is not strange for usual computer users. In case you are new to this kind of programs, the visual style hides nothing, making it very intuitive in order to keep increase the program’s performance.

This software checks your diagrams to correct some possible mistakes on your projects. This Diagram Check is very useful in case there would be discordances on your drawings.

You can include hyperlinks to your flowcharts to make them more interactive with external information. Select the way you route the main ideas and add macros or include your own projects made on Microsoft Visual Basic Express.


There are more basic alternatives like Gantt Chart that possesses the same finalities as this software. It is similar on its functions but not in its functionality, which makes Microsoft’s one more complete.

Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2013 Features

These are the unique features of this diagramming tool:

  • Access faster to most used tools
  • Updated shapes and themes
  • Improved standards support (Unified Modeling Language 2.4)
  • SharePoint 2010 and 2013 support
  • Improved performance for touchscreen devices, something that, for example, Microsoft Office 2010 Suite did not include
  • Linking options to dynamic data
  • Improved teamwork: users from the same company have the possibility of adding comments at the same time in the same flowchart
  • Office 365 or SharePoint support to share your projects to others even if they don’t have the program installed

For further information, visit the developer's site .


It is a diagram designer powered by CAD features and full of useful tools to make your flowcharts more attractive for your audience.

Some functions are restricted.

  • Variety of uses
  • Macros integration
  • Complete chart edition
  • Sometimes it is tricky to use