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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, January 26, 2015

Yahoo! Messenger 11.5.0228

When it was first launched the Yahoo! Messenger was just a simple chat client. In later updates considerable improvements have been made to its features plus new ones created to make it more attractive. This update the Yahoo! Messenger 11.5.0228 is the latest and comes with improved features.

With this tool you are enabled to interact with other users on your contact list through chat messages. To make your feelings come out clearly emoticons have been added to accompany your chat messages. More improvements on the software includes addition of video chat mode and multiplayer games that makes it more enjoyable. There is integration with social networks where you can chat with your Facebook friends and also play games. For you to enjoy all these features you have a Yahoo ID and password login to this chat client. All these improvements make the chat client be able to handle all the users needs as dictated by current times.


  • It has improved features tha go along with current times
  • It integrates with social networks making it more attractive


  • Has been bypassed by new chat tools e.g skype
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Yahoo Messenger:- One of the best Messenger softwares of all time

By Sachin Titus

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yahoo Messenger is was the most popular chatting platform of a time. But now, by the arrival of Whatsapp and Facebook, most people jumped to them and Yahoo Messenger is becoming abandoned. It was one of the first video chat platform in the world. The software is facing death because Yahoo did not update it with the technological advancements.

YM can be considered as standalone software for yahoo mail. You don’t have to depend on browser for accessing your Yahoo Mail. Audio, Video and Text chats can be made using Yahoo Messenger. Emoticons where first introduced by this Messenger software. For using the software, all you need is a Yahoo ID. The software is available from all leading download sites and installation is simple. You can start communicating with friends by simply logging in to the software using your Yahoo ID. The software offers video chatting facility also. But videos are very pixelated and I recommend you use Skype for that purpose.


Yahoo Messenger is one of the first chatting softwares. It is actually standalone software of Yahoo mail and all conversations are carried out through your email. Video calling is supported by the software, but video quality is really bad. I recommend you go for some other Messengers like Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook chats.


  • Video calling can be done using this software
  • Audio calling and instant messaging options
  • Emoticon support on instant messaging
  • Can access Yahoo mail without opening browser


  • Pixelated video on video calls
  • User interface is not attractive
  • Yahoo is not releasing updates any more
  • People migrate to Facebook and Whatsapp
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Yahoo! Messenger is alive and it is even better than before

By Chris Larrage

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yahoo! Messenger keeps providing the same messaging service as before, granting the contact with all your friends besides all the additional features. This Yahoo! Software has been adapted to new social networks and even has included games for playing with your friends without leaving the application. The good thing is that the company has released their own mobile version. This way I can take Yahoo! Messenger wherever I go without any problem and even synchronizing my messages. Additionally, the application includes compatibility with Facebook. Thanks to this you can chat with your contacts in that social network immediately with all the original features.

The possibility of performing video calls without additional applications makes this messenger very useful for all its users. The most attractive part I think is the games. You can spend whole days playing online with your friends and not even get tired of the variety the program has. Besides that reason there is not much to say, the program works great and with each new update it gets even better. One of the main applications you should have in mind is this Yahoo! Messenger, for sending messages to your friends from your PC or even your mobile phone.


  • Real-time messages in different systems
  • Multiple games for online playing
  • Video calls are enabled by default


  • It should be kept updated more regularly
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • social communication to keep in touch with friends andbrelatives all over the world to keep me in formed about events and things happening around me

  • for chatting, sending messages, pictures,viewsinformation from relatives from other places, making friends, sharing ideas,information and many more.

  • chat with family members and my school mates ,also to meet good peope and share the word of God with them while they accept him as personal G

  • Personal Chatting and meeting my friends to make new friends for daily chat and increasing the relation, M friend are using it on regular basiss

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What similar programs have you used?
  • intel microsofte windows offoce yahoo messenger ahmed ali elbadry go in y antivierus scan virus mal ware download home page good good good ya

  • yahoo messenger for chatting n videochat to connect with friends n relatives around the world its awesome site for getting new friends in india n also from abroad

  • have used whatsap which you know is also part of social network and im not well satisfied with that thats why i want to try yahoo messanger application

  • yahoo messenger version but not working well in my computer i have tried many times but till now not successed to manage my down load msgr11us

  • making friendship.share ours attituted or our feeelings and also so many more important matters discuss.our feelings shares others i meaan yahoo id members

What do you like most about this program?
  • can easily reach out to people and friends,video calls,audio call,meeting all kinds of people i cant see due to distance but we keep intouch

  • Once installed I enjoy Yahoo but I am not interested in all of the additional addons; I have friends on Yahoo and want to continue chatting with them on this my new computer.


  • it has always been good to use,even though the chat rooms were deleted in 2012.i wish you guys would try and get some kind of rooms like paltalk.

  • its free and this is the only one that's compatible with my laptop. I've heard good reviews about this program. My friends all want e to get it

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client for interacting with the users in your contact list.

Since launch, this application has evolved considerably to adapt to the needs of the times. It is no longer simply a chat client as it now includes many more features, making it a much more attractive download.

There are some improvements to the basic functions of Yahoo! Messenger like video chat or multiplayer games. You need to have a Yahoo ID and a login for the client to start enjoying all it has to offer, something you can do beforehand at

Facebook compatibility

Yahoo! Messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and play games. The integration with social networks has added some features to the application like updating your Facebook status through this client. In a similar way to Google Talk, the user account also synchronizes with the search engine - in this case, the main page of Yahoo! This integration means you can take advantage of a more personalized service.

The social games are a noted feature because, if only for their pure addictiveness and the fun-factor.

Important new features

The instant messaging app Yahoo! Messenger includes the same great features of the program, such as the emoticons and the mode of interaction. The difference with the previous version is the ‘Always On’ option which will keep you connected to the network, no matter if you are not available to chat on your PC. If you configure it to ‘Always On’, the messages are sent to your mobile phone in case you are not at your computer.

Video chat has been improved, responding to the influence of the other popular chat clients like Skype. In this case, that client originally boosted its conference features at a time when it was not a well-developed function in the market.

Other clients like Omega Messenger offer features like supporting several accounts of different services like AIM or ICQ.

Yahoo! Messenger Features

This program has the following features:

  • Instant Messaging to talk with your friends in real-time
  • Make video calls completely free
  • IM Conferencing to hold conferences with different people at the same time
  • Share your files and photos with your friends
  • Contact Search Bar will help you to find a contact quickly
  • Appear offline to some friends thanks to its Stealth/Privacy Settings feature
  • Message Archiving to keep every sent file under control
  • If you want to get your friend’s attention you can do it with Buzz Alert
  • It notifies you if there’s any update available
  • Send creative messages with its emoticons, audibles and images
  • Customize your status, ringtones, fonts and colors
  • Play games with your friends with Yahoo! Games
  • Change your avatar and application skin to have a more personal feel

If you want to read more information, you can do it here


Yahoo! Messenger is a useful chat client that has several options besides chatting, such as sharing Facebook information or playing games, to fully enjoy the social side of the Internet.

  • User friendly
  • Fun games
  • Facebook connect options
  • It may feel old-fashioned