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Great messaging application that will keep you connected with family and friends

By Reinalei Jamir

On Monday, May 19, 2014

Instant messaging is the trend nowadays. Gone are the days when you need to mail letters. You save time and money since the majority of instant messaging applications are free. The comfort of relaying messages to friends and relatives in just one click is just great. In this generation that we live in, getting updated about the people we care about is a must. I confess that I can't end my day without checking my phone's inbox or my Yahoo! Messenger account. I can immediately send a message to an individual or group and start a conference chat or video call. The best thing about it is that these services are all free. Just download the application and you’re good to go. What I love most about Yahoo! Messenger is the amusing emoticons that I can use. It just makes the whole conversation light and fun. The built-in media player feature allows users to view photos sent by their contacts. Overall, Yahoo! Messenger is a good program to use on your computer or mobile phone.


  • Instant online messaging with other Yahoo users
  • Wide variety of skins to choose from


  • Losing offline messages in chat history
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ever wanted to talk instantly with your friends, use yahoo messenger because it is an instant messenger where you can contact you contact list through sms. In other words we can call it a communication tool.

With a yahoo ID and login you can freely chat with your facebook friends. You can also play games with your friends using yahoo messenger.

Yahoo messenger is a chat app and it is widely used though whatsapp has taken a better part of it and skype has taken over the video side. You can share your PC with your mobile to update you when you are not on your PC. What you need to do is to put ‘on’ the option where there is on/off and the messages will be diverted to your phone and the chat goes on but you must be connected to network.Communication has become a day to day lifestyle to every one and sending messages is simple and precise and also i see it to be more formal.


  • Can connect to your mobile for message alerts
  • It can chat instantly with your contact friends
  • Free PC to PC voice calls .


  • Has been overtaken by whatsapp and skype
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yahoo messenger is the new competition for whats app isnt it?

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014



Yahoo messanger is a messanging aplication that also supports advertisement and it was created by yahoo.It also makes one able to access mail for example yahoo mail and it also offers a wide range of services that include yahoo chat rooms whereby users are able to chat with other users in different parts of the world and be able to exchange ideas.


The features of yahoo messenger are as follows

Calls.some devices using android or ios can support both audio and video calls among the users.

Radio.users can listen to songs on the radio. messenger users can be ablr to use the webcam services which enables them to view other users arond the world and be able to exchange ideas.


The following are the minimum requirements of yahoo messenger in a pc

Operating system windows xp,vista,7 or 8.

processor 1 ghz or higher.

memory 512 mb ram for windows xp or 1 gb for windows vista and 7

hard drive space 100 mb


Yahoo messenger users can now send instant messaging to other users for free of charge.


  • its not complicated so its easy to use.
  • yahoo chat users can also send short messages


  • non variety features on the room
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to make new friends and to keep existing ones up to date. For information sharing and seeking so as to be inform at every instances with oline

  • chat with firends home and overseas get to know more about other countries an their diffrent culture and style and also view cams with friends in school e

  • Video calls what else can I say could ramble on just to meet the required length of text..Okay today is Tuesday the weather is overcast &cud rain

  • to contact friends and to interact with them and doing friendly chats. connecting more people in the world to know latest developments going

  • communicate with friends and also keep in touch with family who are afar because they are important obviously, so why would you think am downloading it??

What similar programs have you used?
  • have used whatsap which you know is also part of social network and im not well satisfied with that thats why i want to try yahoo messanger application

  • have not used any other apart from the old version of yahoo messenger some years ago, which couldn't now work for methat is why i need this..

  • have used facebook messnger and watsap messenger for years before i could become a prominent person among the people that love yahoo online messenger

  • nice,charming,time pass,beautiful man and women meet there,this is very good ,but now a days no chat room open,what is this,please teel me abo

  • i've used a lot of programs similar to this program is facebook, yahoo, skype, microsoft, google chrome, photoshop CC, adobe, adobe extendscript

What do you like most about this program?
  • Simple interface, it's familiar because I use it for years earlier. Sorry about Yahoo itself not publishing this application, I tried it but link was broken.

  • chat and connections with people what else do you want me to say - its enough and dumb already so stop asking this question thanks and good b

  • can talk and share pictures, can put myself on invisible, can play gmaes, its been around for a very long time , love using the avitar, better then hotmail

  • being able to chat anywhere anytime all over the world without interruptions or distractions and it is free to everybody who uses the Yahoo.

  • I have not yet downloaded but if its the same as the older yahoo messenger. Well with a few nwe upgrades it should be great. Can't wait to try it out.

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client for interacting with the users in your contact list.

Since launch, this application has evolved considerably to adapt to the needs of the times. It is no longer simply a chat client as it now includes many more features, making it a much more attractive download.

There are some improvements to the basic functions of Yahoo! Messenger like video chat or multiplayer games. You need to have a Yahoo ID and a login for the client to start enjoying all it has to offer, something you can do beforehand at

Facebook compatibility

Yahoo! Messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and play games. The integration with social networks has added some features to the application like updating your Facebook status through this client. In a similar way to Google Talk, the user account also synchronizes with the search engine - in this case, the main page of Yahoo! This integration means you can take advantage of a more personalized service.

The social games are a noted feature because, if only for their pure addictiveness and the fun-factor.

Important new features

The instant messaging app Yahoo! Messenger includes the same great features of the program, such as the emoticons and the mode of interaction. The difference with the previous version is the ‘Always On’ option which will keep you connected to the network, no matter if you are not available to chat on your PC. If you configure it to ‘Always On’, the messages are sent to your mobile phone in case you are not at your computer.

Video chat has been improved, responding to the influence of the other popular chat clients like Skype. In this case, that client originally boosted its conference features at a time when it was not a well-developed function in the market.

Other clients like Omega Messenger offer features like supporting several accounts of different services like AIM or ICQ.

Yahoo! Messenger Features

This program has the following features:

  • Instant Messaging to talk with your friends in real-time
  • Make video calls completely free
  • IM Conferencing to hold conferences with different people at the same time
  • Share your files and photos with your friends
  • Contact Search Bar will help you to find a contact quickly
  • Appear offline to some friends thanks to its Stealth/Privacy Settings feature
  • Message Archiving to keep every sent file under control
  • If you want to get your friend’s attention you can do it with Buzz Alert
  • It notifies you if there’s any update available
  • Send creative messages with its emoticons, audibles and images
  • Customize your status, ringtones, fonts and colors
  • Play games with your friends with Yahoo! Games
  • Change your avatar and application skin to have a more personal feel

If you want to read more information, you can do it here


Yahoo! Messenger is a useful chat client that has several options besides chatting, such as sharing Facebook information or playing games, to fully enjoy the social side of the Internet.

  • User friendly
  • Fun games
  • Facebook connect options
  • It may feel old-fashioned