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An essential must-have for every aspiring or professional graphic designer

By Ivy Paloma

On Thursday, April 3, 2014

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is one of the fastest illustrators existing on the market today and also one of the uncomplicated graphic design software to use. There are various learning resources like video tutorials available online to help first time users learn new tricks and tips. The suite is composed of a user-friendly environment, new upgraded powerful graphic design, photo-editing and website design features. It is compatible with 64-bit processor that will allow its users to process much larger files and images. The main programs that I find useful are the Corel Drax, a vector graphics software and photo editing tool, Corel Photo Paint. Other programs that can also be utilized are the drag-and-drop web design called Corel web designer and if you want a digital look, you can use Corel Connect. There are also several other add-ins available. What I fancy like about this program is the option to choose between the Standard CorelDraw Graphics Suite which is free and can obtain the latest uploads or the Premium which is paid to let you enjoy the full and latest software version, functions and upgrades. CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a great alternative for the expensive and overrated art design software offered in the market today.


  • Works faster and more efficiently
  • Compatible version with graphic tablets
  • Offers hundreds of professionally-designed templates
  • DVD and online versions for sale


  • For Windows operating system only
  • It is quite difficult for beginners
  • Minor processing and exporting issues
  • Requires proposed level of integration between applications
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the most excellemt graphics image editor that i have seen so far

By Martin Maguna

On Monday, August 24, 2015

This is a graphics image editor whose main objective is to draw and also edit images, photos and also uses some aspects of web design. It has been able to combine all this features I one such software which is this more or less it works the same way that adobe Photoshop it is free to download and also the downloads speeds are also very fast. It is used by graphic designer and also artists to do their work and also what I like about the application is that at the interface is easy to use and it has some hint which ca help new artists and help graphic designer who don’t know graphics well.


The following are features for his application

It has an image illustrator which is very advanced.

It has simple interface.

It is very fast ad also very effective


It is free to download and also easy to use


  • It is free to download
  • It edits the images very effectively


  • it is somehow complicated to use
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By Jackson Mbindyo

On Monday, April 6, 2015

Created by Corel, CorelDRAW Suite X5 is an image editing software that is specifically made for professionals to enrich them with more power to edit images with much ease. The trial version comes for free and has a life span of thirty days and helps one have the feeling of the full comes with a Mesh tool that helps users to be able to create high quality objects.

CorelDRAW Suite X5 comes with more advancement including content management functions and advanced integration features. This suite has a fast solution to exploiting system capabilities thanks to full integration support from multicore processing.

Corel draw suite x5 comes with Corel Connect which helps users to find correct content for their preferred designs either from CorelDRAW or Corel Photo-Paint. This wonderful suite has the ability to support more than 100 file formats including JPEG, AutoCAD among others. Another wonderful feature of this suite is its advanced drawing and curve tools which include B-Spline, object coordinates and the connector and dimension tools.


  • • High speed editing hence saves time
  • • It can perform multiple functions
  • • Supports numerous number of file formats


  • • It is very complex hence very hard for beginners to use
  • • The trial version has a very short time of one month.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to start a printing press. for composition i need such a good program .thats why i will try thi. somone told me it is good and usefull

  • my cousin will make a 15th birthday party with luau theme and asked me to make the invitations , I indicated that program. I wanted to download it

  • I would like to convert Tiff files to CDR(x6) files as required from my customer,the file is used for working purposes,others are classified...

  • i am using this program for school use for a competiton as it is very easy to use and it has many features which helps my friend to make logos

  • i need to design my clinic promotion images with different type of designs with beautiful pics with gliter look and more amazing drawings ok.

What similar programs have you used?
  • corel draw x6 karena bermanfaat improves a powerful and mature application with a handful of tools that will make users more productive, and has one of the best font management approaches available."

  • i am using x4 fordtp work oftenl but regularly using page make 7.0. so right now i want trial version insted of page maker and if it is feasible then i will continue yhe same x6

  • i have not used any similar programs. i want to try and learn coreldraw for the first time, with the hope of developing my designing skills.

