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An all in one video conversion tool without using a supplemental app.

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

Having several formats of videos are truly a dilemma for me. I need a software that allows me to convert video files from video cameras such as DV to MiniDV. Then another application for Mini DV to AVI. And another program for AVI to MP4, etc. That is so tedious and very time consuming.

I explored this software application tool I found and I find it very constructive. I tried converting almost all types of video formats. Some of the files I have converted are FLV, VOB, RM, AVI, MOV, WMV and MP4. I also rip MiniDVDs and DVDs from my laptop drive, merged several videos in to one single huge file and also conversion of audio files. Aside from that, the layout of this tool is well organized and easily identifiable. Another amazing feature is that I also did a batch conversion which allows me to upload multiple videos and convert them per batch.

All in all, this video conversion programs is highly recommendable for new and advanced users which can convert almost all types of video formats.


  • Total Video Converter converts videos from almost any file type
  • Very easy to understand interface


  • We wish this software offered better customer support, and it lacks a few of the editing tools that we prefer to see.
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Convert your video files to the format you want and enjoy

By Lily P. Evans

On Monday, April 7, 2014

When I want to change the format of one of my video files, I always use Total Video Converter. At first, I get the trial version, which last for 15 days, but I found it so useful that I purchase the full version. The Standard version is not expensive, and it provides you with all the necessary tools to convert your video files.

It supports several video formats such as 3GP, MP4, DivX, MOV, FLV, etc, and this allows you to reproduce all your videos on your PC and your mobile and console devices. However, this software does not only change the format of your files; it can also burn your CDs or DVDs with the converted files, and can show photos as a slideshow. Nevertheless, the one of the strongest points of this program is that it also allows you to lightly retouch your videos. It offers you the possibility of change the size (to the extent possible), the audio codec and even the bitrate.

It can be set in 10 languages, so there is almost no possibility of that you do not know any of the languages to use the software. In addition, the interface is so intuitive that everyone will be able to use the software.


  • It supports lots of video formats
  • It can burn DVDs and CDs


  • It is just the trial version
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A Very Simple and Extensive Tool for Converting Video Files

By Christine Diaz

On Friday, May 9, 2014

If you are seeking for video converting device, Total Video Converter is a good choice. I think this software is one of the finest video converters out there. It supports various video formats like MP4, 3GP, MOV, FLV and many others. This software can also do other things like CD or DVD burning and it can also generate slideshows and mix some audio and video clips into one video file. I am also impressed with its conversion speed and the quality of the images was practically preserved.

TVC is simple yet practical software that could be suitable for everyone who likes to convert video and audio files. Most of its features are essential which makes this software straightforward to apply. TVC also has a drag and drop functionality, so I do not have any trouble in terms of adding files.

This software is a 15-day trial version and there are some pointless features implemented and it has an impact in its balance. However, Total Video Converter is still a remarkable video converter in spite of its limitations.


  • Simple yet practical software to use
  • It supports various video formats


  • It is a 15-day trial version only
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to convert audio video file to mp4 file that can be used for mobile phone and with cleartity as i have heard this software is very good so i am trying to know if we are commercially exploited etc

  • hi , we wnat your help to disign vedio and sonds of my friend condolences meet in my college.guys would you please give the access of your software.

  • creating a my personal video,and other my frind,brother and all my familly videos in during visit timem or another programs. example widding

  • converting audio music video voice form smart phone from machine and show recordings form productio onair radio to server and evrythings i need

  • on the target device where it will be reproduced. For this reason, Total Video Converter is a great ally, helping its users to get complete control over the format and general multimedia quality, as well as a

What similar programs have you used?
  • we have used vmware workstation,oracle vitrualbox and other mp3 and mp4 converters have used to convert respective file by using the total video converter


  • I have used nothing right now beacause i am totally new for the computer.I want to use this program for my task.So that i can see the results

  • i have not used any other converters before. now can i download this one for free. if i use another i will say it to you or total video converter group

  • none of the software was understandable. Total video converer, or mp4 convertor of diffefirent firms were tried but could not do icessfullyt suc

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy to convert the video.user friendly...,provide high performance less memory space to save a video in our computer so i want download this

  • total video converter is one of the best program .i like so much and i used it many times. also i suggest my friend to download this software

  • Total video converter is absolutely fantastic software it gives me a high defination converted videos and moreover. it give me the opportunity to convert from whereever I like.

  • audio and video convertion with along side the edit of all track that are convertable for the user in a well and safety manner for him or her

  • this software is very easy to understanding and smooth operation . it inbuilt with different video format which will be in any device available with us.


For fanatical users of multimedia files, it is always important to have your videos and music in the format you will make use of the most, depending on the target device where it will be reproduced. For this reason, Total Video Converter is a great ally, helping its users to get complete control over the format and general multimedia quality, as well as a free media player. This software is available to download for computers running Windows and Mac OSX version systems.

The performance of Total Video Converter is rather good, with few incidents depending on the resources of your computer, which mostly when you work with high-definition files. This software works well with the conversion of files thanks to the compatibility with the main multimedia formats it supports. This software developed by Effectmatrix comes in very handy whenever you have to change the bitrate for your purposes.

You can work with your archives, and modify their content before exporting them to the target format

Additional to the conversion feature, this version excels thanks to the simple edition function. This way you can work with your archives, and modify their content before exporting them to the target format. Getting this kind of control is always relevant for the users, expanding the number of possible options for your videos and even music files.

Simple and intuitive User Interface
Simple and intuitive User Interface

Edition and conversion, all-in-one

One of the main features once you are talking about multimedia conversion is the compatibility of formats, as well as the efficiency of file treatment. Among the large number of files supported, WMV-HD, MOV-HD, DIVX-HD, MP4-HD, MKV-HD or MPEG-2 are the most popular as a multimedia player and conversion software, as well as new popular files such as webm and those using mpeg4 or h264 codec, with 16k samples code support.

Total Video Converter is also capable of ripping discs, extracting the content from DVD and Blu-Ray discs if you have installed the proper drive on your computer. As for that part, burning your own collection of videos that have been modified by the user into discs has been made easier and helps in avoiding the use of external software to download.

Although in theory you only have the ability of converting video, the truth is that Total Video Converter can handle audio as well. Offering native support for the most popular music formats, Total Video Converter can modify and convert audio like ACC3, FLAC, MP3, WAV or OGG code formats among others that are included. The different archives supported allow this software to offer great diversity when it comes to handling multimedia files.

Total Video Converter 3.71 Features

Check the main features you will find in this multimedia player and converter software:

  • Convert your videos and music into compatible formats for smartphones, PSP, iPhone, PS3, XBOX360, PDA and more systems by default
  • Combine multiple photos for making your own slide show presentations
  • Burn your creations into different disc formats without the download of additional elements
  • Be free to fuse and combine different video files into just one for saving time and space
  • Great compatibility with several HD formats and RM or RMVB audio/video files
  • Rip your own video files from DVDs and modify them
  • Multiplex, demultiplex or combine different files
  • Full compatibility with FLV Nelly Mosser code and decode

If you are interested in this application and its options, you can learn more by visiting the product’s website .

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP onwards, Mac OSX or later
  • GPU: compatible with Directx 9 or a similar version
  • Size: 19MB free space on the disk