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PSX Emulator 1.13

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Enables you to play your old Play station 1 games for free

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Throw back the good old days with your Play Station 1 using this free downloadable program called PSX emulator. This program lets you emulate the use of the PS 1 in your PC without the need for you to download additional plug-ins because it already has everything for you to feel your aged play station gaming experience. Using this PSX Emulator, you can play all your PlayStation 1 video games and your CD’s. It also supports different variety of formats such as ISO files and BIN files. It is not necessary to apply special configurations to your PC, nor to the program itself. You have the option to customize and choose your controller whether you’re going to play it with the keyboard, mouse or even with PC USB controller, according to your selection. Graphics and sounds work depending on the specs of your PC. So if you’re playing with a low-spec PC, graphic and sound quality would downgrade. I’ve been using this for several months now. Overall, this is a great tool for your PC. It feels good to go back to old games without having to use Play Station 1.


  • ISO files and BIN files are supported
  • PS1 and PSX features are perfectly the same
  • Program is downloadable for free


  • PSX Graphic depends on the specs of your PC, the higher specs you have, the higher quality you’ll get



Play exciting and addicting console video games using your PC

By Rose Sincro

On Thursday, May 29, 2014

If you love playing video games but on a limited budget, you can check out PSX Emulator 1.13. It is perfect for people who do not have a PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox or other game consoles. This is an ideal software especially if you want to play games that are only available for other game consoles. You can enjoy these games using your personal computer. What I like about it is that there is an option to customize the controller. I can also update the settings the way I want. I can adjust the brightness, volume including the audio settings. Aside from ordinary users, programmers also utilize this application for a number of reasons. They use it to fix issues encountered in the original games. Others use this program for debugging purposes. In order to run well, the program requires BIOS ROM. Once loaded, you can play the game you want immediately. Though you may encounter problems with a number of games, overall this software will run nicely with most games.


  • Program does not require plug-ins
  • Easy to use and configure


  • Works best with high-end PC




By Rock Raymond

On Monday, June 1, 2015

This is a free console simulator which is available for the download in your computer or even your smartphone.We all know that games only plays on the systems that they were developed for but with this application you can make maximum use of it if you knows how to use the computer to the required levels and also your smartphone.This means that you can play any game game with this application since it can support the play of many games.

The players of this game only have to insert the CD and start the play of this game and enjoy themselves to the fullest since while you play this game you just feels like if you are playing the PS1.What looks somehow down is that the quality of the sound and the graphics of this game depends on the power of your computer but do not worry much since all you need to have to enjoy this game most is to have a computer with the power quality


  • It is so compatible with other hardwares.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The game does not require any special configuration.


  • If your computer power quality is low,then the resolution of the graphics and sound quality will not be interesting.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Play Final Fantasy VIi in vacations so I can rest in house for school, then I will be able to rest and get back some of my childhood. jldfjlñajd

  • emulation and playing the classic tactics ogre game: let us cling together. Used epsxe but i read somewhere that this emulator is better. let me see

  • playing game, such as yugi oh, harvest moon and digimon rumble arena. i've started this game since i feeling bored with my daily activities.

  • To Play playstation 1 games like old times because i used to love playing it when i was a child. my favourite games were crash bandicoot abes odyese etc

  • bananas apples oranges appricots goats blood purple worms the underwater kingdom fast and the furious freeloaders in ugly underwear found tide up

What similar programs have you used?
  • none at all i dont have anything more to say i have not used an emulator befor this will be the first time i really just hope it will work well

  • none, this is my first emulator, do I really have to use all of these characters for what could be such a simplistic answer? geez, seems kinda dumb

  • i havent used any type yet i would love to download this one and try a few games to play on my laptop as bored trying to find one that works

  • zuma revenge game 2 gom player 3 vlc 4 total but always using it as my pavour app any time and anyhow im using it when eva i got it i most apreciate

  • i have used amy different programs but this one is by far the best if i can ever get it downloaded without all these question and yess soe of the words are ispelles

What do you like most about this program?
  • I get the chance to download programs for just a simple answer located in a dialog box. Life is one of those things, obstcles, frequent pooping and justice.

  • this program is stable and similar to my old controller when i was young. In addition it not needed any third party software, just download it

  • thes programe will help me to play realy football game couse my phone is not compatible with other games that iam downloading in my phone i dont know why

  • What I like most about this program, is that I can play Playstation games in my laptop. According to a website, it can support ISOs files that the previous emulator I've been using cannot.

  • Its so convenient and easy to use. Also I really like playing PS1 games even though their considered old school games now. That being said my fave games are harvest moon and monster rancher

PSX Emulator is a free console simulator available to download to play your PlayStation 1 games on your PC.

Games usually only work on the systems they are developed for, but with this program you can make full use again of your favourite old titles. The program emulates the function of the PS1 in your computer, and will run your discs in a problem-free simulation.

Furthermore, PSX Emulator is compatible with almost all kind of hardware.

Easy to use

Users will only have to insert their CDs to start playing their videogames and be entertained for hours, just like the good old days.

With PSX Emulator you don’t have to download any additional plugins, it includes all you need to feel as if you were playing your PS1. However, the resolution of the graphics and the quality of sound may depend on your computer’s power. You might need a computer with high capacity to fully enjoy your experience.

Just as you please for PS1 games

You can select to control the game with the keyboard, mouse, or to add a joystick to give the game a more realistic feel. You can also adapt the screen and graphic resolution to avoid slowing the game down.

Don’t you worry if you do not have your CDs anymore, or if you want try new titles; this program supports a wide variety of formats, including ISO. You also do not have to apply any special configuration to the computer, nor to the program.


KEmulator Lite is a program which will give you the possibility to enjoy Java games from your computer and to make recordings of them. PCSX2 can emulate the games of your PS2.

PSX Emulator 1.13 Features

This emulator includes the following features:

  • Great compatibility with different kinds of hardware
  • Play all your PlayStation videogames
  • You can play with your keyboard, mouse or even with a joystick, according to your preferences
  • ISO format support included
  • Doesn´t require any special configuration
  • Very easy to use


PSX Emulator 1.13 is an emulator in which you can play your old Playstation 1 videogames on your PC with no plugins and with good quality and sound.

  • Easy use
  • No additional plugins
  • May need a powerful computer