  • i have never used any program. i want to operate singer XL-550 and am struggling to find the drawing software that is compatible with the machine

  • i have used coreldraw12 and its really difficult for me to understand so i just want to download coreldrawx6 i believe it will be easier okay

What do you like most about this program?
  • simplicity in operation and easy to understand. Combination of colors and tools are features that I very much cherish. I will go for it any day.

  • I like this Program So much For vector designing, using this software we can implement our thoughts and ideas in to real preview. So I'm very interested to use corel draw X6 version

  • easy yet creativeness and suits to mostly designer wants to do .i really love using this version corel x6. hope for more updates .proud using coreldraw

  • everything about this program is quite interesting and lovely to me, so i will like to improve in it. more also, to enhance the entrance of my design knowledge.

  • Designing because i want to desing here as my work i am very fed up i dont knwo how o do a work ...ts a pleasure adn bonder of wrokr judjddfsabout it


CorelDraw Graphic Suite is the ultimate graphic compilation developed by Corel. The suite mixes vector drawing, website design, photo edition and drawing tools, and is focused on any kind of user, from newbies to experienced graphic designers.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite is a perfect alternative for all of you who don’t agree with Adobe’s Creative Cloud philosophy.

How to use

The suite compiles different Corel design programs for illustrators and designers:

-CorelDRAW: it is a very complete vector design program. Used for graphic art and logo creation

- Corel Photo-Paint: photo-editing software with RAW function. Like Photoshop

- Corel Capture: really easy to use screen capture. One-click and the capture will be done

- Corel Website Creator: effective and user friendly website creator

- Corel PowerTRACE: useful tool to convert bitmap-to-vector

- Corel CONNECT: an integrated content administrator

- PhotoZoom Pro 2: a CorelDRAW plug-in to increase the size of digital images

- ConceptShare: interactive tool to work and share your work online

In addition to that, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite includes secondary utilities to manage and assist, like HD clipart, fonts and multiple templates. At the same time, the software includes more than two hours of free tutorial online videos and a really useful guide full of great tips and helpful files to download.

The software is really easy to use and ideal for every user level.

The X6 version has enhanced the standard Corel Suite functions. First of all, the workflow has been sped up with better connectivity among the programs and provision of better tools.

The OpenType compatibility lets you create incredible typography effects for your signs. Corel DRAWGraphic suite is now totally compatible with complex alphabets.

The program is also entirely compatible with multi-core technology and native 64-bit processors.

The graphic suite offers two different register programs. The standard one is free for every CorelDraw Graphics Suite user and allows you to receive all the latest uploads and error corrections online. The Premium one is only valid after purchasing the full Suite version and lets you enjoy all Corel functions and upgrades for the program with the latest versions.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Features

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 was launched with the following new features:

  • Ultimate complete suite with all the necessary design programs, from photo edition to web design
  • High-resolution work implemented
  • OpenType and complex alphabet compatibility
  • Enhanced speed work compatibility and workflow
  • Manage your content and perform instant searches on iStockphoto, Fotolia and Flickr thanks to the new Corel Connect X6
  • Physical DVD and online version for sale
  • More than two hours of video tutorials included and website tool content to download
  • Free plug-ins and upgrades

For more information about CorelDRAW and the suite before you decide to download it, feel free to look for more information on .

System Requirements

Before downloading the trial version of the software, please ensure that your computer fulfills the following requirements:

OS Microsoft Windows XP with the most recent Service Packs installed, or later

Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64/Opteron or higher

At least 1GB RAM memory

At least 1.5 GB free HDD space

Compatible with graphic tablets

1024 x 768 graphic resolution

  • Very comprehensive Suite with all the necessary design programs
  • Big online community with tutorials and free download content
  • Enhanced workflow among the suite programs
  • Easy to use
  • Digital and DVD versions to purchase
  • Not as powerful as Adobe’s Suite