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Yahoo messenger enables you to get intouch with anybody from anywhere

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

Yahoo messeger is an app meant to bring people together by the use of its easy to use messeging techniques. You need to have a yahoo id inorder to use it. Once you have successfully logged in you can mail other people in an instant. The app also helps out when you need notification or message alerts on the base of your finger tips.

After the launch of the app yahoo users were given the choice to use their own passwords, unlike before when you were given a machine based password. The reason why people were allowed to use their own passwords, is because machine based password were recalling and one hundred users would be given the same identical password with only the user id being different.

This was met by many hack techniques being introduced, but that is the past and now yahoo messeger is more secure that most messengers. Yahoo messenger also has an online chatroom where you can carry conversation with many people in the same time meting many new people and making friends.

Yahoo messeger is also free of charge and doent carry any hidden costs, you can carry conversation from phone to phone, phone to comp, comp to phone, com to comp. This messeger will surely suprice you with all the simple and some complex tools that it has..


if you are lookong for a messaging app for you phone or pc you may want to concider going the yahoo way because it has many offers that most dont have and that some charge for.


  • it is free to use
  • It has a chat room where you can meet many people


  • Fully support of cross platform hasnt been introduced
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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is an instant messaging application by yahoo that users can stay connected with their friends. It has a messengers list where you can show-off your status and watch videos with friends, thus you can easily add links and emo-icons to your messages and share your favorite videos with friends. Its functionalities enable a user to chat with an individual or groups, send text messages to mobile phones, join a chat room where one can meet new friends and talk about anything they wish.

It has free calls and voicemails thus from one computer user to another and low call rates from a computer to a mobile phone. It has a safe file sharing mechanism where all files shared by users are scanned by internet security or Norton antivirus. Other features are the presence of its own media player that a user can play videos or view photos, great avatars and amazing emo icons among other features.

It is used on windows operating systems, from windows 2000 to windows 8, it is available in different languages and it is totally free of charge. It is a good application, never the less it has been prone to use by a lot of fake identity people or spammers. This has raised some concerns by users.


  • Its free of charge for users.
  • It is available in different languages.


  • It has been prone to use by a lot of fake identity people or spammers.
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yahoo messenger is the new competition for whats app isnt it?

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014



Yahoo messanger is a messanging aplication that also supports advertisement and it was created by yahoo.It also makes one able to access mail for example yahoo mail and it also offers a wide range of services that include yahoo chat rooms whereby users are able to chat with other users in different parts of the world and be able to exchange ideas.


The features of yahoo messenger are as follows

Calls.some devices using android or ios can support both audio and video calls among the users.

Radio.users can listen to songs on the radio. messenger users can be ablr to use the webcam services which enables them to view other users arond the world and be able to exchange ideas.


The following are the minimum requirements of yahoo messenger in a pc

Operating system windows xp,vista,7 or 8.

processor 1 ghz or higher.

memory 512 mb ram for windows xp or 1 gb for windows vista and 7

hard drive space 100 mb


Yahoo messenger users can now send instant messaging to other users for free of charge.


  • its not complicated so its easy to use.
  • yahoo chat users can also send short messages


  • non variety features on the room
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to chat with friends and families ? Skyway Aviation Handling Company Ltd 3rd floor Murtala Mohammed Int"L Airport Ikeja,Lagos. Nigeria. Dept: load controller


  • chatting is one of my favourite, i want to use the application to chat for personal communication with family and friends, thanks..i hope i enjoy it.

  • Chatting frienschatting friends and love ones out in the c ountry. This is way to communicate t o them. I used to using Yahoo messenger , .

  • I want to be chatting with my friends because we would not be hearing from one another if their is no money to recharge our phones.thank you

What similar programs have you used?
  • i've used a lot of programs similar to this program is facebook, yahoo, skype, microsoft, google chrome, photoshop CC, adobe, adobe extendscript

  • yahoo messenger uk i used that , that was ok for this computer,but not working properly so i want a good one which will help me ,need a better

  • Have use the Google voice text application and i like it the way it was but later violated there rules i hope that can never happen here again

  • have not used any other apart from the old version of yahoo messenger some years ago, which couldn't now work for me that is why i need this..

  • have not used any other apart from the old version of yahoo messenger some years ago, which couldn't now work for methat is why i need this..

What do you like most about this program?
  • connectivity of the program file is extremely good and no other platform provide such a simple but most complemented connecting application elsewhere

  • Face book compatibility, video chatting with friend,stealth privacy settings, sending messages photos, getting latest updates, conference calls,etc

  • chat from yahoo messenger is feasible for me for being in contact with my friends for important purposes.also i want to delete chat history.

  • for easy browsing, i have lost all my contacts, so i believe ones this app is downloaded, i can be able to connect back with both old and new friends. I've really missed yahoo messenger. o

  • classic chat style which we all got used to for so many years before, love this messanger since my school days on wards, but really miss it now...

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client for interacting with the users in your contact list.

Since launch, this application has evolved considerably to adapt to the needs of the times. It is no longer simply a chat client as it now includes many more features, making it a much more attractive download.

There are some improvements to the basic functions of Yahoo! Messenger like video chat or multiplayer games. You need to have a Yahoo ID and a login for the client to start enjoying all it has to offer, something you can do beforehand at

Facebook compatibility

Yahoo! Messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and play games. The integration with social networks has added some features to the application like updating your Facebook status through this client. In a similar way to Google Talk, the user account also synchronizes with the search engine - in this case, the main page of Yahoo! This integration means you can take advantage of a more personalized service.

The social games are a noted feature because, if only for their pure addictiveness and the fun-factor.

Important new features

The instant messaging app Yahoo! Messenger includes the same great features of the program, such as the emoticons and the mode of interaction. The difference with the previous version is the ‘Always On’ option which will keep you connected to the network, no matter if you are not available to chat on your PC. If you configure it to ‘Always On’, the messages are sent to your mobile phone in case you are not at your computer.

Video chat has been improved, responding to the influence of the other popular chat clients like Skype. In this case, that client originally boosted its conference features at a time when it was not a well-developed function in the market.

Other clients like Omega Messenger offer features like supporting several accounts of different services like AIM or ICQ.

Yahoo! Messenger Features

This program has the following features:

  • Instant Messaging to talk with your friends in real-time
  • Make video calls completely free
  • IM Conferencing to hold conferences with different people at the same time
  • Share your files and photos with your friends
  • Contact Search Bar will help you to find a contact quickly
  • Appear offline to some friends thanks to its Stealth/Privacy Settings feature
  • Message Archiving to keep every sent file under control
  • If you want to get your friend’s attention you can do it with Buzz Alert
  • It notifies you if there’s any update available
  • Send creative messages with its emoticons, audibles and images
  • Customize your status, ringtones, fonts and colors
  • Play games with your friends with Yahoo! Games
  • Change your avatar and application skin to have a more personal feel

If you want to read more information, you can do it here


Yahoo! Messenger is a useful chat client that has several options besides chatting, such as sharing Facebook information or playing games, to fully enjoy the social side of the Internet.

  • User friendly
  • Fun games
  • Facebook connect options
  • It may feel old-fashioned